Use Your Imagination Again – 5 Steps to Change Your Life

Take a look around you. Observe every object that surrounds you. Everything you see, literally everything, is a product of someone’s imagination! And everything we can see in our imagination can become a reality. You can use your imagination so effectively that you can literally change everything in your life. Or at least the areas of your life where you are not at your best. All you have to do is to remember how to use it again!

How To Use Imagination To Change Your Life

Some people used their imagination to see themselves flying. Today thanks to them we can sit on the plane and fly wherever we want.

Another one dreamed of the horseless carriage. For many people, he was considered a crazy person. However, today we can see the results of his madness on every street in the world.

The third one spent days dreaming about the electric candle. Now, thanks to him, we have a light in the darkest nights.

One more guy imagined he could talk with his friends without of the aid of wires. He was locked up in a crazy house before he realized his dream.

Everything we learn in life, we learn with the aid and through imagination.

It is a shame how when we grow up we kill this precious mental tool. While children use it very effectively to create fun in their activity, we adults cluttered our imagination with worries, doubts, and fears. When the mind is cluttered with everyday problems, it cannot soar freely, and creativity is suffocated. Kids can even imagine friends when they are bored and have no one to play with. Eventually, they seek that friend in reality, and 100 out of 100 times they find it.

People who decided never to grow up did so by using their imagination. They are not fools; on the contrary, they are wise men and women. They decided to preserve their intellectual factor of creativity because they are aware of how much value it is to them.

It is the most precious gift we got! Nothing can stand against human imagination. To this power, we owe all our advancement throughout human history.

Imagination is a workshop of the mind, and with it, we can create everything we desire. Every plan, every action, every goal, every event, everything starts as an impulse of thought. Gradually, if you keep entertaining that thought in your imagination, you can change your life.

Keep your imagination alive, and it will keep your life alive! Here is how!

5 Steps to Use Your Imagination Effectively

Before we begin, understand that imagination is rarely controlled and therefore when uncontrolled it can, and it does cause damage to people more than anything else.

A quick story from New York back in the 20th century.

When a ship from Norway came into the city, it brought a few passengers infected with the new type of flu. Word spread around quickly and out of the worry, doubt, and fear, a whole New York was “infected” in a matter of days. The “epidemic” spread so fast through the minds of the New Yorkers. Their boundless imagination got them all sick. Hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices were full of patients claiming the symptoms of the flu. Medical staff went mad, as well as the rest of the city.

One of the main catalyzers in spreading the flu were the newspapers. Every title, every heading was screaming, FLU!

The major of the city at the time gathered all newsmen in one room and begged them to stop writing about the flu. He asked them, instead of the bad news to start writing about how the epidemic is leaving NYC.

Again, in a matter of days, everything went back to normal. Flu was completely gone.

What a power human imagination has!

1.) Relax to Declutter Your Mind

Our doubts, worries, and fears are nothing else than a product of our imagination. As you remember, everything starts as a thought in our mind, so does doubt, worry, and fear. If they stay residents of the mind for long, gradually, they will show up in reality.

Whatever your problem is, understand that you created the problem in your imagination by worrying about it constantly.

So, the same way we create problems, we can develop solutions.

But first, you will have to relax. Complete relaxation of the body is a key to relaxing your mind. When the mind is in an empty state, we can turn on our imagination on demand.

Few ways to relax your mind:

  • meditate, practice breathing
  • exercise, play sports
  • listen to music, dance
  • visit nature
  • go for a message, jacuzzi

When you reach a state of total relaxation, a state of mindfulness or an empty mind, you will have to inject a new thought into a mind voluntarily, or the old worry will come back. That is a law of nature, the Law of Vacuum,Β which dictates that nothing can remain in a vacuum for long, which applies to a human mind as well.

So, throw your worries out and keep them out! And make sure you

2.) Practice Positive Thoughts and Feelings

Our thoughts are going to determine how we feel. Eventually, we are bound to take action related to our thoughts and feelings. And as a result, we will attract whatever we think about concerning how we felt about it. That is a law of nature also known as the Law of Attraction.

We always make the first step in our imagination. Everything begins as an idea in our mind.

Make sure that you practice focus on positive thoughts as much as you can during the day. Take as many breaks you need to relax and inject a positive feeling in your mind. It can be thought of anything. Happy moments from the past, peaceful scenes of nature, past success, people we love, future plans, etc.

When you fill your mind with thoughts of a positive nature, try to

3.) Play a Move in Your Mind

The movie is about your life and everything you want to change your life. Start to imagine things changing. In other words, daydream a lot!

If you want to take a trip to someplace, go in your mind first, it is free. If you’re going to buy a new car, buy it in your imagination. There is a person out there you like, and you would like to be in a relationship with, do it in your mind. Furthermore, if you want to fix a relationship, make peace with that person in your imagination.

We are creative beings; we can create anything we want in our mind.


“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill


So make sure you practice this ability as much as you can. Believe that you can see anything you want to see. Therefore, you can do anything you want to do! Whatever thoughts you sow in your minds fertile ground you will eventually reap in your life. That is governed by another Universal law also known as the Law of Reaping and Sowing.

4.) Write It On a Paper

In other words, set it as a goal, make a plan to achieve your imagined scenario.

You see, when you write it down, you made a first physical step toward its realization in your life. Maybe it looks like a small step. However, we are bound to do what we say out loud or what we write on a paper. It is in our nature as human beings. So make sure you take this step! The power behind goals doesn’t fit in this blog post.


The Power of Goals


5.) Repeat the Process

Repetition is a key in any successful endeavor. We can do thighs once or twice, and we usually do. Then, we get satisfied too fast, and we stop. We never master it, only tap into it.

Relax as much as you can, even when you are relaxed try to relax some more. Even when your mind is full of positive thoughts, you will have to fill in some more. Never stop imagine a better life, because once you stop, it will end in your reality as well.

Positive Attitude is Like a Steroids for Imagination

Those five steps from the above will help you to create a positive mental attitude. And there is nothing more uplifting like it is to have a positive attitude.

You may say, well my problems are too big, it is hard when you live the life as I do. You may say, oh I don’t have enough time to relax that much. Or it is impossible to see something in your mind before you see it in reality.

Understand the fact that as long as you keep that attitude, you deny your imagination. That is a state of mind of the person who worries.

On the other hand, when you manage to create a positive attitude, your imagination will pay you back in dividends!

The state of mind opposite to worry is a belief or faith. Everything in nature has its opposite, left has right, up and down, hot and cold, light and dark, male and female, and so does our thoughts, feelings, and actions. It is either positive or negative. That is wrapped in the law of nature called the Law of Polarity.

Don’t Put Limits on Your Imagination

We are limitless, at least in our mind we can be. Reality is a bit different and not so easy to conquer, but it is not impossible. The only difference is, in our mind, we can see results pretty fast, while in reality, it takes time, work, and effort.

Do Not Put Limits On Your Imagination

Many people will give up when they wake up, and they don’t see any changes in their reality. However, if you follow the steps, and have patience and persistence, eventually you will look back and realize that it happened almost exactly how you have imagined it in the first place. If not even better.

Our subconscious mind drives us in the direction of images or thoughts we impress upon it. It will always bring us what we asked for. The process is slow, but it is inerrable.

To have control over the process, you will have to take control of your thoughts! The rest will take care of itself. Don’t try to force things to happen because force only negates things. It will bring you back at the beginning, the state of worry. Therefore, the key is to stay relaxed during the whole process.

Imagination is Factory of Ideas

Everything that man has done it started as an idea in his mind.

One man had an idea to connect every person in Harvard University on one single website. In the beginning, it was nothing more than a thought in his mind. He immediately let his imagination to go wild, and without a single doubt in his mind, he started to work on it. Time went by, and his idea was not just a thought anymore, now, it had a physical form, or in this case a digital. The idea was The Facebook! Then later on, by using his imagination he decided to remove the “The” from the name, and today we know his idea as, Facebook.

The young man managed to connect every single human on the planet Earth. The moment he got the eureka moment, the moment of receiving the idea, he had two options. One was to start doubting his imagination and suffocate the idea straight away. The second one was to get busy and let his imagination wild.

He entertained idea every day. He took care of it, worked on it, and eventually it reproduced itself in reality. This is not a fantasy; this is how it happened, this is the reality of the things.

Maybe you will say: “Yea, but, he is a genius.” or “Yea, but, he was lucky.” or “Yea, but, I am not Zuckerberg.” But, let me tell you just one thing. He has the same mind and body as you do. I don’t see any difference, except for what and how we use it.

If you examine the five steps to use your imagination, you can see the process Mark Zuckerberg used to create Facebook.

Start Creating Ideas and Change Your Life Today

If you decide now to follow the five steps and imagine a better tomorrow, you will have it. Even if your today is pretty good, why not make tomorrow a little better?

There is no significant effort in it. It is not hard to relax. It is not hard to close your eyes and daydream. Remeber your childhood, and you will remember that it is actually pretty easy.

However, if you ever have a problem with turning your imagination on, you can become a member of Six Minutes to Success. It is a program which helps individuals to concentrate their mind on positive. It teaches how to see things in your imagination, and how to set goals and achieve those goals. The program is my recommendation to everyone who wishes to take the matter into their hands, or minds first, then hands.


Change Your Life


Remeber, never stop dreaming no matter where you are, who you are, how old you are. All things are possible to those who believe.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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14 thoughts on “Use Your Imagination Again – 5 Steps to Change Your Life”

  1. Love this, it is so easy to think that because we are growing up, we are no longer allowed to use or imaginations, but this article proves the contrary that we needs our imagination through all stages of life.

    • Hi Ashley,

      And, if we do use it sporadically we use it to create negative images and therefore negative results. Imagination can’t operate while we are under stress, and today we live on one big ball of stress. Get rid of the stress and that is a first step to the rich garden of our mind. Thank you for coming by and leaving your comment. All the best in life!


  2. I can attest that if you can imagine it you can do it. My wife and I imagined for 3 years having a house at the beach. 3 years later….We Do!! We just kept thinking about doing it and how we would do it. It took a while, but we made it happen.

    • The key is you kept thinking about it. That calls for the power of will, to hold an image in your mind for such a long time until you materialize it in your reality. I am so happy that you serve here as an example to everyone. Have a happy and fulfilled life! Thank you for your wonderful comment.


  3. Ivan, I bookmarked your page. I am going to read your article as often as I can. It literally gave me the boost that I was looking for in a very long time.
    It gave me hope and it lifted me up from my negativity that I was going through. You made me feel that all is not lost, that my imagination and my mind can help me and get me what I want.

    Thanks for this article. It was a real lifesaver.

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Your mind and your imagination among other mental tools you have can help you to create whatever you want in life, my friend. Your mind helped you to create that negativity you are experiencing right now. My mind suggested to you that you have the power in your to change that. I am sincerely happy that you found such value in my word, and I am even happier if you will return to these words and make them yours so you can change your life. I wish you all the best!


  4. The mind is a very complicated thing, it can do a lot more than we know or understand. I can relate to your post because I find for me meditation is the key to relaxation. But reading your post just puts everything into perspective.
    Thanks for the share.

    • Hi Derek,

      Well, it is, but it is important that we understand how it works concerning our soul and body. I believe that we live on three planes or states of our being. We have mind or intellect, we are emotional or spiritual, and we have physical bodies which manifest our thoughts and emotions. Everything we do starts with the mind. Our imagination is a mental tool with which we can turn on and create whatever we want, and by repetition, we can mix good feelings with our imagination. Then when we act in our physical world, we will get or attract the results based on our imagined pictures and feelings we mixed with them.

      For example, you can imagine a positive outcome with a project you got on your job. However, if you don’t mix good emotion with it like faith, enthusiasm, or love, then you will mix negative feelings such as fear, worry, or doubt. Depending on which emotions you blended with an image of a positive outcome that kind of results you will attract. Thoughts of fear will attract fearful outcome, thoughts of enthusiasm will attract exciting result.

      There is more to this, and it is something around which I am building this website. People neglect the power of emotions. There is only one reason that I found so far, and that is because of the FEAR. Rarely someone can control their emotions. And then, as a result, many people live uncontrolled life. They wish for things but they never get them…fear of unknown stops them. Only if they know how to control emotion they can control the results. Stick around to find out more about this kind of topics because it is more or less the only topic I will write about.

      All the best,

  5. Imagination is the sole purpose of my website! That’s wonderful that you are trying to help people use theirs. I feel it is sorely lacking in todays society. We almost beat it out of people these days. You have some great tips here, may I add another? Coloring has been scientifically proven to help de-stress and relax the mind while improving your imagination. Does not matter the subject matter you color. It is the creative process of coloring that works.

    • Hi Maryann,

      Great advice! I will add it to my article here if you don’t mind. Moreover, I will buy some colors and try it for my self. The thought alone makes me excited and the feeling of excitement turns my imagination on. Thank you once again for your advice, your visit, and your comment. Enjoy the life.


  6. Great message, great attitude and most importantly great article. You are very correct regarding the positive things that can manifest out of a good attitude. Thanks for sharing.


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