The Law of Attraction – 7 Basic Rules to Make it Work

The Law of Attraction Basic Rules


Have you been trying to practice the Law of Attraction but somehow you get stuck every time? Or it seems to you that you are missing some basic rules to make it work the way you want?

I have been practicing this great law for over two years now. And the last year was more than successful for me.

However, things were not so smooth when I started to learn about the Law of Attraction.

Honestly, the first year was full of failure, and I began to entertain the thoughts that this theory is nothing but a load of…well, you know.

Some people say it is. Poor them.

Ever since I was I kid I was stubborn. Always following my voice, and never the sound of the world. And my small inner voice told me to keep on moving. That there is something powerful in it and all I have to do is to find it.

So I kept on moving forward.

You see, the Law of Attraction was working for me all the time, but I was not aware of the fact.

In those critical moments, I attracted a coach, a mentor with over 50 years of experience with this law and other laws of the universe which are in direct relationship with you, me, and all life out there.

Since then everything has changed!

My knowledge, experience, and results with this powerful Universal law went up and away once I found someone who was able to teach me the basic rules of the game.

You see, people like to overcomplicate things, and that is one of our most significant problems.

I don’t know about you, but I have learned that the most simple and basic things in life are the best ones. Moreover, the simplicity is the only way to live the experience with the peace of mind which will bring a state of contentment.

The Law of Attraction works the best for the ones who have a clear and peaceful mind. Restless mind, full of doubts and uncertainty will only reverse the effects of the whole process and bring you nothing but misery and frustration.

I want you to remember that the process works both ways. For good as well for the bad.

Whatever you hold in your mind, you will get emotionally involved with it. There is no room for a single doubt about the fact. Once you get emotionally involved, in other words, when you create a feeling related to your thought, you will experience something which we call a result.

The process of blending is often very fast. And in most of the cases, it is uncontrolled.

Unfortunately, many people experience negative results with The Law of Attraction because of the lack of understanding of how it works.

To be able to control what you attract in your life, you must first and foremost take control of your mind.

==>4 Steps to Become a Master of the Law of Attraction<==

My experience has taught me well, and I am more than happy to share these seven golden and timeless rules for taking control of your mind and creating the life the way you want it to be.


7 Basic Rules To Make the Law of Attraction Work Infographic


The Law of Attraction Rule #1:

What do you WANT the most in life?


The first and golden rule to the successful application of this law is to know what you want. Not what you need but what do you want deep down in your heart.

Is it a new house, or a new car? Is it more money, or success in your career?

Maybe you care about more meaningful relationships or more happiness inside of your family?

Do you wish to be rich and famous? Is it freedom of the mind, body, and spirit?

Before you start to apply the Law of Attraction consciously, you will have to make a deep self-search and self-analysis. You and everyone who wants to make it work in your favor have to be honest and start with the objects of one’s true desires.

This way is the only right way how you can understand and later on consciously apply this law.

The Universe is always working in harmony with our deepest hopes and fears. If you intermingle those two, you will experience something which 90% of the world is suffering, misunderstanding and confusion.

Sadly, almost everyone is shifting back and forth between faith and fear without any conscious awareness.

They wish for good and fear of the bad at the same time. The poor people are switch between the good and bad currents of the Universe that it becomes impossible for them to move forward.

How do I know this?

I have experienced this state of mind. And once I managed to get out of it, I saw the world with a set of different eyes.

I had both poverty and riches in my life.

Therefore, your first task is to search deep down in yourself and ask your self this question:

What do I want most in life?

The answers may not come to you instantly and automatically. However, as long as you keep asking yourself this question from a day into a day out, I am more than sure that you will find your answers.

The people who have created everything you can see with your naked eye are the people who were brave enough to ask questions. The most successful people in the world are the ones who know the power of this law, and they know that it begins with a problem.

If you ask the right question, the Universe will give you the correct answer.

It may take some time but those who are willing to ask over and over and stay patient until they get it will learn how to be the one with the Universe and enjoy the life in its fullest form.


The Law of Attraction Rule #2:

Think about what you want all the time


The Universe will bring you whatever you regularly keep in your conscious mind. You may have heard that “We become what we think about all day long.”

It is true without any doubt!

If you think about fear and poverty, you are almost guaranteed to receive it.

It is a slow process which people do not analyze. However, if you do look in retrospective and think about how you got everything in your life, you will understand that you have conceived it as a thought in your mind at first. Then, you have thought about it some more until you saw it in your life.

It is marvelous and straightforward as that!

It also stands that if you think of happiness, love, health, and material riches, you will get them in your life.

Not overnight, but eventually you will.

Therefore, the second basic rule to this law after you find out what it is you want the most is to keep those thoughts in your mind as much as you can during the day.

Think about it from all possible angles. Play with it in your mind. In other words, let your imagination to be free.

I have read in the book which is the first known philosophy of success in life, Think and Grow Rich, that a human brain is like a magnet. Napoleon Hill concluded that your mind is attracting to you whatever you keep in it most of the time. He has studied some of the most significant people of his time and drawn these statements from their experience as well as from his one.

If you keep a healthy idea within your mind, your brain will send those waves of energy -thought is the highest form of energy- in every direction in the Universe.

If you continue to hold those healthy thoughts in your mind, you will magnetize your mind to think and attract the thoughts and ideas of the same kind until it becomes wholly occupied with nothing else except those thoughts.

I have convinced myself many times so far in this truth.

Take my website for example. It started as a form of thought in my mind. Nothing but an idea at first.

When I got the idea, I had two options.

One was to throw that idea away and never try to achieve it because of the army of fears that have appeared instantly. And the second one was to keep it in my mind and listen to that small voice which told me “You can do it.”

Now apparently I have chosen the second option, and I gave it a breath of air necessary to keep it alive. It stayed with me for enough time to become a small obsession.

You must know that I have never had a website before and I knew nothing about running the one at that time.

However, my mind became so occupied with this healthy idea that I have attracted to me more and more thoughts of the same kind.

I have learned how to create a website. How to do the technical stuff regarding the functionality. I have learned how to express myself in writing so I can run the blog. And much, much more!

All thanks to a one small desire I wanted to have. A purpose in my life.


The Law of Attraction Rule #3:

Create a written statement of the object of your desire


Your thoughts were visible only to you within your mind.

Maybe you know, and perhaps you don’t know, but if you take a step and write your thoughts on a piece of paper, they are not thoughts anymore. Now they have a form which you can see with your naked eye.

Moreover, if you do it and write down your desire, you have created its first physical form in reality.

“Thoughts are things,”-said immortal Napoleon Hill at the beginning of his philosophy which is now proven all over the world in millions of examples like my own.

Many mega-successful people all over the world, and those a little bit less successful have this one thing in common. They write down their ideas and thoughts and turn them into goals and plans.


You see, a thought is reckless. It is a form of energy which flows to and through you forever in a never-ending cycle. If you don’t catch it and give it a form straight away, its recklessness will cause it to slip out of your mind.

You know, when you write it down it is yours! You have caught it, and you can do with it whatever you want!

When you have your desire written on a piece of paper, you can play with it, look at it all the time and join to it more beautiful ideas of the same kind.

I will take the liberty to say that I have described you how creative process works.

All great architects, inventors, painters and writers, scientists and doctors, businessman and women all over the world are highly aware of their creativity and how to make it work.

All of them at first dream about what they want, and then they start creating their ideas in reality by writing it down.

The whole world as you know it is created by using the same principles.

Therefore, once you receive your answers make sure you will create a written description of your idea.

You can write several ideas on that paper, the more the marrier. Make it a list, categorize it, prioritize it, personalize it, do whatever you want with it because it is your life you are writing down on that paper.

Just make sure that you write down healthy and good thoughts of prosperity and abundance from which everyone will benefit, including you of course.

If you chose thoughts or ideas which are not good and useful, the only one who will be disappointed in the end is you. The Law of Attraction will make sure that you receive whatever you write down on that paper.

That is a rule which many people misunderstand.

You are the creator of your own life, and you have the power to shape it whatever you will, to be good or ill.


The Law of Attraction Rule #4:

Visualize yourself as already achieving it


If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. -my mentor, Bob Proctor.

During the process of attracting things and circumstances to your life, your imagination will serve you as broadcasting and receiving station. Through the right use of it, you can create plans and ideas as well as gain more projects and more insights.

Your answer to your question will come to you through your mental faculty of imagination. Moreover, every idea, small or big, comes to you after you have asked for it and through your imagination.

To give it a breath of life a once you receive it, you know you have to write it down to keep it.

However, to grow it and nurture it you will have to engage your imagination some more. The rule to the Law of Attraction is to keep practicing visualization because that is the only way how you can keep the creative process going.

It all comes to this.

Take a few times out of your day to completely relax, close your eyes, and daydream.

Again, it is simple as it seems. All you have to do is to see different possible realities within your mind, and the Universe will give it to you as long as you keep it there.

The way to materialization will be shown to you.

Here is a small test of visualization. See this smiley face?


Now, close your eyes and try to see it with your eyes closed.

Great! You have just turned on your imagination successfully, and I bet it gave you a smile on your face?

Realize that right now you have experienced how fast the Law of Attraction works.

You and I, and every other human being on this Earth have the same creative abilities. The only difference between you and the person who is labeled as creative is in use of the mental faculty of imagination.

Therefore, don’t get discouraged if you fail at the first time you try. There is a difference between winners and losers, and it is the ability to work one more time after you have failed.

Keep practicing this priceless mental ability, and you will discover a whole new world for yourself!

The rule in the success of this great law is to keep visualizing your idea as already yours and as much as you can. The more vivid your vision becomes, the closer you are to its materialization.

Again, I will give you an example of this website.

If you will go to my blog page and scroll up and down a little bit, you will see a lot of posts there, plus if you open one, you will look at some words, images, videos, infographic, and stuff.

All that was a blank white sheet on my computer screen when I started. This whole website was a blank white screen.

Now, it has shape, colors, words, and purpose.

That is what you can do with your life. Imagine it as a blank white sheet and start creating some beautiful ideas which will become yours as long as you keep visualizing them.

It is a law.


The Law of Attraction Rule #5:

Practice only positive emotions – eliminate negative


This one may be the difficult one to master and apply. And it is the most important one to learn.

You see, the world as we know it is filled energy. We receive that energy in the form of thoughts, and we can make out of it whatever we want.

You have understood that your mind is the one who is in charge for shaping that energy, and if you want to succeed in positive use of the Law of Attraction you will have to control what you chose to make of those thoughts.

And what do we chose?

We chose to create and fix non-creative ideas into our marvelous mind. Eventually, because everyone is like that, it becomes a habit, a social paradigm.

Everyone is thinking like the one next to him.

The opposite of courage is not cowardice; it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow. -Jim Hightower

The preceding paragraph explains the fact why so many people live the same lives like everyone else, drive the same cars, have the same mortgages, live in the same houses, go on the same vacations, work on the same types of jobs, etc.

Honors to exceptions!

Majority of people experience fear when they abandon the parental nest. Then the fear pushes them to seek a solution, and they find it in the person next to him or her. Almost everyone falls into the trap of the comfort zone and stays there for the rest of the life.

Understand that if you want to experience this law in its fullest power and potential, you will have to go where you have never been before. You will have to step out of your comfort zone!

If you do that, be prepared to confront an army of negative voices coming from your mind as well from the voice of the society.

This rule is the most important one because this is the turning point for the 99% who goes to test this law.

The fear stops them!

Therefore, they come back to the comfort zone where it is safe and okay.

There is only one solution. And that is to break that fear barrier until you reach the freedom.

Once you do break that barrier, you will have control over the negative side of life. And once you have the power over the negative side of life, you can have control over everything.

The only way to do this is to keep practicing positive emotions of faith and courage and keep pushing in the face of fear.

You will have to engage and mix these emotions while thinking and visualizing your desire.

It is not going to be easy to master this.

However, those who will persist, they will arrive.

Those who will quit, they will stay where they are.


The Law of Attraction Rule #6:

Act as if you already have it


You have heard that action produces a reaction? That every cause has its effect?

The wise man and women who have made these theories have made them from their experiment and results.

If you want to move those ideas from your mind into reality, you will have to move into action every day. Remember the written description of your desire?

Now, you will have to move some more and start acting as if you already have it which means, you will have to make every move necessary to become the person you want to grow into or to have the thing you want to have.

For example.

A high school student desires to become a doctor one day.

That young man or a young woman knows that he or she will have to take some action if they want to see their dream in reality. Therefore, he or she goes to medical school after graduation.

This young person will move into action constantly by studying and practicing medicine for years and years.

What this person is doing during those years of training is acting as a doctor. He or she is preparing for the day when it comes. And by law, if he or she does not quit, it will become a reality.

Their desire turned into a reality step by step by applying all the rules you have read so far.

I will give you another example for the sake of everything I have written so far.

A man has a problem with the wight. He fights this problem for years and years by using negative thoughts of his obesity, which results in constant repetition of the same result. Overweight.

His sincere desire is to be on his healthy weight and lose all that extra. Therefore, one day he attracts in his life this workout-diet plan which promises a lean and fit body if it is followed by the letter.

It gives him hope, and slowly he begins to think about this new body of his positively. He imagines his problems caused by obesity slowly disappearing. And he starts to replace them with thoughts of health and fitness.

One day his decides to stop the dream and move into action and produce some results.

However, the fear of critic, the fear of failure, and the fear of success puts a great terror barrier in front of him.

He has two choices.

One is to go back on the couch and eat another pizza and feel sorry for himself, or he will crash through that barrier and run into freedom.

His desire is too strong, so he keeps on moving forward. He looks at pictures of man and women from that workout-diet plan and creates an even more intense sense of faith that he can be fit like them if he listens to the advice.

Days go by and blood and sweat are all over him but he is not giving up. He knows that if he keeps persistent, the results will come. So he does.

After a few months, the first results become visible on his body! His confidence skyrockets and he keep pushing even harder than ever!

Ultimately, he brings that idea from his mind his reality and continues to live forever as a fit and lean person. Now, he knows how to use the law for his benefit and not for self-destruction anymore.

Therefore, act as if you already have it, and it will become yours.


The Law of Attraction Rule #7:

Constant time and space repetition


The last key to success in the concrete application of the Law of Attraction is to be persistent and to practice every day whatever your desire is.

Every professional was an amateur at first. -R.W.Emerson

The key to learning is in constant practice and repetition of your craft. It builds up your confidence, your skills, and your personality.

As long as you keep practicing, you will improve your results. Your initial idea will become more and more real and grow in such a connection with your life that you will become soo accustomed to having it in your life and it will become comfortable.

Even if sometimes it begins to look like you are going backward, believe me, it is necessary to be able to move forward even better and faster than before.

Therefore, my last piece of advice to you is to trust the process.

Many people make a mistake with this law, and they want to control everything. The force will only produce negative results.

If you force things to happen and they don’t, you will become frustrated and disappointed and who knows, maybe you will decide to quit.

However, as long as you stay relaxed and confident, keep visualizing and acting as you already have it, and let the time well spend to produce the positive results, you will succeed!

That is my guarantee.

I have forced some things related to this website, and because I didn’t receive them straight away, I was a little bit negative about all this theory a few times.

Once I have learned from my mentor that all I have to do is to stay confident and relaxed and keep on doing a good job, I will be rewarded.

And so it happened just like that.

At those moments I got a complete grasp of the power of the Law of Attraction and a full understanding of how it works.

I hope you have thoroughly read these seven rules for making the Universe work in your favor because if you have, you will have a roadmap for a better life right in front of your eyes.

Make sure you will read this post for a couple of times. Read it as many times necessary until you develop a full picture in your mind.

One last advice which is worth its weight in gold!

Don’t ever get satisfied with your results.

If you make this mistake and become satisfied, you are stopping the progress which is going to cause you to move again in the direction of negative results slowly.

Therefore, always keep on working, and the law will work with you.


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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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6 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction – 7 Basic Rules to Make it Work”

  1. Hello Ivan – Truly another masterpiece! It’s so refreshing to read from someone who understands these Laws and practices it AND sees results. It’s truly a process. For most of my life, everyone has always said, “LT, everything always seems to just work out for you”. Before I even heard of The Law of Attraction – like you said, its always working whether we know it or not. Apparently, most of my life I was utilizing this Law and not even realizing it. I first heard about The Law of Attraction probably about 9-10 years ago. And its funny, the more I studied the Law, the more my success slowed down with it. Why? I was then trying to make things happen. And as you stated in your last step – sometimes we try to control everything.

    So through The Law of Attractions experts out there, I have learned to just “relax and allow”. And even most recently through Bob Proctor’s book, “You were born Rich”, its a real eye opener for me. I am learning the art of true surrender and letting go. And quite frankly, I am seeing more and more manifestations moving more swiftly in my life the more and more I just surrender and let go and let God and The Universe do what they do best. It’s truly a wonderful feeling. I am loving all these surprises that are now flowing my way. But the truth is, its always been there in my Vortex – but the more and more I release resistance and surrender, the more The Universe can move people, places and things to bring about my desires.

    Thank you for sharing these great 7 points. I only learned about writing things down (one of the most powerful forms of thoughts becoming form) over the last 2 years. I have gone through countless journals. And packaged together with visualization as you stated Rule #4 and acting as if Rule #6 really creates success with this Law.

    I am learning more and more each day and truly grateful that I found this site, so I can learn more from you and your wisdom. Thank you Ivan. 🙂

    • Hi Lt,

      I think that is what happens to everyone who is trying to “control” the universe and its laws. It happened to me as well. It is simply our nature to do so. However, I too have discovered through the same book that “Let Go and Let God” is the most powerful concept for utilizing the power of the universe. There is another book which is amazing also, the Power of Positive Thinking, by Norman Peale. The book is written under the same principles, and sometimes I think that Proctor has “stolen” some ideas from that one. There is a chapter of that book titled “Relax for Easy Power,” and it is the same concept which describes how quicker and easier success comes once you relax. There is, also, a sub-chapter in Proctor’s book titled, “Expect an Abundance.” In Peale’s book he writes about the same concept, however, under the title “Expect the Best and Get It.” Anyway, both of them were ultimately writing about the same principles, so I guess it is natural to find an overlapping like this.

      I am happy to hear that you are doing well, and also, that you are getting a firm mental grasp over the presented concept. I still learn as well, and I think that is the most exciting fact about this concept, there is always something new to learn.

      Thank you for leaving your amazing input one more time! I encourage you to continue with your practice, and I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

      All the Best!

      • Hello Ivan – Ha ha, I love it (thinking Proctor “stole” some ideas from “The Power of Positive Thinking). Thank you for suggesting that book. I am going to add it to my list of books to read. Gives me something to look forward to as I continually develop myself. Blessings! 🙂


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