Top 5 Ways to Fall Asleep Instantly – Cure Insomnia Now

If you have ever experienced troubles with having to fall asleep, or in the worst case you suffer from chronic insomnia, you may find a solution how to fall asleep easy and instantly, within this post.

I believe that stress is the leading cause of too many mental and physical diseases, among all, insomnia, or difficulties with falling asleep.


5 Ways to Fall Asleep Instantly


Like the majority of people, I had a few stressful times in my life which caused a few problems.

For a period I could not fall asleep at night.

I was tired.

However, it took me a long time to finally quiet my thoughts and go to dreamland.

As I like to think that I am a fighter and a problem solver, naturally and instantly I went in search of how to fall asleep faster at night time.

Back then I was not aware that stress was a cause.

Moreover, I didn’t know what stress even means.

Luckily, I found a couple of ways that helped me to develop a healthy bed habit and to kick out insomnia when she sneaks into my bedroom instantly.

I found the answer in meditation.

Not medication, meditation. Haha!

Five ways to fall asleep instantly are actually five different types of meditation.

For the best results, I recommend you to blend them all together in a nice and healthy evening routine.

If you stick to a method for at least one month, I guarantee that insomnia will disappear, moreover, the stress will evaporate from your life.

When the moment comes, you will fall asleep even before your head touches the pillow!

Meditation is a mind cleansing technique which can help to solve many problems. It is not hard to learn how to meditate so don’t let the mystic of the word meditate to scare you away from trying.

Many people found this practice very useful in life after they realized how simple and effective it is.

You don’t have to sit down with your legs crossed like Budha.

Meditation has many different forms, and all of them work.


1.) Mindfulness meditation concentrates the mind on now.

Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment.

In the state of mindfulness, you calmly acknowledge and accept any thoughts, feelings, or sensations, without giving any significance to them or a cause.

If you had a stressful day, that stress would come to your thoughts as soon as you close your eyes, thus, causing you to have trouble to fall asleep.

Every night before you go to bed, sit down on the edge of your bed, or in the chair, and breathe deeply.

Try to concentrate your thoughts only on your breath and nothing else.

Whenever a thought, any thought, comes to your mind just let it go.

Don’t give any importance to it no matter how big or small it is. Your task is to concentrate on your breathing, to focus on a present moment.

Breathe properly.

Stress causes us to breathe the wrong way, while the proper way to breathe is to inhale deeply and slowly on your stomach.

If you ever saw a baby sleeping, you will notice what I mean.

Babies don’t know what stress is yet, they are always entirely relaxed.

The stomach of the baby is not tight, it is relaxed.

Therefore, relax your abdominal muscles and inhale expanding your stomach with every breath.

Breathing like this is also called diaphragmatic breathing. Check the video.

You can try to count your breaths.

Counting your breaths will help you to concentrate your mind on nothing except the present moment.

Try to take at least 100 deep, clean breaths and then go to bed.


2.) Visualization instantly turns problems into peace.

The mental exercise of visualization is a form of meditation as well.

With the aid of your imagination, you can turn your stressful thoughts into peaceful ones in a matter of seconds.

Therefore, a quiet mind will fall asleep in a matter of a few more seconds.

First of all, take control of the present moment.


Concentrate on your breaths and nothing else.

Then, when you regain control over your mind, let those problems deliberately to come into your mind.

Now realize, at that moment, that they exist only in your mind, in your imagination.

Therefore, you can shape those problems and make whatever you want from them.

Give your best effort to visualize the best possible outcome instead of visualizing all the worst things that can happen.

If by any chance you cannot see the positive outcome, there are few visualization techniques which you can use to reshape your problems and switch your focus.

Imagine yourself standing on the bridge above the river.

Crumble that problem like a piece of paper,  and imagine yourself throw it in the river beneath you. It falls into the river and goes away with it, while you are standing on a bridge with a mind full of peace.

A mental technique like this will not make the problem to go away.

However, it can give you peace of mind and instant sleep.

Tomorrow, when your question comes back to your reality, you will have a different angle on it.

Therefore, who knows, you may receive an instant solution and make it go away in fact as well.

You can use your imagination to see your mind as a disturbed water surface.

With the same power of imagination, you can see that surface slowly becoming to clam down until it turns flat.

Enyoj the peaceful scene of the calm water surface for a while.

If it gets disturbed again, use your imagination to calm it down once more.

You can use one more visualization trick.

Go back to your memory and relive some of the most peaceful ones you have.

If you ever watched a sunset or sunrise or climbed a top of the mountain, try to relive that sensation by visiting your memory.

With the method of visualization you can calm your mind before bed, and instead mind full of trouble you can go to bed with a mind full of peace.

Therefore, a mind full of peace will be able to shut down as soon as your head drops on the pillow.


3.) Reading helps to fall asleep in peace.

Reading is a form of meditation.

Moreover, it blends both from the above into a single practice.

Instead of sitting and watching TV, or feeding your mind with unimportant Facebook, or Twitter news just before your bedtime, you can take a good, positive read into your hands, thus, feed your mind with more desirable food.

The mind responds to the information we receive.

Some of that information can disturb the mind without us ever noticing.

For example, late night news about some catastrophe thousands of miles from your bedroom can unconsciously keep you awake at night.

Making you think about it, or switch your thoughts on to your own problems.

Late night movies, tv shows, or video-games will put your mind into high gear, therefore, causing you trouble to fall asleep and even worse you will wake up tired.

On the other hand, a high quality, the life-changing material in the form of the book would be more desirable and less disturbing food for the mind at night time.

Reading will make you focus on words on the paper, it will turn on your imagination as well, but in a modest, mild way.

Like I said already, it blends two meditation practices from above, into a single one.

Depending on the material in your hands you can find a solution to your problems, or you can turn your imagination and go someplace else where they don’t exist.

Anyway, you will be focusing your mind on the present moment, on the book in your hands.

Your mind will relax in a matter of a few pages allowing you to fall asleep almost instantly.

One of the best feelings is to fall asleep with a book in your hands.


Reading Help to Fall Asleep Instantly


4.) Exercise after work and you will fall asleep like a top.

I know many people who go to the gym straight from the workplace.

I was one of them as well.

Exercise helped me to instantly clear my mind from the thoughts of my job, my boss, and everything that made my mind restless.

Exercise requires mental focus.

Your focus has to be on the weights, on the way you perform the activity, and on your muscles and posture.

Therefore, with a proper exercise regime, you can make a switch from your troubles to something more constructive and healthier.

Moreover, any negative energy that builds up in you in the form of stress can be transmuted and released in your workout so you won’t carry it in bed.

A good weight workout, or boxing session, or even running on a treadmill, or swimming in the pool, are the ways to give an outlet to your stress.

Just 30-60 minutes 4-5 times per week will make you more physically, and what is even more critical, more mentally stronger person.

Falling asleep will become something you do without a thought, in other words, instantly.


5.) Plan tomorrow rather than thinking about yesterday.

The task is to bring your mind to now so you can concentrate on falling asleep.

However, sometimes it can be hard to do so when your mind is stacked in yesterdays worries.

For 10 minutes every evening try to think about your day tomorrow.

Even better, take a piece of paper and try to create a plan for the next day.

Make a to-do list of all the tasks you wish to accomplish. A coffee with a friend and going to work is a task on its own.

Make sure you write it down and meditate on it for at least 10 minutes.

This way you will pull your mind from what already happened and shift your focus on what is possibly coming.

I found a fantastic value in this one.

Every night I plan a morning ritual.

Sometimes it is the same ritual for weeks, and sometimes I make changes every evening. The important thing is, I have fun with it, and it makes me look forward to my next day.




Something special lies in the way we begin and finish our day.

If you can create a ritual for both evening and morning, you will resolve your insomnia problem.

I gave you five ways how can you meditate every evening to fall asleep instantly, make sure you use them.


How to Fall Asleep Instantly


Bye Bye Insomnia, Welcome Good Night Sleep

I believe in the law of cause and effect.

Insomnia is an effect of the stress which is the cause.

By reverse engineering, we can discover what is causing them, and we can engineer the cure for insomnia or any other problem we deal with in our lives.

Meditation is the best way to discover what causes problems.

In 99% of the cases, the cause is everyday stress.

With suggested techniques, you can easily reach the cause of your stress.

Once you know what the problem is, you can fix it in your mind by shifting your focus to a positive solution.

It may take a while.

However, the persistence will pay off in every case.

Sometimes it takes a couple of moment to find a fix, and sometimes it may last little longer.

We have two choices.

One is to let the circumstances to shape our lives.

The other one is to take control of the circumstances and create our own.

Falling asleep instantly can be easy if you know how to take the command.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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2 thoughts on “Top 5 Ways to Fall Asleep Instantly – Cure Insomnia Now”

  1. Thank you so much for this post. It’s exactly what I needed!
    I’ve never tried to meditate, but maybe now is as good time as any.
    I’ll follow your advice – to think about tomorrow rather than what happened yesterday.
    I think I’ll try the gym as well.
    Again – I really appreciate this article!

    • Hi Boryana,

      Your welcome. I am happy to hear that you find value in my advice. Try meditation. It is the best possible solution for the restless mind. It helps to reach and deal with the problems. And most of all it is a natural tranquilizer for the mind. Thank you for coming back and leaving your comment. I appreciate your visit as always.



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