What is Morning Ritual Mastery? – Review – Wake Up and Live!

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It will take you ten minutes to read this Morning Ritual Mastery Review. However, the next ten minutes can change your life.

Let me ask you this.

How do you start your morning?

What is the first thought in your mind after you wake up?

Are you proactive or reactive in the morning?

What can you do to change the way you start your day?

If you are not living your life with full potential, if you are not confident and powerful from the very beginning of your day, if you are not achieving all the success you see others do, you are not living in complete alignment with yourself.

Moreover, if you feel stressed and anxious by thinking about the following day, you cannot live the life you wish to live.

It will, if not already, get you into a destructive cycle which can be broken!

Let me tell you-you can wake up every day with a long smile on your face!

Maybe you are not aware, but we become what we think about. Also, what we think, feel and do in the morning will shape up the rest of your day.

Therefore, you need a morning ritual!

Start Your Day Off on the Right Foot!

If you are aware of some things you are doing wrong in the way of how you think, feel, and behave in the morning, let me assure you that you are not the only one.

Sadly, the majority of people live life like that.

Luckily, Morning Ritual Mastery is a powerful program that can help you to fix it!

If you wish to learn more about it just one critical notice before we dig in deep into the Morning Ritual Mastery review.

What you can learn here in seven days must be consistently repeated throughout the next few months. By all means, if you wish to see the results in your life, you will have to stick to it by the letter!

The Morning Ritual Mastery and the whole concept of Project Life Mastery is not an instant fix to your problem or problems.

There is no such thing as an immediate fix.

To achieve positive results, it takes a long-term commitment to learning, application of learned information, and constant repetition.

Results will follow the brave!

You can break the negative, destructive cycle, and move your life on the stream of happiness and fulfillment.

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What is Morning Ritual Mastery Training Program?

Morning Ritual Mastery is about breaking the negative cycle of reacting to things and events in your life, starting from your morning.

It is something we all go through because of our nature to lean towards negative experiences in life.

The key of the program is to help you to create a proactive morning ritual that will support you in creating the life that you want.

The program is designed to help you empower your body, mind, and spirit by creating morning rituals around those three parts of your being.

The point is to get them into alignment each day for the next seven days of the program.

Once you reach a complete state of your nature, you will be able to attract more success, happiness, love, money or health in your life.

The Morning Ritual Mastery comes in the form of video and audio lessons as well as simple PDF worksheets.

The program goes for seven days, and you cannot skip ahead to the next lesson until the next day.

Every day you will get access to the next video lesson as well as a PDF worksheet so you can immediately start to work on your new morning habits.

By the end of the program, you should have completed your morning rituals. As well, you should be ready to continue to practice those rituals further in your life!

For Whom is Morning Ritual Mastery, Seven Day Morning Ritual Program?

Now, ideally, Morning Ritual Mastery would be for someone who is a total sloth, and can’t get his or her but off the bed when it is really time to get up.

The kind of the person described in the preceding sentence is a perfect example of someone who needs a little bit of discipline in the morning and his or her life changes dramatically if he or she does so.

I know because I am talking from a hardcore experience!

Next, I believe that anyone who wishes to improve the quality of life, in general, is more than welcomed to give it a semi-serious try.

Like I have said, even if you do get up feeling good and upbeat when you think about your day, you can always try to find a way or two how to raise the bar for a bit each day.

You know that is the way to grow.

And development should never stop.

There is no age limit or gender discrimination.

Within this program, there is something for all.

The creator, Stefan James, and his Project Life Mastery team did a splendid altogether to think about everything.

Therefore, the point is it can be for everyone on this planet Earth who wants to improve the quality of life itself by starting from the top of the day!

About Stefan James and the Project Life Mastery

Stefan James Project Life Mastery

Stefan James is the creator of Project Life Mastery. He is an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, traveler, and philanthropist.

Since his age of 17, he has begun to change his life to better, and now he has a simple mission in life.

His Project Life Mastery is here to help others to master every area of their lives through self-development.

He believes, and I support his beliefs, that we can live a much better life than we do right now.

We can continuously grow in every area of our lives if we take care of our self first!

Also, to experience our full potential we must start with our mornings.

Stefan is a great person and a great teacher!

I must emphasize how well he presented all seven lessons within his program.

The enthusiasm and positive energy that is coming from him have the power to reshape you immediately, especially if you are receptive to his message.

I am of the opinion that anyone who decides to go into his Morning Ritual Mastery Seven Day Program will benefit from the first minute of the first video and for the rest of his life.

Now, if you are ready, let’s dig into this review so you can learn more!

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Morning Ritual Mastery Review

During the next seven days, each day you will go through one lesson.

Within each day you will get access to a video or audio lesson, and a worksheet for each lesson.

Your task is to listen to Stefan’s teaching and instructions. Also, to think about what you have learned, and to fill out your worksheet accordingly.

As I have participated and benefited from this program, I will emphasize one more time the importance of doing your daily tasks.

Just by listening to the lesson you will hear, however, if you don’t do your homework you will not learn what Stefan had prepared for you.

Now, here is what you get for each day of the Morning Ritual Mastery program:

Day 1 – Introduction to Creating an Empowering Morning Ritual

We all have a form of morning ritual.

The difference between you and a highly successful individual is probably the awareness of the things you do each morning.

In the first lesson, you will learn how to create a strong foundation for your new morning ritual.

You will discover how to change your belief about your mornings which plays a huge role in the success of the program.

Furthermore, you will learn what is holding you back right now from living your full potential and enjoying more success in your life.

Day 2 – Practical Ritual Creation: BODY

How do you treat your body?

Our body is our temple, and we have to worship it every single day.

Try to think about your body as a vehicle you got at the beginning of your life. As long as you do regular service and maintain it correctly, it will serve you longer.

A healthy and active body is a cornerstone to becoming a healthy human being.

The health comes from the inside.

If you poison yourself with food and drinks that are not appropriate for us, your body will suffer.

In day two of the program, you will learn what you can do first thing in the morning to empower your body.

Which desirable nutrients you can take to produce more energy during the day, what little exercise you can do to keep your body in shape, as well as, what you are probably doing wrong each morning that is affecting you in a lousy manner.

Day 3 – Practical Ritual Creation: MIND

What are you happy about right now?

You see, our thought is directly connected with our results in life.

What do you think about all day long you will eventually become.

The thing is, most of the people tend to feed their minds with negative information every single day.

Those negative thoughts will return as bad feelings such as worry, anxiety, and fear, which will ultimately bring negative results in life.

If you can master your mind, you can master your emotions. In the end, if you can master your mind and emotions, you can learn about your life.

You will learn, with the help of Morning Ritual Mastery, how to block the negativity and guard your conscious mind against it.

Because the world in which we live is mainly constructed and filled with negativity, it will try to reach you every day.

So, to have the ability to be happy in a cynical world will change you completely.

Happy People

Day 4. – Practical Ritual Creation: SPIRIT

How often do you say thank you for no reason?

Whether you are spiritual or not, the importance of nurturing your spirit is enormous.

Moreover, the word thank you, has a considerable power to feed your soul.

Whatever you have in your life, you asked for it, whether good or bad.

Being able to say thank you for both, will uplift your spirit instantly.

When you learn to feed your spirit with profound and positive emotions every morning, your life will transform.

No one and nothing will ever pull you down again.

Day 5. – Putting It All Together

Do you have enough self-discipline?

Many people will find that waking up at the time will be the first roadblock.

Instead of getting up, they will hit the snooze button.

Then they will react to everything around them because of their error, their lack of self-discipline.

You can learn how to be proactive from the first moment when you hear an alarm clock. In this lesson, Stefan will reveal some of the tricks and tips you can apply to your life to start your day successfully.

Day 6. – Guided Morning Ritual Examples

Have you already created your morning ritual?

Don’t worry about it if you have not.

On day 6 of the Morning Ritual Mastery Program Stefan has prepared for you three options to chose.

You will find three videos, each different length, with varying rituals of the morning.

If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to start with the first, 15 minutes long video.

Other two are 30 and 60 minutes long.

In my own experience, the best way to start something new is to approach it slowly because it is not a habit yet.

Once it becomes a habit, you can dive in deeper and extend your ritual to 30, 60 minutes, or even longer.

Day 7. – FINAL DAY! Creating The Habit: The 30 Day Challenge!!!

How about 30 days of Morning Ritual challenge to test your brand new habit?

The scientists and psychologists both agree that it takes around 30 days for our subconscious to accept a new pattern of behavior, also called a habit.

After 30 days we can expect to behave in the same manner ritually.

The first seven days of the program was here to teach you how to develop morning habit.

Next 30 days you are on your own. As a piece of advice I will recommend you to go back to the videos every day, or if you want, as Stefan suggests you can find an accountability buddy to support you while you are going through the challenge.

After 30 days you will have a firmly established new morning ritual, and your life will start to change dramatically.

Trust me on this one!

Man on Top

BONUS #1: The Mastery Mentality (THIS IS GOLD FOLKS)

It is easy to learn something new, that is what 99.99% of us can do without sweating.

However, only a few of us is capable of staying consistent with new knowledge and to eventually, master it.

The problem is, we get too satisfied with our understanding too fast, not letting more of the same to reach us and change our lives in a much more significant way.

To even up the percentages Stefan is going to share his CORE PRINCIPLES, everything about what he is and what his life is about.

I want to reveal his 3 step mastery principle, but you will have to dig into it by your self because it is worth it!

Make sure you watch this video after you finish your seven day Morning Ritual Mastery!

The Mastery Mentality is MIND-BLOWING!

BONUS #2: 67 Life-Changing Morning Rituals

If you encounter creativity roadblocks or you cannot find the right morning ritual for your self, Stefan thought of it as well.

So, another bonus comes in the form of an eBook.

Here you will find 67 different empowering morning rituals categorized into three categories: BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.

Morning Ritual Mastery Pros and Cons

Since Morning Ritual Mastery had helped me to reshape my life completely, I believe that I can say only good things about it.

So far I did.

However, as my duty to you, I have to be objective in this review.

Therefore, I have searched, and I have found a few little “bugs” to this program which are visible only to an analytical eye.

I must say, however, that Stefan James and the whole team from The Project Life Mastery did an excellent job in general and that those few “typos” are so small compared to what this program can offer to you as a whole.


  • The program is life-changing
  • The lessons are easy to follow
  • It comes with simple worksheets (not workbooks)
  • You get 30 risk-free guarantee
  • Two bonus materials
  • Live comment section for sharing experiences with other members
  • It is one of a kind on the market


  • I felt sorry because it finished after seven days
  • Stefan sometimes talks too fast

Morning Ritual Mastery Price


The price of the program is $37 one time payment. After purchase, you will get lifetime access to the program.

There is one more option after you sign up which is called Life Mastery Accelerator.

For $19 per month, you can get access to a live community of Morning Ritual Mastery program members, where you can find additional support during the process.

For some people, it can be stressful going through changes such as creating a morning ritual. We all need a push in a back or a word of support from time to time. When times get tough (and they will) a help from accountability buddy can mean a lot.

All in all a great deal whether you want to test yourself, or go in with both feet.

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How to Approach to Morning Ritual Mastery?

Alright now, let’s get a little bit personal again.

Before I leave you with a decision to enter this program or not, I would like to give you a few more pieces of advice on how to approach this program if you decide to go for it!

First and foremost, make sure that you will clear out your morning schedule for the next seven day.

Get up at least an hour earlier for each morning of the program.

You see, I believe that you will soak up this knowledge very quickly if you watch and apply the lesson as soon as you get up.

You are fresh and well-rested!

Some people make a mistake, so they watch the material later during the day.

The morning is far away, and it is the best time to learn.

Therefore, make sure you will do it first thing in the day for the next seven days.

Second of all, clear out your environment from distractions and devote 10-20 minutes to watch the video and do your homework.

The success of Morning Ritual Mastery depends on your ability to concentrate.

If a phone rings or your child calls you to come over, your attention is gone, and you may struggle with the successful results.

Trust me on this one!

It takes thirty mins to do it right, however, those thirty minutes can make a huge difference in your life.

Next, listen and apply!

As soon as the lesson is over, try to do at least one new, healthy thing during your morning.

Go like that for the next seven days until the program finishes.

Then, when you are finished, bundle up those new habits that you want to incorporate in your new morning life.

The last one is golden.

Repetition guys!

Don’t stop as soon a the course ends.

I know you know the importance of repetition.

Therefore, I will repeat some more. 🙂

As I have said already, I was testing and trying stuff for two months more or less.

You see, in the beginning, I had thoughts that I should meditate as soon as I get up.

Then after six days, I found it very difficult to do so I have pushed it as the last thing, and eventually, I have excluded it from my first-morning routine.

The reason why was because I have found that it is easier for me to meditate after I do some work on my site for a couple of hours.

Then I take a nap which is lying meditation.

I daydream, plan, analyze, and process all the good stuff so far.

Relax in generally.

However, let’s get back to the point.

I was going like that for two months until I have found my perfect one which I have given you already at the beginning of the post.

I think that this kind of approach will bring the best results in the shortest period.

Anyway, you try your way because who knows, maybe you will find better and faster than mine, and you will get better results faster than me.

In the end, don’t shy away from changing your new routine every once in a while.

Mix things up as soon as it gets boring!

Trust me it will become boring doing the same stuff for days! 🙂

However, the best way is to shake things up a bit every once in a while.

Also, don’t be afraid to take a day or two off from your morning ritual and just be a sloth and don’t get up for an hour!

You must reward your self from time to time.

Otherwise, the whole morning routine concept becomes boring and starts to lose its sense.

And that’s it!

A short review summary and I’ll let you go your way. 🙂

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Morning Ritual Mastery Review Summary

So, to conclude this review, Morning Ritual Mastery is a simple program which has the power to reshape the life of an individual completely.

The one who gets into the program and stays determined and persistent to finish it will reap only benefits.

I found the simplicity of the program as the best feature.

Stefan is an excellent communicator.

He managed to compress his long-term experience in seven videos packed with some powerful knowledge and wisdom.

Two bonuses of the program are of great value, especially The Mastery Mentality!

Once again it blew my mind, and I decided to rewatch that 1.20h long video for a million times.

The price of the program is more than fair. In my opinion, a 30-day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE is sufficient.

If you are interested in starting to live your life to the fullest, be more energetic and enthusiastic; I would like to recommend you to get into it! If you want to eliminate stress and anxiety from your life; start with your morning first!

All the best,

Ivan 🙂

Ivan Brozincevic

Morning Ritual Mastery is an excellent tool for creating morning rituals that breed success!



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