Set Goals and Achieve Them All – Five Golden Rules

How many times have you decided to set some goals? You were so enthusiastic that day, happy for yourself, feeling great and powerful.

And then tomorrow, you woke up and just continued with your life.

Somehow, you let that dream of yours fade away gradually. Never did it, never tried to achieve it, not even to learn how?


I was going through life exactly like it says above.

Always tried to do something, but never achieved it, never reached the finish line.

Guess what?

When a person is goalless, then there is no finish line.

I went to college with that attitude and, after two and a half years, that was it for me.

I quit.


Because when I went there, I went without a firm decision or a firm goal to stay and get my diploma.

You see, having no goals in life is like going on a journey without a destination,  without map and compass.

So, why not make life easier by setting some goals and enjoying the ride.

Goals should be something you really want to achieve or have in your life; something that moves your juices.

In other words, goals should be big.

Small, simple goals are good.

Moreover, they are essential, but only if they lead to something great.

So, let’s skip the intro and get our hands dirty! 🙂


Seven Areas Where You Can Set Goals

If you don’t know where to start, here are seven life areas where you can set some goals and start your journey.

  • Financial
  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Mental
  • Social
  • Familiar
  • Vocational

The list of seven areas will help you make a big picture.

Having a big picture means that you have a plan for the future.

Having a plan for the future will give you peace of mind in your present.

With at least one goal, you can literally redesign your life.

To get started, you can follow these five rules which can help you to set and achieve goals.


Five Rules For Setting Goals

1.) Decide What it is That You Want

What it is that you want?

Let your imagination go wild, please.

Free your thinking from your present results and dream big.

Remember, dreams are free, and nothing can stop you from aiming high except your own thinking.

It can be hard to make a decision when you don’t know what you want.

Therefore, listen to your emotions, not your reason.

Your heart will tell you what you really want to achieve, and what will make your life better.

Set your goals as high as possible.

Don’t put limits on your abilities.

Believe me, you are able to achieve each and every and one of them.

Set tangible and intangible goals.

Create a positive attitude by saying that you can and you will achieve your goals!

One by one, but eventually you will.

Listen closely, don’t go around and ask other people for their opinion.

Opinions are cheap and everybody has a pocketful to give.

If you make this mistake, it can cost you a long time of frustration and inability to make your own decision.

It is your life you want to improve.

The rest, well, they will feel your improvement so they will understand one day.

Therefore, to summarise the first step:

  • Dream big, aim high
  • Listen to your heart
  • Ask yourself only!
  • Ignore other opinions

In the first step, you are completely alone.

No one can help you with this, except yourself.

I made it easier for you by giving you seven areas where you can improve.

You will have to make a decision alone.

I suggest to take a day or two off and go somewhere where you can really think.

When you know what goals you want to achieve, the next four steps will help you to set them and lead you to achieve them.


2.) Create a Big Picture

Take a pen and piece of paper and make a list.

Write down at least one goal for each area of your life.

If you know that you want to set more than one goal per area, go ahead and do so.

The more the better!

  • Financial: If you dream of better income, write down how much more you would like to earn.
  • Physical: If you dream of losing weight, write down the number you want to see on the scale.
  • Spiritual: Maybe you want to go to church again and grow spiritually, write it down.
  • Mental: Shyness is a mental barrier, so your goal can be to break that barrier.
  • Social: If you want to have a more interesting social life, write it down.
  • Familiar: Maybe going on a vacation with the family.
  • Vocational: If you dream of a better job, or maybe your own business, write it down.

When you have something like this, you have your big picture!

Now it is easier.

To have a goal or, even better, multiple goals can give you peace of mind.

To keep that peace of mind, you will now have to decide some more.


3.) Set an Accomplishment Date  

I like to avoid the word deadline.

Simply because it sounds negative, it tends to put pressure on you and your goals.

Rather, take some time to think about your goals and then set a realistic achievement date for each one of them.

This way, you can expect certain things to happen at a certain time.

This step is simply for your peace of mind.

You are not obligated to accomplish your goal at the exact time.

However, your subconscious will take care that you actually do reach your goal somewhere around the date you decide upon.

Trust me on this one.

For example, I have made up my mind to move to a new house at the beginning of 2018.

I have decided that May 1st, 2018, will be a move-in date.

In the meantime, I made a few smaller goals to help me achieve my big one.

Simple things like: save up money, research the market, respond to emails, etc.

I moved into my new house on May 15th, 2018.

Therefore, decide upon a date for every goal and, with the same peace of mind, you can move on to the fourth rule.


4.) Create an Action Plan   

Goals without a plan to achieve them are just wishes.

So, breaking your big goals into several smaller goals will help you to create your action plan.

When you create a plan, you are set to go!

This time let’s take a financial goal for example of planning.

A goal is to raise your income from $30K to $50K per year.

Now ask yourself how to do this and then start creating your plan.

This is what I do.

Take a pen and paper again and try to figure out at least 10 things that can move your income from A to B.

This way, you can brainstorm a couple of ideas or small goals which will show you the way.

In other words, you will create an action plan.

For example.

  • Read financial books.
  • Visit an expert in financial planning.
  • Attend seminars.
  • Start a second income, a small side business.
  • …..

Here we already have four small goals that are starting to look like an action plan.

The best thing is, these small goals can be applied in one or more areas.

You see, a small goal like starting a second income can help you “hit the two birds with one stone.”

In other words, one small goal can help you achieve two big ones.

In this case, it can help you to earn more money and, maybe to change your vocation if you don’t like the present one.

The next move is to make a list of those small goals (actions) and set them as your monthly goals.

Then, break monthly goals into weakly goals and, in the end, break those weakly goals into daily goals.

To help you with this, I will suggest you start a ToDo list starting from your big goal down to the bottom.

It may take a day or two to get this all together.

Therefore, I suggest you come back and re-read some of the stuff.

Also, take your time and don’t rush anywhere.

Even if you don’t know right now, you will find out pretty soon.

Now, as you move through the process and start doing those tasks, you will realize that you are already accomplishing your goals one step at the time.

After you have all this figured out, all it takes is time to have it, believe me.

So, this leads me on to the last rule in your goal-setting and achieving process.


5.) Celebrate Every Accomplishment 

What is life without fun and celebration?!

A dull life!

So, to make this process more enjoyable, you will have to celebrate every accomplished goal.

If you accomplish a small goal, celebrate in a small manner.

Moreover, when you hit the big one, go crazy!

As you move forward, you will see a great value in this fifth rule.

The sense of accomplishment must be rewarded; please do so.

Set Goals Achieve Goals Celebrate

The following line I remembered a long time ago and I want to share it with you – to remember you to keep yourself on the ground.


“Don’t let the win get in your head or loss into your heart.” Public Enemy (Hip Hop Artists) 


If you celebrate for too long and too much, you can lose a sense of reality.

As well as, if you cry over failure, the outcome is the same.

So, keep yourself on the ground all the time, follow these five rules and enjoy the journey!


Your Goals Are Your Future Life 

While writing this post, I created this line.

I don’t know about you but I like it a lot!

If you read it a couple of times out loud and stare at it for a while, maybe you will get the same feeling I got when I wrote it.

When you go through the five rules, when you learn how to set goals and how to properly achieve them, I guarantee you, your life will never be the same again.

This process has a hidden power.

The power is called future sight.


Why Extra Help is Always Welcome 

In my own experience, doing something like reshaping your life can be stressful and hard on your own.

When I decided to make this move I felt like I was on a rollercoaster.

Up and down, left and right, twist and turn.

A few times I wanted to give up.

However, I made a firm decision to stick to my plan and to finish it.

What I didn’t know was that my plan was full of holes and that was the fact that kept spinning me around.

The situation made me start research online looking for bits of advice again.

As an answer to my problem, I have stumbled upon a program that helps with the process.

A program that leads a person from zero to infinite using nothing but a power of goals as a fuel.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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41 thoughts on “Set Goals and Achieve Them All – Five Golden Rules”

  1. Each post that I write, and will write, is based on my experience with the program. Not just with the program, also I share and will share in the future, knowledge, and experience from books I have read, and will read. is couple weeks old, and I have great stuff to write about to reach my goal number ONE. To help as many people as possible to Create A Better World.

    Thank you for your comment.

  2. I personally think that this is a pretty good article which helps you a lot about what to do in your life.Congratulations and wish you the best !

    • It is included in the program. But, in my opinion, deadlines, if not completed in time, can give a negative kickback. If I use them, I set them 20-30 years from now. However, the rest of the Goals Workbook tasks, such as To Do List make me do everything quick and fast. I always have an “eye” on the ultimate goal, and I trust the process in between. Deadlines…even sounds bad haha! Trust the process, only deadline user needs.

  3. Hello Ivan, I am impressed with your commitment to your work! I can see you are “walking your talk” . You are truly authentic in your work and your message resonates with me so much! I have heard of this program but I have yet to meet someone that is working diligently with the process. After reading this I am intrigued by the work, it looks like a big commitment to a giant step forward in life. We should all be doing this work!! Thank you for sharing and being a way shower. Much appreciated my friend.

    • It is the program people buy, but never even start to. It is a great way to learn valuable life skills. The beauty of the program is that you are not pushed by the “deadlines” from the “professor”. Rather, you can set your own pace and take small steps until you become able to run. It’s a year-long program, depends on persons learning ability it can go for 6 months, or even 2 years.
      In my experience, this program IS for me. Whoever finds him/herself in it as well, will not be disappointed if he/she makes a strong commitment to finish it. That is the first goal with Six Minutes To Success.

      Thank you for your comment.

  4. Hello Ivan, this is a very interesting article about setting goals for yourself. I have already planned out my goals with how much I would be happy earning with Affiliate Marketing, and what I would do to achieve this goal. Everyday, I work 2-3 a day working on my website, and building out my brand. It is taking time, but success will come with patience and hard work. Thanks again, and I wish you the best of luck within the online business!!!

    • All the best my friend! I wish you great future. Being involved in a program like WA the success is guaranteed.
      Six Minutes To Success can be a handy tool along the way. We all are well organized and persistent in our work. And, this program can lift that to another level at least. I work 10h+comute every day, I make my own meals, clean my own space, wash my own clothes, and work on To be able to do this I have to have energy, positive energy. Next, knowing what I have to do every day from hour to hour puts me in a “flow” state so I can keep my eye on the goal number ONE. From a guy whose goal in life was to not have goals to a guy who manages to do everything he sets his mind up to without worry, doubt, or fear am I going to be able to do it? I just know I can.
      My point is, anybody who is willing to make a first step towards the change can do the same thing like me. And I believe, if someone shows a way, that person can do it ten times better than me. And then I can learn from him or her to teach someone else.

      Thank you for your comment. All the best in the future! Set some great goals and smash them

  5. HI Ivan,
    Thank you for writing this great article about setting goals and achieving them in just a few minutes per day. I had actually never heard the phrase Your Goals Are Your Future Life before. I think that is a great, succinct very accurate way to describe it.
    I really like Bob Proctor and I am familiar with his work. I really like these 11 month steps to life mastery. I agree that my life started to change when I became aware of the importance to set life goals to use them to my advantage to really help improve the quality of my life. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you for reading it.
      Before I was just familiar with Proctor’s work, however after, all the pieces that I have collected around fit together when I went through Workbook and Planner. Videos are an amazing addition to the program. I think Bob Proctor is a great teacher and mentor. I am glad you have liked the program and you have benefited from going through as well.
      Impressed by the knowledge I have got with Six Minutes to Success, while writing this post It just came to me, You Goals Are Your Future Life. I am convinced it is like that.
      Thank you once again.
      All the best!

  6. The busier we get in life, the more important it is to spend a little time each day to focus on and write down / review our goals. Programs like this should be just about mandatory for college students trying to adjust to real life and getting in to their careers.

  7. I just bookmarked this page.
    I feel like I’ll need to come back to it from time to time.
    I love the way you presented the 5 Rules For Setting Goals.
    It looks so simple, but I’m sure 99% of the readers skip some of them.
    I know I do – Number 4 is my weak spot.
    I should work on that.
    Thank you so much for reminding me.
    Great work with this post, keep it up!

    • Hi Boryana.

      Thank you for the bookmark and your comment. You can find a great value here.
      I agree. However, that is why just 1% will actually succeed. The program I recommend, Six Minutes to Success, can help a lot with the part of planning your action steps.

      All the best,

  8. Many people walk through life without goals and big dreams. It’s no wonder why they have no energy and motivation to get out of bed and fight.
    Therefore, I think it’s really important to first have a vision for your future and ask the question: what do you really want. From that answer, people should start setting goals to make it a reality.
    Your recommended program looks great for anyone who dreams big!


    • Hi Stefan!

      Too many people are here just to be here. No goals, no dreams, therefore, no future to look forward to. From questioning it all starts and the program I recommend is great for anybody who wants to get help with the question: What do you really want?.
      Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  9. A few years ago my boss at the time was very methodical with life and timescales and he tried to convince me at the time that everybody should have a plan. At the time I was much younger and thought if I did something like this my life would be boring so discarded it.

    I am much older now and a little wiser but have never forgotten our conversation.

    Life could be so much easier if we removed the negative aspect.

    There are only 2 options in life – “success” or “failure” – “yes” or “no”

    How we get there, is sometimes impossible with all the negativity and complications that we put in the way.

    Thanks for reaffirming what I already knew but had put to one side!

    • Hi Mick!

      I am glad to help out in any way.
      I can relate to your story because I have changed my attitude since.
      I like to think there is only “success” and “lesson”. With that kind of attitude, the negativity and complications are gone forever.

      All the best,

  10. This article motivates and brings back the lost energy. I have big goals and working hard to get it realized.
    Much appreciated for throwing light on this subject. You’ve also given 7 lists of setting up a goal. And it’s going to be so helpful for people who are indecisive of choosing those goals for themselves.

    Your 6 Minutes to Success is simply amazing to want to try it out.

    All the best man.

  11. Hi Ivan,
    A great post and very well written.
    I like a lot the steps you give to help people on their way to achieving what maybe they have been too scared to try before.
    You make it all sound very achievable and i’m sure that by following the steps in this post anyone could turn their life round or go out and do what they want but have never managed to do before.
    Thanks for the motivation.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Michael.

      This post is for everybody who never tried, never had, never did. If I can move just one individual and provide guidance on the journey, my mission will be successful. Thank you for the comment.

      All the best,

  12. Hi Ivan
    Great Article, i think everyone needs to set their goals, as we all need to aim for something in our lives.
    I have set goals my self going forward in life, like developing my own website which as we know can take along time and patience, but without having a goal set out we would all give up to easily.
    Thank you for sharing this article with us and keep up the good work.


    • Hi Crsmogs70!

      Behind every goal should be a firm decision to back it up. A goal without firm decision tends to be unaccomplished. I am happy that you are moving forward! Keep going.

      All the best,

  13. Great post! This is 100% accurate and for someone who has personally been going through this process. I love have you broke down your example of taking action within your planning. Great page and I know it will help a lot of people, I will definitely share this post and page.

    • Hi Jamar,

      I appreciate a lot your encouraging comment. It is easy to write stuff like this when they come from experience. My mission is to reach as many people who need this kind of advice in life, so please do share! Thank you very much!

      All the best,

  14. Thanks Ivan for this information! I definitely agree, as I have learnt this year especially is that we really can accomplish anything we put our minds too, we just got to let those negative voices out of our heads, don’t let other pull your dreams down and get to work! Setting goals is imperative to starting any dream I do agree, and making to do lists is such a great way to encourage you to make sure you go ahead with your plans.

    • Hi Danielle,

      I must say I completely agree with you. It all starts with a dream in our imagination. By turning that dream into a concrete goal, we can make the first step. Everything after is for us to discover.

      All the best,

  15. Hi Ivan,
    I am so happy I found your website. I am a beginner blogger with some ideas but uncertain direction. After connecting with you on Google+ and linking to this article, I understand the process much better. Thank you for your open, honest tone. And BIG Thank You for the free download of Think & Grow Rich! I have already received great value from this visit and will be sure to read all your articles over time.
    My thought on goal setting is that, whilst outcomes are important, the systems & processes are what we should spend most of our time on. It is an endless subject and I think your article is a great starting point for anyone.
    I would be keen to connect deeper with you to understand how you leverage your awesome content.
    Please take a look at my rookie website and leave a comment , or email me your thoughts>
    Much success to you Ivan, keep up the good work!

    • Hi Danny,

      I think that all three aspects are equally important. The results or the outcome is a part of the process from where we can gather new data to feed and correct our system and processor so our next results will be more accurate.

      Thank you for liking my website. I will be more than happy to connect with you and share my experience so far. I have your mail and website address so we will keep in touch. All the best.


  16. Hi Ivan. I really enjoyed reading your article. Goal setting is so important in life if you want to be successful financially, spiritually and emotionally. Unfortunately I never really set myself any goals and subsequently I missed out on so much. Thanks to you I will now set myself some goals, and I will create an action plan, using the guidelines you have given I will definitely be back to check your future blogs. Thanks Jim

    • Hi Jim,

      Make sure you follow the guidelines I provided. When you learn how to set goals and above all when you achieve at least one from your list, you will evolve into a different person. You will discover the power in you that was always there, it just needed to be lighted up. Hope to see you again and I look forward to your success! All the best in life.



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