5 Steps to Use the Law of Attraction for Better Health Today!

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It is proven with many success stories, including mine, that you can have better health and feel fantastic every day without using any artificial or natural powders, pills, or any other medicines, by merely having a positive thought.


The power of your thoughts is enough for the beginning of healing through the Law of Attraction!

In his excellent book “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Dr. Norman V. Peale wrote a chapter titled “How to Use Faith in Healing.”

The book itself is full of many stories about people who used faith factor in overcoming many life adversities, including disease.

To me, the most fascinating part is when he talks about a renowned surgeon, a Viennese doctor, Dr. Hans Finsterer who was known all over the place as one of the most successful surgeons in the world.

The doctor himself told that during every operation he conducted he was lead by the “unseen hand” which helped him to perform over 20 000 significant surgeries.

Before every operation, he was passing on his faith to his patients.

This transaction was critical for both sides.

It made the doctor to have confidence in himself while operating, and patients had faith that they will get well after the procedure.

It worked for 20 000 times!

And it still does.

The thought is a starting point.


The Key Ingredient for Better Health


You see, I was a bit overweight a few years ago due to my unhealthy lifestyle, which was an effect of my unhealthy thoughts.

Weight was not the only issue.

This condition attracted to me many more physical and mental problems such as damaged joints, digestion problems, and depression.

With a lot of effort, I managed to clear all these problems way before I learned about the Law of Attraction.

However, since I found out that we can heal ourselves with the power of our thoughts, I was amazed when I looked in retrospective and realized that the Universe was on my side the whole time.

First of all, understand that FAITH is a dominant factor in overcoming disease and establishing good health.

Many people don’t believe, and that is their problem.

I hope you will approach this post with an open mind and with an attitude that you too are quite capable of manifesting everything in your life by following this simple formula.

It is essential to make it work.

In this case, we are going to discuss health and using the Law of Attraction to heal yourself.

After you succeed in this matter, you can take the experience with you and with the same attitude reshape anything you want in your life.

Let’s prepare the ground first before you start on your own.


How to Use the Law of Attraction for Better Health


Understand that everything in this Universe is made of two things.

Energy and matter.

The thought is the highest form of this energy, which attracts to it only the same energy.

When that power begins to accumulate within the person, it starts to move into form (action) by drawing the harmonious matter to it.

When the process is repeated, the energy and matter grow together in a direction we set it.

This is a process which works both ways, and it works all the time.

People lose weight, gain, or maintain weight by applying the described method,  and in most of the cases, it is by unconscious effort.

You don’t have to take pills to get well.

The tablets are just a medium for inducing the thoughts of good health on a conscious level, and faith on the unconscious, which when repeated ultimately manifests itself in reality as overall wellbeing.

Faith is what gives the power to pharmaceutical products.

People believe in pills. Therefore, they work for them in almost 90% of the cases.

This power is within you all the time, and you can start using it on your own without of aid of artificial and harmful stuff.

You have absolute control over one thing, your thoughts.

You can take that energy and consciously direct it in any way you wish.

It takes focus, effort, time, and constant repetition but one thing is for sure, if you don’t give up, you will win.

The mind is the most significant power you have.

And it can become powerful only if used.


Man Workout for Better Health With the Law of Attraction


1.) Decide to Start Today for a Better Tomorrow


It all starts with a strong, emotional decision.

You must desire good health.

You must have that deep, deep feeling of WANT.

Now, use that feeling to decide right now that as of this moment you are a healthy person.

Not that you are going to become, but that you are already a healthy person.

Say it to yourself three times out loud!

Write it down on a paper!

Understand that as of the moment when you make a decision, you are flipping your thoughts on a frequency of good health.

The Law of Attraction states that we become what we think about.

That we attract ideas and matter of the same kind as those you hold in our mind and heart.

You are now thinking about good health.

From now on, you are attracting to you more and more thoughts of the same kind which will eventually grow in such a connection with you that they will attract and reproduce health in your physical world.

Therefore, you are already a healthy person.

To paint you a picture I will give you my own example.

I was around 220 pounds or in kilograms, around 100.

It was not a severe condition, but it caused me many problems.

The worst happened when I thorn the ligaments of my left knee because it was not used to 20 kilos of extra weight.

That moment of extreme pain was the moment when I said to myself, and I remember it distinctly as it was yesterday, that I am going to stop taking my body for granted and I will start living healthy lifestyle whatever that means.

For the first time, I looked in the mirror and saw the real picture.

Back in those days, I was eating pizzas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and I had no freaking idea what healthy lifestyle represents.

Coca-Cola and beer was my water and tea.

However, as of that moment of my decision, everything begins to change.

Something told me to stick to it for as long as I have to.

So I did, and, I still do.

Back then I was not aware that by making that decision I caused my brain to start searching ways and means for good health.

In small yet sure steps I recovered from my injury.

After that, I reconsidered my diet and changed almost everything one step or one meal at the time.

I started to exercise as well.

Not in a hectic manner but with the calm assurance that if I can find fun in it, I will achieve my goal.

I was cycling a lot, then running and swimming.

The gym became my church and eventually, I found myself living in a healthy and strong body with a mind full of many different healthy thoughts which I have attracted along the way.

It took some time to manifest that decision in my reality (approx 2 years), but it sure paid off in dividends!

Therefore, to conclude the first step towards your healing.

Make a DECISION right now! And stick to your decision until you see it as your reality.

And you will. I am more than sure about it.

Now, to secure your decision, you must follow the next step.


Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s Law of Attraction Coaching Can Remake You!


2.) Let Go of Unhealthy Thoughts Right Now


People who are suffering from health issues have their minds occupied with unhealthy thoughts about their problem.

Your mind can entertain only one set of thoughts at the time, and it leads you in the direction of those thoughts, which ultimately brings you the results equal to your thoughts.

This is a hard fact as it is a fact that the sun is going to come up tomorrow morning.

When you make a firm decision that you are healthy, you are causing your mind to stop thinking about whatever it is your problem.

And if you keep feeding that information to yourself, it will eventually become a dominant thought in your mind which will attract ways and means for getting better.

However, most people make a mistake, and they don’t release the unhealthy thoughts.

It can be hard of course to stop thinking about the pain, or discomfort caused by illness because it is there and you can feel it.

Know also that sometimes we are the ones who originate the pain within our mind first and it expresses itself in the form of the symptoms.

If you don’t let go of the thoughts about your problem, they will keep coming back.

To use the Law of Attraction in healing, you will have to make a superb effort on a continuous basis to keep forgetting about the symptoms by concentrating your thoughts on the positive solution, on your decision.

If you write it on paper, it can be a great reminder.

The following story can serve as a huge inspiration. I know it did, and it still does to me.

I have a good friend, and I know the guy whole my life. Mario is a train driver, and seven years ago he had a horrible accident where his train jumped out of the rails and smashed to the wall at the tunnel entrance.

He survived but with a severe physical and nervous damage. His partner on the train, unfortunately, did not.

Doctors patched him up and broken bones healed.

However, Mario’s head was still the one who had to be fixed.

First few months after the accident he was doing pretty well.

We could see that he was happy to be alive and that he really means it.

After some time the trouble occurred.

Whenever he was left alone, he was reviewing the accident in his mind.

This caused a severe headache and blood pressure irregularity to him on a physical plane and mild depression on a psychic level.

The doctors were filling him up with tablets, but no matter how much he was taking, the relief was lasting as long as he was not thinking about the accident.

He came to a point where he was eating them like bonbons.

However, without any results, because his faith disappeared entirely and was replaced by thoughts of fear.

He was expecting the problems, and they did not disappoint him.

One day I have noticed that his headache and the rest of the problems magically disappear when he is having fun!

When he was occupied with something, something he really loves to do he was a perfectly healthy man.

As soon as he gets back in a boredom zone, those old fears and worries came back to him.

It was a self-dooming cycle.

I gave my best effort to toss this thought to him whenever we were hanging out.

I explained it to his girlfriend, and she realized the same thing, and she gave her best to do her part.

It took some time for Mario to realize as well.

He heard us and eventually understood that he has to take off his mind of troubles and put his thought on to something else, something positive and he will be fine.

That is what he eventually did, and today he is a healthy and happy man who doesn’t need pills to get over the pain.

The pain does not exist anymore.

You make another decision right now.

Let go of the thoughts that are causing you to feel ill, and begin immediately inject the ideas of health and happiness.

The next step is a great way how can you do this most effectively.


3.) See Yourself in Perfect Health as of This Moment


Our imagination is a workshop of our mind.

This is where we can see ourselves in a perfectly healthy condition or a place where we can create many troubles.

“The mind is a powerful thing. It builds, or it destroys.” -N.Hill

Understand this!

We can close our eyes and visualize the events that already happened, to replay the memory.

99% of the people use this 99%of the time to replay a negative memory.

From the moment of waking up, they visualize bad things that troubled them yesterday, and the day before, and a month, year, or ever ten years in the past.

They keep thinking ill thoughts until it becomes an unconscious, uncontrolled HABIT which keeps them in the same rut for years and years.

We can also use the same ability to originate a possible future!

To think healthy, positive thoughts on demand.

The magic words are choice and decision.

Mario had two options, and he chose the first one.

He was making a mistake by replaying a negative memory within his imagination for seven years!!! The mind will always reproduce the content of the thoughts in our reality.

As a result, he was enhancing his problems day by day without being aware that the real problem lies within him.

It almost took life from a guy.

When you mix the image you hold in your mind with any emotion, positive or negative, you are starting the process of attraction.

Mix the fear with a thought of ill health, and you will get the disease.

It may take some time, but it will appear.

On the other hand, mix faith with thoughts of good health, and there is no other way than to become healthy.

Here is a most potent way how to see yourself in perfect health.

First of all, look at the resemblance of the words.


They are one of the same!

Now, begin to see yourself within your mind, with your eyes closed in a condition you want to achieve.

In other words, see yourself already in perfect health.

If you are overweight, see yourself as in your perfect weight, slim and fit.

If you have pain in your leg, see yourself doing the things you usually can’t because of the pain.

If your back hurt, see yourself mobile and flexible as you were before the sickness.

If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, see your heart in perfect health and yourself happy and smiled.

Whatever you wish to heal if you keep impressing the visions through meditation at least twice a day you will create an inner awareness of the good health you seek.

Pills or medication are medium for inducing these thoughts, and they are also recommended twice or more times per day.

If your condition is more severe, then take a break from your day every 3-4 hours and relax for 10 minutes and visualize good health.

Instead of a pill, eat an apple and imagine it has the same effect as the medication.

It is a neat mental trick that works every time.

Because of my poor diet in the past, I had severe heartburn attacks.

Sometimes I woke up in the middle of the night feeling that my stomach acid is almost reaching my mouth.

The pain was unbearable.

My parents told me to visit a doctor, do a gastroscopic surgery, and take sodium bicarbonate tablets.

I came to a point, like my friend, where I was sucking them 10 times per day at least!

They caused me even more problems than before.

However, one day I was looking for natural remedies, and I found out that green tea is a natural miracle worker!

I went to a local supermarket and bought me a couple of boxes immediately.

The first cup was awful taste. Like eating hay or dry grass.

The second, third, and fourth as well.

Despite the taste, I remember saying to myself “Drink it and your heartburn will disappear. You’ll be fine. The tea is tasting good, and your stomach is feeling fine.”

While drinking the tea, I was inducing images and feelings of wellbeing in my mind. It made me feel good in a matter of the seconds.

Guess what?

I still drink it today. It is the best taste of the tea there is!

Moreover, I can’t remember when was the last time I had a heartburn issue.

Understand that your old thoughts of ill health will gradually be replaced with new ideas of health and wellbeing.

Those new thoughts will become strong, and they will start to seek expression through your action.

Therefore, apply the next step as you would the first three.


4.) Get Into Alignment by Taking Inspired Action


What do I mean when I say inspired action and what is the difference between regular and inspired action?

You see, if you approach something, a specific task but without taking some thought before taking action, you are risking to receive any kind of outcome, positive and negative.

It is like a lottery.

You never know what you will get.

On the other hand, if you force yourself to think about it in favorable terms before you do it.

You also accomplish to see yourself at the end result, and that vision inspires you with faith and enthusiasm.

It will induce an inspired action which will bring you positive results.

The sum of the Law of Attraction is to think in a positive term, feel good about it, and take action to get into alignment and reproduce an outcome in your physical world.

The alignment breaks for those who fail to do so.

If a person thinks about health, but fails to induce faith, and then takes action, the outcome will not be positive.

It can sometimes be. But not so often.

Most of the times people do everything right.

They thought about it, they got emotionally involved, but then something happens.

They don’t take inspired action because fear comes at the surface. It stops the movement and desired results in a matter of milliseconds.

“Fear can kill a person quicker than a speeding bullet.” -James Allen

This is an emotion which stands behind 99% of the failures in life.

People stay unhealthy because they fear success if they try, they think they can’t handle it.

The fear of failure is the most common one. “What if I try and fail? What will people say? They will laugh at me.”

These fears reproduce another one, the fear of critic.

The concern comes in many different forms, but its outcome is always the same.


When I decided to lose weight, I started in the “shadows” of my own home where no one can see me because I was unconsciously afraid of the critic.

I didn’t know it back then, but I sure do now.

The moment when I decided to go to the local gym was nerve-wracking.

Nobody saw it, but I could feel it in my bones.

The terror of being criticized because of my shape, my lack of knowledge, and just because I am a new guy in there.

But that did not stop me!

I was doing something while I was working out in the comfort of my own house.

I was killing that fear before I was up to meet it in reality.

And when I was up to confront it face to face, I was already inspired by my actions from before that it disappeared way before it tried to kill my ambition.

Ultimately, by repeating the whole process over and over, I became full of faith in my ability to lose the weight and replace it with healthy muscle mass.

The results were quick as a flame.

Nothing great was ever accomplished without inspiration. It comes from the decision to think about health, seeing yourself as an already healthy person, and by taking the action which is inspired by those thoughts and feelings.

Whatever health issue you carry with you, understand that this is a formula which can bring you at least a quick relief if not a complete overcoming of the illness.

I tried it many times so far to attack many different health-related problems in my life. From mental to physical.

I worked every time! And it will work for you too.

That I am 100% sure.


Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s Law of Attraction Coaching Can Remake You!


5.) Never Give Up, and You Will Reap What You Sow


The success is never a straight line.

The success is a journey of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

The first four steps are the most simple and straightforward path that you can take to arrive at your destination.

This last one is combining all of them into a single one.

Form an image of the seed in your mind.

Let that seed represent your health.

If you care for it long enough, protect it from weeds and pests (worries and fears), feed it with desired nutrients (faith and action), that seed will turn into a broad, healthy tree one day.

If you give up, however, that seed will rot in the ground and turn to dust. It will never get a chance to become what it is intended to be.

Moreover, realize that once you go through the process and do it thousands of times, you will form a habit.

This new habit will breed more similar habits which will move you in the direction of good health forever.

I have applied everything from this post for a million times so far to improve my condition.

You see, I can’t remember when was the last time I had any kind of pain, cold, or suffered from any other unhealthy conditions.

Frankly, I don’t want to think about it.

I want to stay focused only on good health because that is what will I get by the Law of Attraction.


Your Health is in Your Hands, in Your Mind…


In an already mentioned book, “The Power of Positive Thinking,” Dr. Norman V. Peale tells another story about the man who was diagnosed with a tumor on his jaw.

The doctors told him that his days were counted.

This man was, as it was a natural thing to do, completely devastated by this news about his condition.

At first, he was discouraged from life and everything he was doing up until that moment.

However, one day, he picked up a religious book and started to read a page per day.

He did not do it out of desperation, he just felt that it will help him to forget about his illness.

Days went by, and nothing was happening on the physical plane.

He was still sick, but he was not allowing himself to think about it. He said that he found comfort in the book and it gave him hope.

Moreover, he said that he even started to imagine his condition going away.

He made a silent, unconscious decision that he refuses to be sick.

And if a man refuses to be sick, then he must be the opposite of that, a healthy one.

Eventually, he returned to his normal life and started to behave like nothing was wrong with him. He did his job, as usual, loved his wife, took care of the family, and lived as a healthy man.

Dr. Peale quoted his words, and I will take the liberty to do the same:

“One day while reading the book I had an odd inward feeling of warmth and great happiness. It is difficult to describe, and long ago I gave over trying to explain the feeling. From that time on my improvement was rapid. I went back to the doctors who had first diagnosed my case. They examined me carefully. They were obviously surprised and agreed that my condition had improved, but warned me that this was only a temporary respite. Later, however, upon further examination, it was determined that the symptoms of osteoma had disappeared entirely. Still, the doctors told me it would probably start all over again. This did not disturb me, for in my heart I knew I was healed.”

“How long has it been since your healing?” asked Dr. Peale.

“Fourteen years.” was the answer.

Whatever you keep in your heart awaits you in your life. Fear and disease, or faith and health.

The choice is yours to make.

Remember that no matter how things may seem to be hard and stressful right now, as long as you don’t give up in your mind and in your heart, your body will have no other option than to follow you.

The Law of Attraction works for everything!

When you understand its principles, you will be able to improve everything in your life.

You will have good health, healthy relationships, and even a healthy bank account if that is what you desire.

To your health!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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4 thoughts on “5 Steps to Use the Law of Attraction for Better Health Today!”

  1. Great post.
    I’ve used the power of positive thinking to get me out of so many unpleasant situations… I can’t even go there right now.
    There were times when I thought of giving up, but 1 video I watched changed my mind.
    So, I agree with you when you say that you can use your thoughts/mind to maintain your health.
    I enjoyed reading.
    Keep up the great work 🙂

  2. Very useful article for someone trying to become more healthy! I try to always see myself now as the person I want to become, because I believe that you can manifest that to yourself! I think it takes a lot of practice and a lot of time telling yourself “stop thinking negatively” and blocking that out even when it’s hard to. I think what you’ve said about taking action on a positive thoughts and remaining consistent is spot on, when someone tries it and reflects on the outcome it’s given them I think they’ll realise it too!
    Great read Ivan!

    • Hi Nick,

      Thank you, good to see you again. I am happy to know that you have understood my message!

      I believe that you have a high level of degree when it comes to thinking for yourself. Nothing comes easy, of course. That means that you will have to keep on working towards you better self day into a day out, 365. I firmly believe that action is the key to the critical elements in the Law of Attraction because it takes you on the learning experience. The one which is not written in the books. That is the place where real growth is experienced, and it must be repeated consistently.

      Thank you once again for leaving your input, much appreciated!

      All the Best,


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