5 Ways to Use the Power of Your Imagination – The Law of Attraction

Use Your Imagination

I don’t even know where to start with this post, honestly. You see, I am obsessed, fascinated, and also turned on by the power of our imagination. Your imagination is one of the primary keys to the successful application of the Law of Attraction. Without it, everything is in vain.


Look at the image, I mean, it is a perfect example of someone’s creativity.

As I have said, imagination is not the only key to the Law of Attraction.

However, the proper use of the imaginative faculty of your mind will lead you to places where you have never been before.

Once you arrive there and become able to see the invisible, you will get this indescribable feeling.

The feeling is beyond words…

One wise man has said the following line which is the best description of that feeling that I have ever been able to find.

He said, “Faith is the ability to see the invisible and believe in the incredible, and that is what enables believers to receive what the masses think is impossible.”

Think about it, meditate on this line, make it yours and take it with you all the time.

I did, and it made me realize that the imagination is everything, it runs on faith, and as we know, faith can move mountains!

The humankind and everything we have ever accomplished was and still is powered by the great force which flows to, through, and out from our mind.

That force can be stopped, shaped and given form, and the imagination is the tool, the workshop.

It breeds ideas.

Then, those ideas can be slowly transformed into reality but only if you know how to use your imagination to create.

I believe that this is one of the greatest, if not even the greatest gift that we have been blessed with.

However, sadly, the majority of people are not using this magnificent tool.

This god-like ability which enables us to create is nearly dead within most of us.

You see, there are many proofs why this statement is right.

However, I would not like to go there this time.

I want to show you instead how can you start up the spark in your mind once again, as well as how to avoid circumstances which pollute your mind and kill your imagination.

Your imagination is a secret gift, remember that.

With the proper use of your mind, you can get the ability to see the invisible and believe in the incredible.

Moreover, you can have the incredible in your life, right in front of your eyes.

Now, close your eyes and come with me.


5 Brilliant Ways to Imagine and Accomplish Success With the LOA

I have been working out this marvelous mental faculty for whole my life.

Well, almost for whole my life.

You see, I was always a kid who used his imagination slightly more than the rest of the people around me.

Sometimes, I could play for hours and hours by my self, using nothing but my imagination.

Everyone is like this as a child; I am no exception.

However, the problem is that most of us stop using it at a very early age.

I have kept this ability alive for thirty years with only a short period of inactivity.

Lately, my mind is working at a fantastic volume, at least the imaginative faculty is.

Now, I want to share with you these five ways that have helped me to keep it alive as well as to make it a little bit stronger with each new day that comes.

Sky Clouds Imagination

1.) Visualization Meditation – Day Dreaming

Have you ever been sitting somewhere, for example on a train or a bus, and have found your mind wandering around?

Your body is there in the seat, but your mind is somewhere else, in some long distant dream, roaming through illusion.

I bet you did at least once in your life.

You see, we are all able to see images within our mind, all of us can dream while awake or asleep.

The method is also called thinking.

The process is either unconscious (most of the time) or initiated by will or conscious (rarely).

We think with the aid of our inner eye by making pictures on the screen of our mind.

No human being can be an exception to this statement.

Now, the visualization meditation is the best way that I have ever found to start up the imagination intentionally.

Most of the time, as we have said, the process is uncontrolled, and boundless imagination tends to do more damage than good.

With the everyday practice of creative meditation, you will become soo fast and effective in using your imagination constructively that it will make your head spin.

When I say every day, I mean every single day.

Otherwise, you will only spark it up and then let it go off again.

That can leave you in frustration.

You must start to see your mind as a furnace which you have to feed with fuel all the time, or it will turn off and die.

When it goes off, you will have to start it up all over again and wait for the heat to come once more.

Why not learn how to keep it going all the time?

I have been practicing this method, as I have said, for whole my life.

However, the last few years things have gone into hyperdrive, just because I was taught how to use my mind correctly.

Constant time and space repetition is a recipe for keeping your imagination alive and burning!

Once you become able to keep your fire going, and you can only by following the preceding sentence, you will experience something which only a few people do during their entire lifetime.

You will become able, as the man has said, to see the invisible and believe in the incredible.

If you are bold enough to follow your images backed by faith in attainment, you will one day see them in front of your physical eyes.

It is only a matter of not letting your fire to die.

You will get the real concept of the Law of Attraction and how it works.

Moreover, you will learn how to use it with the intention every single day.

Here is an excellent article on www.mindbodygreen.com about some benefits of visualization as well as how to make it your daily practice, if not already.

Ok, if you are ready, let’s move on to the next one.


2.) Reading Inspirational Books

Now, here we are at my second best way to use your imagination correctly to inspire your Law of Attraction practice.

I must admit that I have fallen in love with reading a few years ago.

Since I have started to practice reading (yes, practice) every day, my results in life have gone wild as well.

At first, I was not aware that a large percentage of my success has its roots in books that I was reading.

Then, when I have realized that everything I have read, somehow started to happen, I was blown away.

This discovery made me research to understand how and why did it happen.

The only answer that I was able to find was, again, my imagination.

When we read any material, we are practicing and using our imaginative faculty to see the words by painting them in pictures.

Our imagination is very active at that point.

Also, it is a known fact that everything that mind can see and believe, the mind can achieve.

All those words and images that I was visualizing while reading went straight in my subconscious mind because I had faith in them.

When we say that everything that mind can see and believe, the mind can achieve, the subconscious part is the one that considers and produces.

We can only believe in something if we add a lot of emotion to those images.

The subconscious mind picks and turns to reality only the images which are well emotionalized with faith.

The emotion of faith turns those images almost instantly in reality!

If the information, however, does not get in there, those words and images might never be realized.

You see, I had faith in every word authors were talking about.

And again, by constant time and space repetition, I have influenced my mind through the proper use of my imagination to create those dreams I have constructed while reading.

That is why I suggest to you as well to begin (if not already) to read some inspirational books.

Let those words become beautiful images within your mind, and then repeat some more!

Eventually, you will start to believe in those images, and then the magic happens.

Find the book that resonates with you and begins to read it.

If you liked it after the first reading, then don’t stop, take it for another spin.

Remember, it is the repetition that starts up the fire and keeps it alive.

Ten minutes every day can make a huge difference in your life.


3.) Creative Writing

Another great way to use the power of your imagination and unleash your creativity is writing.

It does not only allow you to start up the wheels of your mind, but it also helps you to use the Law of Attraction the fastest way possible.

I have discovered that whatever we write on a piece of paper comes true if by visualizing we make our subconscious to believe that we will have it.

I wrote some stupid things two years ago on a sheet of paper.

I have made a list of twenty goals, then I have shortened the list and have focused my mind only on top five.

However, I am shocked by the fact that without any conscious effort I have attracted all of them to exist.

I just wrote them down, that was all I did.

Now, don’t even try to think that you can’t write or be creative in writing.

You see, everyone can write, at least everyone who has been in school for at least first five grades!

The only difference between you and some creative writer is in one thing.

You can try and guess which one, I have said it for a few times already and I will for a couple of more.

The creative writer becomes creative not because he or she was born like that, but because he or she have been continuously repeating and improving the skill.

Creative writing sparks up your imagination beyond reason.

It is similar to reading except for this time you have to try even harder because it is much slower than reading.

It makes your mind go more deeply in those images that you are trying to put in words.

As a result, your imagination becomes stronger and stronger with everyday practice.

It is like lifting weights, the more your lift in quantity and quality, the better muscles you will have as a result of your work.

Therefore, once again, writing is one of the best ways to influence your subconscious mind.

To take control of the things and circumstances you attract to your life, I would like to suggest the following.

As I have said, everyone can write.

You can take a pen and paper and write “I am, or I have…” and then finish the sentence in the present tense with a goal to be or to have.

Furthermore, if you create just one, you can create twenty sentences like that.

If you keep going and keep expanding those sentences, I firmly believe that you will master the skill of creative writing.

Start writing a movie script about your life, and then see where else will your imagination take you.

If you are interested, read my post about top reasons why should you write down your goals, as well as how to do so.

If not, then let’s move on.


4.) Coloring

I believe that, along with the meditation practice, coloring is one of the most potent ways to exercise your imaginative abilities.

Painting our thoughts in pictures was something we have learned to do way before we have learned to write.

Our ancestors were using colors to give life to their thoughts so they can serve as a window to their mind.

It was both a means of communication as well as an expression which are the same.

You see, many scientific studies also prove coloring to be an exercise that enhances the performance of brain functions way above the scale of the average rate.

We have kept this skill for an excellent reason.

Like every other skill, it is straightforward to learn as well.

Moreover, you are probably not aware of the fact, but you already know how to color.

Everyone has gone through school.

We all use to color when we were children.

One of the advantages of the school is that it teaches, among other things, how to express ourselves in writing as well as in pictures.

Those who have kept exercising this ability of coloring have developed a highly evolved imagination as a result of the constant exercise.

Now, the get back on the beginning of the post for a second.

As I have said, your imagination runs in pictures.

The better you become in controlling this creative energy which forever flows to, thorough, and out from you-you will become a Law of Attraction magnet!

I remember how I was interested in the sort of expression through art.

When I was going through later grades in schools, whenever I was bored, I was doodling around my notebooks.

I learned how to draw graffitis among other things.

However, I must admit that I have neglected this ability.

I am giving you this advice in the hope that you will start using those brushes and colors from time to time, just to see what will come out.

Also, I have decided while writing these lines that I will start the same.

I am curious to see what can I do more to develop this precious mental tool of our imagination a little bit higher.


5.) Guided Meditation

Now, here we are at the last point of the first half of the post.

I hope you are now more than interested in how to use your imagination to unleash your Law of Attraction powers.

The first three suggestion is something which I have been practicing intensively for the last couple of years.

However, the suggestion number four and this one is something that I have not used or mastered yet.

As you can see I have decided to do so because I have done a lot of research about these two and all I can see is a lot of positive results with people.

Guided meditation can be another fantastic way to exercise your imaginative faculty.

You see while talking to some people who practice the Law of Attraction, I have noticed how many of them use guided meditation tapes.

Those tapes are designed to get you in a relaxed state, also known as the alpha state of mind.

Alpha state of mind is a doorway to your subconscious mind, and once you reach this state, you can communicate with your subconscious.

This kind of meditation guides you through the process by using a narrator.

I have not been interested in this particular exercise just because I have a loud inner voice.

Also, I have no troubles to relax and spark up my imagination by listening to my voice.

However, as I have said, the world can be too loud, and it can be hard to hear your mind speak sometimes.

Tools such as guided meditation come very handily in those moments when you are unable to hear or see.

I can’t go very deep into this one because I have not tried it properly yet.

I did once but, honestly, I didn’t like the feeling to be guided through meditation.

However, I remember that it was an abundance meditation and my imagination was working at high speed which is a visible sign that it works.

If you are interested in trying it, you are more than welcomed.

I have seen and heard that they do wonders to people.

Therefore, if you find it game-changing before I do, please share your thoughts.


Ok now, here we are at the end of the first half of this post.

I hope you have liked my advice as well as you will listen to at least one of them and apply it to your life.

I am not an expert psychologist, but I know a thing or two how our mind works.

Among all our valuable mental tools the imagination is my favorite as you have noticed so far.

If you are interested in learning more about imagination as well as the rest of the tools that hide in your magic mind, please follow this link.

I owe half of my knowledge and experience to the fact that I have a mentor, maybe you are interested in the same.

If you don’t have a desire to be coached by a world-class Law of Attraction mentors, then let’s move on.


5 Major Killers of Your Imagination to Avoid

You know now how to turn up the heat and let your imagination to go wild.

You know how to use it the way it is intended to be used, that is to create.

At this point, we are entering the second half of this post where I will explain and talk about some of the worst polluters of your mind.

You see, we are surrounded by negative energy predominately, that is the first fact.

Our imagination is working nonstop, even when we are asleep, that is a second fact.

Most of the time it works uncontrolled, being feed by everything that reaches it through your environment through your five physical senses or sometimes through your subconscious mind in the form of a limiting belief.

Now, I have taught you how to feed it positively.

The following five are things and circumstances you should be keeping on a leash, avoiding or moving from them far away!

Castles in the Sky

1.) Social Media

Even though social media had a perfectly good intention when it made its boom and took over the world, today it is a no1 enemy to a healthy mind.

I have nothing against an hour a day max spent surfing through a news feed or chatting with your friends.

I find it to be very relaxing and useful, especially if you follow some healthy communities, pages, and people in general.

The point is concise, too much time spent on social media will damage your ability to imagine.

It is scary to see how people are addicted to a small screen so that they have something better than reality to entertain their minds.

It is not just polluting the mind, it is controlling it, but let’s not go in there.

If you want to keep your imaginative faculty alive and healthy, stay away from “hanging on” social media just because you are bored.

When you find yourself being bored take a book instead, or watch some great documentary, or buy a coloring book and start painting.

Screens are addictive, which leads me to the second polluter.


2.) Too Much of TV

Now, TV is another great source of entertainment which we have abused.

It is created to provide us with excellent service, but instead, it is producing great wholes in the minds of the people.

On the other hand, the people who “run” the television are not the one to blame.

Everyone has one ultimate ability, that is to control his mind.

Everyone who can control his mind can shut off the flow of harmful content that is reaching their imagination through many sources coming directly from your TV set.

I could go on and on about how television is doing damage to your ability to imagine on your own, but I won’t.

You see, my point is to warn you, it is you who will have to decide what will you do after.

All I can say is that I don’t even own a TV set.


3.) Negative People

As I have said, the world is filled with two types of energy, positive and negative.

The one that flows the most is the second mentioned.

It flows through the minds of the people all around the world and many sources such as TV or social media.

Innocent people are getting affected by this negative energy, causing them to start losing their ability to imagine positive outcomes.

You see, negative energy coming from another person can have a powerful, in this case, a negative impact on your mind.

On the bright side, some people are doing a great job though to send out only positive energy.

However, they are scarce.

Be aware all the time that your imagination creates by using the material that is coming to it.

Everything goes in!

If some negative people surround you, make sure you will start slowly and safely keep your distance away from them.

Do everything you can to control the material with which you feed your mind because it is crucial for positive results in life.

Keep close only those who you truly love and who inspire you.


4.) You Own Negative Beliefs

I had a few situations where I was able to imagine some various possible future outcomes which filled me with enthusiasm and faith.

Then, I would start working on them.

Somehow, my results were not the same as the ones that I saw in my imagination.

They were negative.

It has puzzled me for a while what might be wrong with my imagination.

You see, your belief system is based upon your evaluation of you.

Your imagination works with both sources, one from the outside world as well as the one from your subconscious mind.

If you have created some negative beliefs about yourself while you were younger, and now you wish to do it 20 or 30 years later, and somehow you fail at it, understand that it is the old contrary belief that is holding you back.

Some people have said that our worst enemy is the one we see when we look at the mirror.

Negative beliefs are hard to detect.

It takes a lot of experiencing negative results before reaching the breakthrough moment when you realize what was that was holding you back.

Those who never quit will contact it; then they are going to be able to change it.


5.) Stress in Any Form and Quantity

At the beginning of the post, I have said that imagination runs on faith and that faith can move mountains.

While a human being is operating under stress in any form or quantity, it makes it harder to experience faith or to turn your imagination to see positive results.

However, with practice comes perfection.

Stress is the worlds worst disease which follows us since the dawn of our species.

I have given you five brilliant ways how can you eliminate this malady from your life completely.

And when I say entirely, I mean it.

Take a look at easter cultures and their faces, no wrinkles, no black eyes, no bald heads.

Meditation and stress-free lifestyle are in their culture.

It is a social paradigm passed on from generation to generation for thousands of years.

Since it has so many positive effects on the minds of people, it is spreading rapidly over the western civilization for the last one hundred years.

I believe that soon, mediation will become a global paradigm.

Therefore, avoid stress as much as you can to keep your imagination clean and lean.


Unleash the Powers of Your Imagination!

As you have seen all through this post, I have proved my fascination with our imagination and powers it holds.

Also, you have noticed that I am not talking about how some people can use it while others can’t.

The fact is, all of us possess imaginative faculty.

The only difference between you and someone who seems to “have it” is in a stage of development, nothing else.

I gave my best to show you how you can exercise this ability on a daily basis in the hope that you will learn them, apply, and use to unleash some hidden powers of your mind.

Moreover, I have gone a step further and gave you some valuable pieces of advice to shield your imagination from pollution.

Now, it is all up to you my friend to decide are you going to unleash your powers, or stay where you are.

I know you will make the right choice.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use the Power of Your Imagination – The Law of Attraction”

  1. Thank you Ivan for these great tips on ways to use the power of our imagination. This is definitely something I need to do more of – Visualization. I use to do it a lot more in the past, but somehow this practice stopped. I was not aware that simply reading is a form of visualization. I appreciate knowing that.

    I do recall you mentioning that you were not a fan of guided meditation. For someone who actually loves guided meditation, I can tell you that its the best form of meditation that works for me. It’s a wonderful feeling for someone to take you down a journey. The guided meditations that I listen do only have the “guide” for the first few minutes and then you are on your own for the rest of it. So its a nice balance. I was definitely not into the full guided meditations where they were “with you” throughout the entire one. Perhaps you may want to try those where the guide is only in the beginning.

    Thanks also for sharing the ways that will kill our imagination. And totally agree with you. We are definitely bombarded by negativity through the many facets that you mentioned. Thankfully, we have a choice to use those methods in moderation or just simply stop them all together if its doing more damage than none.

    Really great stuff, Ivan. I will definitely plan to visualize more. 🙂

    • Hi LT,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I have to say that Visualization is my top tool for the Law of Attraction. I firmly believe in the powers of our imagination because I have accomplished many things based on my visualizations. Some things happened correctly some others didn’t. However, enough good has been going on since I have started visualizing two years ago.

      Do it again! It is a great way to use your mind more creatively.

      I have listened to your advice, and I did try a guided meditation a few days ago. I had a pleasant experience with this 12 minutes tape. It was a very enriching experience all in all, but somehow I feel I don’t need it too often or at all. I guess we are all wired the same just a little bit differently.

      Great comment about killers of imagination, I agree. We do have a choice always to move away before it is too late. It calls for another mental tool that we possess, that is our free WILL.

  2. Awesome – since your post, I have been making a habit of doing more visualization. I usually do reading before bed and have started to incorporate visualization after this right before bed. I have found that sometimes I happen to spend more time doing this than I actually expected. I guess it really raises the vibration to a heightened level.

    Ha ha – we are all wired differently, which is why there are so many ways to achieve our desired goal. We all just have to find the one that works for us. The meditation programs that I utilize comes in four flavors – Guided, Music, Nature Sounds and just simply white noise. So definitely something for everyone. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your articles. 🙂

    • Hi LT,

      I use visualization frequently. It helped me to turn back on my imagination. Ever since I have started to visualize, my vibration is heightened. I am thrilled to see that you have made it work!

      I will try to engage myself more in some of those guided meditations sometime again. It does have a positive effect on life, and a positive impact should not be overlooked so easily just because I don’t find it pleasant. Thanks for your recommendations.

      See you again!


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