5 Benefits of Goals – Do You Have Important Goals In Life?

Why Are Goals Important in Life

Some time ago I heard a short, yet powerful story about the ship which opened my eyes and made me realize why are goals important in life.

In my mind, I believe that this story is the best way to illustrate the difference between having and not having a purpose in life.

Let me tell you about it.


Imagine a ship in the harbor.

The ship has his engines ready and running, the captain and crew, they have maps and coordinates which leads them precisely to the planned destination.

In other words, they have what?

They have a clear goal at which they aim to arrive.

After it leaves the harbor, that ship will most definitely reach its destination!

99/100 that ship, with the captain, a crew which knows how to run it, will reach their goal.

No doubt at all.

Now, let’s take the same ship, but this time let’s start the engines and let it go without the crew and without maps, coordinates, and a specific destination.

That ship after it leaves the harbor, if it leaves at all, will end up somewhere on the deserted island, crashed into rocks, or sink on the bottom of the ocean.

99/100 that aimless, useless ship will crash!

No doubt at all.

You and I are those ships, my friend.

I hope this story sends the same message to you as it did to me the first time I have heard it.

Think about it for some time, and you will get the point which is so apparent.

You will understand completely why goals are important in life.

Now, let me ask you straight, which one of the two ships are you?


The Destructive Power of Not Having Goals

You see, whole my life I was floating on the surface of the ocean, letting the currents of the sea to lead me in any direction they wanted.

Since I chose to think and act like the first ship from the short story, I managed to change my life completely.

At first it was hard, but later on, I got a firm mental grip on the importance of goals in life.

As I started to grow and gain direction in my life, the experience became better, and it is getting better and better as I go along with the process.

I learned, and I still learn every day how to get more in all areas of my life thanks to the simple fact which I have discovered in that story about two ships.

However, once I discovered this new world, I soon realized I am one of the rare, at least I was between people around me.

Majority of young people around me were that second ship from the story, wandering around on the surface of the ocean as I did.


Five Major Benefits of Goals in Life

I believe I can say with full confidence why are goals important.

I have been on the ‘front line’ for a while.

I have a larger count of victories than losses.

Therefore, with full confidence, I can tell you that once you chose to be and act like the first ship, your life is going to change forever.

Also, I made a list of five major benefits of goals in my subjective opinion.

However, there are so many of them that the list can go on and on.

  • They Give You a Purpose
  • They Give You a Power
  • They Give You a Direction
  • They Bring You a Peace of Mind
  • They Bring You Joy, Happiness, and Fulfillment


Five Major Benefits of Goals in Life


Imagine a ship again, but this time let it be a cruise ship like a beautiful specimen from above.

That ship has its purpose which is to transport people from one beautiful place to another while they have fun and enjoy the sea.

The power of the vessel hides in its engines, crew, and captain.

It always knows its direction and it rarely, almost never, gets lost.

If you were the ship, you would have a piece of mind because your future is set.

The rewards after accomplishment will be fulfillment, joy, and happiness.

Even when life gets hard, and it gets from time to time because the smooth sea has never mad a smooth sailor, one quick thought on your goals can turn you around and get you back in the right direction.

Like a ship on the sea, you will get into storms and high waves, and the journey will become rough.

However, the power of your goals will push you through the wind, and it will not let the waves to drown you down.


Important Fact About Goals – Listen Closely Now

Many people do set their goals and directions in life, but somehow, they manage to get lost.

Now, why is that?

I will describe it in one simple word: DISTRACTIONS

The world today is full of distraction.

It is easy to get lost in a world of social networks, tv and movies, and in the sea of people without goals in life.

In my experience, those people are your most significant distraction.

If you decide to chase some dreams you were always dreaming of doing, accept the fact that you will have to deal with a lot of people who will try to tell you that it can’t be done.

Don’t listen, no matter who they are.

Listen to yourself, and yourself only!

However, you can manage all your distractions without damaging anything, and all it takes a little bit of discipline.

Before I give you a quick antidote for distractions, let me ask you an important question again.


Do You Have Goals in Life?

Remember the story about the ship.

The ship who knows where it goes will get there.

But if you think that you are more like a second ship from the story, I will help you with it as well.

I poured over my experiences in the post about How to Set Goals, and How to Achieve Them.

I went from entirely goalless individual to a guy who knows his aim and makes sure he never miss it.

So you make sure to read it if you need additional help in the process.

Now, let’s get back to the point.

To remove distractions from your life, it requires, as I mentioned, a bit of self-discipline.


A Strong Ship has a Strong Captain  

Now, to develop that self-control all you have to do is to follow these three steps:

First, Write your goal down on a piece of paper in big, bold letters.

Then, try to describe your goal in details, and keep it somewhere where you are going to see it the first thing you wake up and the last thing you before you go to bed.

Second, Read your goal as soon as you wake up and just before you close your eyes at night.

Relax, read your goal statement, and play with it with your imagination.

Third, Read it to yourself every time you start to drift away when the currents of life begin to pull you down or away.

Some strange secret covers the power behind this action.

All you have to know that it works, and it will work for everyone who is bald enough to make that first step and decides to take the wheel with both hands and direct his ship where he or she wants.

Since I discovered why are goals important in life I can’t get enough of the knowledge related to the topic.

It helped me to set a direction in my life and expanded my knowledge, which now has matured in a firm working knowledge.

Moreover, I am sure it can help you as well if you need any.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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4 thoughts on “5 Benefits of Goals – Do You Have Important Goals In Life?”

  1. I’m so with you in this!
    The last 3 years were terrible for me. I tried to do a bunch of different things without having a clear goal or plan. I was stressed all the time, always running to catch up on everything and I was mentally dying.
    I found something I really wanted to do a month ago, thankfully. Now I’m doing only one thing, I have a clear goal to what I’m trying to do. I’m way calmer and I realise how much I miss my family. Now I can actually be with them and talk to them without being frustrated all the time – stress does this to me.
    Sorry, I wrote my whole life in this. It’s just that your article made me think about all that!
    Have a nice day!

    • Hi Jenny,

      It pays off to go to past experiences from time to time to remind yourself how much better you are now! The only time we should look backward is when we want to learn from the mistake and to see how far we come. A lot of people are wandering around without goals, the number is increasing with every new generation that comes. I am happy for you, that you found your purpose, your clear vision. I am thrilled to read that you are stress-free and you can enjoy your life and family and friends.

      Thank you for your comment. Have a nice one as well!



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