11 Universal Laws of Success – The Law of Attraction Guide

You Have the Power to Create Life


After the movie “The Secret” came out in 2006 many people out there went crazy about the Universal Laws of success and the Law of Attraction.

I don’t know about you, but I was one of those people as well.

The knowledge itself about these laws was not enough for me. I had to learn more. And so I did.

You see, over the last few years, I managed to reshape my life completely. Every single aspect of my life was bought to shape and all thanks to the right guidance.

Unfortunately, many people left frustrated because they couldn’t get their grasp on the Universal Law – The Law of Attraction. There is only one reason for this, and it is a misunderstanding of our human nature and our relationship with the Universe.

We like to think that when we understand the information, we are done with learning. Moreover, we start to expect the things to happen by themselves.

It is not going to work like that.

It will only keep you in a circle of frustration and disappointment. And by the LAw of Attraction, you will stay there until you chose to create something different. Something positive.

Understand for now that the Universe in which we live in is filled with only two things, energy and matter. Everything around us like trees, grass, houses, moon, stars, sun, is an expression of those two.

That includes you and me as well.

Energy and matter create everything. Moreover, energy and matter cannot be destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.

That creative energy always flows to and through you. And you can choose what you will make of it. The good or the bad.

More commonly we refer to this energy as thought impulses.

The Law of Attraction starts as a thought impulse in your mind. If planted correctly in your subconscious mind, that energy will forever try to express itself in your outside world in the form of results, in the form of creation.

The Law of Attraction always works!

Sadly, most of the people use it to create negative thoughts. Therefore, they experience negative life. And as an effect of those negative results, they produce even more negative feelings which are again expressing themselves in their lives.

And it goes like that in cycles all up to the moment of waking up and realizing that it is you who is in control, it is you who can choose and decide what is going to be.

The Law of Attraction can be fully understood only if you know the rest of the Universal Laws of success. It is not working on its own, it is a part of nature, and it works perfectly by it.

Remember for now that success starts as a form of energy in your mind, as a simple thought, an idea.

You have the power to control this creative energy with your free will and with your imagination you can shape whatever you want from it. The thought of success has to be held and nurtured until it becomes a part of you and it becomes ready for its materialization in your life.

You are the creator. And you have the power to get into the alignment with Nature and by her principles create anything you want in your life.

Reread this guide for a few times over and over again because that is the only way how you can honestly and fully understand the Laws of Success. Only one reading will do you no good.


Universal Laws of Success Infographic


The Law of Attraction and Vibration 

As mentioned already, everything in this Universe is an expression of two things. Energy and matter. By the Law of Vibration, everything in this Universe is vibrating at a certain speed. Everything is in a constant motion which is also known as frequency. And everything has its own rate.

To start the Law of Attraction, you will have to match your frequency with the one on which is the good you desire.

Financial success, for example, is on a vibration level of its own. And for now, you are maybe vibrating on a lower frequency than you should be if you want to become successful.

Understand that on a conscious level, we call those vibrations feelings.

According to the Law of Attraction, you will attract to your life the things and circumstances with which you are in a harmonious vibration. You can’t draw positive results in your life if you are subconsciously vibrating on a negative wave. The same goes for positive vibration. You cannot attract negative consequences if you are subconsciously on a healthy level of vibration.

Now, you can control your vibration. You can get on a frequency of the good you want. Therefore, you can control what will you attract to your life.

A positive vibration can be created if it does not already exist in your subconscious mind and its starting point is a thought impulse.

Those thought impulses when emotionalizes and repeated will implant themselves in your subconscious mind. Moreover, every thought impulse immediately embeds itself in your subconscious mind. And it is your subconscious mind which is determining your vibration.

Therefore, to control your vibration, you must manage your thought at first!

Many people make a mistake, and they let the outside world to control their vibration. In other words, they permitted other people to do their thinking for them. They walk around with their minds wide open and ready to be pushed and pulled in any direction the rest of the world travels.

If you want to take control of your life and live in harmony with the Laws of Success, then understand right now that you MUST by all your powers take control over your thoughts immediately.

It is not going to be easy. However, with practice comes perfection. You are gifted with a reason of your own and willpower with which you can control your thoughts. Start right now and take full conscious control over your thoughts.

The key is that you CHOSE your thoughts. You can control that creative energy that flows to and through you and to shape it how you wish. It requires only two things, time and effort.

The best way to control your own thought, therefore, to manage your own vibration and what you attract to your life I have ever learned is to have some goals to work on. Something which is a matter of your own and which can bring you on an entirely different level of vibration.

Moreover, goals are the only known way how you can consciously make positive use of the Law of Attraction. They are the only way to be an absolute master of your life. When you have goals on which you can concentrate your energy, you are directing your life wherever you want. Nothing and no circumstance will be sufficient enough to knock you off the tracks once you understand the power of goals.


==>A Simple Guide to Practice the Law of Attraction<==


The Law of Perpetual Transmutation 

If you have correctly understood the information from the section about vibration and attraction, you have learned that everything in this Universe is energy and matter. That energy flows to and through you. It immediately affects your vibration and its filed in your subconscious mind, and it dictates the results you get in your life.

On top of that, now you know that through the power of having goals in life, you can take conscious control of that energy and shape your results the way you want it.

Now, understand The Law of Perpetual Transmutation and its function in the Universe. This law decrees that every energy in this Universe must move into one physical form or another.

This creative energy fills every space in the universe, and it is in a constant state of transmission and transmutation. It is responsible for every change in the Universe which is perceived through our physical senses.

The best way to understand the Law of Perpetual Transmutation is through analogy. The immortal Emerson has said, and he was not the only one, that we have to take a look at Nature and her Laws if we want to understand something about ourselves.

Try to tie your goal with the next presentation.

Let’s say you take a seed of the acorn which is a form of matter and energy vibrating at a certain speed (frequency), and you plant it into fertile ground. That acorn is on the same level of vibration as some particles of energy in the land which are needed for its growth. Instantly and automatically, that acorn starts to attract those particles of energy and begins to grow. In other words, it begins to move into formation, to change.

That acorn will eventually grow bigger and bigger by attracting more and more of the energy on the same frequency. One day it will break through on the surface in the form of a small plant. That plant will instantly and automatically start to attract particles of energy from the atmosphere which are on the same frequency as the plant.

As the result of the energy which is forever transmuting from one form to another, that small oak plant will one day grow into a mighty oak tree which will produce acorns of its own.

Those acorns being a form of matter and energy will eventually end up in the land again. Maybe they will root and serve as energy necessary for further growth of the big oak tree. Or they will move into a different form and grow into an oak tree as well.

It relative and it all depends on Nature, which brings us to the next principle.


The Law of Relativity 

The Law of Relativity states that energy is always relative and that the power just “IS.” Energy is forever flowing and moving forms with the perfect accordance with Nature, and it can become anything.

In our example from above, Nature is the one that decides is acorn going to become a part of the ground or a mighty oak. It is relative, and it can be either of those two. It depends on the circumstances from its environment.

You and I have something which we call conscious or reason, and you can make a decision are you going to become an oak tree, or maple tree, or plant of corn, or whatever else you CHOOSE. You can use that energy which just “IS” to become whatever you wish to grow because that energy is relative until you decide what is going to become.

By the power of having the goals in life, you can plant a seed into a fertile ground of your subconscious mind and care for it, nurture it until it moves into the physical form of the results in your life.

Understand that whenever you properly use this law, you will win. You will truly understand that you are the creator. Not a thing or circumstance will be sufficient enough to stop you in the realization of your goal.

Then by the same power, you can spin that energy of success into a circle of life and forever be in control of your own results.

The next principle will help you to understand how it can be done.


The Law of Polarity 

According to the Law of Polarity, everything in this Universe is an expression of the same energy that just “IS,” and that power has two sides. There is hot and cold, up and down, good or bad, negative or positive.

An acorn can either rot in the ground or become an oak tree. You can either succeed or fail with your goal.

When you fully understand everything you have read so far, you will get the grasp on the power that it is you who can label that energy and make of it whatever you want.

Through your perception of circumstances and people around you-you are receiving information about both sides of the same matter. And by the conscious decision you are CHOOSING are you going to perceive it in a positive way or negative. In other words, how you are going to get emotionally involved with that information.

The energy which you decide to entertain consciously will move you in a different vibration. For example, you can see an economic disaster in your country. Understand that you have the power to perceive that event as a negative or positive. It can become a disaster in your world as well. Or you will control it and make something positive out of it so you can protect your life. Whatever you make out of it it will become a part of your life.

In every other situation, you have the same power to make whatever you want from it.

If someone from your environment is sick, weak, and miserable, you don’t have to be. You can choose to think thoughts of health, happiness, and success.

When you set a goal in life, according to the Law of Polarity, you can see two expressions of the same thing. You can either see yourself achieving that goal, or failing to accomplish it. Whatever you consciously entertain and get emotionally involved with will move you in that same vibration, and by the Law of Attraction, you will attract more and receive the outcome based on your frequency if you ever step into action.

The Law of Polarity gives you the power to shape everything in your life into a positive form no matter how bad it seems at first. It gives you the ability to magnetize your mind to think only on the positive side of life. Therefore, to attract just positive things to you.


The Law of Rhythm 

According to the Law of Rhythm, everything is continually swinging backward and forward, flowing in and out. Every energy in this Universe is in constant motion and has its ups and downs, highs and lows.

You can observe this in a change of the day and night, changing of the season, rising and falling of the tide as well as the rhythmic swing of your own consciousness and subconsciousness. Sometimes you find your self profoundly thinking about something, and some other times you are doing things unconsciously.

However it may be, the energy in the universe is continually flowing and swinging in a perfect rhythm.

When you work on your goals, things won’t be perfect all the time. There will be negative and positive experiences. You won’t feel good every day. Something must advance when anything retreats.

The oak tree lives in its fullest form when it has plenty of nutrients during the times of plenty. However, it does not complain or die during the winter times when the energy retreats because it knows the spring will come again.

When you understand the Law of Rhythm and its role in the Law of Success you will know that those bad experiences and feelings are there for a reason. And they will be replaced by positive emotions if you keep concentrating on the good. This is why you are gifted with a free will.

You have the ability to CHOSE.

People make mistakes with the law of attraction by choosing to think about the negative side of the same thing.

When the summer is over, they fall into a depression and feel bad because it is gone instead of thinking about how soon the next one will come again.

If they encounter a temporary defeat while chasing their goal, they will quit instead of analyzing it and finding something good in it so they can advance again.

“Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better to take things as they come along with patience and equanimity.” -Carl Jung


The Law of Cause and Effect 

The Law of Cause and Effect will now help you to understand the truth behind the fact that whatever you send out you must receive in the form of results. If you chose positive thoughts and feelings and expressed them through your action, you are bound to win the same back. It stands for the opposite behavior as well.

This law is known as the Laws of the Laws!

Everything in this Universe has its cause and effect. Likewise, every effect has its cause. And it keeps going like that in a never-ending circle.

Effects of the flood are caused by an overflowing river, which is caused by the vast quantity of rain which has fallen in some distant parts and made the river to rise. The effect of the flood will evaporate into the atmosphere and become clouds again. Eventually, those clouds will become heavy one more time and fall in the river in the form of rain.

We have chosen to call this phenomenon, Life.

Whatever the thoughts you choose to accumulate inside of your own mind will move you in a specific vibration which will, therefore, drive you into the expression of those thoughts in one way or another. As a cause of that expression, you will be affected by results.

You have a CHOICE to use that everflowing energy and create healthy, positive thoughts of abundance and prosperity.

If you keep those thoughts in your conscious mind and keep planting them into your subconscious with the aid of emotion, you will receive the physical equivalent in your life as you move into action.

Moreover, once you fully understand the great Law of the Cause and Effect, you will have the opportunity, as I have already said, to spin the energy of success into a cycle and forever stay in control of your results.


The Law of Gender 

The Law of Gender decrees that everything in this Universe is male and female. From the highest forms in the animal and vegetable kingdom to tiny atoms and particles (electrons and neutrons).

This law is also known as a Creative Law. The one which explains that for every creation there must be two sides of the same thing. Male and female.

The following text sums up everything you have read so far.

Your goal is nothing but a thought, an idea in your conscious mind which is referred to as masculine energy. A form of energy which needs to be expressed through your action. It can only be shown if it is at first nurtured with creative, life energy.

The life energy that moves those thoughts into action and brings results is known as feminine energy. That energy is known as emotional energy which puts us on to the same vibration as our goal.

When those two energies come together, they give birth to the idea in reality. Those two have to be blended for this matter. You will have to mix the positive thought impulse with positive emotional energy (faith, love). The result will be action and action will attract the results.

This is also known as a creative process.

Also, this law explains that every natural seed (goals are ideas, ideas are seeds) have gestation and incubation period before we can see it in a full physical form.

An acorn waits for 8-10 weeks to sprout and start to grow into something else. A seed of humans gestates and incubates for approximately 36 weeks. For your goals, it all depends on you. Let me explain.

Your goal has to go through a stage of gestation and incubation. It has to go through the creative process which will bring it to reality in full physical form. The process is simple.

You must give energy to your idea to grow it. Otherwise, it will die. Like the seed of oak would die if not fed with creative energy, the same stand for your idea.

Therefore, you must concentrate your thoughts and emotions on your idea so it can grow. The more you focus your thoughts on your plan, the more life energy you are giving to it, and the less time it will be necessary for incubation.

If you do this, one thing is inevitable.

Understand that the seed of an idea is the same as any other physical seed, and if it goes through the creative process of the Universe, it will grow. It must! There is no other way. The only thing you can’t know is how long will it take for it to become. However, it will grow as long as you give it the energy.

Many people don’t understand everything you have read so far.

They think the Law of Success – the Law of Attraction is based on wishing and then it should become a reality. It happens only in cartoons and nowhere else. To successfully apply this tremendous universal law of prosperity and abundance, you must understand all parts of it.

This is the point where we round up everything that you have read so far into one big picture, under One Great Law of Success and Creation.

The next four laws are here to explain how can you grow your goal once you turn it into a physical form, once it is materialized.


The Law of Materialization 

Your ideas are just pictures in your mind. However, understand that everything begins as an idea in mind at first. And by the law, it must express itself in the outer world exactly how you imagined it to be.

Whether it is a positive or negative image, it makes no difference to the Universe. It will always return to you whatever you CHOOSE to plant. If you plant ideas of fear, poverty, misery, and sickness, it will give you what you have planted. It may take a while. However, be sure that you must reap what you have sowed.

The same goes for any other idea. It must express itself through the instrument of action which is you, your body.

Like the architect first sees his building in his mind, then draws it on a paper before it becomes a reality. Like the farmer plants his cornfield in his mind at first and then into the ground before it becomes a reality. So must you take care of your garden and CHOOSE what seeds you are going to plant.

All you have to do is care for it, nurture it in respect to the other Laws of Success, and it will become a reality.


The Law of Value 

The Law of Value states merely that your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value before you can expect in payment.

It is in our human nature to expect something for nothing just because we are lazy to do the work. We hope for an abundance, but we are not giving plenty in return.

It is like sitting in front of the furnace and expecting heat before putting the wood in. Never worked, never will work.

This law is also known as the Law of the Mutual Exchange. Which merely mean that you must be at service first, do the work, and give before you can expect anything in return. Moreover, your performance will be in exact proportion to the work you will render.

Whatever your goal is you must understand that as long as you are in service to others first, you will be successful in your work. No matter what your occupation is, you serve to other people. And you receive compensation for that service in proportion to the work you put out.

Therefore, make sure you will always be in service first and then expect the payout. Otherwise, the only thing you will receive is frustration and unsatisfaction.


The Law of Wide Influence 

This law state that your success will also be proportional to the number of people you serve. The wider the influence you have on people with your work, the more compensation you will receive in return.

Also, this law states that not only the quantity of service is important but the quality of your service as well. You have to provide a high quality of service before you can expect a high amount in return. People will not do business with anyone who is offering a lousy quality of service. That is merely the law.

Take for an example a man who had an idea to open a grocery shop.

His service is to provide food and life necessities to other people in exchange for their money. Let’s suppose that this man offers an excellent service to his customers. In return, he will increase his quantity as well because a kind word travels fast and in every direction. The same goes for a bad word or lousy service.

That one shop has a limited potential of service and return.

However, if he expands his service by opening another shop somewhere else, he will grow his influence on more people. And by the Law of Wide Influence, he must receive a higher return.

No matter what is your current occupation, or whatever your goal may be, always remember that your success is determined by the number of people you will serve and how good you serve them.


The Law of Authenticity

The Law of Authentic states that nothing can be so original as YOU. When you are completely one with what you do in life, you will become the best version of yourself. Your whole being will be in alignment, and you are then in the perfect position to give and receive. Other people will perceive it, you will feel it, your business will see it as well.

During your period of the attraction of things and circumstances to yourself, you will find that you will get stretched away from your old self. Maybe you will even find a mentor or a coach. You will seek knowledge and skills that you don’t possess. However, at the end of materialization of your goal, you will find your authentic you.

The Law of Authenticity decrees that only when you step out from the “herd” and do something for yourself, you can become your true self. And the process will be a teacher and molder.


Final Thoughts

If you managed to get so far with your reading, congratulations! You are well on your way to understand the Laws of Success and apply them to your life.

A wise man once said that we worry too much, which is undoubtedly true! He went on and said that all we have to do is to learn about a few natural laws which when understood will take care of everything for us. Then we can find peace of mind, contentment, and harmony in life.

Worry, fear, doubt, and indecision are the main reasons why so many people do not understand these laws. Moreover, because of those negative thoughts and emotions, they are using the same laws against themselves. I guess they can call them Laws od Failure.

The people who win in this world are not the ones who sit and cry over themselves. They don’t accept those fears, worries or doubts. They know about the power behind the thought, and they make use of it for their own benefit and benefit of everyone around them.

It is what you CHOOSE to think about what is going to determine your life and mold your future.

Remember that! And remember it well. The key to success is in your thoughts. The difference between you and a king is only in the set of beliefs you CHOOSE to entertain.

I must remind you once again before I leave. Come back from time to time and reread this post. Bookmark the page and study it for a while. The key to learning hides in constant time and space repetition!

If you understand this information, then follow the link to learn how to put this theory into practice.


==>A Simple Guide to Practice the Law of Attraction<==


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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