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The Law of Attraction can be used in relationships in many different ways. If you don’t know how here you will learn to use this law of the Universe to fix or improve the existing relationship.


We are humans, and we make mistakes.

Those mistakes which are most of the time stupid and unconscious can cost us losing the love of the people we care about.

I assume that some people who are reading this have relationships problems.

They want to know how to fix it as well.

You can and you will.

I remember reading this example of a woman who was about to divorce her husband.

However, she did not want to do so; the divorce was a wish of her partner because he felt that love is lost.

The couple was married for a long time, and of course that they have lost a connection with each other after all those years in marriage.

This woman was intelligent enough to seek a bit of advice before she decided to accept her husband’s proposition.

She meets a man who was an expert when it comes to positive thinking as well as the science about the Law of Attraction.

The man gave her a few award-winning pieces of advice to save her marriage.

She listened to him.

At the end of the story, she managed to save her relationship with her husband somehow.

Now, the procedure the man told her to apply can be applied to everything.

I have used the same method to recover the relationship with my family, and I am more than convinced that it works.

All it takes some time to do it as well as patience until it happens.

In my case, it took me around one year to recover the love lost.


1.) Give Your Loved One and Yourself Some Time and Space

Whenever you find yourself in a relationship problem, and you have no idea how to fix it, your partner or a loved one is mad at you, and you have lost the trust and affection, the best thing to do is give them some time and space.

By doing so, you are giving the same to yourself.

In my opinion, people make mistakes when they try to argue about problems.

You see, arguments will bring only more discussions which can ultimately result in a breakup.

Sadly, in most cases, it indeed does result in abandonment of the relationship, especially in a modern world where pride and ego rule.

However, once you decide to split up for some time, you will get a chance, both you and your loved one, to see where you have made a mistake and what can you do to correct this problem that separates you.

My advice to you is not to think about what they have done wrong to you because whatever they have done to hurt you, you are the one to blame because you have allowed it.

Instead, contemplate about your mistake and find a solution.

I believe that if a person who loves you will do the same thing in their privacy as well.

However, this is the risk you will have to take.

If that person loves you than he or she will do the same thing as you.

In my experience, the only solution is to forgive yourself whatever you may have done wrong.

Don’t hold any resentments or grudges against yourself or anyone else for this matter, forgive everything.

It can be hard sometimes to forget about something that caused the problems in the relationship and caused negative emotions, but forgiveness is an act of the highest order, and it is an antidote for unwanted feelings towards the people that you care about.

Moreover, you can use that time alone to invest in yourself, learn something new, change at least one thing in your makeup.

In other words, improve yourself while you wait!

It can take your mind of resentment, sadness, anger, or any other negative emotion.

When the time is right, you will see how this time alone, if spent well, can change everything.


2.) Slowly Imagine Things Getting Back to Normal

Once you feel like there are no more hard feelings towards the person you once loved as well as towards yourself, start implementing this mental trick.

I found it to be brilliant! 🙂

Whenever you have a chance go and visit, mentally or physically, some places where you had the best time with the person you want to be again.

Use your imagination to revive some of the greatest memories of love you have.

Do this for at least thirty days every day at least twice a day!

Then, start seeing things slowly getting back to normal.

Begin to imagine your relationship coming back to a perfect state or even better, start seeing yourself doing some things that you have always wanted to do with that person, but you never had a chance to do it.

Don’t rush into any action!

You see, this mental trick will help you to recover and improve the emotional bond you once had with that person.

Take as much time you need until you get back the feeling you have lost.

Love is wild and whimsical; it has to be lured, you cann0t force it to come back, it will happen whenever she wants.

For those of you who like animals, you know that you can’t catch any creature by force (except dogs maybe) just because you want it.

The animal comes to you only when it feels the positive vibration and feels it is safe.

The same is with a lost feeling of love.

It has to be sure that every negative emotion that blocks the entrance in your heart is removed.

The catch with this step is in repetition, like with everything else in life.

Therefore, make sure you practice this step a lot until you feel like it is time for the next level.


Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s Law of Attraction Coaching Can Remake You!


3.) Start Acting Like it is All Good Again

If you have done everything correctly so far, you should be feeling peaceful and ready to love again.

When you reach this stage, slowly start acting like everything is ok.

Again, I must repeat, do not force anything!

Go about your day doing things you usually do but with a smile on your face and a sincere wish to start all over again.

I am unable to explain in words what happens once you do this because I am still confused with the fact that it works! 🙂

I was able to mess up the things with my parents so bad by making stupid mistakes over and over until they stopped caring about me.

Well, not entirely, but I saw that they don’t give a rats ass about my life anymore.

At first, because I was an idiot, I was blaming them.

However, once I have heard about the same pieces of advice that I am sharing here with you, I was curious to find out do they work or not.

I have moved away and gave them some time to “forget about me.”

While I was alone, I did everything I can to release some negative emotions that have collected within me, as well as to replace them by paying visits to some good memories that I have with my family.

In the meantime, I have removed every lousy habit which was the cause of our breakup, I have improved my life and became a better person.

I saw us talking again for hours, having laughs, and enjoying each others company.

When I tried to reconnect once again, I believe that they saw a new and better me.

Also, they felt that I have no negative emotions blocking the connection, so ultimately, they have accepted me back.

I was not forcing anything to happen.

Instead, I was going by my own business and letting them know that I care to fix things.

The love is like that, you can’t catch it whenever you want.

The bond has to be created or renewed, and that is what happened in my case.

That is also the exact thing that happened in that woman’s case with her marriage.

It works!

It will work for everyone who cares at least a little bit to save what can be saved.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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