Magic in Your Mind by Bob Proctor – Review – What is MIYM?

Magic in Your Mind

  Welcome to Magic in Your Mind Review. Sandy Gallager, Mary Morrissey, and Bob Proctor call Magic in Your Mind course a landmark personal development program. You will have a chance to discover why is that so and decide whether or not it is worth your time and money.     ==>Click Here to Learn … Read more

5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Write Down Your Goals

Once you write down your goals, you will see a massive difference in your results. Not immediately but eventually. I will give you the top five reasons why it helped me not only to achieve them more but what is equally important to meet them faster in my life.   Before I learned about the … Read more

Paradigm Shift Seminar Review – Bob Proctor – Expand Your Mind!

Paradigm Shift Seminar Review

Welcome to Paradigm Shift Seminar review. Every once in a while, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher host this powerful event that has the potential to change your life. Trust me, I know. Hi guys, my name is Ivan. Two years ago I was in a tight spot. Financially, mentally, and spiritually I was down and … Read more

Set Goals and Achieve Them All – Five Golden Rules

How To Set Goals And How To Achieve Them

How many times have you decided to set some goals? You were so enthusiastic that day, happy for yourself, feeling great and powerful. And then tomorrow, you woke up and just continued with your life. Somehow, you let that dream of yours fade away gradually. Never did it, never tried to achieve it, not even … Read more