5 Ways to Exercise Willpower – Improve Your Self-Discipline


I am so happy that we live in a world which is slowly discovering more and more ways how to exercise our mind and its powers such as your willpower.

I think that evolution is progressing again and you and I are a part of the excellent work.

Yeey! 🙂

Do you know that many things from your environment weaken your ability to hold something with your willpower, and it is getting more weaker with each day if you don’t exercise it?

We can only grow or disintegrate, said a wise man a while ago.

There is no such thing like in between.

You and I have these crazy mental faculties which we very rarely, almost never, use on demand.

They are literally taken away from us by the world in which we live.

You may not think of this, but I will show you a few examples at the end of this post where you are giving your powers away instead of building them up.

One of these mental abilities is our precious willpower.

I will share with you a thing or two about this ability that I have learned over the last few years collecting information and making practical use out of the same.

Do you know that you can use your will so effectively and that you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you use it the right way?

I was testing and trying many different ways to strengthen up my mind.

The results of my work had amazed me!

When I take a look back in retrospective, and I realize how much stronger and complex my mind became it leaves me speechless.

With the power of my will, I have managed to complete and pursuit many great goals which have turned my life around.

Now, I have a goal to share my knowledge and wisdom with you.

You see, way before I was a weakminded everyday failure.

However, thanks to a few quality studies that showed me the way to exercise and use my willpower I have turned my weaknesses to my strengths.

I trust that you can achieve the same results as I if you follow some of the simple guidelines presented to you within this post.

Baby steps first. 🙂


Woman in Socks


What is Will-Power Exactly?

Before I give you practical ways and means how to exercise your mental powers, I would like to share a few general information about this psychic ability.

I was searching for a term which can explain willpower in the most simple words, and I have found it.

Willpower is your ability to control your short-term and long-term thought impulses.

It is as simple as it sounds.

Now, let’s break this down a little bit so it can be processed lightly.

You see, willpower is basically your ability to hold on to your thought.

Our thoughts are reckless, or slippery to say it like that, especially those who can do us much good.

The thought is an energy which is flowing through you, and it flows uncontrolled and free most of the time.

However, willpower is like a muscle which enables you to hold on to that energy and do whatever you want with it.

In other words, by using your will on demand, you can control your thought, shape it with the aid of your imagination, and direct it, for example, to some specific goal which can change your life for better.

The fact is that if you can do this and longer you can do it, your willpower will increase over time.

On the other hand, if you don’t exercise this ability, your power will decrease, and that is what most of the people are doing, or not doing.

Sadly, the world takes it away without any fight.

Lucky for you, I will share some of the best exercises out there later in this post, so you too can have a firm grip over your mind by strengthening up you will first.

Ok, let’s jump to some examples so that you can understand it even more.


Weak Will vs. Strong Will; Some Every Day Examples

Here are a few situations in everyday life where you have to use your willpower, and also this is the point where you can check yourself to see are you active or weak in will.

The following example is universal, no doubt whatsoever!

Many people have trouble getting up in the morning.

All warm and snugly, the bed is one of the best places in the world. 🙂

Also, the bed is the perfect test to your will.

How many of you, or do you, press the snooze button every day and stay in bed for another round instead of getting up on time and start doing tasks which will strengthen up your will?

People who are possessing a strong will to get up and get going with their day are strongminded.

They don’t contemplate the thought of getting up for a single second, they just get up and get going if they must to and want to start the day like that.

If not, then it is okay to kick in for another round.

Weekends are perfect for this. 🙂

Here is another stellar example of strong vs. weak will.

Let’s say a person decides to hit a new diet regimen for the next six months.

The diet, of course, forbids some sweet temptations, which means no chocolate, sparkling drinks, chips, and burgers, just healthy smoothies, fish, and poultry, rice, and pasta, nuts, and raisins.


Blueberry Smoothie


The idea of following through a healthy diet program can be, and it usually is inspiring for the majority of people at the beginning.

However, not so many people can hold on to that program with the power of their will until they develop strong self-discipline which will push them until the end.

Moreover, it will keep them going forever if they do!

You see, most of us are weakminded no matter what we like to think about ourselves.

No offense!

The majority will start well and then give up at the first sign of temptation or trouble and fall back to where they were before the decision to take a diet.

Comfort zone is full of temptation.

We all like to choke on the bag of potato chips or to make love with that bar of chocolate, diet or no diet. HAHA!

I am the first to admit!

How many of you, or do you, fall under that temptation while you are trying to forbid yourself from those things because you are focused on the benefits of broccoli and salmon fish?

Strongminded people are going to take a stick of carrot, sit in front of the bag of potato chips and make fun of the bag while eating the carrot with a smile on the face. 🙂

Smoking can be another perfect example!

If some smokers are reading this article, test your will by trying to control that thought impulse of craving for a smoke for a whole day.

It can show you how strong you are, or not.


Let’s now meet our mind some more, shall we?


Mind is Like a Muscle; it Needs a Regular Exercise.

At this point, we know what willpower is, and we have learned a few everyday examples where we either fall back on our butts, or we use the power to push through.

It sounds straightforward when you listen or read about it like this.

However, in reality, it can be much tougher to control this strong impulse to want something which we know is not going to provide you with any benefits.

To resist a destructive thought impulse and keep on reinforcing a positive and constructive one it asks for a great deal of mental effort, concentration, and focus!

However, it is not impossible.

You see, the human mind can be compared to a muscle in every way.

At the end of the day, the mind is the one who is controlling the muscle, but let’s stick to the point.

In reality, a weak biceps muscle can lift a 2 or 3-pound dumbbell for a couple of times before it will fall back and quit because it is not strong enough to raise some more.

It has no previous growth experience with weightlifting, and that is all it can perform at the moment.

On the other hand, a developed and healthy biceps muscle can play around with 3-pound dumbbell all day long without feeling tired or exhausted.

For him, it is like handling a feather.

The strong muscle has years and years of previous weightlifting experience, and it requires much greater tasks than 3-pound dumbbell to maintain its abilities, and the same stands for your willpower.

The weak mind can become strong and healthy with continuous use.

It is like a muscle which needs to be adequately fed, exercised, and rested to thrive and to perform at the top level.

Before we dig in deeper into some of the most simple willpower building exercises, let’s say a word or two about the last point of the previous sentence.


Walking Woman


Mind Needs a Frequent Rest As Well.

Rest your mind frequently and adequately every single day!

Like a muscle, the mind has to kick back and relax every once in a while so it can give its best when needed.

Otherwise, it may fail you in some critical moments.

That is not what you want!

Imagine lifting something substantial, something that you can lift ten times out of ten.

However, one day you are not well rested, and your lifting muscles are tired as well.

They may, and will give up on you in that critical moment when you have to lift the most because they are not well prepared for the task.

This scenario can be prevented and eliminated!

There is an excellent work-rest routine which prevents both mind and body fatigue.

I will advise you to take frequent breaks during your days and to sleep at least 7 hours every night to keep your mind and body in a perfect working condition.

When I work I like to stick to a scheme that I have found in one human mind performance research conducted in Italy, I guess.

The name of the scheme is the Pomodoro Technique, Pomodoro on Italian means, tomato.

What a silly name. 🙂

The scheme merely says that after every 25 minutes of work you should take a 5-minute break and then continue with your work.

Also, if you must and you can, you can go for a 50 minutes work session and then take a 10-minute break to stretch, eat an apple, have a cup of coffee or tea or whatever healthy habit you like to have.

I am a great fan of this routine, and I must say it does wonder for my willpower, and to my mind in general!

With the help of the information, I was able to do so much more work in a shorter period than usual.

Moreover, it has affected my quality of work as well; it became much better than before.

Try it and test it for yourself if you want.

You won’t be disappointed with the results.

Many people are using this method to improve their willpower while they work.

Why not follow?

I made it my habit which I will never change.


How to Exercise the Will-Power?


You are well prepared to approach some of the best willpower building exercises out there!

You know what is this power, you know to tell the difference between where you lack and where you are strong, and also you are well aware that your mind is like a muscle which has to be appropriately treated to be able to grow.

Now let’s focus on some simple exercises which I was able to find and incorporate in my daily habits to keep my will strong.

Most of these exercises are beginner friendly, and they are also meant to serve people with an already highly developed will.

I have arranged them by my experience starting with the first one that I have ever tried.

I suggest you start with the first one no matter what level of mental strength you may be at, and then to chose at least one of the following four exercises to incorporate in your life.

Always remember that your mind is like a muscle, so the more time you devote to exercise the stronger it will become.

Moreover, there are no limits to the mind, so don’t stop with these exercises because it will set the process in reverse as soon as you stop exercising, just like the muscle would stop growing once you stop lifting weights.

Ok, now here is a list of my top six willpower building exercise.

Roll up your sleeves, my friend! 🙂


1.) Focus on a single dot on a wall.

A few years ago, when I was a very mentally weak individual, I have started to analyze my weaknesses and search for ways and means to turn them into strengths.

I believe that this one I have found on WikiHow, and it is one of my favorites when it comes to willpower building exercises because you can perform it anytime anywhere!

Don’t hold me for my word; it can be that I have found it anywhere online.

The point is that it is a vigorous exercise and it merely comes down to this.

Devote 10-15 minutes each day to take a sheet of paper, draw a black dot on it with a black marker, hang it on a wall somewhere in your house or apartment, and merely have a staring contest with it.

The one who blinks the first is a loser! 🙂

You will notice that at the beginning it is not going to be easy as it sounds.

However, if you keep on doing this for seven days, you will notice a significant improvement in your ability to hold on to thought with your will.

In this case, on the dot on the wall.

And if you keep on doing it for 10-15 minutes every single day, for the next year, you will be amazed at results that will follow!

Some people might find a dot to be boring so that a candle flame can be a great substitution.

Now, the exercise is more or less the same; the only difference is in the opponent.

The results of the exercise will be a stronger will, improvement in self-discipline, and much more!

Oh boy!

This topic is starting to be exciting, so let’s move on!


2.) Read some books.

I am a great fan of reading books, especially personal development books.

They are the source of a high percentage of my knowledge and an excellent tool for exercising my willpower.

Therefore, if you don’t read books, maybe you should start.

If you do, know that reading is a great way to improve your ability to focus and a perfect way to build up your willpower.

When I was starting to get more interested in the act of reading, I was not aware that it would do so much good to my mind.

However, when I look back in retrospective, I can see how much it helped me to keep my mind disciplined and focused on a single task.

Later on in life, this ability to stay disciplined on something which is beneficial for my mind and body had paid off in dividends.

To strengthen up your willpower, I would recommend reading for at least half an hour every single day.

Any material is fine.

You see, there will be days when you don’t feel like reading, and those days are perfect for the growth of your powers!

Staying consistent is one of the keys to success!

When you can “force” your mind to stop slacking off and give it something more constructive to do, at those moments it will, just like a real muscle, start to overcome its weakness and begin to grow in strength instead of remaining idle, or even worse to disintegrate.

You will, eventually, start noticing how this small exercise will make you push harder and do more while performing any other tasks during your day to day activities.

Reading is the ultimate solution for building up your mind – muscle powers.


The next one is cool as well.


3.) Breath control meditation does wonder!

Inhale through your nose, take a deep breath while counting in your mind for four seconds.

Hold your breath for three seconds.

Exhale slowly on your mouth and count for six seconds.

Now, repeat for two more cycles!

Do you feel any improvement in your consciousness such as clarity of thoughts, greater awareness of the moment, and sharper focus?

If you had some troubles doing this, by this I mean, you have encountered some resistance of your body, it says that this exercise is perfect for you.

Breath meditation requires a great deal of willpower to hold your breath while your body is resisting to exhale and take a fresh one.

This exercise simulates the breathing cycle of a swimmer which is reversed; mouth inhales, nose exhales.

However, we all know how this kind of breathing is beneficial for our mind and body too.

Exhaling for six seconds is a point where many people struggle to keep their focus, and they exhale fast so they can inhale again.

Therefore, they fall under the weakness of the will.

Anyway, the point of the exercise is to keep on improving your willpower by counting the seconds while trying to control your breath.

The method does wonders for mental strength, and it can improve many of your psychic abilities such as focus, concentration, self-discipline, and willpower.

10 to 15 minutes per day would do wonders to your mind.

One more tip!

If you keep practicing this technique in your leisure time, later on during your day to day activities, you can use it to your boost your mental powers any time you will start to feel like losing them.

This exercise has waking up effects better than anything out there!

You won’t have to drink coffee, energy drinks or anything else for this matter.

A few cycles of breath meditation will sharpen you up in a matter of thirteen seconds!


Swimming Kid


4.) Physical exercise builds you up on many levels.

Uh! Now I am getting tough!

You see, physical activity is a next level exercise for your willpower.

There are more and more people out there getting involved in some kind of fitness program and other physical activities.

I applaud them all!

Bravo to all men and women, grandfathers and grandmothers, boys and girls, moms and dads who are hitting the gyms, pools, tracks, parks and every other kind of fitness facilities on a regular basis!

Because physical exercise requires a great deal of mental effort to follow through, you can only imagine what it can do to your mind powers in the long run.

Listen; if you don’t exercise, you should start right now!

Hit the floor and give me ten pushups!

I am just kidding haha 🙂

Let’s stay serious and count some blessings that will come to your life if you decide to engage your mind and body into some physical activity.

First of all, the amount of stress will be reduced and eventually eliminated from your mind and body which is playing a huge role in your ability to control your impulses aka willpower.

Next, you will feel a significant improvement in your mood which is as well under control of your will.

Furthermore, you will become a physically strong human being.

On top of it all, you will be a more active and energetic individual, and you will be able to do more work than usual.

Moreover, the number of “I don’t want to do it” tasks will become so tiny that it will be almost invisible.

And last but not least.

You will acquire the ability to self-discipline, which requires strong willpower.

You see, going to the gym or any other fitness institution, especially if you are a newbie, requires a great deal of willpower to resist all those little destructive habits you maybe own.

The process will make you fight with an army of negative voices in your mind.

However, if you stay persistent for, let’s say, three months, and you manage to beat those negatives in your mind, then what will happen?

You will reach a whole new level of mental strength, you will successfully replace some destructive habits with a whole lot of healthy ones, and ultimately, all of those will result in strong willpower because it takes a sharp mind to create a healthy habit.

Physical exercise is one of the ultimate solutions for gains in your mental realm as well as in the physical one.

If you don’t exercise, it can be one of the best decision you will ever make!

If you do, however, I encourage you to do the following.


5.) Work on a long-term goal every day.

Ok, here we are at my favorite exercise for strong willpower.

This one is a game changer, my friend!

Working on something which represents a long-term goal can make tremendous improvements in your mental strength overall.

You can improve on so many levels that the thought of it gives me instant goosebumps.

You see, when you are engaged in everyday activity to reach something which is out of your reach at the moment, you will stretch on many different levels.

The tasks of this magnitude will make your mind to do things which it is not accustomed to doing in your everyday life.

You will maybe have to get up an hour earlier than usual.

Or you would have to learn a new skill or two which will shock your mind as well.

Maybe you will have to go somewhere where you have never been before.

All of this has super effects on your willpower, and it can either make you break you.

The mind will try to resist all of it because it is not your habitual behavior, so it is perfectly reasonable.

However, I am more than sure that it will make you a stronger person than you may be right now!

All psychology experts are unanimous when it comes to willpower building exercise, they all agree that long-term goals are the best solution for a better life.

I can testify to this with my example.

All though, everything you have read so far is coming from my experience, and it can serve you as a testament to my willpower.

However, this one is like I have said, extraordinary, magical, shocking!

You see, I have gone through all of the phases, from wishing it to happen to theorize about it all to making written plans, and ultimately I have reached the faze of achieving my long-term goal.

I can say that it was the best move I have ever made in my life!

The process is something which is far beyond words, at least for now.

Me before and I after the decision are two different persons.

My mental attitude has changed to the point of shock.

I have developed stronger will; my memory had improved, focus and concentration are at a much higher level than before, my imagination has strengthened further, the perception of life has gone through many changes as well.

Moreover, my mind continues to stretch and improve with every new day spent working on my long-term goal.

I have even changed physically!

I have grown a beard which was my wish forever haha! 🙂

I believe that long-term goals are the best solution and an ultimate exercise for becoming a strong-minded individual.

For all of you who are interested in learning more about how you too can accomplish the same, I have an excellent post which provides you with five tips to turn your goals into reality.

Therefore, it can be a high starting point for implementing this exercise in your life.


6.) Super Combo!!!

Attention people, this one is only for who are already possessing a highly developed willpower and for those who wish to raise the bar for a bit!

If you haven’t mastered some of the exercises from above, please, don’t approach to this one.

I have found a significant, almost unbelievable improvement in my ability to focus and concentrate my willpower while performing this exercise, also known as a Super Combo.

My little creation. 🙂


The procedure is following.

Sit on the floor in a sit-up position, lock your foot on something so you can pull harder when it starts to burn, and hang a sheet of paper on the wall.

Now, start doing sit-ups while breathing deeply on your stomach and exhaling while going up, also very slowly.

Don’t count the situps, instead, try to count your breaths.

That way you are focused on something which is far more critical than the number of reps you did.

On top of it all, stare at the dot on the wall during the whole exercise.

Once you feel the burn in your core region, you have to keep on pushing, but slowly and focused on breathing.

This exercise is POWERFUL!

I recommend you to do just one session each day because it takes away only five minutes out of your day!

However, those five minutes of intense focus will take your willpower on a whole new level if you keep doing it every single day.

Only one session until failure and be amazed by the benefits!


Let’s talk more about which time of the day is the best for doing these exercises.


When to Exercise the Will-Power?

Now, many people decide to improve both mentally and physically, but somehow they end up giving up.

The reason why is that they always leave it for later, and later never shows up.

I believe that there is a particular time of the day when we should start proactively improving ourselves.

The time I am referring to is, morning!

You see, most of us are waking up and doing things which are programmed in our subconscious mind in our young life without any conscious thinking.

Get up, wash up, dress up, eat up, move your but in a car/bus/bike/tram and got to school/workplace.

I have convinced myself that over 90% of people are getting up and wasting their energies on too many unimportant things instead of starting the day off by improving yourself first.

Morning is precious!

Here are a few reasons why you should start exercising your willpower first thing in the day:

  • the mind is fresh and relaxed
  • the mind is most receptive to learning new information
  • whatever you do in the morning will follow you through the day, and your life
  • doing hard things first will make you stronger later
  • you can quickly erase some destructive habits you don’t know you own
  • morning has fewer distractions compared to the rest of the day

And the list goes on.

I have tried doing these kinds of exercises in the morning and during the day, and the results have amazed me.

With a full authority, I can say that the difference in the success of the exercise between later in the day and the morning is far from huge.

It is humongous!


Morning Exercise


You see, I would come home from my daytime job and then start to do some of the proposed exercises.

Most of the time I would struggle because I have already wasted so much energy on too many mental tasks that I had no left to work on improving myself.

On the other hand, since I have joined the Morning Ritual Mastery program, my life has changed dramatically!

I have created a morning ritual which empowers my mind and my body from the top of the day and my days had changed forever.

The realization of the fact that I was giving the most precious time of the day to some things and people which were draining me instead of making me stronger was a game changer.

I believe, and I actively share my belief with everyone, that we should start our days with at least a half an hour for ourselves to do something which is going to improve us on any level.

Alright now.

I have taught you a little bit about willpower, I have given you my top five most favorite willpower and self-discipline improvement exercises, and I hope I have convinced you that the morning is YOUR part of the day and that you should start using it to empower YOU first, so you can enable others as you go.

Now, as I have promised, I will share with you what I have found to be the most harmful behaviors which deprive you of using your will to its fullest power.

I hope you have learned a lot by far.

Therefore, let’s put some icing on the cake, shall we?


What Takes This Power Away From You?

Alright, folks!

Here is the most painful part of this post.

Now we are going to talk about some of the universal destructive habits which are not only draining your willpower, but they are destroying it!

So far, everything you have read about this precious mental ability is derived from my personal experience and study on this topic.

The rest of the post is also based on my personal experience so don’t take every word personally.

What would I suggest to you is to take a day off and go somewhere peaceful where you can hear your thoughts.

Use that time alone to check yourself for these destructive habits which are killing your willpower and self-discipline.

Once you have them under the spotlight, make sure you will come back home with a firm decision to replace them with some of my suggestions form this article.

You don’t have to give them up forever.

All though, some time of separation is recommended, and after, you can inject a healthy balance in a relationship between the two of you.

I believe that people make a mistake when they give up a harmful habit and never do it again.

It is self-torture, and it should not be like that.

It just has to be under control, but not eliminated.

Moreover, we should allow ourselves some “nasty” habits from time to time so we can respect and come back to those better ones which we have created to overpower the bad habit.

Therefore, let’s start with the following.


1.) Unnecessary TV time, or staring at any other sources of mindless entertainment is a vast, massive, dominant, the number one killer of your powers.

Many of us are guilty of this one.

I understand that we have to sit back, relax, and do nothing from time to time.

However, the keyword is from time to time, not all the time!

It hurts me to see when people are mindlessly staring at screens just to have something to do.

I love technology, and I use it only for my benefit.

Staying up late to play video games, or to watch my favorite TV shows have had drilled a massive hole in my mind.

I cannot stress how much it was draining my mental powers!

Once I have decided to cut it out and start to take over the control over my mind proactively, everything has changed for the better.

I still use the screen, however, this time to fill that whole that it had created, so it is WIN – WIN.

Moreover, technology is created to provide a constructive and empowering service.

Take it as an extra organ of your body which you can use to get better, be more, and have more.


I hope I have not offended anyone who has a sincere and loving relationship with their cable company.

Therefore, let’s move on to something else.


2.) Alcohol, partying, using recreational drugs too often that it is too far away from the word recreation can take your mental power and lock them in a vast vault buried deep in your skull.

This one is going to a younger generation of you who is reading this.

Keep in your mind the fact that I am talking from the EXPERIENCE.

Doing all those things is good, and it should be incorporated into the life of a growing individual in a small dose!

You should know, also, that too much of those things is robbing you from fulfilling your real, natural potential.

Yeah, I understand that it feels fantastic to be a horse and party like an animal, I know it fills you up with confidence and “power.”

However, that is just fake.

Nothing can replace or substitute a naturally grown potential.

I have given you six excellent ways how you can become a super-mind without the aid of any “supplements.”

Your mind and its faculties are a precious gift which has to be guarded and exercised all the time.

So, understand that it is ok to party for a while, but always get back to the top!


Dumb Mind


3.) Sleeping in, not getting up on time or not having a regular sleeping routine can and will rob you from fulfilling your real potential, and it will weaken your willpower and other mental faculties along with it.

It doesn’t matter at what time you go to sleep or at what time you get up in the morning or any other time of the day for this matter.

What is important is that if you don’t rest your mind and body, you will experience fatigue.

That is a fact hard as a rock!

A tired individual is unable to perform at the same level as the person who is well rested.

Mentally or physically, it stands the same for both.

I have developed a healthy going to sleep on time-waking up on time routine which has helped me to understand the difference between the energized, well-rested state of being and tired, not the well-rested state.

If you want to copy my method, it is straightforward.

I sleep for seven hours every night.

Even if I go to bed at 5 AM, I will still set my alarm clock for seven hours forward and wake up as soon as it rings.

After, getting up, I do my morning routine which puts me in an awareness mode straight away.

My willpower got much stronger once I have started to behave like this.

Therefore, to conclude, don’t tire your mind with TV, alcohol, drugs, video games, social networks, and irregular sleep.

It will take away so much energy from you which you can use to aim at something which will make your life better.

Once again, it is ok to go wild from time to time, but not all the time, ok?


4.) Too much of your time spent on “just” hanging out with your buddies or gals is weakening you as well. Avoid people who are not suitable for your life, remove those who are not having a plan because they will take you away from yours.

I was a social maniac, guys.

Therefore, I know how destructive this habit can be and how much damage it can do to your mind in general.

People who are not in harmony with you and your goals in life should be avoided.

Not entirely, of course, but most of the time, yea.

You see, the ones who are here just to “breathe” are kind hearts and souls, but they are goalless, and they can cut your willpower in half if you let them close!

You, on the other hand, if you want to keep your focus on your goals,  to strengthen up your mind and willpower, develop better self-discipline, and more, you should guard your mind zealously against all who are not having the same motive in life.

You don’t have to be rude to them.

However, try to move away from them.



If You Came This Far, You Are Strong!

I believe that we are coming to an end of this post.

Those of you who finished this reading are well on your way to keep on strengthening up your mind, and applaud you!

I think I have drained all of my knowledge about willpower, how to use it wisely, and against what should you protect it.

When I discover some new ways, means, methods, and techniques to exercise and improve your mind, I will come back to expand this post.

Until then, I wish you a great life!

Enjoy this excellent adventure, and keep on getting better every day.

In the end, I will give one example from the world of sports which will paint you a perfect picture what you can do if you set your power on something which will make your life much much much better in the future.



The Best Example of a Strong Will Power


Olympic Games


I think that this example can serve you well so you can tie everything you have read in one big picture.

I don’t know if there any sports fans who are reading this, but I believe that this example can be understood by everyone, not only a sports fan.

You know that every four years we have a worldwide event, called, the Olympic Games.

The last one was in Rio de Janeiro, I believe.

Every four years we see these top of the world athletes competing for medals and other material stuff.

However, they compete for the right to say “my mind is stronger than yours.”

Medals are just a real recognition of the fact.

Now, how do they get there?

We see only the part of the competition which lasts for, I guess, one month or so, but we don’t know what is going on in between two games, during those four years of waiting for the next one to come.

These guys are, in my opinion, the best example of a sharp mind and what a powerful mind can do if it is directed to something for that long.

To succeed as an athlete in Olympic games, any individual has to go through rigorous training every single day for four years.

They put their bodies to such a hardcore training session that it requires a high level of mental toughness.

Any “regular” person would give up after a month or two of this scenario, no doubt.

However, a professional athlete has developed strong willpower so it can stay focused on an ultimate goal.

You can only imagine how it is like to wake up every day for four years and to think about one thing and one thing only.

You can only imagine how tough your mind has to be to stay disciplined and focused on one objective.

I think we can only assume how hard yet fruitfull this process looks.

After some four years of dedicated exercise of willpower, they step out and meet together in one of the cities across the world to show the rest how high have they developed their willpower this time.

Those athletes who have been the most dedicated to training, those who have been focused the most on finishing that line as the first one to come, those people end up standing on one of those three steps that we see on the medal awarding ceremony.

Those three spots are reserved only for those who have a healthy mind along with the energetic body.

All other competitors have to move aside, clap, and “bow” to those three individuals.

Moreover, they should look at them and learn a thing or two if they want to be shoulder to shoulder with them.

The physical difference may not be significant between them, but the mental one is huge, and that is where growth and improvement happens.


One Last Tip For Strong Will-Power! 🙂

You see, reading a book can be a great decision to improve your mental abilities, no doubt whatsoever!

However, when a book or two are blended with long-term experience of a group of people then you have something else in your hand.

I have discovered a personal development program just recently, which fits into a description from the above like a fish in the water.

Magic in your mind is a six weeks coaching program which can show you how to unlock some of your long forgotten mental facilities.

Moreover, you will get the right tools for exercising the same on daily basis!

As you remember, the daily repetition is going to play a significant role in your ability to control the thought impulse with your will and these tools can assist you until you get the firm grip.

Magic in your Mind is a powerful program developed in the minds of the Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and the rest of the team from the Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

In only six weeks you can make some significant changes in your life!

I am a promoter and ambassador of their work because they have helped me to make some of the best changes in my life with the aid of their expert guidance and the right material.

Magic in your Mind is my recommendation to all of you who wish to raise your mental abilities to a next level.



Six Tools to Help You Get Anything You Want


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Exercise Willpower – Improve Your Self-Discipline”

  1. Hello Ivan – what an awesome read! I try to do some type of personal development every day and today, I chose to read this post to get some personal development today. I am so glad I did. It’s definitely a great topic. It’s amazing, how certain things in our lives we have amazing will power, while others we need to work at. I have amazing will power with working out in the mornings. In the last 365 day, I have one missed one day (was traveling LOL). After working out, I then quiet my mind to meditate and prepare my day. As you stated in your article, consistency is the key and I think that is the glue to making will power work in our lives. I also had to create schedules and “time limits” with various things because as you know certain things can suck your time (as you mentioned in #1 of what is taking away our time). This has helped me tremendously. Now getting up is another story. Ha ha! This is something I really need to work on. I snooze for 1-1.5 hours sometimes! I have admired those that get right up. And that is definitely one of my goals and something of willpower I will be working on. Thanks for the tips to develop my will power muscles!!!! Love reading books and meditation. Will have to check out the other ones you mentioned. For the last one, would love to see a video of you or someone doing this. Would be great to see a visual.

    I really love reading your articles as I always learn so much and receive so much value from your expertise and knowledge. Love your humor too – very endearing. (How about those pushups? lol)

    Lastly – you are so right. The Olympics is an excellent example of will power. You don’t see the years of work that went into them winning those medals. It’s like a musician as am I – when you see a performance of one or hear a song. You appreciate the sound and music. But you don’t realize all the hours and years of practice that the musician through willpower worked and practiced to develop their skill.

    Thanks again Ivan – and yes, even on Christmas – I am personally developing myself. Merry Christmas friend! 🙂

    • Hi LT,

      I am happy to see you again! Thank you for your comprehensive comment. Honestly, this is one of the major benefits of my work, my friend. To see that someone values a tip or two from my experience is worth more than anything to me. It shows that my mistakes were there for a perfect reason. I like to hear that you are already using some of the things which I have recommended to exercise your willpower. And also, it is thrilling to hear that you are going to look up to some other things I have mentioned to build up your willpower muscles! So cool! Once advice regarding your sleeping routine. If you are good with it, and you are happy with it, then keep it going. On the other hand, if you want to change that, then I have a great recommendation which I would like you to check out. Here is the link.

      Your Personal Development never rests brother! Keep up the good work!


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