The Warrior Mentality – A Positive Self Image in 4 Steps

Majority of people are unaware of the power that we have within us. We can control our lives in every aspect! You can use that power to develop a positive self-image and to create anything you desire. You can become a fearless warrior on the battlefield of life, and take control by application and mastering of a simple technique known as auto or self-suggestion.

Great warriors from the past and those who live today were aware of the self-image and how to build it. Their courage, pride, strength, self-reliance, discipline, and success, all of those came out from within. They were not letting outside world to shape them; instead, they formed their outside world.

How To Develop a Positive Self Image

When a great warrior sees himself, with his intellectual eye, as a great warrior, then, there is nothing else for him to be then great. What we can see in sports sometimes, is an excellent example of positive self-image at work. My personal favorite is late Mohamed Ali and his famous line – I am the greatest – Was he not?

First, let me explain what is self-image, the subconscious mind, and what is auto-suggestion?

What is Self-image?

It is pretty self-explanatory. It is how we see ourselves from the inside, how we think and feel about ourselves. The old self-image lies in our subconscious mind from where we have to dig it out and plant a new one.

Our self-image will determine our results in life.

Therefore, if you see your self as a failure in some areas of your life, you will have to change that image to create a success. It sounds simple, and it is. It only takes time to do it. Dealing with your subconscious will be the most laborious task you will ever encounter in your life. You will have to pay the price to win over your mind. However, the award will be total control over your self.

A fair warning before I explain how to develop a positive self-image.

Other people may tell us a different image of us, so don’t let that bother you. Opinions are cheap, and everyone has a pocket full to give. When someone sees you different than you look at your self, always keep in mind that we unconsciously tend to judge others by comparing them to ourselves first. If we see a flaw in other man’s character, it means it is our flaw we see. The same applies to virtues. That is the reason why we like and dislike some people.


What you dislike in another, take care to correct it in your self. -Thomas Sprat


To control your self-image understand that you have the power to consciously decide whether you are good or bad, happy or sad, rich or poor.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

It is a part of our personality where every impulse of thought that reaches us through five senses is classified and stored.

Our subconscious mind works day and night without our help. It records everything we see, hear, taste, smell, and touch. The conscious part of the personality can stop the impression of thought, DECIDE wheater it is valuable or not, and either store it in the subconscious or let it go.

The fact that we know very little about a subconscious mind is leaving one with the sense of littleness.

What is Auto – Suggestion?

“Auto-suggestion is a term which applies to all suggestions and self-administrated stimuli which reach one’s mind through the five senses. It is the agency of communication between that part of the mind where conscious thought takes place, and that which serves as the seat of action for the subconscious mind.” -Napoleon Hill

Whatever the man feeds his conscious mind, it will eventually reach the subconscious mind and influence his life. This statement can be proved by the letter! Just take a look at teenagers today. How many Snoop Dogg-s and Kim Kardashians are walking around?

However, they did not develop the conscious thinking yet, so their minds are wide open for anything from the outside world. The subconscious mind will take it immediately and reproduce in their behavior. Adults, on the other hand, have developed a conscious mind which serves as an outer guard for the subconscious. Sadly, the majority of people do not train this ability, so they still live their life acting and behaving like teenagers. They let everything from the outside world to influence them. Tv, news, politics, world crisis, economy, etc.

Understand that you are in control of your conscious thinking and that by the discipline of thought you can influence your subconscious and therefore change your results in life.

Now, let’s break it down!

4 Steps to Develop a Positive Self Image

These four steps are a natural process which goes on in our mind. It can be constructive if we take control, or by neglect, it can destroy human life. You can consciously take control of the process. The primary key to taking over the power lies in one word: REPETITION. Repeat this process over and over, as long as it takes until you find yourself living how you imagined in your mind.

You are in a driver’s seat, you have to take a control of the wheel!

4 Steps To Develop a Positive Self Image

Step 1. -Relax

First, make yourself comfortable and relax. In my experience meditation have been the best way to completely relax my body so that my mind can be free and under my control.

Meditation is an ancient mind cleansing technique, and it can help you to release the old self-image. It is not complicated or hard to meditate. There are many useful articles online that can teach you how to meditate. In the end, the primary goal of meditation is to calm your self so you can quickly reach your subconscious mind.

Once you are relaxed,

Step 2. -Visualize to create a new self-image

We visualize with the aid of our imagination. It is a mental tool such as memory. Unlike the memory, creativity is rarely used on demand. Imagination can work properly, and positively, only if we are completely relaxed.

Play a movie in your mind. The film is about your life, and you are the main star. Be conscious that you can imagine any scenario you want. Think of your self as a winner, as a smart and capable of achieving anything you want. Dream of the things you want to do, or things you would like to have. In other words, let your mind lose.

Then, the next step is,

Step 3. -Write down a description of yourself, and visualize some more!

Once you can see all those beautiful images in your mind, take a pen and a paper and write down a description of your vision. It will be a first physical step you will make in actual realization of your new self-image.

Keep that paper by your side all the time, look at it as often as you can. Whenever you have a chance, close your eyes and turn your imagination back on, and see those images in your mind. Read your description to your self, read it out loud! Remeber, you are using an auto-suggestion to voluntary influence your subconscious mind to create a positive result in your life.


Step 4. -Act as you are already new, better you!

Make a second physical step and take action!

Whatever it is, you must take action to complete the process of affirming your new self-image. The move sends a strong message to your subconscious mind, and more effort you make the less resistant your subconscious mind will be in releasing the old self-image.

Eventually, your new self-image will push out the old one, and you will find yourself living a new, better life. Have faith that it will happen and who knows; maybe you will get results even better than you have dreamed of.

Morning is the Best Time For Creation

What we think, feel, and do in the morning will shape up the rest of the day. If you don’t believe in this, examine your mornings for a while and then reconsider this statement. Some of the most successful people in the world owe their success to the way of how they begin their morning.

Great athletes begin their days with practice, great writers write as soon as they wake up, great farmer works on his fields from the crack of dawn…

Our subconscious mind is most receptive in the morning, so the best time to apply auto-suggestion will be…guess? In the morning!

For many people, the morning is the most stressful part of the day, and later on, they carry that stress with them all day long until finally, they go to bed to relax!

Sweet irony…

Why not begin your day in a relaxed state, beat the stress early in the morning, and then carry on with your day as a winner, and stress-free.




How Long it Takes to Develop a New Self Image?

There are some laws in this universe that we live in. For some physical things, we know exactly how long it takes to appear in different form. The architect knows that it will take six months to build his building from ground zero. The farmer knows how long it takes for his seeds to grow into a plant, and so on.

However, you have to be patient and wait. Our minds operate at different speed. For some people, it takes a more extended period to digest a new image consciously and to let it sink into the subconscious. On the other hand, some people are rapid. They don’t let their reason to interfere when they want; therefore they succeed quickly.

Our subconscious mind is used to our old self-image, and it will fight back to keep it. We call this also a habit.

Why is it so hard to stop eating specific junk food or to stop smoking? It is probably decades old habit incorporated into man’s self-image, in his personality. Therefore, it feels comfortable in your subconscious, and it will fight back to stay there. The only way to push it out is to replace it with something better! Otherwise, if we fail to replace it, it will come back in by itself. The space in mind has to be filled; the mind cannot remain long in a vacuum.

You can find a great ally in your self if you apply some discipline in your life.

How Long it Takes to Develop a Positive Self Image

Discipline is the Great Warrior Quality

All of the above cannot be accomplished if you don’t discipline your self! The procedure for developing a new, positive self-image is not your habit. Therefore, your mind will fight you. New habits are hard to develop, and most people fail if they don’t discipline themselves!

Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use on your mind. As I mentioned in the fifth step, morning is the best time to take control and to create the following day. When you train your mind to listen to you as soon as you wake up, you will open the door to a new power in your life.

Another way to discipline your thought all day long is to set goals for your life. Whether short term or long term goals it doesn’t matter. By having a strong, meaningful purpose in your life, and if it is that strong desire, you will be able to keep your focus on your mission until you accomplish the result.




Positive or Negative, It Is All Up To You

We have only one life to live on this Earth. I think it should be a wonderful life, lived with the feelings of happiness and satisfaction.

The principle of auto-suggestion is sound, and it works. Anyone who lives the life controlled by other people, who feels that he or she can do more and deserve more from experience, should test these principles and let them work in their favor.

All you have to do is take some time to relax and fantasize. Everything else will fall in its place.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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18 thoughts on “The Warrior Mentality – A Positive Self Image in 4 Steps”

  1. Great advice Ivan.
    The four steps breaks it down in an understandable manner. At least if we know the step we can check if we are on the right path.
    Thanks for the good post.

    • Hi, Khalfish.

      A positive self-image can largely determine the results in any living area. By following those simple four steps we can ensure positive outcome almost every time we try to do something which we have never done before or to improve results in things we do regularly but without desired results.

      Thank you for your visit and comment, I appreciate it.


  2. Hey Ivan, I always believe that we are better off with changing and improving our self images. And there are many ways to do this. I’ve experienced using them to become more positive about myself and my whole outlook on life.
    Writing something down such as goals is always more successful. It makes sense that morning is the best time to be creative. For me, that is true because I’m well rested and thinking clearly.
    But the thing is you can make all the goals and have all the dreams in the world but without action it’s all null and void. Do you believe this to be true?
    Thanks! ~Rob

    • Hi Rob,

      Of course! Step four is action. Without action, there are no results. You have said yourself; sometimes you write your goals. That is the first piece of action you make to realize them. It looks like a small step, but it is so significant.

      Many people do take action, but they don’t prepare themselves mentally for it. I was always taking action. However, rarely I was preparing myself mentally for that action. My results was short and unsuccessful because I was not prepared. I am a firm believer in self-image and its connection to our results in life since I use the concept to improve and it works perfectly.

      Hope this helps.

  3. This is totally a mind game Ivan. And I fully agree with what you have shown here especially the difference between the two chambers of the human mind – the subconscious and the conscious.
    Your explanation of the 4 Steps to Develop a Positive Self Image is going to be incredibly useful for anybody who suffers from inferiority complex. Your style of narration comes at par with what was written by Vincent Peale, a book that I read.

    Thanks man. That was a great read and I wish that you keep updating more such useful information.

    • Hi Phomrong,

      Dr. Pale did a wonderful job with his words. A big portion of my writing here is derived from his learning and teaching. I am happy you recognize the fact and to hear that you read his book. I will continue to study, apply, and spread what I learn. Thank you for your visit and comment.

  4. Thanks for the great info right here. The process of developing a positive self image is very vital for anyone who desires to find success in their life. It’s time to take control. Well done Ivan

  5. Great information here Ivan. You have provided with amazing tips to create a better self-image, in concise and clear steps. The morning advice is very well noted!

    • Hi Pablo,

      Thanks for your visit and a comment. Yes, mornings make a huge difference in the quality of the rest of the day, and these steps if applied as soon as you wake up can make a huge difference in the quality of the life in general.

  6. Wow, I really like how you explain these steps. I do believe they are key to building a positive self-image. I’ve found your post so useful and entertaining. Thanks a lot! I’ll make sure to give these a try.

  7. Thanks for this great article Ivan! I’ve been working on personal development for a while by meditating and visualizing. However, what I haven’t been doing is the physical things, including writing down my visions and changing my behavior. I think these physical actions will speed up things even more. I really needed to read this article, thank you 🙂

    • Hi Lotta,

      Well, without action our dreams and visions for the future will rarely come to life. I spent some time in study as well, and I still do. However, I never had a problem with taking action. That is why I managed to change my life rapidly. The action is a key in every development, whether personal or public. And without it, there is only a frustration which brings back negative results.

      Make sure you do, it can be of a great help. Thank you for your comment.


  8. Hi Ivan, I love all the great advice in this post, and it’s all so true! I remember reading Napolean Hill ‘Think and Grow Rich’ a few years ago and it literally changed my life. The brain training techniques he teaches are so powerful that they changed me into a different person (a better one, of course). I found the affirmations and visualisations to be the most effective things to do; you just need to be sure to do them consistently over a period of time whilst also taking ‘action’ towards your goals. So many people forget the action bit.

    I also found that to visualise the life you want you need to know what is out there for you to potentially have, so it’s good to actually look at images from magazines or the internet of the material side of whatever it is you want, like maybe nice house, car etc. That way when you do your visualisations you can see things a lot more clearly, as it’s more powerful to be as specific as possible…apparently.

    • Hi Stefanie,

      I believe, as it is also written at the beginning of the book, that it should be taught in schools because Think and Grow rich contains the most simple philosophy about success in life ever written. I am happy to hear you have benefited from the book and that you managed to become a better person. So many people read the book, they get excited, but they forget to take imidate action, as the author suggests, to get results. Then, they decide that philosophy is not valid and they immediately disbelief what they have read. Action, action, action!

      I agree with you about material stuff. It makes visualization a lot easier and ensures that you will get exactly what you have visualized. However, in this post, I emphasize personality more than material possessions. By changing our behavior, we can change our results in life. It can lead to more health, wealthy, and happiness.

  9. Hi Ivan!

    Thanks a lot for the 4 steps to develop a positive Self Image. That is really helpful, especially doing this as a morning routine.

    It’s true what you say, we always have the chance to create positive thoughts! I also think that positive thoughts create a positive environment which attracts good things to happen.

    Thanks again for the article!
    – Mia

    • Hi Mia,

      Your welcome!

      Yes, It is an invisible cycle which many people tend not to understand. Most of us believe that bad luck or circumstances are the reason for negative results or environment. Positive thoughts create positive feelings which then attract good things to happen. You were missing one key ingredient there 🙂

      Thank you for visiting my site, and for leaving your comment.


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