10 Spartan Tips for Weight Loss- Law of Attraction for Health & Wellness

For all my ladies out there...Ivan

This post about the Law of Attraction and how to use it for weight loss is for you ladies. I know how guys don’t like to discuss this, but I have something for guys as well by the end of the post. Primarily, I am going to talk to all of you girls who want to know more about weight loss, health, and wellness. I have an experience which can serve you very well.


You see, I am a pure maniac when it comes to physical activity.

I remember, ever since I was a kid, how everyone was trying to catch me because I was a little bit of hyperactive person.

I had, and I still do have rockets in my legs. 🙂

Because of this blessing of hyperactivity, which many people find to be a problem (strange), I fell in love in all sorts of sports and physical activities.

I like everything from basketball to swimming or going to the gym.

You name it; I will do it.

Now, this affection towards physical activity had left me with a lot of fantastic knowledge about how to use it with the intention to lose weight, become and stay fit.

I must admit that I had a ‘black period’ of my life where I was abusing my body on a daily basis.

The whole lifestyle as I knew it during teen ages has disappeared.

Unfortunately, like most of us, I lost the connection with sports after I have entered the world of ‘grownups.’

However, I fought for it, and I won!

I want to help you to become the best version of yourself by boosting your efforts with some of the Law of Attraction tips and tricks.

Girls or boys, men or women, it doesn’t matter because these tips work for everyone out there.


My ‘Dark Ages’ aka. Sick Me

Before we begin, let me tell you about a period I had where I was not living so clean, you see.

When I have entered the system which is, work, job, bills, rent, blah blah, I had to forget about sports and leave my love on the side.

It had cost me gaining weight, weak and damaged joints, sick stomach, basically, it made me an infected person.

I had chronic issues with my gut, have suffered broken ligaments, damaged my spine, clouded my mind, and more.

And, I was not the only one.

You see, I was the product of my environment.

Unfortunately, that is the world we have made for ourselves.

Luckily, the knowledge about the Law of Attraction had helped me to regain it all back and to learn a few more things along the way.

Now, I want to share them with you through these ten tips, or ways, how you too can use it for weight loss.

Moreover, you can use them to take care of any other sickness you suffer.


Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction Masterpiece Can Get You Anything You WANT!


10 Law of Attraction Tips for Weight Loss, Health & Fitness

The following ten are sorted by order of relevance as well as by my recommendation.

Study the list and take with you anything you like.

In other words, personalize it.


Start walking regularly.

Walking is the best thing you can start doing if you want to begin with the attraction of a healthy lifestyle.

To go outside and take a walk is not hard, it is not sweaty, it is not painful.

It is a pleasant activity.

When you walk for twenty minutes each day, you are doing yourself a huge favor.

You see, a regular supply of fresh oxygen will do beautiful things for your brain-body system.

At least three times per week will be enough to get started.

After that, you will not want to stop.

Is it going to be in the morning, an afternoon walk or even a night walk is up to you.

Furthermore, a regular walking routine will give you a chance to be alone and think about your health.

Who knows, maybe you think of some great ideas while out there and enjoying the fresh air. 🙂


Buy a bicycle and ride.

I love bicycles.

That is how I have started to be healthy and active again.

One of the best first physical activities we have learned during out little ages is riding a bicycle.

You see, buying a bicycle if you don’t own one, or taking out the old dusty one from your garage or basement is going to be the best decision of your life.

It will bring out some great memories.

If you live in a suburban area, you can take it for a ride somewhere in nature at least three times per week as well.

On the other hand, if you live in the city, you can use a park for this matter.

I bet you have some parks in your area, use them!


Change at least one thing in your diet.

A healthy diet and regular physical activity are two cornerstones for weight loss, you all know that.

However, doing just one of those things is not efficient enough, especially if you want to lose weight, be healthy and stay fit.

Changing your diet is not a hard thing to do.

When I have started, I did one small step at the time.

The beer was replaced by tea at first.

Then, I told favorite pizza to f*** off because I am in love with salad as well.

A taste of Chicken Cesar will rock your world! 🙂

As you get the grip over implementing those small changes in your diet, start to be creative and listen to yourself.

Even if you like some food too much that you are unable to say goodbye, you don’t have to.

The Law of Attraction is a beautiful concept once fully understood.

To keep things simple, all I have to say is, allow yourself some sweet temptation from time to time.

Good has to have a taste of bad from time to time so it can stay good if you know what I mean?

However, keep it under control always.


Write down your weight goal in big bold numbers.

To keep things under control, I have a great suggestion.

Please think about how much would you like to weight.

What is your perfect number on that scale?

What is your dream weight?

Once you know how much you would like to see once you step on that ‘liar,’ please, by all means, write that number on a sheet of paper and keep the article at your eyesight all the time.

Put it by your bed, on the bathroom mirror, and in the refrigerator.

I am dead serious about the refrigerator!

It is more than critical to keep your thoughts on that number all the time.

You are in the task of creating healthy habits which will lead you to better health and less weight.

Therefore, you must be entirely in the task.

Your mind has to be occupied with the number until it becomes an obsession.

You will have to be in a mental habit of thinking about your perfect weight non-stop.

Writing down the number to remind yourself all the time is a perfect way to accomplish the task.

Read more about the importance of writing down your goals.


Be happy and grateful for your health right now.

The Law of Attraction will bring you everything for what you have developed a feeling, negative or positive is not essential.

The law works all the time for all kind of energy.

If you hate something, you have it for the same reason, and you will have it some more as long as you hate it.

The same thing stands for people, material possessions and circumstances you like and are in love.

The more you love, the more you get back to you.

Maybe the love doesn’t come from the same source every time, but it always happens, from somewhere.

Now, I would like to advise you to stop hating your physical body, please.

Doing it is harmful in many ways.

It is more than necessary to connect positive emotions with thoughts of your body if you want to shape it up the way you wish to be.

Giving the word of thanks on a regular basis will help you to accomplish the task.

At least twice a day, close your eyes and say thank you for…

And then follow with healthy eyes, healthy ears, healthy mouth, hands, legs, chest, back, hips, feet, hair, fingers, tongue, teeth, knees, elbows, heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, bowels, stomach, nerves, and every cell of your healthy being.


Visualize a new self-image.

While you are giving thanks, it would be wise to lay on the floor or your bed and close your eyes.

You can say those words of gratitude from within so that only you can hear.

Moreover, start to scan your body mentally as well.

This trick will start a sort of conversation with your whole being.

It will help you to analyze the pain and to dissolve it by thinking about yourself as a healthy person.

It may be hard at the beginning to create a connection with your body, especially, if you hate something about it.

However, with practice will come perfection!

Such as with everything else in life, all it takes some time to develop a common language and things get smooth from there.

Visualization of yourself as a fit and healthy person will get you there faster. 

Rember also, that it is vitally important to keep your spirits high while visualizing or doing any of things that I am suggesting here.

Positive waves in life come and go, remember that as well when you find yourself struggling with feeling happy and cheerful about your new self.

The new wave always comes again, all you have to ride it one more time.


Use YouTube as a source of inspiration.

To find some great mentors, or just use it as a channel for inspiration, you can always hop on to YouTube.

I have found that more or less, people have covered every aspect of our life, and recorded it on video.

There are some great lessons over there.

I have to say that I go there very frequently to resolve many of the problems that we humans stumble upon during life.

Many people use YouTube as a Medium of communication, why not share the love and get inspired?!


Join a fitness class when ready.

Everything so far is designed to help you create an idea that good health, slim figure, proper metabolism, and much more is available to you as it is to any other person on this planet.

I hope that so far you are convinced in this truth.

Now, once you gather enough confidence to show your new self to the world, or even to step it up for a notch, the right thing would be to join a class of some kind.

Many people who are obsessed with healthy thoughts are meeting together all over the place.

I can name at least ten those gathering from the top of my head.

However, I believe that you know all of them as well.

Join them, be attracted to what they have to offer, learn from them, model yourself by them, have fun and enjoy life!

One of the first things I have done to get back was to a healthy life was basketball.

You see, I am in love with the ball. 🙂

As soon as I was fit again and ready to play, I have joined a local club where I was allowed to play with kids under 20 years of age.

I can’t describe how much fun I had while showing my slightly rusted skills in my thirties to kids in their teens where they are perfect to be influenced positively.

To see how those kids were role modeling me was an enlightening experience. 🙂

I have also played with people of my generation and older, and it too was a blast!

The whole experience reassured me to never stop doing what I am doing right now.


Hire a personal coach who knows the stuff.

One of the best decisions of my life was finding a personal development coach.

I had a luck to stumble upon an expert when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

I am telling you guys when you find a person who knows the way to the top every time; you will want to stick with him for a while.

If you are attracted to the idea of personal coaching, please, read my article about how to find one, as well as, to see who is the best one. 

You can guess, the best one was the one who has helped me, of course, haha!

However, I hope he will help you too.


Learn new or any sport, please.

Before I conclude this post about how to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss, I am talking to guys who are reading this.

Ladies are more than welcomed to read this as well.

I am of the belief that we have invented sports to keep ourselves busy when life gets boring.

There is plenty of evidence in many factual findings that sports and sports arenas were a hugely popular way of entertainment way back in the past.

Moreover, besides popularity, they were the healthiest way to be entertained, if you were playing of course, not watching.

Ancient Romans and Greeks are a great piece of some of that evidence.

People get bored with life all the time, that is a fact.

Then we invent things to keep ourselves busy, and that is a fact also!

Everything we have came to us because sometime, somewhere, someone was freaking dissatisfied and bored with life, so he started to create and invent.

Football (soccer and American), basketball, tennis, bowling, skiing, swimming, running, surfing, you name it, all of that had started as an idea in someone’s mind before it became mainstream all over the world.

Pick just one and see how much difference it can bring to your life. 😉

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) are very popular today.

Who knows, maybe there is a new Bruce Lee inside of you!


A Healthy Lifestyle is a Choice

It is not something that you are born with, but it is something that you have at one point or another decided to do.

This post is specially designed to help you, no matter who you are, to create some superb healthy habits which will not only bring you a nice figure.

If you apply at least half of the suggestion I gave you here, I guarantee that you will develop more than the slim figure.

I see a smile on your face already. 🙂

I know that you can have it, all you have to do it, and that is it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic






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    • Hi Nick,

      Unfortunately no, I don’t. I don’t spend too much time watching the video. What I do is, watch quickly and listen carefully to anyone who knows what he or she is talking about. Then, I go out and do it ASAP to get my own experience and keep building from there.

      I am a very active guy for the whole of my life. I am dropping those few pounds or kilos after Christmas break effortlessly. I have never felt a need to ask for professional help or advice about weight loss. It is merely in my DNA code, so no need for reprogramming in that area.

      No worries, here to help!


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