Top 10 Personal Development Goals – Skyrocket Your Life


Top 10 Personal Development Goals


Like every other person I had my ups and down through life so far, but lately I count more and more ups than downs. The reason why is because of goals.

Since I have emerged myself into the study of personal development, I made one huge discovery that blew my mind away.

When I started, I was looking for a little bit of motivation.

However, by the time of writing this post I have a deep conviction that everything good in life, all the success and happiness comes directly from the process of setting and achieving your personal development goals.

You maybe don’t share the same perspective as me right now, but I am more than sure that once you manage to reshape at least one area of your personality or character, you will never look back at your old self.

The new, better you will gain an understanding that your success in life depends on your ability to create the success from within.

I am of the opinion that the life on this Earth would be too dull if every person is the same as the one next to him. We all lack in some areas of our personality and that is the beauty of things.

Our differences can serve as guidelines to follow so we can learn from each other and help each other to grow.

Instead of despairing over your shortcomings, you should take a closer look at them and then put them on the spotlight. Once you know your lacks, you can start reshaping them one by one until they become your greatest assets.

Once again, the best way to develop oneself is to invest time and effort into a personal development by the method of setting goals. It will move your life from ordinary to extraordinary!


Top 10 Personal Development Goals That Will Skyrocket Your Success

One critical note before we dig into these ten examples of personal development goals.

If you decide to improve your personality using the suggestions from the list below, don’t tackle them all at once! The best thing is to study the list at first, personalize it, create your priorities, and then start to work on them but one by one.


1.) Overcome Your Fears

Fear comes in many forms. Maybe we don’t share the same worries, but the truth is we all have them.

Most of us have a few of them in common. The one which I found in almost every person, including myself, was a fear of failure.

Fear of failure comes whenever you try to do something you don’t do so often or possibly you never did. It is an entirely natural emotion.

However, it can be devastating for success in life.

People who accepted this kind of fear, and I must say the number is enormous, usually stay in place for the whole experience. Even the smallest idea of doing something they never did before become frightening.

The fear has a byproduct to which everyone is accustomed. I can say confidently that over 95% of the world is living this way. The byproduct I am talking about is a comfort zone. A safe place where is no fear. Or at least we like to think so.

Imagine how much more can you gain in life if you manage to defeat your worst enemy, an enemy from within. All the things you never did or had can become yours if you only knew what hides behind the fear.

People who live on the other side of fear claimed all the abundance that life has to offer.

What is even more beautiful in overcoming the fear, is that the more I study and search myself for worries to beat them, the more I get to know myself as a human being.

Therefore, if you want to begin to set some personal development goals, the best one you can start with is to overcome your fears.

After you succeed in this challenge, you will discover how easy will be to set and accomplish every other suggestion from this list. Moreover, at least half of this list will be achieved by itself once you overcome your worst fears.




2.) Develop Self-Confidence

The next personal development goal, you can start to work on almost parallel with your fears, is your self-confidence.

Like with the fear, people will deny their lack of self-confidence. Ego can be a nasty thing one we let it rule.

The truth is we all lack confidence in some areas of our life whether we like to admit it or not. Those areas are the ones where the fear rules.

Confidence can be and will be developed, and it will replace the fear, only if you manage to master the fear fist.

For example, everyone was afraid of driving a car for the first time.  But with practice came significant improvement in self-confidence. The same happens when you master every other fear; the confidence begins to rise and rise.

I learned that we all have a form of a self-imagine hidden in our minds.

This self-image represents our beliefs about ourselves. Your self-confidence is a result of that self-image and it is directly affected by how you see yourself.

Just one shift in your focus can bring you a much better life.

By improving your self-image, you can receive more wealth in your life. When I say wealth, I mean health, happiness, love, money, power, and everything else that we call success.

The improvement of your self-image will yield many more other personal qualities. People who are highly confident possess among all high self-reliance, esteem, discipline, respect. You can see all of that on people who have a high amount of self-belief.

Just think of someone who fits in this description, and you will see it by yourself.




3.) Become Cold-Blooded Decision Maker

In one personal development book that I am studying, the author says that the ability to make decisions is one of the keys to success in life.

He goes on and explains that the difference between highly successful people and ordinary people is, highly successful people make their decisions quick and prompt. They change them, if at all, very slowly. On the other hand, ordinary people tend to make decisions very slowly, if at all. And they change them frequently and fast.

Your ability to make a quick and prompt decision will determine how far you will go and how tall you will grow.

If you think about it, you will see that this is one of the best personal development goals you can set for yourself.

Our decision making is tied to our fears and our beliefs. In areas where we do believe in ourselves, in other words, where we have confidence, we tend to make quick decisions. However, where fear rules the indecision sits by as well.

Many people that I meet so far, and ones with which I share my life, are highly indecisive. They are not the one to blame.

The world has too many options today. To stay focused on your decision can be, and it is one of the most challenging tasks. Just think about people you know. Maybe you will see about what am I talking.

We are not born with this ability. Moreover, we are born without abilities, and we learn them as we go through life. I have convinced myself that we can learn this skill almost effortlessly.

Once you improve your decision-making ability, the sky will be the limit.




4.) Learn to be Persistent

Have you ever heard the old one “Persistence pays off.”?

It truly does!

Look, when I was starting this website, for example, I didn’t have a freaking clue how to create a site. Moreover, I never wrote a single word, not on my blog or anywhere else, with the intention to give advice and help to others.

I had only one thing to rely on, my persistence.

When a person has enough persistence in him to never back down no matter how hard it becomes, something comes by his side; some high power pushes him until he reaches the target.

I can give you a million and one example of great achievements which were accomplished just because the person behind it had enough persistence.

For example, think about the story of Mr. Edison who invented the incandescent light. The lightbulb invention was completed after 10 000 failures. When a reporter asked Mr. Edision “How it feels to feels to fail 10 000 times?” Edison replied “I didn’t fail 10 000 times. It took 10 000 steps to invent the lightbulb.”

What do you think what it takes to get up, dust yourself off, and continue forward after you fail for that many times?

Nothing in this world can replace persistence. No matter who you are or what you want in life, persistence may be the only thing you will need to achieve your goals.

As the ability of decision-making, persistence is a valuable skill to learn.




5.) Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is one of the symptoms of fear, lack of self-confidence, indecision, and lack of persistence. You have no chance to succeed in anything if you suffer from this disease. However, like every other disease, procrastination can be cured.

The word disease maybe sounds too hard, so I will rephrase that and say that procrastination is nothing but a bad habit.

We all have been in a situation when we want to do something in our mind, but when we step out to do it in reality, something comes up, we back away. It is like you hit some barrier which pulls you back to the status quo.

Behind the habit of procrastination stands many causes. Some of them are mentioned already.

The hardest part is to begin. After you start with something you want to do, things seem to catch on by themselves. It is almost like a snowball effect. When the ball gets more significant, the habit of procrastination stands no chance against it; it has to move aside or be crushed.

One of the best personal development goals is to decide to stop procrastinating. Once you manage to get rid of this nasty habit, your life will improve beyond imagination.




6.) Improve Focus and Concentration

In the world of fast-evolving technology, in a world where we have to divide our focus on more and more things each day, it is getting harder and harder to keep a focus on one single task for longer than a couple of minutes.

Lack of focus and concentration is also devastating for success in any life calling.

However, those who have raised their ability to focus and concentrate on a single task in hand became masters of the work and life.

Like for example, a person who can hold focus and stay concentrated on his relationship will reap only benefits from that relationship. On the other hand, lack of focus and concentration will result in loss of connection with the other person.

You can apply this example to everything else. Health, wealth, you name it. Your ability to stay focused and concentrated will decide how big reward will be.

High evolved focus and concentration opens the door to a state of mind-body which we call, the flow state. In this state, people seem to achieve the best results in a brief period of time. Actually, the speed of the results depends on how long they can hold focus on the task.

However it may be, the flow is a state when you are in complete alignment, thinking about nothing except the present moment and you have entirely emerged into a task at hand. The sense of time seems to disappear. And thing gets done with perfect precision.

I had problems with focus and concentration as a child. Because of my issue, I made it as my mission to continuously improve both.

The flow state is available to everyone.

Moreover, you have probably experienced it at least once in your life, perhaps without being aware.




7.) Fix Your Attitude

What do you think, what separates the winners from the masses?

If you think of attitude, you are right.

I can serve you hundreds of quotes about the magic of the word attitude. However, there is one that explains it the best. “The one who think he can, and the one who think he can’t, are both usually right.” -Buddha. Moreover, the whole life philosophy of Bushism has its base on the power of attitude.

I talked to a man at one occasion who told me that time ago he was working in Dale Carnegie’s organization in London.

The man was working in human relationships department, and one of his tasks was to interview people for a job. He and everyone who worked with him in the HR had an instruction to look for three unique qualities in their candidates. Attitude, aptitude, and knowledge. And exactly by that order.

People who think they can climb the mountain, no matter have they done it before or not, usually reach the top sooner or later. It is not because they are unique or better than you or me. They reached the top of the mountain just because they formed a mental attitude of a winner, of a person who doesn’t know what defeat is, he only knows how to win.

I think we all have it inside, all we have to do is to fix it and direct in a right way.




8.) Seize the Morning

The morning is time for creation.

It is the time of the day when your mind, body, and soul are in the complete relaxed state. While in this refreshed state the mind, body, and soul are most receptive for the new information which can lead your day, month, year, or even the whole life, into another direction.

For example,  I have created a morning ritual, and writing is among the first things I do. I have decided to trade long sleep for the proactive morning routine, and ever since I did it my life took utterly different shape and direction.

The morning is the time when you can get stronger, smarter, healthier, better, happier if you know how to seize the morning.

Many people don’t know, so they rush every single morning, five days per week, twenty-five days per month, and approximately three hundred days per year, building up stress levels higher and making their life worse.

On the other hand, a small percentage of the population, those who made a high success in life, knows a different way. Partially, if not wholly, they owe their success to the realization that if they want to chase the better life, they have to start from early morning.

Studying success I have learned that the morning is the time when you should proactively take over the control over your body, mind, and spirit.

A form of empowering morning ritual is the best possible way to do so.

To start your day on the right foot, with the intention to work on your personal development goals can be a life changer for you.




9.) Invest in Mind and Spirit

You can only grow if you are willing to invest in you. The body can’t grow if you don’t eat regularly. The same goes for the mind and the soul.

Feed your mind the most because the mind is what controls everything.

You have heard the one “You are what you eat.”?

Well, the same stands for the mind as well. We can say “You are what you read.”

Just a quick proof for the statement in a paragraph from the above.

Let’s say you want to lose weight and change your diet. Because you are not the expert on the topic, you will go around and search for the information. You will probably surf the net, read a few articles, watch a few YouTube videos and so on. When you gather enough info, your mind will lead you further on. Your body will follow.

If you ever want to change anything in your life always be willing to invest in your mind.

A great personal development goal can be to start reading books, or participate in seminars, or go through internet courses, and so on.

The mind is a captain of the ship, so always make sure it is a smart captain who knows where he goes.

Spirituality is something not so many people believe in. Everyone is familiar with the mind-body system. However, the spirit is the third and essential part of your being. Spirit is the one who controls the state of mind and body.

When someone is happy, we say his spirit is up. Also, when we see someone depressed, we assume his spirit is down.

I will always recommend meditation as the best way to get in touch with your spirit. Many great leaders from all walks of life, alive and passed away, believed in the power of the soul. A significant number of them used to meditate to solve their problems as well as the problem of the world.

Spirit is never wrong, all we have to learn how to listen to it. I have learned that praying is a form of talk to the spirit and meditation is listening for the answer.

If you don’t believe, maybe you should start.



10.) Take Care of Your Body

A great way to begin with personal development is to take care of your body first.

I placed this goal last on the list, but it should be a number one priority in life.

I don’t think I should explain the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise. Your body is your vehicle for this life. If not maintained, serviced and cleaned regularly, the body will shut down before time.

On the other hand, if you don’t take your body for granted, it will serve you longer.

Take a look at some people you may know who are in great shape. They are energetic, enthusiastic, with the proper mindset and with the spirit up. Everything seems to be going in their way. Do you think this is by accident, or they have attracted those things in their life?

Just 50 squats every morning can drastically change your life. Sounds stupid? Try for one month and see for yourself. Your body will give you the feedback.




Become the Top Version of Yourself

As you see, personal development is a lifestyle. It is not something you do for a month or two, and you leave and never touch again. If you decide to go on a road towards your personal development, these top ten goals can help you to skyrocket your success.

The list I have created based on my study and my experience. It contains all parts of personality where you can start seeking improvement so you can become the best version of yourself.

I believe you will make a move and choose at least one. Remember, the rest will follow by itself.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Personal Development Goals – Skyrocket Your Life”

  1. Yes, yes, and yes! It’s hard for most of us to achieve personal goals and development because when we think too much we tend to get stuck in the head, which only leaves us feeling overwhelmed and frozen in fear. I love how you broke things down in digestible steps so that we can actually get out of our head and fear and actually work on one step at a time. Baby steps go a long way!

  2. Hello Ivan – I was so thrilled and excited to read this article. I am HUGE on personal development/growth. It’s one of the most important factors in my life. I have devoted my life to consistently developing myself in every area of my life. Your 10 steps are absolutely wonderful and very beneficial. I actually book marked this page, so I can come back to it. Like you said, don’t do it all at once (I am guilty of this, I try to DO too much at one time). Just take one at a time. I always heard the expression, “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time. Of course we are speaking metaphorically, here 🙂

    I noticed you mentioned in Step #8 – Seize the Moment, that you find that mornings are best for writing. Do you find that’s true with many of your readers or people whom you come in contact with? I use to never be a morning person, but since I started meditating in the morning, it has really transformed my mornings. As for writing, I tend to get a lot of inspiration through the day and write them down and then get to writing at night. I really enjoy writing at night.

    Again, great steps! I will be going through these and reviewing them along the way. All of these are great reminders too of what we already are doing. Thanks so much Ivan for this valuable information in this post. I am truly grateful. Looking forward to reading more here on site.

    Blessings! 🙂

    • Hi LT,

      I am so happy to read your excellent comment. It makes me even more thrilled to hear that you are continuously working on your personal development as well as you have found great value in my top ten list of personal development goals. Like you, I have decided to stay in this for a long haul for many many reasons which are too long to fit here. I believe you know them all.

      Yes, one step at the time, or one bite at the time so you won’t choke! 🙂 I have learned this in a hard way. However, I believe that is the best way to learn.

      Now, regarding mornings and writing.

      Many bloggers to who I have a chance to speak say that they write their best at evening hours. Just like you have described your process.

      However, due to my further analysis and personal testing, I have found out that our brain is in a perfect state to produce in the first few hours after we wake up. One of the reasons is that we are coming out of the alpha state which is known as a doorway to a subconscious mind. All information that we collect during our waking hours is stored in that part of our mind. The conclusion was that we could draw them out faster and better when we are relaxed which is, for me, in the morning.

      I begin my day by writing my articles. One of the reasons why is because studying and writing about personal development is something I love to do the most. Therefore, it is a logical thing for me to begin as soon as possible. I go to sleep at a reasonable hour so I can wake up early and refreshed that I can to do what I love to do. The rest of the day I spend in”chewing my words” and further study of the material that I find along the way. Then tomorrow I wake up, pull those pieces of information from my subconscious where they were “marinated” during the night, and I continue where I left the work from yesterday.

      The results are amazing and hard to describe. Both quality and quantity have improved significantly. The illustrated process helps me to do more in a shorter period, I can learn much faster, and the results are coming much quicker than before.

      This is how it works for me regarding writing. I hope I have answered your question. 🙂

      Thank you again for stopping by and leaving your comment on my top ten personal development goals! I am looking forward to seeing and hearing from you again. Until then, all the best!


  3. Thank you Ivan for your reply! I can see why you find mornings the best time to write! I suppose once I am full time from home, I will definitely try that as it does make sense. However, right now, the only time I have in the mornings before heading out is exercise of the body and mind (meditation). Look forward to learning more from this site 🙂

    • You can try to do your work when you are going to have an opportunity in the future. However, be aware of your subconscious mind! You have a habit to write at night. When you try to change it your subconscious mind will fight it because it is not used to a different time of the day. Persistence will pay off, so stay with it for at least thirty days. If you don’t feel benefits after thirty days, you should go back to your old habit. I have no doubt that you will find morning as a more productive time of the day to write.

  4. Great article man.
    This advice is so world class because it shows that you are talking about things that you have done and are doing.
    For examples about how you started this site and for a person who does not know they would have thought you were always a great blogger. You are an inspiration because of this.
    Making decision quick is what I have been trying to do as of late and it has dramatically changed my life as I find I get more things done.
    Thanx again for this article.

    • Hi Thabo, thanks for your time.

      I’ve also found how things started to move faster and in a better direction once I started to make fast decisions. I took it as advice from Napoleon Hill from his ‘Think and Grow Rich’ book. Hill’s was right when he wrote that highly successful people make a fast decision. They change them very slowly, almost never. I’m happy to help, bro. See you again.



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