Top Personal Development Programs for 2019.

Top Personal Development Programs


I am so happy and grateful for writing these lines today. It makes me even happier thinking about the fact that my post about the top personal development programs, and about my view on personal development, will get the power to reach and change a life or two.

I remember when I reached the decision to start with my quest for a better life.

My experience back then was not the one to envy.

I was trapped in a downward spiral.

Everything that I tried to do was pulling me closer and closer to bottom.

I was a broke, unhealthy, and unhappy individual.

And, it seems that I could not find a solution to my problems no matter how hard I tried.

The first thing I did was, I asked a question “How to be successful?”

I got the answer in the form of the book, Think and Grow Rich.

After the book worked its magic on me, I went for more, and more I got.

One day I was introduced to a program that helps to set meaningful goals in life, Six Minutes to Success.

Since I was a completely goalless person at that time, the idea to join the program seemed like the best thing I can do.

I was thinking “What the heck! It can’t be worst than it is?”

You see, that kind of thinking was actually my biggest problem, enemy number one.

Everything I learned from Six Minutes to Success and its teachers was designed to help me, and to everyone who suffers from a negative pattern of thought.

Now,  a couple of years fast forward I am writing this post with a massive intention to provide answers to a few questions which I had once asked my self.

Like I said on the top of the post, the fact that someone will read this, and who knows, maybe even listen to my advice just as I did before, makes me happy, proud, and excited, all at the same time.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at:


My Top 3 Personal Development Programs


1.) Six Minutes to Success, by Proctor – Gallagher Institute

Six Minutes to Success




This personal development program is one of the best, if not the best thing that ever happened to me. This program literally reshaped my whole life. A day doesn’t go by without saying a big THANK YOU for finding me. Because of Six Minutes to Success, I went from total failure to success in almost every area of my life.

Six Minutes to Success is a program which shows you how to set a goal for every one of the seven areas of your life.

And not just that! It helps you to achieve them by following the footsteps of people who did it a thousand times before.

Also, the program helps to make a firm decision which goals are the most important to you, therefore, it helps to find the one, your true life purpose.

The program is designed to help you to develop valuable skills such as an ability to turn your imagination into concrete goals, the ability to make detailed plans to achieve those goals, gives you the power of organization of life, teaches about persistence and patience, and a lot more.

In my opinion, the best personal development program helps to develop goals to a point where you can touch them, smell, and even see your goals way before you achieve them. Six Minutes to Success literally teaches how to live the life!

The whole concept of the Six Minutes to Success is based on the study of the law of attraction. Bob Proctor, a creator of the program and a co-founder of Proctor – Gallagher Institute, devoted his whole adult life to studying this great universal law.

A long time ago he was introduced to the powers of the law of attraction, he used this force to reshape his own life, and ever since he never stopped to study and teach those powers. He is a mentor to many leaders from all walks of life. From workers to doctors.

His teachings made thousands healthier, wealthier, and happier!

What you can get from Six Minutes to Success is more than a personal development program. It contains knowledge which they don’t teach in schools and universities.

The knowledge which you can use to reshape everything that you dislike about your life.

The program is beyond words, and it is most definitely my top, best, ultimate, the number one recommendation for everyone who wishes to enter the world of personal development.


2.) Morning Ritual Mastery, by Stefan James

Morning Ritual Mastery




For some time in my life, I had problems getting up in the morning. Actually, to get up from the bed was not a problem how much it was to get up feeling good.

Motivated by Six Minutes to Success, I made a goal to clear that problem as well. There is indeed something behind the power of the law of attraction. If you wish for the thing, you will have it!

The Morning Ritual Mastery is a seven-day program which teaches how to create an empowering morning ritual.

The program helps to understand what stands behind our wrong approach to the magic of the morning. You can learn how to reverse your, probably, false or defective beliefs about the morning.

Moreover, it gives you the knowledge and experience to create your own morning ritual that utilizes the morning in the best way possible.

Most of us rush in the morning, reacting to everything and everyone we come in contact with. We create so much stress early in the day which we are not even aware. And then we carry that stress with us throughout the day, destroying our chances to get the best out of it.

Morning Ritual Mastery, seven – day program will help you to reverse this deadly pattern. The program lasts for only seven days! However, the knowledge stays with you forever.

The creator of the program is a young man named, Stefan James. During his early 20-es, he became a millionaire and highly successful entrepreneur.

However, his business success left some damage on his lifestyle, so Stefan decided to fix it by improving the quality of his morning. After a few years spent creating his perfect way to begin the day, the Morning Ritual Mastery was born.

It is my suggestion, to everyone who decides to pursue some worthy ideals and goals in life, to start early in the morning. Like Mr. Proctor once said in one of his seminars “I never met a person who gets up in the afternoon and wins in life.” I truly believe in this statement.


3.) Wealthy Affiliate, by Kyle and Carson

Wealthy Affiliate




Now, one of the goals that I have decided upon is to become self-employed and financially free. To achieve it I had to have some special help as well.

Many programs our there educate about financial freedom, how to handle the money, how to put it to use, and so on. However, none of them teaches about how to get started from the bottom, with nothing to invest except time and work. All of them are just selling the fog, except one!

I saw the opportunity in affiliate marketing business because it was the only thing I found where you can use the same techniques over and over to build multiple streams of passive income using your hobby or interest in something as a foundation.

In other words, you can create a business around your hobby, have fun, and earn money while sleeping! No office or employees or paperwork. Everything is online! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform where you can learn all about affiliate marketing.

The program is in step by step manner, therefore leading you through the process of creating a successful business from scratch until you develop a successful organization. They help you to turn your initial, invisible idea into a money making website.

The platform is full of people just like you and me, people from the everyday walks of life who are there with a joint cause; to earn a passive income! Everyone is helping everyone to move forward.

Some wise people say “If you want a man to grow, put him in the right environment.” I will say if you want to grow, join Wealthy Affiliate University!

The founders, Kyle and Carson, two Canadians who mastered this line of business now share their knowledge on the largest online affiliate marketing community. I found my financial freedom in their online classes, if you are interested in the same, look no further.


Top Education From Top People

As you noticed so far, each personal development program is a brainchild of people who managed to master the specific area.

Those people spent years and years in gathering the knowledge, using the education for their own benefit, and finally, putting the knowledge into an organized form of a personal development program.

All of them are leaders in their chosen occupations. Therefore, they are the people from whom to learn.

Bob Proctor has tones of similar programs behind him.

However, Six Minutes is most simple and in my subjective opinion, the best one. Still today, he is active in creating personal development programs, conducting personal development seminars all over the world, and he still gathers new knowledge about the science behind the goals.

Stefan James created an online community of people who are eager to learn how to develop their potential, be more productive, earn more money, live fulfilled lives, and much more.

Project Life Mastery is his vision for the future. Based on his results in life so far, he is a man to follow.

Kyle and Carson are two examples of success not only in online business but in real life as well.

Their Wealthy Affiliate community is growing larger every day. More and more people are looking at how to earn a passive income, and Kyle and Carson are the top people out there to ask for help.

Each one of those three programs is not here as a top recommendation for no reason.

After time and time spent in study, and after active use of the knowledge I received from these programs, I can say with vast confidence, that these three personal development programs are one of the best picks out there.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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