How Does the Law of Attraction Work? – Ivan’s Success Story

The Law of Attraction is starting to be a worldwide movement. Awesome! You see, I have been ‘caught’ by the power of the Universe by asking the question ‘How does the Law of Attraction Works?‘ as well as ‘How to be successful in life?‘ some two years ago. Fast forward to the present moment; I have changed my life with this knowledge.


Now, I want to share this knowledge with you.

Hi, my name is Ivan Brozincevic.

I am born and raised in a small beautiful European country, Croatia – the hidden gem of Europe. For the last two years, I have been practicing the Law of Attraction, and it has turned my life upside down.

In a positive way, of course.

You see, it has nothing to do with your origins, the language you speak, the color of your skin, your gender, or anything else for this matter. We are all human beings, the same souls.

This powerful law of the Universe will work for you as equally as it is working for me or anyone who practice actively.

You can have anything you want!

I want to share everything I have learned so far. I believe that by application of the knowledge about the Law of Attraction, I have gained some wisdom which is worthy of listening or in this case, reading.

I know that I can help you to learn, apply, and achieve the same success, if not even more significant than mine.


The Power of the Law of Attraction – What is it?

Before I share my formula for successful mastery of the Law of Attraction, I would like to give you a simple definition of this law. The reason why is because I want you to put this definition somewhere where it will be at your ‘eye’ all the time.

It is essential to memorize it also because it will come to your help every time you are going to need its help.

Ralph W. Emmerson, James Allen, Norman V. Peale, Wallace D. Wattles, Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, Mary Morrissey, Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, Stefan James, Brian Tracey, Joe Vitale, and many more other successful people can fit here.

I have written the names of those men and women because they have been aware of the power of the next sentence. This power has enabled them to accomplish anything they want in life. The same power will get you anything you want!

We become what we think about all the time.

This particular definition has changed my life forever. I have gained full control over my mind thanks to the complete understanding of the sentence above.

Your thoughts are the power that gives shape to your life. You are what you are because of your views from your yesterdays. Your tomorrow is going to be a product of your thought from today.

To understand this fully, you must realize as well that thoughts are energy which is forever flowing to, through, and out of you, forever coming back to you in the form of results.

You are in the control of that energy only when you control what you think about all the time.

If you think about yesterday, your today and tomorrow will be the same as yesterday. On the other hand, when you think about a worthwhile goal and start to work towards its attainment consistently, then you have control of your life.

It is a masterpiece concept!

Moreover, it is a concept which is right, and it has been proven by many great examples of those people already mentioned in a few lines from above.

Now, it can be yours if you are willing to reread this post for at least three times until it all sinks in. You see, repetition is one of the primary keys in life. If you want to master any knowledge, you must be willing to repeat it over and over again until you become a true master.


What Do You Want the Most in Life?

This question is more than necessary.

You see, you will have to put a reliable engine in your vehicle to master the Law of Attraction. Otherwise, you will not be able to understand this law as well as experience its full powers. The weak engine is not reliable. Moreover, it can let you down.

I want you to think about your life. I want you to scan these three areas of your life:


Take a day off, go somewhere in nature alone, and think about at least one thing you would like to change for each of those three areas of your life. When you feel strongly about something, please, write it down immediately. You can use your phone for this matter.

By doing as advised, you will have an opportunity to create a list of your desires which you will, afterward, turn to specific goals.

Again, this is something that has helped me to reshape my life, so I want to ask you to trust the process. The process will get your life to places you have never dreamed of. I know it has got me to where I want to be and more!

You desire, when given the form of words on the paper have unlimited power. Just one sentence can change everything in your life.

I hope you will do as advised so far. Now, make a promise to yourself that you are going to follow through with these instructions. Those of you who will apply what is given here will have a chance to live the life under their terms. That is something that has no price in my mind!

My 4 Step Law of Attraction Formula That Works Every Time

Before you start to implement this formula in your life, please, take very seriously everything you have read so far.

Also, make a card and on one side of the paper, write down your goals. On the other side, write the line from the top of the post.

We become what we think about all the time.

Once you do as advised, approach to the next steps with full faith that you are in control of your results in life. It is critical to stay relaxed and have full confidence that you can have everything you have written on your card. These steps will help you to develop a state of mind also known as faith.

If you have faith, my friend, you can have it all.


1. Create a Special Time to Meditate and Visualize Your Goal

Before you can have anything in your hand, you must first, have it in your mind. Keep in your mind, also, the fact that everything that anyone has ever created has started as a thought. The energy of thought is shaped in an object of one’s desire in a person mind, within your imagination.

As you practice this, that desire flows from your imagination through your actions and becomes visible in your results.

To make Law of Attraction to work for your benefit, you will have to keep impressing your desire, your goals, to your subconscious mind over and over again until your mind becomes wholly occupied with thoughts about your goals. Then, and only then you will have grounds prepared for attraction and attainment of things, circumstances, or people you wish to attract.

Visualization meditation is (in my experience) the best way how you can take control of the energy that flows to, through, and out of you, and give it a form of your desire.

This practice is what I do, and I would like to see you start doing the same.

Two times each day, I take my goal card and read it out loud. I don’t shout it so that everyone can hear me. I just read it in a secure and affirmative voice. I recommend you to do it as well, the first thing in the morning and the last thing in your day.

For the next five, ten, fifteen minutes, or sometimes even much longer, I close my eyes and visualize my goals. I relax by breathing very slowly and deep on my stomach. Then, once I am relaxed, I take a trip to my imagination where I play a sort of movie about my life. I think about all possible scenarios where I am in possession of my desires. I do it as long as I have to until I feel excitement or joy about me having it. In other words, until it feels real.

Sometimes I can feel it straight away, and some other times I have to work harder. It all depends on the strength of my old and limiting beliefs.

It is vitally important to stay calm and cheerful while thinking about your goals.

This practice helps to change old and limiting beliefs that might interrupt some of the next steps you can learn here. Also, it helps to create a clear mental picture of objects of your desire which is critical as well.


2. Figure Out What Will You Have to Do to Get What You Want to Have

The first step is all about mental preparation. This step is about the physical part of the training. Both are necessary to conduct before you are ready to step out and reach for your goals.

At this step, you will have to figure out a plan which will help you to get you what you want to have. Nothing will come to you if you don’t know what you have to give in exchange for it.

I want to show you this with a quick example before we move on.

Let’s say that you want to lose weight and become a fit person. To make your vision to become your reality, you will have to make a plan of action. In our example the idea would be, changing your diet and starting to work out.

It is as simple as that.

Anything else you wish to attract to your life will come to you through a plan of action. There is no other way around. By visualizing you will mentally attract the things, circumstances, and people you want. However, only by taking organized action you will be able to have it.

Many people say that action equals attraction. I want to say that action equals results.

If your first plan doesn’t work, don’t give up. Go back to the first step and do it all over again, instead of giving up. Make as many plans necessary until you make one of them work. Trust me. One will work!


3. Close Your Mind Tightly Against Everything Else

Now, in the hope that you have done everything as I have suggested until now, I want to give you a warning. You see, this step is the one which many people don’t take seriously. Consequently, they experience troubles, barriers, and ultimately, failure.

I don’t want anyone to fail. I want you to succeed and have everything you want to have in your life. Therefore, listen carefully.

The world will try to fight against your desire once you step out and start working on your goals and plans.

I don’t know why it happens. You see, some people such as your parents, friends, colleagues or close relatives, will try to stop you in your intention. Some of them will think you are crazy, and some will try to protect you, while some others will do it out of jealousy.

Those last group will show you who you have to exclude from your life.

Now, your task is to ignore them all. It also includes ignoring your own negative beliefs which will come to fight you from time to time. At this moment the step number one and two enter the game again.

Whenever something or someone tries to stop you, I want you to take that goal card and look at it. Stop with everything, take a few deep breaths and go to your imagination one more time. Then, go back at your plan, and continue to do what you have to do to have what you want to have.

You have to, by all means, keep your mind closed tightly against everything that is not in harmony with your desire.


4. Stay Persistent Until You Have It In Your Hands

Here we are at the final step of my Law of Attraction formula. You must take the last action with the same energy as the first three.

I could write for hours about persistence, you see. But, I don’t have time to do it over here.

You see, those people who stay persistent until they have all three steps right, they will have all they want to have.

For some people, it may take a few weeks to get everything right. On the other hand, some people will have to work some more.

Inevitably, it will come to all as long as you persist in confident thinking and taking action inspired by your thoughts.

John C. Maxwell has said one great analogy which fits perfectly to this short guide. Therefore, I will borrow it one more time to conclude everything that I have said.

Let’s say you have a tree in your backyard, and you want to cut that tree down. It represents a goal for you.

You will have to find a tool to do so, right? It won’t fall by itself.

Now, you have a plan also. That plan is to swing at your tree for five times each day until it falls. You don’t know how long it will take to cut it to the ground.

However, you know that you want it, you have tools to do it, and you have figured out a plan of action as well.

If your tree is a large one, it may take months, possibly even years to do it. If, on the other hand, that tree is a small one, double your size, you will knock that baby down pretty fast, won’t you?

One thing is for sure in both cases. That is, if you keep swinging at your tree for five times each day, that tree will fall!

It must because it is the LAW OF THE UNIVERSE – THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Thank you for your attention.

I am happy if you have reached so far. I want to advise you one more time to reread this post for a few time because it might be just the thing that will set your life in a different direction, a better one.

If you like everything you have read so far, I invite you to check out my top recommendation when it comes to the Law of Attraction Coaching.

I learned that MENTORSHIP is worth its weight in gold!

Having the Law of Attraction mentor by your side can reshape your life to a point where you will wonder in marvel how your life is changing for the better while you enjoy the life as you are designed to live!


All the best,
Ivan Brozincevic

Ivan Brozincevic