Where Can I Check English Grammar Online? – FREE Grammar Checker

Anyone who wants to check a specific text for grammar errors, spelling mistakes, or punctuation issues have just found an ultimate software. With the help of this online grammar checker, you will be able to do it all in a matter of seconds, and for FREE. Moreover, you will improve your written English much more than it is right now!


I have been working with Grammarly for over a year.

I have to say that it is the best English teacher that I have ever had in my entire life.

Grammarly has helped me to learn and practice my English on a daily basis, while carefully watching over my back for any mistakes in my writing.

If, however, I make any errors, this brilliant software is right behind me with his finger pointed at it.

Sometimes I am annoyed by how many times it corrects me. 🙂

My first language is Croatian, but I speak English since my age of four.

You see, I have never used English to write something, only for speaking.

Once I decided to start this blog, I have soon realized that my grammar is not so proper.

However, this small issue has leed me on the road where I was looking for some help.

That is how I meet Grammarly, the best online free grammar checking software!

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!


Why is Grammarly the Best Online Grammar Checker? (My opinion)

Now, after some time spent in creating a happy relationship with Grammarly, I have less and fewer troubles to write English correctly.

No one is perfect, and you will find a mistake or two, of course.

We all make mistakes, and so do you as well!

That is the reason why you are here in first place.

You have made a couple of mistakes in your writing, and now you wonder how to check your grammar online and possibly for free.

Forget everything you know about grammar checker and listen carefully.

I have mentioned the name for a few times so far.

You see, this software is a brilliant idea in my mind.

Once you start up your computer or laptop, it follows you everywhere.

It hovers over every word you write and screams (not literally) at every mistake you make.

It underlines it with a red pencil like a real teacher and gives you a few or an exact substitution.

All you have to do is click to approve, and it is gold.

However, that is not all!

You see, a lot of software out there like this one are doing more or less the same job.

Why is then Grammarly different than the rest?

You see, Grammarly has integrated virtual assistant which lifts it above the ‘common herd.’

It communicates with you while you write, or you can ‘hide it’ and give it your text on full analysis once you finish.

That is how I do it.

I keep it hidden so I can write in flow, then I hand it over to Assistant which takes my writing and analyze it deeply.

It takes only a few seconds to do so.

Finally, when the analysis is over, you and the assistant will both go through the text and together correct any mistake that it detects.

This last action has helped me to quickly learn how to write grammatically correct English, even though it is not my native tongue.

That is how good Grammarly is!

However, once again, it is natural to make mistakes, and no software or even a human eye can detect every single one that quickly as Grammarly can.

If someone had told me a year ago that I will be able to learn how to write English with so little mistakes as I probably do right now, with the help of a single software, I would tell that person that he or she is crazy!

‘How can software teach you to write,’ would be my immediate response?

However, my skepticism is gone, and now, I am sure that software can do the job equally good as it would a professional teacher of English.

Grammarly, when used to learn and practice writing for at least one year, will take your written English on a few levels above your current knowledge.

First or second language, it doesn’t matter.

Writing is a skill which we all neglect to practice after schooling, and rarely anyone is skilled at it.

You can become very skilled if you let Grammarly coach you for a year.

That is why, in my opinion, Grammarly is the best online grammar check software.

I have to repeat it, you see, it is more than grammar checker.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!


The Best Online Grammar Checker is Yours for FREE!

Now, here we are at the best part of this post.

I know I have used this word for a few times so far, and I will do it some more so that you know.

Only because I am telling you how things are, that is all.

As a cherry on the top, Grammarly can be yours for FREE.

All you have to do is to install the software, which takes five minutes and you are leed all the way, and start using it everywhere you write.

Imagine, no more annoying grammar errors, or embarrassing spelling mistakes.

From now on, your emails, social media posts, newsletters, blog posts or even whole books, will be professionally done.


Moreover, from now on you are being coached by the best of them all!

In a year from now, your English will be even better than before, and who knows how good you can become when you have Grammarly by your side.

The sky is the limit.


A Fair Warning Though

The free version of Grammarly will not do a full and in-depth scan of your texts.

It will check it for grammar and spelling errors thoroughly.

It will correct them as well.

For someone who is not a serious writer, and who needs grammar checker to work for a few minutes per day, a FREE subscription is more than enough.

Grammarly is the best service online, FREE or paid.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

However, if you are someone who writes a lot as I do, or maybe your whole business operation depends on the quality of your written text no matter what you do.

Maybe you are an email marketer, or you work as a copywriter and editor, and you could use a pair of extra eyes, a PREMIUM subscription is a recommendation.

Read more about the PREMIUM offer over here.

I have premium for a year and three months at the time of this writing.

And, I am perfectly happy about the service I get for my money.


A Short Video Review


6 thoughts on “Where Can I Check English Grammar Online? – FREE Grammar Checker”

  1. Grammarly is an excellent tool. My sister used it to proof her first book and it remains a pivotal tool for anyone needing fast, effective proof reading!

    I personally love everything about the program. Simple yet quite professional. Thanks for the review!

    • Hi Jacob,

      Yes, Grammarly has helped me a lot in last year and more. I believe that everyone should have it installed because it makes writing on the next level. Good for your sis. Try it yourself, you won’t regret. Thank you for your comment. Enjoy!

    • Grammarly is definitely an excellent tool. I always make use of it whenever I create a blog post and it has helped me a lot in writing in a better and efficient way. I really wonder where I would have been without Grammarly. Definitely an excellent tool.

  2. I find at the moment I focus so much on gathering all the facts that my punctuation and variety of language isn’t great.
    I’m going to take your advice and install Grammarly and make sure I use it every time I write! Once I’ve used it a I may look into the premium version!

    • Go for it, man! Grammarly is an amazing tool. I can’t imagine my writing without it. No matter how good you are at this moment you should always focus on getting better. Grammarly can help you to move faster, nothing else.



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