Why is Personal Growth and Development Important – Start Today!

Why is Personal Development Important


I believe that in life, in all areas of life, we should continuously grow, seek knowledge and aspire to the development of our personalities. The opposite of that is being idle.


Standing still in life is a problem which causes many people to suffer, while the only solution to that problem is to invest in oneself and seek improvement.

Many people believe that the moment we finish school, our learning in life stops.

To stop growth and development in such an early stage of life can be fatal for success.

No, actually, it is deadly for success!

Just think how many people stand still in life only because they made a decision to stop their personal development.

I would say that the number is so large that it is scary.

However, it is clear why so many people can’t wait to finish learning; it is not interesting when we HAVE to study as school dictates us.

On the other hand, when we WANT to grow and develop by our own desire, then it is an entirely different story.

The moment when personal development becomes important to us is when everything changes.

Personal growth should be most important to us because it brings us closer to our full potential.

One can change a whole life by making a simple decision to start learning again.

Our health, happiness, finances, relationships, and wellbeing overall are depending on how much we are willing to invest in our own development.

Personal development is the only way how one can become the best version of oneself.

Everyday growth fills us with excitement and joy.

Therefore, knowing that you are moving forward brings you closer to everything wonderful that life has to offer.


Where it All Starts?

Man in Sunglasses


Don’t misinterpret the words development and growth.

Real growth starts from within, from the mind and soul, and then it expresses itself in our results.

Many people misbelief that more “stuff” is the way to grow.

More “stuff” can bring you a temporary feeling of success and development.

You should always start from your mind and then express that state of mind in your reality to feel the real satisfaction that comes from proper personal development.

We are gifted with mental faculties such as IMAGINATION, MEMORY, FREE WILL, INTUITION, REASON, and PERCEPTION.

Those are the areas where personal development starts!

The more we invest in the growth of these valuable mental skills, the better the quality of life we can experience.

It is not hard to start.

Just one book can change the flow of a person’s life, and bring that person on the stream of abundance.

Joining a personal development program can set the course for constant growth which will eventually start to express itself regarding both, material and immaterial riches.

I can testify in the truth of the statement from the paragraph above.

I know what pulled me from the rock bottom.

So without sounding too cocky, I can say that I really understand why is personal development important.

Those people who designed the personal development programs mentioned above are the people who never stopped learning and growing.

The most successful people in the world are the masters of personal development which is evident in their results.

You are no different than them.

We all possess the same minds, the only difference between the mind of them and your mind, is how do you use it.

Do you use your mind to fill it with knowledge which can be transformed in growth and development or you neglect to use your mind, and therefore, you remain idle?


What are the Benefits of Personal Development?

The couple of benefits you can easily extract from the paragraphs above.

However, once you entirely emerge yourself in quest of asking questions and finding the answers, you will discover much more benefits of personal development.

In my opinion, the most significant value you will see is a better version of yourself.

Everyone who seeks knowledge and growth will stretch itself more and more with every new question asked.

The knowledge will not be the only thing you will get.

You will find benefits regarding health, wealth, and happiness. You will learn new skills and receive better views on life. You will count profits in every area of your life in which you decide to grow.


Happy Couple


People who are involved in personal growth have one common trait, they are goal achievers.

When conducted in the right way, the personal development represents a list of goals you wish to achieve.

Those goals should be small and big, slim and wide, short term and long term.

A person can set goals to become a better father or mother, to improve his career and financial success, to take care of the body, mind, and soul, and so on.

Furthermore, motivation will be one of the main benefits of personal development as well.

With every new victory, you will grow more and more confidence and learn how to cultivate the motivation necessary to tackle the next big thing you wish to achieve.

When you extend your list of accomplished goals, you will find one of the best benefits of personal development, the ability to motivate yourself to something you really want.

When you begin a quest for personal development you will, among all, discover your life purpose.

I believe that we all have a purpose in life.

We can’t know what it is or find it while scratching our head on the couch, remaining idle.


Your life purpose will be shown to you only if you are willing to grow and stretch yourself.

Your attitudes and beliefs will start to change as well.

You will discover so many new things that it will be impossible to hold on to old, limited beliefs and wrong, negative attitude.

One of my favorite benefits is this one.

When you realize how many wrong beliefs and negative attitudes are holding you back from achieving all the success you want in life, you will truly begin your personal development.

The feelings of happiness and power, in other words, confidence, will be growing with every step you make.

This is not overexaggerating, this is merely a fact in which I convinced my self over and over. When you realize that you are able to change your life through your own efforts, the experience will never be the same again.

The power lies in us, all we have to do is to unleash the life force.

When you understand how important you are to yourself, you will start valuing other people even more.

Every relationship in your life should improve then. You will be able to give more to other people, and those people will return the same treatment to you.

Therefore, you will grow even stronger bonds with your family and friends.

To recapitulate, the benefits of personal development are:

  • Ability to set goals
  • Ability to motivate yourself
  • Finding and living your life purpose
  • Development of positive attitudes and beliefs
  • Development of self-confidence
  • Improvement of relationships

There are many more benefits of personal development, and it will take me hours to list them all. I gave my best to paint you a picture of the core ones that you can receive.

However, if you are willing to begin, you can discover even more!


What are the Barriers to Personal Development and Growth?

The biggest of all barriers you will encounter in your personal development journey will be YOUR OWN SELF!

I don’t know what it is in the human psyche that we tend to maximize other peoples results and success, and on the other hand, we minimize our own.

Every time when someone succeeds in life the whole world claps and cries “Bravo! We knew you can do it.” But when we think of ourselves doing the same thing, we immediately start to doubt our abilities to replicate that success.

We will undermine ourselves so much because of an army of the fears we possess. The concern we inherited because saw someone else tried and failed, or we tried and failed by ourselves.

Fears, worries, doubts, limits, and barriers are nothing, but a product of your own imagination!


Personal Development Barriers


I will tell you right now that you are quite capable of doing whatever you imagine.

We all have the same unlimited potential.

The potential hides in our minds, in our beliefs, in our imagination.

So if you suffer from “doubtitis and worryitis”, stop right now, and realize that you too are quite capable of doing whatever you set your mind to!

Besides yourself, there will be more barriers on your way to personal development, growth, and success in life.

Those barriers can come from many directions and from many different sources.

People around you will be the ones who will be very quick in trying to stop you in your intentions. Some of those people will be closest relatives and friends.

However, don’t listen to their voices of fear! Ignore the naysayers! Listen to yourself, and to those who already achieved the success you desire.

The best way to break this barrier is to find a role model. A person with who you can relate, and whose progress and development you can use as a cornerstone for your own growth.

You will find barriers in your own knowledge and skills-set which can easily make you give up the intention to become a better individual.

However, as you have read already, your mind has unlimited potential, you can learn everything, and use that knowledge for your own benefit.

Personal development means constant growth of your skill-set and experience.

Don’t let a small fact like not knowing how to do something stops you on your way.

Lack of money is one of the main reasons why people stop their growth, even worse, they never begin with the development of their own self.

Money is nothing but a piece of paper which we use to determine a value of something.

Realize that knowledge is everywhere you turn your head around.

Earning money is a skill as well, and you can quickly learn how to develop your skills and abilities to make money if you want to.

The lack of it should be only a motive to do so, definitely should not become a barrier.

To recapitulate, the most common barriers in personal development are:

  • Your own fear of failure, fear of success, or any other kind of fear, doubt, and worry.
  • Negative influences around you.
  • Lack of knowledge or skills
  • Lack of money

There are more barriers along the way.

However, the four main ones that stop people from personal growth and development are listed above.

At the head of the list is FEAR. All others below are just a product of the fear.

Once you understand that the only things that stand between a present you and a future, better you, is a nothing but the fear, a product of your own imagination, you will erase, with ease, all other barriers that you will encounter on your way.


What are the Steps for Personal Development?

Steps for Personal Development


The last thing I want to discuss is what are the steps you can take to begin your personal development.

After a few years of experience in this field, I realized a few key steps that are necessary for you and everyone who wants to learn more about himself.

It all starts with an intense

1.) Desire to grow

It all begins inside of you.

If you truly desire to improve with your heart and soul, then you already made the first step in your personal development.

Desire is something that makes us want and do things. It is a feeling that motivates the action.

The feeling which should lead to a

2.) Decision to start

The decision is a step that stops many people.

It is easy to want and desire for something, but when we decide to step out and do it, then all hell brakes out. The terror of fear overtakes us so we back away.

A firm decision to start no matter what you are feeling is a crucial step in personal development.

When you beat the fear of starting, you will reach a stage of searching for the

3.) Knowledge about what you want to improve

Is it your financial life, your love life, your health, or something else?

Whatever you want to improve, you will have to know exactly what it is. The awareness of the knowledge you seek will show you how to attain that knowledge.

You can start by reading books, or joining a personal development program, you can go on live seminars, talk to people who know more.

What is important that you know what you want and you make it as a GOAL.

Then you are already on your way. There is no stopping now, therefore equip yourself with

4.) Persistence to continue in the face of failure

Failure is a critical component in personal development. Without failure, the word development would lose its meaning.

It is necessary to develop persistence which will lead you through hard days.

Many people begin good, and then after they smack with their faces into the first barrier, they are ready to give up.

Those who are persistent enough, they will break obstacles and reap the benefits.

Once you taste the fruits of your labor, the only smart step you can make is to

5.) Repeat over and over and over

In repetition lies the key to everything.

You will master your personal development, which means, you will master your life as long as you keep persistently repeat those steps.


Personal Development Programs Banner


Personal Development is a Way of Life

Everything you have read in this post, including my top recommendations, represents the way of life.

To evolve as a person you will have to live, eat, dream, breathe personal development, and always stay hungry for more.

One more thing in addition to those barriers that can stop you from evolving as a human being.

Satisfaction is the end of the road.

Once you get satisfied with your results, you cannot expect your growth to continue.

You will develop a feeling that what you did is enough, and after that, you can wait for only one thing to start happening, that is to slowly return to a place from where you have started.

This is not a fact, this statement is a LAW. You either grow or you designate!

Realize that personal development means constant questioning and quest for answers.

So never get satisfied with your answers because there is always more to come!

As my last suggestion to you, always set some goals that can lead you to a good life.

My fellow blogger has something special for you regarding this topic so make sure you click the link to visit his website.

I hope you have enjoyed my words because I sure enjoyed writing them.

Even more, I hope you will soak up those words and make them your own.

I wish you all the best in your personal development.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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4 thoughts on “Why is Personal Growth and Development Important – Start Today!”

  1. Hi Ivan, this article is so beautiful. How important is personal growth! sometimes we live just full of problems, day-to-day obligations, work, etc. And we should stop and think, why are we living that way when we could handle everything but with a smile and a positive attitude which will make us enjoy life more and hopefully radiate a little bit of happiness on others. I try to learn something new all the time and improve different areas of my life, not everything at once, but one step at a time. I started organizing my finances, living debt free, having a saving and financial plan, then I started organizing my “stuffs” and I realized that having less things makes me happier, so I donated and sold things I didn’t need. I am now of a minimalist type of person. Now I want to start doing some meditation to help me with the stress and have some peace. Do you think going through different areas of life is a good way for personal development? Or maybe I’m too structured lol? 😀 Thanks for this great article. I can’t wait to read more.

    • I have to say that you have it all correct!

      Yes, you should always learn new things. Yes, you should examine and organize all areas of your life. Yes, you should always work on one thing at the time because you become a master at it when you do it one by one. Yes, you should live a simple life even though the word simply has different meanings from head to head. Whatever means simple to you, just keep it like that, don’t overcomplicate.

      As I can see you are well on your way to become the best version of yourself. Always try to spread the positive energy to others because the more you give, the more will come back to you. That is the Law. Meditation is a brilliant practice, and you will love it!

      Thank you again for leaving your input on the topic of personal development and why it is an essential aspect of healthy living. Wish you all the best, and please, if you have anything to ask, leave a comment or send me an email.

  2. Great article. Took me some minutes to finish it. Personal development is indeed very important for more happy and successful life.
    I have to agree with your point about the skills for making money. I think the desire to continually think of a way to make it possible can be a skill as well. I know that falls under mental capacity. As human, being able to utilise our mental capacity in a certain task is what makes us skillfully complete such task.
    Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed reading it

    • Hi, Ayebogbon,

      Thank you for commenting. All I want to say is that it takes a vast amount of willpower and exercising it. It is a mental tool we have, which is not being used too frequently by many people. Here I have a great article about how to improve your willpower if interested: EXERCISE YOUR WILL


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