5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Write Down Your Goals

Why it is Important to Write Down Your Goals

Once you write down your goals, you will see a massive difference in your results. Not immediately but eventually. I will give you the top five reasons why it helped me not only to achieve them more but what is equally important to meet them faster in my life.


Before I learned about the art of goal achieving, somehow I was not able to meet them at all.

It was an utterly frustrating experience.

Every time I would start well and full of enthusiasm.

But then at some point, I would lose my track, become distracted, and get interested in something else. Even when my goals were big and healthy, and I was full of desire to achieve them, the outcome was almost always the same.


Not everything was that black. Some small goals were achieved practically by themselves; however, those high goals I really wanted were left hanging in the sky.

Does this ever happen to you?

It sure did to me many times so far.

Because of my frustration, I was eager to learn more about what was holding me down. And after some time spent in the industry of goal setting and achieving (yes industry!), I was a changed man.

Since then every goal became realistic to me. This website was just an idea at first. With the knowledge that I have got, I made it a reality.

The revelation was simple yet complicated at the same time. All I had to do is to write them down.

Simple right?

I think everyone can take a pen and paper and write down whatever they wish for, but then what?

Now it becomes complicated.

Many people follow this advice, and they end up staring at that paper until their face turns blue while waiting for their goals to appear by themselves magically.

I tried it.

It won’t happen…

The whole process from setting to achieving your goals should be approached very thoughtfully and carefully. Whatever you write down on that piece of paper will get a potential power to change your life completely if you are willing to put the work.

First and foremost, they should be something that you really want deep down in your heart and not something that you have to or need to have in your life.

I always like to tell people that their goals, or at least that one primary goal in life, should be something they have never ever done before in their entire lifetime.

A goal which will make you stretch and grow in the direction of a new and better version of yourself. It should scare and excite you at the same time.

If it doesn’t, it is probably not high enough.

Next, understand that there is no right or wrong way for this matter. It is your life, your goals, and it will become your way of achieving them.

Don’t look at other peoples results and try to copy their way. Instead, set your own sail and take the matter in your hands.

Therefore, like I have said already, the best way to give yourself a push is to write them down on a paper.

Here are five reasons why you should do it right now!


5 Reasons to Write Down Your Goals Infographic


Written Word on the Paper is Not a Thought in the Air

Our thoughts, goals, and dreams are like the wind to express my self like that. Or even better, they are like a wild horse.

They like to come and go.

They are reckless and playful, and they have to be tamed if we want to own them.

You can keep them with you for some time, but eventually, they will drift away from your consciousness. And who knows, maybe they will never come back again.

Your rope is a pen and paper is your arena.

Great advice can be, as well, to keep a journal of some kind. I have got so much value out of this priceless habit.

Once you have your thoughts caught on a piece of paper they have a physical form. Think about it and understand that now they are real and not an invisible wind anymore.

Now you have complete power over them!

I was mentored; actually, I still am mentored by a man who is an expert in human nature and our relationship with the laws of nature.

Bob Proctor is one of the world’s leaders in the science behind the famous Law of Attraction.

He explains that attraction starts once you have your goals on the paper.

Moreover, when you do so, you have successfully applied the law in your favor. You thought about it, you had emotion involved (want/desire), and you have made a step to create it in reality by writing it down.

That describes the process how you get the first results in real life.

Many people neglect to make this action. Therefore, they miss the opportunity to own what they want.

A missed opportunity can make you feel bad. It brings feelings of regret and sorry which are blocking the manifestation of your desires.

When you catch your thoughts on paper, they are much more precise than they were in your mind. This act can fill you up with confidence which will attract more of the same power you will need on your way to success.

The Universe or whatever it is out there adores people who have the confidence to take necessary steps. If a person is bold enough to take action and stick to it, the Universe will provide everything else.

People are afraid to aim high in life because they are afraid of disappointment if they fail. That is not how a person should live. I think we should always aim at something and stretch ourselves.

Therefore, remember!

If you want to achieve your goal, no matter how small it may be, or how high you want to aim, make sure that your first step will be a blank sheet of paper and a stick of ink.

The rest will come when the time is right.


Once Written, It Can Breed More Goals, Plans, and Ideas 

When you write it down, you have a golden opportunity to analyze your goal and add some more power to it.

You see, once it is out of your head, your mind will become free to entertain some new thoughts related to it. You will be in a perfect position to attract some more ideas and plans which are in connection with your goal.

Thoughts are like people, they like to stick with those alike.

Therefore, once you write them, try to read them as often as you can. You will create a magnetic field in your mind which will by the laws of nature bring you more of the same.

Think of it as a snowball effect. Small ball at the beginning but if it has enough power, it will grow bigger and bigger.

Whenever I have a new idea in my mind, the first thing I will do is to give it a form of words.

Later on, I will just look at those words and try to give them some more thought. No pressure whatsoever.

If my new goal gives me a feeling of excitement and scares me at the same time, I will keep thinking about it.

If it is something I really want to do, I will naturally attract some more ideas to my mind.

However, if nothing happens, I will abandon that thought and let it go.

If I don’t do it as I have described in preceding paragraphs, I am risking to waste my time thinking about something which maybe I don’t even want to do.

Even worse, I might do it and then realize I don’t want it.

It is a great way to conduct a self-analysis and to be true to yourself.

Therefore, once you write your goals down, you will have a chance to see is that something you really want in your life or is it just a mere wish not worthy of your time.

Time is all we have in this world, and you should use it wisely.


The Paper Keeps You Focused on What is Important

My reason for failure in the past was pretty much straightforward. I was losing the focus all the time.

There are too many distractions in our day to day lives. From friends to technology, everything can be a potential focus snatcher.

Be aware!

Don’t let them get you.

If you really WANT to achieve your goals write them down!

And here is another excellent reason why.

One of the benefits of the words on the paper is that the document can serve you as a contract with yourself. If you break it you won’t be able to blame distractions and no one else but yourself only.

I learned that it is in our nature to stand behind our words, whether spoken or written is not essential. Words are words, and once they are out here, we like to prove them.

That paper is in every way like a legal contract which you are obligated to respect. It can be a fantastic focus keeper!

Moreover, you will get rid of the feeling to go around and tell everyone what you are intending to do. Jealousy is a nasty thing, and someone can kill your dream in its stage of incubation.

Protect yourself!

Whenever I set a goal for myself, I create a written statement.

In a few short lines I write down what it is I want, the time frame in which I want to achieve it, and what will I do or give for the attainment of my goal. On top of that, I write a few more encouraging lines to push myself to keep on going when times get tough.

Believe me, the times will get tough. That is inevitable!

However, if you write it down and keep it by your side all the time, you have a chance to take that paper and read it to yourself to keep reminding yourself for what for and why are you fighting.

Many people don’t use this mental trick which is worth its weight in gold.

Don’t be the one. Write it down and carry it with you!

I have learned from the experience that my ability to stay focused on my goal will determine how fast I am going to get there.

Sounds logical right?

You see, people believe in logic, but they rarely act on it.

My focus is everything to me when I write. When I was on my beginning, it was damn hard to keep it in the flow.

As soon as I hear a small noise, I am done. The phone rings, I am done. My stomach starts to scream, I am done.

However, with the help of the paper, I was able to keep pushing myself until I have developed something which is referred to as the flow state of mind.

Also, I was saying to people around me what I intend to do, and it backfired in my face. Out of the jealousy or whatever, they were disrespectful to my dream which almost made me throw away my aims and hopes.

Again, with the help of my goal statement, I was able to lift my spirit back up and continue to pursue my dream.

During the time of materialization, I have noticed that the high focus is a skill which can be mastered only by practice and repetition. The higher you can get it, the faster the results will become.

When you feel like you are drifting away, or someone or something is pulling you down, you can take one short look at that paper, and it will give you the power to keep on going.

Carry it with you wherever you go, and I mean wherever you go!

Read your statement every free minute of the day. When riding the bus, while eating your breakfast, lunch, and dinner, on your coffee break, while sitting on the toilet!

Do it everywhere, and you will wonder in marvel with the results.


What are those?

Something to eat?


The Negative Thoughts Won’t Approach to You

The world is not full of sunshine and rainbows and pots of gold. It can be a mean and nasty place, said Sly Stallone.

We are negative thinkers by our heritage. And it is easire for a human being to think negative instead of positive. That is the reason why so many people never achieve their goals or any remarkable success in life.

Sadly, the majority will deny this fact as soon as someone throws it at them.

I was in denial as well.

Everyone will get pumped up and excited once they decide on a goal. Somehow, only 1 out of 20 will reach the goal.

The rest will fall under the negative experiences that life has to offer. They will abandon their dreams and hopes on the first sign of struggle.

This is a cold-blooded fact!

However, you don’t have to live like that.

When you write down your goal, you are already on your way to victory.

Many people will be afraid even to put it on writing. Subconsciously they know if they do it they are connected and obligated to stick to it. Therefore, they fail before they even begin. The negative thoughts will empower them.

All those negative thoughts that will appear during the whole process of setting to achieving your goal can be quickly eliminated by following the advice.

I read my written statement out loud to myself every morning when I wake up, and every evening just before closing my eyes.

Many times I do it with my eyes closed.

I visualize what I read, and by doing so, I am giving more and more power to my goal in the form of belief, faith, and confidence in my abilities to attain it.

If something or someone negative tries to confront me on my way, I can close my eyes on two seconds and make it disappear.

Imagination or visualization is a magnificent tool you can use on the way to achievement. I brought myself to a deep conviction that everything starts in our mind as an image at first. Also, that we are able to reshape current results by visualizing a new outcome.

You can create anything in your mind. And if you are willing to put in the work as well, it can become your reality.

If you follow the advice, you will develop a strong resistance to any form of negative energy.

You will become a master of your own thoughts and action. Nothing will be able to push you aside or make you lose track of your goal.

Sounds like a fairytale?

Try and be convinced.


The Power of a Rear-view Mirror

When you go after something you have never done before in your entire life, you are going to discover a whole new world.

A world where you will have to fight to keep your faith alive.

There will be many ups and downs, struggles and obstacles on your way. However, by following the advice to write down your goal, you will have a great asset in your hands which will help you to move only forward.

I like to tell people to go after their goal and never look back. At least not until they are far away so that retreat is not an option anymore.

When you get that far, it will be nice to reflect from time to time. That piece of paper can serve you as a rearview mirror. Take it every once in a while and see how far you came.

It is an excellent reminder of your worthy ideal, a fantastic piece of motivation to keep pushing forward.

I like to stop from time to time with my work and take a short break to regenerate my energies and reevaluate my goal.

The more I do this, the more I become convinced that I am on the right track.

This small action sends a strong message to my subconscious mind which tells that the worst is behind me. Moreover, by reflecting some more, I can see everything that I have done wrong so if it happens again I will know how to correct the mistake.

The future is hard to foretell, and the past is easy to read.

Or at least “they” say so.

Many people and they reflect back thinking only about everything terrible that happened to them. They keep entertaining those negative experiences which bring them nothing but the more of the same in the future.

On the other hand, by reflecting on the excellent progress you have made instead of crying over mistakes, you can attract more of the good in your future.

The future will be then easire to foretell.

When you accomplish a goal, you have never done before in your entire life remember this. You will have a knowledge of how to repeat that success over and over and over again.

By reflecting on the process, you will gain an understanding of how to apply the same on every other goal in your life.

You will get this new power in your hands.

I like to call it the power of the rear-view mirror.


There is a Writer in All of Us

For the sake of everything you have read so far, I will repeat Laozi’s quote from the beginning of the post.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

What is the best first step you can make?

Write down your goals!

I managed to accomplish so many things that I was not able to do before all thanks to this small act.

The things that were stopping me before do not exist anymore, I managed to overcome them. The journey to the achievement of my goals became faster, and I am able to do much more than I used to do before.

I believe that you too can replicate the same success if not even more significant.

The only thing you have to do is to decide right now to take that first step, if not already.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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6 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why It Is Important to Write Down Your Goals”

  1. I’ve found the importance of writing down your goals to be so true as well, but I’ve never thought this deeply about it! I think writing down your goals on paper, with a pen, is the most powerful way to start your mind working towards something. I used to do this all the time in my bullet journal before I went back to digitising my to-dos, and it was incredibly helpful in keeping me on point. I’m actually thinking about going back to pen and paper for this reason.

    Bullet journaling makes you re-evaluate your to-dos each day, which ties nicely in with your point about visualising, I think. If you engage with your own written down goals each day, you’ll be much more likely to keep working towards them. I really like your rearview-mirror idea, too – I’ve never thought about how much power a single piece of paper can have in motivating you like that. It’s actually quite inspiring to think about.

    Thanks for an in-depth post, it made me want to go back to basics and use the power of my mind a bit more!

    • Hi Miriam,

      Thank you! I like the pen and paper because it somehow feels more real. You can keep that paper along with your side all the time. The more you focus on those words you will attract more and more ideas related to your initial goal. The whole process of writing down your goals is a beautiful and creative experience.

      It is true that written word will help you to achieve it more. Moreover, there is a study conducted that has shown that when you write down your goal, you are 57% more likely to achieve it. Once you say your intention to another person, the percentage goes up to 75%! It is true without any room for doubt.

      I am so happy to see that you have found value in my words. Thank you one more time for taking your time to leave your comment as well. I hope it will serve you as a fantastic way to your personal development. If you will have any question feel free to ask.


  2. Ivan,
    I’ve been told and I’ve heard from multiple people in life to write down my goals and I always thought to myself, “what for I already know them” just a thought in the air as you would say. Doing this every day will give me a reminder of what I want out of my life and why I am starting to change my life. Tired of negativity in my life and do not want to be the 19 of 20 I want to be the 1 out 20 that will achieve my goals. Thanks for writing this and giving me more understanding of why people have been telling me this. I have to admit I was scared of doing it, because of a stupid thought of failure and if I don’t then I’ll surely fail. I will not fail.


    • Hi Jason,

      I had the same thoughts as you do. Why write them, because I know them. However, the difference between the invisible thought in your mind and a concrete word on a paper is enormous! That is exactly, you will have a great reminder. And trust me, the speed of the results will become much faster. If you write them down, you will be that 1 out of 20 bro. If you aim even higher, you can be 1 out of 1000.

      There is no such thing as failure, only a valuable lesson, and that is it!

      Write your goals down, and see what is going to happen.

      All the best,

  3. I’ve been writing down my goals for several months now, mainly with training. However I started doing it with my nutrition, my networking, my reading and general small things I can do daily to make someone’s life a bit easier! Having tracked everything I’ve done and perhaps looking back if I feel demotivated, it really helps me to keep trying! I have to ask, do you think taking photos and videos of your progress is as effective as writing it down? Does it depend on what works for the person? Or does writing trigger the thought process more?
    All the best,

    • Hi Nick! It is great to hear that you have found value in this method. Writing things down regularly made my life so much easire, and not to talk how much more productive I am as well as efficient. Reminding yourself on your goals that you have emotionalized with emotions of desire and faith triggers a positive chemical reaction in your body which lead to a state of flow. In this state, you can stay positive, motivated, productive, efficient, focused and concentrated for an extended period. In the flow state, your mind and body are one, and spirit rises and produces great feelings, actions, and ultimately, great results.

      Here is my post about the flow state if you are interested in learning more from my experience.

      Now, you can do the same with photos and video. It took me three or four videos to get rid of the fear of talking to a camera. When I look back, in the end, I can see a massive difference between video one and four. Therefore, to answer your question, yes! Everything works fine as long as it feels right in your mind. Keep on doing whatever gives you positive feedback.



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