Plan Your Future To Make Your Life Great – Here is How

Most of us make a plan for the future while we are young and living in the bubble. In fact, ninety-five out of hundred people make them by the age of 25. However, only five people out of ninety-five achieve their plan by the age of 65. And the rest, they quit and end like those five who didn’t have an idea at all.

How To Make a Plan Fro the Future

Now how, and why does that happen?

We live in the world where we are protected by the age of 25, or by the time we get out of the college. Until then we are safe and secure, and our future seems bright. Everything until then is smooth and comfortable no matter how much we like to think it is hard. Then after we get out of school and go into the real world, slowly and gradually all of our dreams fade away.

The answer can be found in the fact that we conform. When life gets a little bit harder we tend to throw our aims, and we follow the person in front of us, following, therefore, their plans. Forgetting all about our plan and what we wanted for our future.

That is why 95% of our world’s population is living the same life. They all get up at the same time, got to an equal (9-5) job, drive the same car, pay the same mortgage, take the same vacation, etc.

Sadly over 95% of people go through life and never realize that they can be one of that 5 %. Those 5 out of the 100 who succeed, they succeed thanks to one simple fact!

They Turn Their Future Plan Into a Goal

There you go. It is the only answer you will ever need to learn how to make a plan for the future.


Set a goal and stick to it no matter what people around you are going to say. We tend to drop our belief in our goals and plans as soon as someone tries to convince us that it is impossible. That person was convinced that his idea is faulty and that he or she should conform to the rest of the society. And sadly he does so.

You see, a plan is a good thing to have, and we should defend it no matter what is happening around you. However, if you don’t back your idea with a goal or even better many goals, your plan is worthless.

In a nutshell, the plan is nothing but an idea in our mind, a wish, a dream. How many time you have heard someone saying “Oh! I got a plan! I am going to do this or that.”; and then they never did it. The idea or a plan can be realized only by translating it into a goal. Goals are the cornerstone, and goals are power, goals are steps to the success in any planning.

I convinced myself many times in the weakness of plans if concrete goals do not support them. Every time I failed in my planning I thought it was because my idea was not good enough. Once I learned how to set goals, and how to stick to my goals until I turn them into a fact, I changed my whole plan for the future. Moreover, I manage to un-conform!

If we are not taught in our youth how to set goals, we will eventually conform with the rest of the goalless society (95%), and we will blindly follow the faulty system.

However, if you are one of that 5 % who has already your goal set, turning it into a plan is a simple procedure.

How to Make a Plan For Your Goal?

You will realize – if not already – that plans and goals are in correlation, and that one without the other cannot exist. The process of creating a plan for your goal is straightforward.


I assume you have a major goal in life. All you have to do is to think about your goal and break it into a few smaller goals. To do so, you ask your self few questions like how, why, when, and where?

How To Make a Plan For Your Goal

I use this technique every time I want to make a plan for my future. Whether it is a monthly plan, a year-long or even a life-long project, the procedure is the same.

Don’t get stressed if you don’t know your answers from the first moment. Instead, try to relax and only think about your goal. You will be amazed how fast they arrive! And when they appear, they will come to you in the form of a flash, a hunch, or idea, in your mind! All you have to do is to be brave enough to ask a question and then follow your answer.

The Ghosts of Your Dreams, Your Plans, and Ideas

The first time I recognized that I have to make some goals and plans for my future was when I heard this speech compilation. It still gives me goosebumps, and I like to listen to it from time to time to push myself forward.

Less Brown’s famous speech about ghosts of the past is at 4:40min of the video. Make sure you listen to it in full. Those six minutes can alter your life.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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12 thoughts on “Plan Your Future To Make Your Life Great – Here is How”

  1. Hi Ivan, what a great site- Personal Development – One of the best things we can do with our lives. Constantly learn and grow and you have shared some real honesty about your personal growth on here and it is great to see your vulnerable side
    Excellent work

    • Hi Vicki,

      Thanks for the compliments, I appreciate it. I think we have only two options. One is to learn and develop ourselves or to disintegrate slowly through life. It is up to us to make a choice.

      All the best,

  2. Ivan great post, but someone like me never makes a plans on anything. I mean I just get up and what happens that day happens. I mean just like when I got married, I told my girlfriend lets go get married and she said ok and we drove to the courthouse. That’s my life.

    • Hi Robert,

      I wish for everyone to reach your state of mind! The state of mind I refer to is Faith and Love. Many people are paralyzed by fear and worry so they can’t live the life like that. Love is something special. Love and Faith don’t make you fear or worry, they push you to ask a question and just do it. Life should be free and beautiful and I am glad to see you live like that, my friend.

      This website is devoted to helping all of you to reach the state of mind like Robert’s.

      All the best,

  3. Hi Ivan!

    I just LOVE personal development – subscribed! 🙂
    To invest in oneself is the best thing one can do. Thank you for creating this site, will be fun to see you around!

    All the best,

  4. Love this bit “be brave enough to ask the question and then follow the answer”. Those of us who want to be in the 5% need to be courageous in the questions we ask ourselves. In the horse world we have a saying – if your dreams don’t scare you, they ain’t big enough.

    Great blog, time for me to re-evaluate my goals and plans for the future. Thanks again

    • Hi Heidi,

      There is a saying “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek.” I agree with you. The best things in life are found one inch across the line of fear. Your welcome and thank you for your comment and for compliments on my work, I appreciate it a lot.


  5. Hello Ivan,

    This was a very insightful and inspirational piece of content. I totally relate with all you say.
    Less Brown’s speech sounds very true nowadays.
    However, I want to give you some food for thought. “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.” – John Lennon.

    • Hi Asen,

      I am happy if you can relate with what I say.

      Well, I must disagree with Mr. Lennon. Because he and Beatless probably did some planning before they managed to create a comfortable situation for themselves so they can stop planning and live the life.

      From my own experience.

      To have a plan for the future gives freedom to the mind. It eliminates worry and fear of what is coming, and instead, it provides peace of mind, so it is easier to live the life and enjoy the present moment.

      Also, to have a plan it takes just a few days, weeks, or even months, to figure it out. But it can be worth the lifetime of happiness. (like in Mr. Lennons case).

      Plan for the future helps one to stop thinking about the dead past. As I convinced my self so far that thinking about the past will bring nothing but the same in the future.

      And to conclude with words of the man whose teaching revolves around living the life at the present moment.

      “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.” – Budhha



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