Proctor-Gallagher Institute Review – What is PGI About?

Proctor Gallagher Institute Review

Welcome to my Proctor-Gallagher Institute Review. My name is Ivan, and I am more than happy to help you learn more about Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and the rest of the team. 

Bob Proctor has over 50 years of experience in a field of personal development, and he is a well-established name in the industry.

Of course, many people are not familiar with his work, so they have a right to question the authority.

If you are the one, then excellent! You are at the right place.

The reason why I am writing this Proctor-Gallagher Institute Review is to spread the right word after two wonderful years of experience with their work.

But first, let me rewind for two and a half years in the past.

Imagine yourself with 27 years on your back, living in a backhouse of your parents home, working for under minimum wage, unhealthy and unhappy.

Not so pleasant picture right?

That was me two and a half years ago.

Back in 2008, a series of events brought with it an economic depression which swept many off their feet, including me. The misery of depression kept going for almost ten years until I decided to snap out of it!

At that moment I decided to become successful.

The first thing I found was a book, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The book inspired me to get off my but and start the fight for a better life.

After I read the book for a couple of times, the book leads me in the direction of the two most exceptional people on this planet, after my parents of course. Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallager.

Now, after two years of studying their material, learning from their courses, and most importantly, after applying everything I have learned from the Proctor-Gallagher Institute, my life has an entirely different shape.

Proctor Gallagher Institute Review

I don’t work for nickels and pennies anymore. I have my own business!

I don’t live in my parent’s house. I rented my own.

I am not an unhealthy person anymore. I live in a healthy body.

I am truly happy and grateful and I attract happiness in my life every day.

If I have never met the work of Bob Proctor, I would probably be the same as I was two years ago.

Now, my point is not to brag with my yet small accomplishments, no.

My point with this Proctor Gallaher Institute review is like I have said already, to spread to right word about the work of these two remarkable individuals.

If you have experienced troubles in your life, if you don’t have a clear vision for your future, if you are buried with worry and doubt about tomorrow, then you just found a solution to all of your problems.

Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and the rest of the team from the Proctor-Gallagher Institute can help you, as they did to me, to move your life on the stream of the abundance of health, wealth, and happiness.


Who is Bob Proctor?

Bob Proctor - Proctor Gallagher Institute ReviewBack in the 1960’es, Bob Proctor was living in a similar situation as I have described above. He was poor, in debt, always sick, and miserable man.

I guess something happens to a person when he or she reaches the rock bottom. If a man or a woman is a kind soul, something touches him and pulls him back to life.

One day, Bob got advice to take a look at his results in life and make some goals for each area of his life from a man who was at the time, his first mentor. Ray Standford gave him a book to study along with other advice, which was to follow the author’s directions by the letter.

The book Ray gave him was Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

Today, Bob Proctor is the co-founder of Proctor-Gallagher Institute and the authority figure in the personal development industry. He mastered the knowledge from Napoleon Hill’s book and learned his own life along with it. Now, he is teaching the same expertise and giving the same advice to everyone who needs a helping hand as he did over 50 years ago.

Along the way, he was learning from and working with some of the greatest minds in the personal development industry. Between the years 1986 and 1973 he was working with Earl Nightingale and Loyd Conant before leaving and starting his own personal development company.

In 1980’es Bob published the book You Were Born Rich which was his masterpiece and one of the best personal development books out there. Along with it, he conducted seminars with the same title all over the world.

With his work, he helped many people to improve their financial status, spiritual, condition, health condition and much much more.

You probably know Bob Proctor from the megasuccessful movie “The Secret” where he was one of the main stars of the film.

The book and the movie were published in 2006. Both are based upon the knowledge which is detailed explained in a classic Think and Grow Rich, and Bob was a perfect man for the task of presenting it.

Now, at the present moment, he is a CEO and a co-founder of Proctor Gallagher Institute, a company which carries the torch that Mr. Carnagie fired up and passed on to Napoleon Hill.

Bob Proctor is a master thinker and a master communicator. In my opinion, no other person in this world can take something which seems so complicated for the rest of us, and make it so simple that even a small child would be able to understand it. Teachers all over the world are complicating the knowledge; Bob is simplifying with every message that he sends out.


Who is Sandy Gallagher?

Sandy Gallagher - Proctor Gallagher Institute ReviewThis remarkable woman gave up her successful law practice after three days spent at one of Proctor’s seminars.

She was operating her successful law practice for years, earning upper six figures, working with some of the largest companies in America, handled billions of dollars in merging and acquisitions.

However, that was not her life purpose.

At the seminar, Sandy realized that she is not doing what she is supposed to do, that she is not fulfilled with her present work. At that moment, she had a vision of herself standing shoulder to shoulder with Bob Proctor on that stage.

That was in 2006.

Today, she is a co-founder of Proctor-Gallagher Institute and a carrier of the same torch of knowledge that was lit up way back in early 1900’es.

She is on the mission to continue Proctor’s work and change many peoples lives for the better.


About Proctor-Gallagher Institute

Proctor-Gallagher Institute is a company which operates all over the world. They teach about personal development everywhere, from Australia, Azia, Europe, Africa, South America, and all over North America.

The company creates and expands the awareness of abundance on which we all have a birthright.

They do so quite effectively by offering a series of mentoring courses, personal development programs, seminars, and live events, books and all other sources of information not available to us within our regular education.

Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher believe that most people never realize their full potential due to the fact they don’t understand the proper way to think.

It is in our nature to over-think and over-complicate things that seem to be simple. That is the reason why we have so many trouble. Thinking is a skill, and it has to be learned to use correctly.

Proctor-Gallagher Institute is devoted to teaching people how to think about abundance.

I was one of those individuals who at first was not thinking at all. Then, I started to overthink. I was causing me nothing but damage. My old life as a result of my thinking was a disaster.

With some help from Proctor-Gallagher Institute, I have learned how to balance my thoughts and direct them to a worthwhile goal, a purpose.

Bob and Sandy are firm believers in a philosophy that we all become what we think about. If you think about misery your life will become miserable. On the other hand, if you think about prosperity, your life will turn into a luxurious experience.

Andrew Carnegie inspired Napoleon Hill to create a philosophy based on this UNIVERSAL TRUTH. In 1937 he published his classic Think and Grow Rich. Earl Nightingale continued the work of Napoleon Hill and influenced Bob Proctor the continue his path. Sandy Gallagher is now taking the same route together with Proctor.

All in all, the Proctor-Gallager Institute is a company with an extraordinary lineage and unquestionably a leader in personal development education.


Proctor Gallagher Institute Review


What is PGI’s Mission?

Proctor-Gallagher Institute has an objective to, in their own words “significantly improve the quality of lives globally by elevating the quality of thought individually.” PGI.

They have the vision to create a world in which real wealth flows to, through, and from every person in an ever-expanding, never-ending cycle of abundance.


Proctor Gallagher Institute Review


I am a perfect example of their success.

The quality of my life was worst than poor because my thoughts were very disorganized. My life was a reflection of my damaged way of thinking.

They accomplished their mission by fixing my thoughts and sending me in the direction of real wealth which I continue to receive and expand through my work.

When I say wealth, first and foremost I mean on spiritual and intellectual wealth which is a cornerstone for attracting any other kind of wealth you desire.

For you to change your results in life, you will have to change something in you first.

The way you think and the way you feel.

With a proper application of the knowledge I got from Proctor-Gallagher Institute I learned how to use my intellect positively, I learned how to lift my spirit above narrow-minded and petty things that annoy many of us in our day by day life.

After a successful transformation from within, I was ready to attract a material equivalent of my thoughts in my life.

In two years, everything has changed!

With full confidence, I can say one more time, mission accomplished, and thank you Proctor-Gallagher Institute.


Bob Proctor’s Coaching Programs Reviews

Proctor-Gallagher Institute offers a variety of personal development products developed over 50 years of experience of Bob Proctor.

Each program has a different purpose.

Furthermore, they organize and conduct events all over the world to educate people about their potential to create the life they truly want.

They can offer you detailed instructions about how to change your life like night and day.

The following coaching course and live seminar event are my two top recommendations for everyone who is interested in getting to know Bob and Sandy a little more closely.

Coaching course was the one who changed my life.

Six Minutes to Success brought me closer to understanding that the only thing that stands between me and my desires is me.


Six Minutes To Success


This program is a game-changer. So simple, yet so powerful and effective.

Within this course, Bob is teaching about the power of the Law of Attraction and other universal law which if understood and applied correctly can erase everything you know about life so far.


Six Minutes to Success Coaching


The program is designed to lead you through the process of setting goals and using the law of attraction and other universal law to achieve those goals — something which very few people on this planet understand and make use of it deliberately.

The program is inspired over 50 years ago when Bob got the same advice to set some goals in his life. He did. Now, 56 years later he is giving the same information to you in his Six Minutes to Success.






As I have already mentioned, this program changed everything for me. It is my TOP recommendation for anyone who wishes to learn more about how to live a productive and fulfilled life.

The guys from Proctor-Gallagher Institute will get you there!

The next one is another coaching program which is for advanced Law of Attraction students.


Magic in Your Mind


The Magic in Your Mind will take you on a journey where you will discover your precious mental abilities. We all have them, but they are locked up and rarely used.

This program took me on the next level of success in my life! With the information which is provided, I have cleared the fog from my mind and have started to use it as it is designed to handle.

We are made to create. No one should use the mind for anything else!



This program serves you through six weeks where you can learn how to properly use the Law of Attraction, by starting within your mind first.

Six mental tools which are going to be introduced are memory, reason, imagination, will, intuition, and perception. Mary, Sandy, and bob have created a landmark personal development program which can help you to get anything you want.






The next offer from Proctor-Gallagher Insititute is a game-changer as well.


Paradigm Shift Logo


If you want to learn more about yourself as a whole human being, not just about the part you see when you stand in front of the mirror, then Paradigm Shift Seminar will blow your mind away!

The seminar is a three-day live event which Bob and Sandy conduct every once in a while in aLA. You can participate in two ways.

One way is to fly over to LA and be there LIVE.

The second one is to register ONLINE for a LIVE STREAM of the event.


Paradigm Shift Bob Proctor


This one gets me too excited right now because this seminar was my second contact with their work after the success with already mentioned Six Minutes to Success Course.

What Bob and Sandy teach during the seminar is too long to fit here.

All I can say is prepare yourself for a SHOCK!

If you want to learn more about it, then, click below and read my full review of the event.






Proctor-Gallagher Institute Review Summary

First of all, I must say it was a pleasure to write this Proctor Gallagher Institute review for many obvious reasons.

Second, I am happy and grateful because I know that some of you will listen to the word of advice that comes from Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallager. Therefore, you will get a chance to reshape your life.

As you can see through this presentation that Bob, Sandy, and whole Proctor-Gallagher Institute are established leaders in the personal development industry. They are pulling their knowledge and experience from the most successful people in over the last hundred years and turning it into useful products and services. This company changed many lives for the better, and they continue their ever-expanding work with each new day.

In the end, there is one more thing for me to say before I leave you.

If you wish to live fulfilled lives, add purpose to your days, be more healthy and happy, have more money and other material possessions, then follow the work of these guys.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


8 thoughts on “Proctor-Gallagher Institute Review – What is PGI About?”

  1. So cool to read a review about one of my personal mentors.

    I got to know Bob Proctor via The Secret and have been studying his stuff ever since. He actually is the motivation behind the life I am building right now.

    I never really researched Bob’s background (weirdly enough) but I started to do as he was suggesting. Repeating affirmations, never giving up and making the winners’ choice. My way of thinking completely changed and I know my ‘worldly results’ will follow after.

    It’s interesting how one thing leads to another. I appreciate your review.

    Keep doing the good work, the Law of Attraction never sleeps. Haha.


    • Hi Jonathan,

      I am so happy to see you here and to hear that you have managed to take over the control over your own thinking and your life. Keep thinking for yourself, keep practicing the Law of Attraction and you will be blown away when you stop to look at your new life. Thank you for your comment and encouragement to continue my work. All the best!

  2. Wow, that was a post to make readers blown away.
    Who the heck would not like having more money? And be more, do more, and have more?

    Your new picture speaks volumes of the change you are now compared to the one you put up in your profile.

    I must check what has been shown here right away and inform you accordingly.
    That was an ass kicker Ivan, I enjoyed reading it.

    I look anxiously forward to delve into more pieces of the stuff.

  3. I have watched several webinars with Bob, but I believe that it was Bob wife, Linda, who said something in a newsletter that I will never forget. Linda was talking about the kind of life that she wanted and how she wanted to earn money, and she said she wanted to make money from anywhere in the world, and have no employees.

    That was the first time I had heard anyone talk that and it resonated deeply with me.

    I adore Bob and was inspired to read more on LOA and Think and Grow Rich and I am working on moving forward, but actually I have been considering getting some coaching. Thank you for the reminder that Bob has some quality products that I need to look at.

    • Hi Irma,

      I believe that her wishes would resonate deeply with every living person. Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher indeed have a great knowledge about the Law of Attraction as well as how to use it and make it work in your favor. They are full of courses, programs, and seminars which can help you to achieve whatever the dream you have in your mind.

      It is the start that stops most people.-Bob Proctor

      Don’t be one of the most.

      Thank you for visiting my website and leaving your valuable comment as well. I wish you best of luck and if you need help you can always search for more here at my website or go directly to Proctor-Gallagher Institute and ask them to show you how to make your goals a reality.

  4. Thank you Ivan. That is quite very helpful. I really would love to attend a Paradigm Shift live event. I have streamed it before. Do you know anything about the online Streaming Club where Bob and others talk about the many influential books they have read and how to apply them to your life? Just wanted to know if you know about this program and feel if it worth it? Thanks so much. Michele

    • Hi Michele, your welcome. It’s my pleasure to share my experience with PGI. I highly recommend you to repeat the knowledge Bob and Sandy share. The key is in repetition.
      As a matter of fact, I was doing a research the other day on Streaming Club, and all I could’ve seen were positive reviews. I’ll try it out very soon and I’ll write a review as well. I honestly think it’s another great program in production of Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

      Ivan 🙂


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