The Secret in Think and Grow Rich – You Have It

At the beginning of the book, Napoleon Hill says there is a Secret in it, and that Secret will show you how to achieve all your dreams. He mentions the Secret in every chapter at least once. It represents the first step to success. Moreover, in my own experience, success without knowledge of it is impossible.

I opened the book for the first time and I kept reading it over and over because one question was stuck in my mind. The question was…

What is the Secret in Think and Grow Rich?


“All achievement, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea!”


If you have read the book, you probably have read the chapter on Imagination. If not, read it. In this chapter, you learn that in our imagination we can build an idea or make a plan. It is, as he says, the workshop of the mind.


What Is The Secret In Think And Grow Rich


However, there is two types of imagination, synthetic and creative imagination. The difference is, we use synthetic imagination when we want to learn something which is already here. Like driving a car. Later on, it is a habit, and we stop using this faculty.

On the hand, creative imagination is deeper. Great inventors, philosophers, writers, engineers…know how to engage the creative faculty as well. The secret of the book is hiding in the creative imagination. We all have a small inventor, philosopher, writer, engineer, hiding in us. All we have to do is to learn how to use this power.

Think about that power. Just look around your self. Everything you can see with your eyes, even the screen you are looking at now, is a product of somebody’s imagination. Now, the person who used his or her imagination to make everything around you didn’t just come up with it just like that, there is a natural process involved. You may ask how the following…

How to Use the Secret?

So, to get to the point straight away. When we are in the process of learning, we use synthetic imagination. We watch, imagine us doing the same, and eventually, we learn it…

Remember the inventors, writers, etc? Once they learned how to do what they do using synthetic imagination, well, they didn’t stop. Moreover, they stayed in the process until they had to use creative imagination as well.

Example. When we confront a problem in our life, we bring creative imagination to use. Try to remember the last time you solved a problem in your life. Using the synthetic imagination you have reached all know facts regarding the problem, and you keep thinking about it until through the creative imagination you found a solution!

This is the first part of the secret. To properly use imagination, we have to stay in it as long as it is necessary until we create, in our mind, a solution, or idea, plan, anything we have never done before. We have to CREATE.

Napoleon Hill says that Secret comes in two parts. The first part is equally as important as the second one.

Now, the second part is more physical. It is true that everything you see around you is the product of someone’s imagination. The screen you are looking at is somebody’s imagination, the phone or computer, walls, house, road, buildings, the whole city you live in didn’t exist until one individual imagined it in his mind. However, it took some work to get those imaginative ideas into the reality.

Taking a pen and piece of paper, and writing down your imagined idea is the first physical step. Make a plan, set some goals. That is the second step. Later on, your creative imagination will lead you further.

When you learn how to use the secret from Think and Grow Rich, you can design your whole life.

It’s Time to Think and Grow Rich

One powerful tool for getting your imagination on the higher level is meditation. You don’t have to become Buddha or Prophet Mohamed, or go and climb the mountain, search a deep forest, roam through the desert.

However, by practicing meditation and relaxation you can turn up your imagination. And it can lead you on a right way of thinking. By this, I mean a positive way of thinking.


What Is The Secret In Think And Grow Rich


You see, when we are under stress and buried with worry and fear (most people live their day by day like that) it is impossible to use the imagination. Then what is the opposite of stress? Relaxation. And meditation is a great way to become stress-free and clear your mind of worries, so your imagination can work properly.

Worries and fear are, in the end, just a product of our imagination, moreover, they are the negative product. The emotion of faith and belief is the opposite. And we have to have faith to properly use imagination. Meditation can help you to develop what you need. Plus, the benefits of it will be multiple.

Proper meditation clears your mind. With your mind clear and body relaxed you will be able to turn your imagination whenever you want and wherever you want. Moreover, at some stage, it will be wild and go off by itself without you aiding it.

Great way to start is to create a habit in the morning, first thing in a day, to sit back, close your eyes, and just breathe until all thoughts go away. Then, when your mind is empty and relaxed, try to think about what you wrote on that piece of paper. Try to feel yourself doing it or having it. Just let your imagination go.

If you do this every day, as well as, if you take an action toward its realization, then there will be no other result except success. You will attract the good in your life. Use it to completely reshape your world. Some things will change quickly, however, some things will take more time. I will give you an analogy so you can understand this properly.

The Tree Analogy

John C. Maxwell is one of the best life coaches there is. He once told this analogy which was immediately planted in my mind. Try to imagine while you are reading.

You have a tree in your backyard and you want to cut down your tree with an ax. And if you swing at that tree every day for five times, that tree will eventually…….what? It will fall down. No matter what you do, if you swing at that tree just five times a day it MUST fall down. The time that is going to pass by until the tree falls down depends on the size of the tree. If it is a small tree, it will fall down in a week. However, if it is a great, big tree, it will take longer time. But the result will be the same, the tree will fall down!

Persistence is one of the keys!

I hope you imagined correctly what you just read.


Think and Grow Rich book is a product of Napoleon Hill’s imagination. He used his imagination to help many people all over the world to create a better life.

In this book, you will find that secret multiple times, as I mentioned earlier it is in every chapter, on every page, in every letter. Napoleon Hill analyzed hundreds and hundreds of people who used this secret to become whatever they wanted and to create anything they wanted in their world.

Don’t forget, you have to practice your imagination every day. It is like a muscle, if you want it to grow you will have to work on it every day.

So that is it! I hope you now know what is the secret in Think and Grow Rich, how to use it, and you made a decision to start using it.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


8 thoughts on “The Secret in Think and Grow Rich – You Have It”

  1. Hi Ivan,

    I have read the Think and Grow Rich several times. And must be honest here – I could not figure out the secret.
    Now that I read your post, I realized that – yes that is it.
    Actually After reading some other stuff I came to certain stage of my mind that there is “something” which can not be measured or viewed by any of our 5 senses.
    And I remember correctly from University – at the Mechanics, the Professor mentioned besides potential and kinetic energy, also Bio Energy – but it is so small, that can not be measured (or at least it is not easy to measure that).
    If you think about that the brain really might work as radio – it receives and transmits some kind of waves – The Brain is mixture of electrical, chemical and maybe some other “stuff” as well… so complex machine, it consumes 20% of oxygen.. There must be something about that 🙂

    I would like to know more about the meditation .. since for me it is hard to concentrate sometimes..
    Do you have any sources where can I check that out ?
    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Mike.

      Some people believe in science and use the science to explain everything. some other people believe in religion and God, and use their ways to explain everything. In the end, they both are trying to explain the same thing, energy. Oxygen is a form of energy, sunlight is a form of energy, water is a form of energy, the food we eat is a form of energy and so on. Everything is a form of energy if you think about it, and all energy is connected. Therefore, our brain is a mass of energy, as well as our body, and we need other types of energy to function.

      Imagination is a part of the mind for harvesting that energy and place where we can give it first form. Using our body (handy, eyes, ears, nose…) we can use the same energy to create that form in our reality. That’s why Napoleon Hill called imagination our Sixt Sense.

      There are a lot of sources online with great knowledge of meditation. My Friend Sanders has a great website, and he is full of the specialized knowledge of meditation.

      All the best in your venture!

  2. I’ve read Napoleon Hill’s book and I always thought the secret was that success lies in the mind. But the way you describe it makes it more real and more specific. I guess I’m trying to say it makes it more actionable.

    Big up to meditation. I’m a practitioner myself and got into it while going through some very tough times. While my practice has wavered in terms of time available I make sure to do at least 30 minutes a day as per the technique I was instructed in. It seriously does help clear the mind and makes you so much more aware of the clutter within.

    • It does lie in the mind. Imagination is a creative faculty resident in our conscious part of the mind.

      I practice 10-20 mins every morning. In the beginning, it was hard to focus and sometimes I was ending it frustrated instead of relaxed. However, after some time I caught a grip, and now it takes me seconds to clear my mind and enjoy the meditation. I like to think that everything is like riding a bicycle, hard at the beginning, but eventually it is mastered and becomes too easy.

  3. Totally agree. First comes thought, an idea, then actions. To attract a wonderful ideas you must clear all the negative stuff that surrounds you. I always wanted to try meditation and now I’m in it for a few feeks. As weird as it sounds, but It’s very difficult to just clear my head and I know it’s gonna take some time to fully relax during my meditation… I want to plant that huge tree in my backyard 😀 Thank you for post, Ivan!

  4. Hey Ivan, thank you for this awesome share! I am a supporter of this concept and my life is changing by the second since I’ve been practicing the secret. What a weird and wonderful world we live in -it is by no means how it seems on the surface, and thank goodness for that! I haven’t read Think and Grow Rich yet but I have been hearing about this book constantly – which can only mean that the universe is nudging me lol. And I must confirm for anyone who reads this that meditation is incredibly powerful – it brings us into alignment with our higher purpose. Sometimes what we initially think will make us happy isn’t really so and meditation brings perfect clarity in regards to that.

    • You have described an essence of meditation so good that I will have to “steal” your quote in one of my next posts.

      I am happy to hear that you learned a value from the secret, which is actually not a secret anymore. It is strange how people were hiding this information from the rest of us. I think it made its boom long before the movie “The Secret”, it first appeared in N.Hill’s Think and Grow Rich. So take the book in your hand and read it, it is calling you 🙂

      All the best.


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