Chase Your Dreams Now! – 5 Tips for Success

The world offers too many options today, and it is hard to stay true to yourself. Someone is selling you a dream wherever you turn your head. In these conditions the one can ask himself not only how, but is it possible to chase your dreams, or even…

Should I Follow My Dreams?

Should I Follow My Dreams

Yes, you should!

While growing up, we get confused and brainwashed by our dreamless society and dream killing system. Very few people are living a dream life because they realized that dreams are for free, and no one can take them away from them. Moreover, the best things we got in this world are free! Our thoughts, our hopes, our minds, our souls, our bodies. All we have to do is to breathe life into our dreams, and keep on breathing and chase them until they realize.

And I assure you they will!

Resolve right now to kill all of doubting questions such as should I, can I, is it possible, etc. These doubts will do you no god; moreover, they will only cause even more uncertainty. Be aware at all time that you should, you can, and it is possible!

Like Nike Says, Just Do It

There is no right time or the perfect moment. If you are thinking about it this very moment it means you should dive in, take a leap, go all in! And never lock back.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” Joseph Campbell

Of course, the fear will is always there, but there is a great pleasure in beating the fear. You will be amazed at what new powers you will discover once you decide to stop asking those questions and just do it. The blessings on the other side of fear and doubt are too good to be described in words, they must be lived!

But if you need more than -Just do it!- continue to read.

How To Chase Your Dreams

How To Chase and Accomplish Your Dreams? 

The answer can be found in paragraphs from above. However, these few tips from below can help you to stay on the right road while chasing your dreams until you accomplish them.

1. Set a Goal and Create a Plan

A dream is somewhere in the air, it is invisible, and it doesn’t have power until we put it on the paper and decide to convert it into a goal and plan to achieve that goal.

The procedure is simple. Take a pen and paper and write it down. For additional help, you can see my post about goals.

2. Build Faith in You, in Your Dream

It can be challenging to have faith in something which is not here yet. Many people told me that it is impossible, but I assure you it is possible. Faith is an emotion which can be developed if not already existing.

“I believe we can talk things into existence.” Jay-Z

The secret for development of the emotion of faith hides in a principle of autosuggestion. When you become able to say to yourself in a strong affirmative voice “I am doing this” or “I have that” you will do it or have it. Until then, you can repeat those affirmations as long as it takes to develop a strong feeling of faith in your abilities.

It will work for everyone who is brave enough to try.

3. Persistence Pays Off

We don’t say “chasing dreams” for no reason. If you stop and give up, they will run away from you.

Once I heard a wise man talking about the persistence and that it is just another word for faith. When I thought about my past experiences, I saw the truth in that statement. To build confidence in your dreams, you will have to be persistent. To be persistent in your dreams requires a significant amount of faith.

In the end, persistence pays off!

4. Invest in Yourself

How will you ever realize your dream if you don’t study if you don’t learn if you are not willing to invest time and work in it?

“Dreams seldom materialize on their own.” Dian Fossey

Many people make a mistake wishing for their dreams to realize. They think “as long as I wish I will have it.” False! It will drive you mad. You will have to work for it, read books, go to seminars, listen to the programs, do whatever you have to do to fuel the desire to accomplish your dream.

For all my life I am a fan of sports. And what we can see many times in sports is a great sacrifice. Those who are willing to sacrifice the most they always achieve their dreams. Others who are not willing to put in all they have, they only get a glimpse of their ideas in reality.

5. Start in the Morning

One more sports example. Kobe Bryant was often found early in the morning (sometimes 3 am) shooting the ball on the court. To win the NBA title was more than a dream to him, it was an obsession.

All great dream-chasers work on their dreams all day long, and they start as soon as they wake up. I found a big difference in my results since I began with a morning ritual.

You Will Have To Keep Your Dreams Alive

As you see, to keep it alive you will have to make a lot of sacrifices. You will have to adapt your life to your dream and not your dream to your life.

To recapitulate, you will have to set goals, have faith, be persistent, work hard and invest in your self, start from the morning and finish in the evening, and above all, just do it!

Keep Your Dream Alive

One more important suggestion is to IGNORE the NAYSAYERS.

There will be many, many people who will try to pull you down. Just ignore them! In many cases, they will be the people who are closest to you as friends and family.

Listen to yourself, listen to your hart. If you have to, decide to stay alone for a while. Those who love you will come back to you.

All the Success You’ve Dreamed Of

All it takes is just six minutes a day! Actually, it takes more than six minutes a day. However, if you can concentrate on your dream for full six minutes, you will stay on the right track, and eventually, you will achieve the success.

Six Minutes to Success is a personal development program designed by some of the greatest dreamers of today. The people who once dared to dream and to work for it poured their life experience into this fantastic program. The program helps through all stages from dreaming a dream to actually living it.

I would like to recommend you to take a look at it, because once I got the same recommendation, and I listened to it. My life was never the same again. HERE you can read a full review and find out more about it.

When you have a question like how to chase your dreams the best answers are given to those who are living it. Your success can skyrocket once you know which way to go. All it takes to dare to have a dream.

14 thoughts on “Chase Your Dreams Now! – 5 Tips for Success”

  1. You’re so right about this! Most people out there compromise, find a job that they hate and they end up miserable and cranky!
    To be honest, I just started working on something I love and I have a long way before I succeed but it doesn’t matter. You know why? Because I love it! I love working on it. And that makes it more fulfilling than anything else I’ve ever did!

    • Hi Jenny,

      Love is all you need 🙂 The rest will follow, like success and money for example. As long as you enjoy your work I am more than happy. Keep that dream alive. All the best.


    • Hi Kevin,

      It hardly ever gets lost. It is always there in our subconscious, we just tend to push it to the side because of some other things in life. I am happy if I motivated you to keep it alive. All the best.


  2. I really enjoyed this article, it touched a nerve with me and I did go on to read your “6 minutes to success” review, unfortunately – I don’t think I can squeeze anymore time into my life! I’m at the stage where I’ve got to stop looking for the solution and actually get off my bum and get on with it!

    • Hi Jo,

      That’s normal. You have to look first and then act second. Go for it whatever it is my man! If you feel stuck down the road you can try Six Minutes to Success to give you a push forward. All the best.


  3. I remembered when I was kid my dreams kept changing. Now I feel motivated by your words to chase my dreams! Make the dreams to reality. I realised I have wasted my time in Facebook and drama, wrong investment…I will definitely go to have a look at the six minutes to success. Thanks for the great post and let’s dare to dream!

    • Hi Emily,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. Don’t think of the time as wasted if it leads you to something better. Often we have to pass through some difficulties, hard times, and failures until we reach the right thing. Six Minutes to Success is a great program, you will love it. Let’s dare to dream!


  4. Hello Ivan .
    This is article amazing . We all have dreams but we do not know how to accomplish it but , this article is the answer for it.
    Thanks for sharing this.


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