Have More Energy Naturally – 5 Life Renewing Tips

RedBull, Monster, Coca-Cola, and the rest of the gang will give you a significant boost of energy, however, not in a natural way. They will fill you up with refined sugar, caffeine, guarana, and other compounds which when they get out of your system, will cause you to drop your energy level, causing fatigue of the body and mind. Then like real addicts, we will reach for more.

I can tell you a few good ways how to have more energy naturally, without consuming any of the junk you will buy in the store. I practice these techniques, and they work for me ten times better than any commercialized sugar out there. These energy-boosting techniques are old as humankind. Therefore, they are bulletproof.

How To Have More Energy Naturally

The fact is that our body is producing the energy by itself. All we have to know how to set up the process so it can create the energy naturally.

Here is a clue. It is our way of thinking that controls our energy level. What thoughts we keep in our mind are going to either help us to produce even more energy or lovers us down to the ground. Just take a look at the happy and optimistic person, how vibrant and energizing he or she is. On the other hand, a depressed person seems so de-energized and lifeless. Even being around someone who is depressed makes us losing energy.

5 Natural Energy Boosters

These few tips I use as a part of my ritual in boosting my energy levels so I can go throughout the day without the feeling of physical or mental fatigue. I incorporated them into my morning routine.

1.) Meditation 

Once a heard a phrase – A peaceful mind generates power –

Our brain consumes energy non-stop. We think continuously. Even when we sleep, our mind is at work. If we can stop it for a few times during the day, we can save up a significant amount of energy and give our mind a chance to rest.

Meditation is an ancient practice which allows us to relax our body and mind completely. Once you reach a state of total physical relaxation, you can begin with relaxing your mind. After you empty your mind, you will be able to fill it up with thoughts of any nature you chose. Make sure you pick the positive ones because they will energize you and uplift in a second!

How to meditate to have more energy?

Sit or lay down. If you chose to lay down, be careful not to fall asleep. I prefer to meditate in a sitting position on the edge of my bed with my legs touching the floor. Eather way, close your eyes and for ten minutes trying to concentrate on breathing on your stomach, like a baby. Breathing or our stomach is a natural and correct way to breath.

First few weeks try to concentrate only on your breath. If any thought, negative or positive, comes to your mind, eject it straight away by focusing on breathing. When you master breathing and body relaxation, then you can work more on your mind.

Later on, you will be able to eject, at will, any undesirable thought from your mind and replace it with a fresh, energized, and positive thinking.

Meditation will help you to fight stress in any form. Even the small amount of pressure causes large energy leaks. When you drive, and someone cuts you off, most people will explode for 2 seconds and lose a significant amount of energy. However, once you learn how to control your mind, you will be able to smile and f*** off that guy in your imagination and continue with your day full of energy.

My recommendation will be to meditate as soon as you wake up. The math is simple. If you relax yourself first thing in the day, you will train your body and mind to stay relaxed for the rest of the day.

Now, my second favorite natural energy booster is,

2.) Exercise

Majority of people mistakenly believe that activity drains your energy when it is entirely the opposite of that!

More or less, every exercise makes your heart and lungs to work harder in the delivery of oxygen because your muscles are active and they need nutrients. The body at work then produces energy.

So, it is simple, the more you exercise, the more energy you will have.

Dieting and nutrition play a significant role too, so make sure you feed your muscles right.

On the other hand, when we are not active, we are disintegrating. Our muscles are getting weak, so does our heart, lungs, kidneys, and the rest of the organs, including our brain. No movement means no energy production.

How to exercise to produce energy?

You don’t have to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Go for a brisk walk once a day, or sit on the bike and enjoy nature for at least half an hour. If you like water, go to a local gym, probably they have a pool. Many parks have outdoor fitness equipment; you can use it too. If you are not a fan of outdoors, you can always buy a piece of equipment and install it somewhere in your home. Stuff like elliptical trainer or treadmill or stationary bike will do you so much good.

I recommend everyone to start in the morning or at whatever time of the day you wake up. I tried to exercise at many different times, and  I found mornings to be the best time to workout. You will be the freak of the morning, and everyone at your job, or wherever you go after you wake up, will look at you like a crazy person, in a right way, of course. You will burst with natural energy!




3.) Sleep Less

Yes, you read correctly!

Actually, you should find a healthy balance in your sleep. When we sleep less means that we are involved in more body movement and action. Therefore, we can produce more energy during the day. On the other hand, if you sleep too much, you will never accumulate enough power to go through your day. People misbelieve that we have to sleep long to energize.

5 Natural Energy Bossters

Some of the most significant and most energizing people in human history were sleeping very little. Their minds were occupied with positive thoughts all day long, and they were able to produce a high amount of energy to sustain all day of work.

Nicola Tesla is my favorite. He slept for 4-5 hours every night, sometimes even less. Some stories tell that sometimes he would go for a few days without sleep. This was due to the fact his mind was so interested in his experiments and inventions. Therefore, those positive thoughts were producing enough energy for him to stay active for extended periods.

The same goes for the Tomas.A.Edison. His wife said that he would work until he felt a need for sleep. Then, he would lay on the couch and sleep like a baby for 4-5 hours. He would naturally wake up without the aid of an alarm clock and went back to his work fully energized. He seemed to find a perfect ration of work and sleep that allowed him to put his mind to perfect use. With the aid of power-naps, he managed to go with his work for days without interruption.

And there are many more to prove this fact.

Arnold Schwarzenegger said that on the beginning of his journey he slept for 5-6 hours every day. He worked on the construction ground, went to college, he workout in the gym, and he would still have enough energy to take English classes to improve his language and correct his AKCENT!

As you can see, all of those men shared one common thing. It was their mind occupation, which leads me to the next tip.

4.) Work on Your Passion or Have a Hobby!

When we are mentally and physically involved in a work, we like to perform we are not losing energy because we are positive in the process. As you have learned so far and I hope you have experienced it, positive feelings generate positive energy.

Remeber when you were a kid. At least it was like this for me. When I was outside playing with my friends, I didn’t have to eat, sleep, bath. I didn’t know what time it is, neither I was concerned about it. The only thing on my mind was play, play, play. Therefore, energy, energy, energy in a natural way. I could stay for hours on the basketball court without loss of power. While some of my friends were exhausted, I was still able to run and jump. I love basketball.

On the other hand, when we are forced to do something we dislike, our anger, rage, or any other negative emotion, will drain us out and leave us empty like a dead battery.

I know it is hard to live your passion, and very few people on this planet manage to live the life that way. The rest of us are forced to have a job which eventually drains us out.

However, I know we all have a passion towards something. While ago I discovered a program where you can learn all about how to turn your passion or hobby into a business.




5.) Cut Off Energy Drainers

Sadly, some people we share our day with can be energy drainers.

Now, I know that some of those people are probably members of your family. However, a family is a family, and we have to work together to improve each other. So I will leave them out of this one.

However, some friend and coworkers, or boss, or even a random person who annoys you can drain you out of energy in a matter of minutes. We tend to spend too much energy on people which we don’t like so we could impress them to love us. Ridiculous!

It would be of so much benefit if you can recognize who are the toxic people in your life so you can cut them off. You don’t have to be radical, just slowly and safely move away from them. You will realize soon that you don’t even need them in your life, and you will have more energy to spend on your family and friends, people you care about.


“Love all, trust few, do wrong to no one.” – W.Shakespeare


Understand the Process to Naturally Produce Energy

I gave you a clue at the beginning of the post. It is a well know fact that how we think we feel affects how we actually feel physically.

Our nervous system goes from our brain to our spinal cord, and then to all body tissue. The thought is an electrical impulse which is sent from the brain to the body, and it controls our movement.

Now, when you begin to think the thought of tiredness, you are slowly entering that physical stage. Eventually, you will end up tired if you don’t change your thinking. It is the same with a thought of energy. I convinced my self that all I have to do to produce more energy is to think thoughts that I have energy. It takes a moment or two. However, it always works!

We are the creatures of habits. The thought is also a habit. So, if you can, and I know you can, train your mind to think positive, uplifting thoughts, you will end up developing a habit of having constant energy. Remeber Tesla, Edison, Arnold…


“Control your mind first, and the rest of you will follow.” -Buddha


I gave you a few tips on how to have more energy naturally, and they are all tested by experts in all fields. From psychiatrists, physicians, priests, scientists, and so on. I gave them a test, and I use them as well, so I know that they sound and practical. Try to incorporate all of them into your daily routine, and you will be amazed by how naturally it is to have more energy.

Scotty! Energize! Now!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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18 thoughts on “Have More Energy Naturally – 5 Life Renewing Tips”

  1. This a fantastic article and a must read for all. The energy drink craze is out of control and people just don’t realize how bad it is for you. I love where you shared about sleep. I did read an article that stated you can go 6 hrs of sleep and you will be ok.
    Your so right about your mindset if your always negative or let life get you down you’ll be drained. I really enjoyed reading this article.
    Thank you so much,

    • Hi David,

      Yes, it is getting out of control. Short-term it gives more energy, but looking from a long-term perspective it can get person addictive which can cause serious damages to health. There are natural ways how to have more energy and those five are my top recommendations. I am happy you enjoyed my post, and I hope you will apply some of the suggestions.

  2. It is interesting to see how you have linked thoughts to the process of living energetically. I have never thought of this before. Thank you for sharing this

    • Hi Shuvo,

      I found a concept of thought control can not only help us to maintain energy levels, but it can help to control every other aspect of life. Thought control can help in curing diseases as well. The powerful is human mind, they say, it builds or it destroys, but it cannot do both at the same time.

  3. Thank you! This was a great article! I didn’t know that these people slept so little. I love learning about Tesla! It would be kind of cool if everyone could work when they get the rest they need so they could be the most efficient and effective, right?? Just like Edison. I do find that the more energy I have the less I sleep/want to sleep and the more energy I have. Wow! Did that make sense what I just said??? Anyway, yes, I totally agree with you about the energy drinks. I haven’t cared for using them and look more to the natural way of gaining energy. Thanks again!

    • Hi Kelly,

      Tesla and Edison are a perfect example of how one can utilize sleeping if he is occupied with what he wants 24/7. I find great motivation in their lives and not just motivation but mentors in life. I understand what you wanted to say; I feel the same experience when I am energized. Then I try to conserve and pace my energy so I can spread it for a more extended period. Of course, from time to time it is good to take a day off and completely renew energy level. Those five tips can help to sustain it for an extended period.

      Thank you for your visit.

  4. Hey Ivan, you’ve got some awesome material here! Who isn’t looking for more energy these days? I was surprised about sleeping less but if it works, why not? The one that really shocked me was meditation. I haven’t heard of meditation producing energy before. I must try this meditation for energy. Thanks for some excellent tips Ivan!

    • Well, in this fast-paced world energy is something everyone reaches for. Regarding meditation. Mindfulness meditation helps to realize energy draining thoughts; thoughts of worry, doubt, or fear, which are most common in minds of people today. Therefore, once we release them and substitute with happy thoughts, as a result, we can feel and have more energy.

      Thank you for reading my post and leaving your comment.

  5. Once again I love your post. This post speaks to me and it has acted as a motivation because sometimes when I work hard and sleep 4 hours I always feel like I am doing harm to my body but I have recognized that the successful people do this all the time.
    Thanx these tips are all true and very relate-able

    • Implementing all 5 tips you can actually balance your energy levels so that less sleep will not be a problem. Of course, it all depends on your activity for one day. The balance is a key word here. I am happy that you once again recognize a value of my words. Thank you for coming back and leaving your comment.

  6. These are such great tips! I especially love meditation and exercise for energy boosters. Meditation gives me SUCH an incredible rush of energy all throughout my body that it’s pretty crazy. And exercise, of course, just feels great. I always feel really energized after exercising. I love your idea of cutting off energy drainers. That’s something I need to work on.

    • Hi Christina,

      I am happy to hear that you are implementing meditation and exercise in your daily life as a means to boost your energy levels. You can try slowly to determine which people drain you of energy, and then carefully move your self from them. It will lift your energy bar for one level at least once you are free from those who you don’t like, but you spend energy to pretend you like. At least it was like that in my case.

  7. I chuckled by the mention of your energy-boosting techniques that are as old as humankind and therefore, bulletproof to our body and mind.
    Well, meditation like you said is really a priceless practice to boosting our energy levels when implemented carefully. I have also read a few articles on doing that, followed it for sometime, and always forgotten it. So, this is a good reminder.
    Your tip on including ten minutes concentration on breathing on stomach like a baby is going to be another bullet-proof. This formula of breathing as the first step sounds awesome.

    Thank you once again for sharing this useful information that can be followed in an easy way.
    All the best.

    • Hi Phomrong,

      I’m glad you realized the benefits of meditation, moreover, I’m happy to remind you of them. In my beginning, I was doing a lot of research regarding meditation only because I was a skeptic at first. Later, when I started to practice it more often I felt significant changes in my energy level. If I skip one day I can feel it straight away. I am not so energetic compared to days when I begin the day by meditating.

      Thank you once again for coming back to my website and leaving your comment.

      All the best,

  8. Hi, I totally agree with you.There are natural ways to boost energy and I am on the process of trying those things mentioned above. Especially meditation, coudn’t perfectly do the art of meditation but with more practice I’ll master it.

    • Hi Gillian,

      I found meditation to be one of my favorite ways to energize. Sometimes life can put too much stress on our “shoulders”, then with the help of meditation we can remove that stress and clear our mind so we can concentrate on energy creating thoughts, in other words, stress-free thoughts.

  9. Great post. I love how you mention exercise in the post. Many people think that it will make you more tired, but it actually does give you more energy and help your body feel great!


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