How To Practice the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life

The Law of Attraction - How to Guide


These four steps are the most practical guide for mastering the Law of Attraction you will ever find. My experience with this law in the last two years is beyond words.

These four steps have changed my life, and they can change yours as well if you are willing to invest your time and power to master this powerful law.

Me Before and After the Program

I am more than happy to share this information with you. However, it is you who will have to apply this knowledge and do the work.

So make sure you come back from time to time and reread this post a few more times.

The secret to success in life lies in practice and repetition!


What Do You Want to Attract to Your Life?

You know, a few years ago I was poor, broke, unhealthy, and unhappy person. Nothing was going for me. This miserable situation left me thinking “What the hell is wrong with me?!”

I was not aware that this way of thinking was causing the attraction of more of the same to my life.

Then one day, I have set a goal to change things. I have decided to do whatever it takes to reshape my situation.

Right then and there I have got my first grip on the power of the Law of Attraction.

You see, people all over the world share the same three problems. The lucky ones are not suffering from all three. However, almost everybody has at least one stuck in their mind, and in their life.

Some of us have enough money. But, your hard work for that money maybe destroyed your health and relationships.

Or, some of us have excellent health, but, money and happiness just slip out of your fingers.

You can mix and match these three all day long.

Like I have said I suffered from a lack in all three, times ten!

If you follow this proven formula, like I did when I have got my thoughts on it, your life will never be the same again.

The Law of Attraction works continuously. It is one of the laws of this whole Universe which explains that whatever you think about you will eventually attract in your life.

Thoughts are energy and through the process of controlling the energy of your thoughts, you can improve every one of areas in your life where you suffer from problems.

Many great teacher and philosophers had unanimous agreement over one thing that we become what we think about. Over everything else they disagreed.

The Law of Attraction simply states if you think in negative terms you will attract negative results. On the other hand, if you think in favorable terms you will get positive results.

Such an obvious statement, right?

But how many of you can actually explain your results and make deliberate use of this fact?

Within this post, I will break down the process for you in the most simple, step by step manner.

At the end of the day, the simple things are the best things.


1. Set a Clearly Defined Goal and Begin to Think About it

When it comes to practicing the law of attraction the first key is to have a clearly defined goal.

You must know what you want to attract in your life.

Maybe it is more money, perhaps it is better health or more harmonious family relationships, or maybe it is a success in your company or starting your own company.

Whatever it is, make sure it is a single goal, and it is well defined.

Make sure that it is a goal that you have never done or had before in your entire life. Something with which you cannot relate any of your experiences so far.

And also, try to set a goal which you really WANT to achieve and not the one which you NEED or HAVE to make. In other words, let it be a dream that you always dreamed of doing or having but you have never dared to do it.

This way you will understand the power of the law of attraction much better then you would if it is something you have done already and you know how to do it again.

Now, if you know what it is that you want to achieve, you have your goal in mind, the right thing to do is to write it down on a goal card.

Writing it down is the first and best thing you can with your idea. Understand that once you write it down, you have completed one cycle of the law of attraction, and you have your first results.

Your thoughts on a paper are the first physical appearance of your goal.

Now they are not a fantasy anymore. Now your thoughts are a reality.

You have created them in your mind and gave them a form of words on the paper.


Summary of the first step:

  • CLEARLY DEFINE your goal
  • Make a SINGLE GOAL
  • Let it be a WANT, not a NEED
  • Write it down on a GOAL CARD


Example of a Well-Defined Goal

I will give you my own example of how big goals can make you understand the law of attraction much better than the small goal which you already know how to achieve.

I was a waiter in bars and restaurants for years. I was sick of that life so one day I have made a goal to change career and to do something which I have never done before.

I had a big goal in my mind and no idea how to do it.

All I could do during this period of unsatisfaction with my present results was to think. So I did!

I had a few known facts about this new career of mine. I knew I want to be financially independent and work for me, also to be time free and work whenever I want, and to work from wherever I want, no office. Therefore, I wrote it all down on a paper.

Now think!

I knew what I want, but I could not define it as a clear goal. Those were my desires which couldn’t be explained. If someone asked me “Ok, but what it is that you are going actually to do?”, I would not be able to give an answer because I didn’t know at the time.

However, at least I did know what I WANT, and I continued to think about it.

Days went on, and I was sitting at this business seminar. One day as a part of the workshop, this woman came to hold a presentation about digital marketing.

I was completely blown away with the information she was giving to us! Her ideas were perfect!

And when I looked at the other people in the room, I think I was the only one.


Because I had the same thoughts as she did. I attracted her ideas to my life.

Then and there I have decided that I am going to have my own business.

Something about which I know nothing about except the fact that I WANT IT and that it fit into my WANTS perfectly as a fish fits into the water!

Following the advice that I got, I wrote it down on a piece of a paper as a single and well-defined goal.

If someone asked me the same question again,  now I was able to give a straight answer!


Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s Law of Attraction Coaching Can Remake You!


2. Practice the Law of Vibration to Get in Harmony With Your Goal

When you decide to do something you have never done before, a natural emotional reaction is an enthusiasm and excitement.

However, after those two settle down and pass away, something else takes their place.

The 99% of the people will start to doubt their goals and abilities to achieve those goals. It happens because of the fact they had never done it, and their mind has nothing to compare the experience with.

At some stage, worry and fear will join in and eventually all the emotions will turn into anxiety.

In those critical moments, people will give up their hopes and dreams without learning about another law of the universe which is directly tied with the law of attraction.

Your thoughts and emotions are forms of energy vibrating on a specific frequency. And everything in this universe is a form of energy in a constant state of movement, or vibration. Everything has its own frequency.

Your goal is out there vibrating on a specific frequency.

When understood, the law of vibration gets us in harmonious vibration with our goal. Then, when the frequencies are matched, the law of attraction brings the goal to us or moves us in the direction of the goal.

All you have to learn how to lift your thoughts and feelings on the same frequency as your goal is and then to attract it in your life.

Reread my example from above, and you will get the point of the previous statement.


How to get in harmony with your goals?

You don’t have to be one of those people who will give up as soon as the first sign of opposition comes in. You can be in that 1% group of the people who are willing to stand behind their goals and dreams until they see them in reality.

Those people, consciously or unconsciously use the power of the law of vibration and attraction to get what they want every time!

Understand this and understand it well!

You can think of your goal; however, if you stay at low frequency when thinking about your goal, it is impossible to get positive results in life.

The second key of the whole process is to learn how to eliminate those negative thoughts and feelings of doubt, worry, and fear. And to empower positive thoughts and feelings of enthusiasm, faith, and belief by raising yourself on a frequency of your goal.

The next few pieces of advice are, also, from my personal experience based on the practice and results with both laws.


a.) Meditate and visualize 

One of the best things you can do to practice the law of vibration and attraction is to meditate and imagine yourself as if you have already achieved your goal.

By doing this, you are creating pictures of success in your mind, and you are impressing those pictures to your subconscious mind in the form of positive feeling.

Your subconscious mind is the one who is dictating your vibration.

The more you repeat the process of meditation and visualization, the more firm your faith and belief (positive vibration) will become. You will become less susceptible to negative vibrations from you outside world, and therefore, you will grow more confident in your abilities.

I have never had an online business before.

However, by meditating and visualizing myself as already having it long before I made my first steps, I had created positive vibrations in my subconscious mind which attracted positive results when I stepped out to do it.


b.) Use affirmations

The good thing you can do is, also, to include positive statements related to your goal. This way you are giving more power to those mental images of success by the spoken word.

I have mentioned already a goal card and how vital it is to write your goals on paper.

Now, my suggestion is to write down a few positive affirmations on the other side of that card and read those words as often as you can.

Make sure that you write them in present tense as if you already have your goal.

For example, I wrote that I am happy and grateful that now I am a successful owner of my own, private online business. That I have full confidence and faith in my abilities to complete this goal. And that it is growing bigger each day that I work on my goal.


c.) Read or watch inspirational material

Whenever your mind gives you troubles and worries -and it will from time to time- you have to play on every card you have to shift your mind back on the positive side.

You can find great help in inspirational material such as books or movies.

I have a few great recommendations of the books that I read and study to stay on positive tracks, and you can find them in my books section.

Also, there are many inspirational movies based on true stories which you can watch, take lessons, and use as inspiration for your own success.

Nothing on this world was accomplished without a great inspiration.


d.) Look up to those who already did it or have it

A good thing you can do to create a feeling (vibration) of success is, also, to look up to someone who has already achieved a goal similar to or the same as yours.

For example.

After I made a decision to have my own business, I found a few role models. I studied their lives and their success so I can see my own path. Once I identified myself in their stories,  I have got an even stronger feeling (vibration) that I am also able to originate my own success story.

In other words, I connected my vibration to theirs, and it reinforced my goal even firmly than before.

That is what I suggest to you as well.


3. Take Constant Action to Attract the Results in Your Life

Many people make this mistake with the law of attraction. They think that all they have to do is to think about their goal positively and it will somehow magically appear at their doorsteps.

Then, when they wake up tomorrow and see that Santa didn’t leave any presents for them, they will get discouraged, and in most cases, they will quit.

The people who believe that they can get their dreams in life without working for them are going to be forever trapped in a circle of confusion and disappointment. The law of attraction will never work for them.

I must admit, for a while I was the one.

Before my understanding of the law of vibration and attraction, I was a hard worker. However, I never had anything to show off for my hard work.

You see, I was not thinking. I was just working. And other people, those who were thinking, were using me as a “tool.”

Later on, I found out that this is something that over 90% of the world population is doing. Not thinking.

That is why so many people have nothing to show off for their hard work day in and day out.

The very essence of the law of vibration and attraction is to think, feel, and act like the person you want to become, because what you think you will become.

Those who are able to do the thinking and working will experience this law in its fullest form and power.

So far you have learned how to have and think about your goal, and you know how to get in harmonious vibration with your goal.

As you have noticed, the first two steps are about mental and emotional preparation which is essential for success in the practice of the law of attraction.

Now, you must take constant action because the action is the element which is attracting the results to your life.

The action is the third key in the whole process!

You will attract the results equivalent to your thoughts and feeling. In other words, if you do the first two steps correctly, you will draw positive conclusions in your life.

If not, the last step is also the final key so don’t worry.


Bob Proctor’s and Sandy Gallagher’s Law of Attraction Coaching Can Remake You!


4. Repeat the Proces to Master the Law of Attraction

If by any chance you get negative results in your life, in other words, if you fail, remember that failure is a necessary thing in the whole process.

Failure is a sign that there was something wrong in your thinking.

It gives you the opportunity to rethink your goal positively until you find a cause for your failure.

Repeat the process all over again as many times you have to until you get positive results. And when you get the positive results, you will have to repeat them again and again until this new understanding becomes a part of your character.

Then you will understand and master the law of attraction, and you will be able to apply it to any other goal, wish, or dream you have in your mind.

Here I will recapitulate everything you have read so far so you can get a big picture.

The next diagram is something which I have learned from my mentor, Bob Proctor. He is using a “stick person” concept to help people get a better understanding of the whole process.


Stick Man Explains the Law of Attraction


A Mind-Garden Analogy

I hope that now you know the basics of the law of attraction and the law of vibration. You have learned how those two laws work in harmony and they are responsible for your results in life.

Moreover, you have learned how to utilize both laws for your own benefit deliberately.

Many great teacher and philosopher were, and still are, using a mind-garden analogy to paint a picture of how the law of attraction and vibration work in your life.

I am not a teacher, nor I am great. However, I learned a lot from those people and from my own experience, and I am more than happy to expand your treasury of knowledge and experience so you too can utilize these great laws for your own benefit.

Imagine your mind as a fertile garden because the mind is in every way like that. And whatever you plant in it -it will return to you.

Now, imagine your thoughts, dreams, goals, and ideas are seeds you plant in that garden.


Hand Holding Fertile Land


If you chose negative ideas to plant in there, you would eventually reap what you sow.

In another hand, if you plant seeds of wealth, prosperity, and well-being, your life will become like that.

As the real farmer has control over his lands, so do you have to take the power of your own thinking and direct it to a worthwhile and specific goal.

Your thoughts are the seeds, your feelings are the sun, and your actions are water and necessary nutrients which provide growth.

If you take good care of your land, it will return to you exactly what you have planted. No more no less.

The same way as the farmer weeds out unwanted plants to protect his crops, it is your responsibility to weed out all the negative thoughts, ideas, and feeling and take good care of your land.

Gradually, it will come the time when you will enjoy the fruits of your work. All you have to do is to stay persistent, patient, and work steadily towards the realization of your goals.

The Universe will take care of everything else.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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27 thoughts on “How To Practice the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life”

  1. The law of attraction is powerful stuff indeed! So many of us limit ourselves out of fear or practicality (which isn’t all that practical). Its good to remember that we’re all part of the same universal system.

    • You are absolutely right vivek, the law of attraction sure is powerful and I have personally made use of it in my own life and experienced its effects first hand. I am a strong believer that the universe is ready to give us what we want if we know how to ask and attract it.

  2. I love Bob Proctor’s books.. The law of attraction is very powerful. All of your actions start in your mind before you actually take them. What you think about is what will actually manifest in your life. It sounds so simple and that is why people don’t believe it works.

    • The man has a “doctors degree” in this area.
      Simple ideas are the best ones! We just like to complicate them 🙂 From simple thought, we can create anything, however, it takes more than just thinking, it takes living it as well.

  3. Wonderful article. I can say that this Law is trully special. Our subconsciousness makes us behave and act like we learn in the past. That’s why most of us don’t want to try something different, it takes us from our comfort zone and makes us feel insecure. The first thing is to know what you trully want and set your goals! Your goals is like a map for your ship – you know where you want to be. It takes about a month to effect and change your subconsciousness the way you want and all you need to do is think about your goals everyday, constantly. Law of attraction trully work and it’s not a secret at all, the problem is the people with their narrow thinking and fear of trying to change their life! Powerful stuff, thank you for this awesome ideas!

    • I agree with you, Dan. However, thinking is not the only element to make use of this Law. You have mentioned comfort zone and fear of trying something new. Most people do set new goals; they make a map as you have said, but, the initial enthusiasm lasts only for a short time and people get back to the comfort zone. Fear stops them. And Law of Attraction brings us exactly what we think and how we feel about it.

      To correctly change our subconscious which will lead us to better results, we have to think and make us feel good about the goal, as you have said, constantly, every day. It can be done by simple techniques such as affirmations, meditation, and visualization of yourself already achieving that goal. And must be repeated for at least one month, I will recommend even more. That is going to firmly impress that image in our subconscious. And eventually, it will return to us in the form of the feeling of faith. This is the first stage of elimination of worry, doubt, and fear. And our subconscious will show us the way how to get there once we reach the third stage, which is action. With our actions, backed up by the emotion of faith, we will then attract a positive outcome. And ultimately, we can completely eliminate the fear and make the initial fearful thoughts our new comfort zone.

  4. Very interesting stuff! I love these topics. You have lots of information there and it can be very powerful and underestimated with what the mind can achieve and create. Keep at it!

  5. Is a particular moment of my life, so many things are changing, I’ll definitely watch the video and practice, practice and practice! Last time I tried the negativity took over, this time will be different! awesome post!

  6. What a powerful article. I completely agree with everything you said. Mindset is everything. Often times, it is our belief that limits our potentials. I didn’t quite understand that until I started reading a book recently. Your article helped to validate and reinforce what I ‘ve learned. Thank you so much for ahring this information.

    • Our state of mind determines what we will attract in our lives. Positive mind attracts more of positive! We have unlimited potential! And when I say unlimited I mean unlimited. Our subconscious treasury is infinite, limitless! Read the book, especially the chapter on the subconscious mind, it will give you a whole new perspective on life. All the best!

  7. Man, this is some great stuff you got here, and I’m glad you pointed it out to me.

    Practice positivity!! and if you can’t change the negative around you, whether that be people or items, etc. then get rid of it or leave it behind, cause negativity is toxic for sure!!

    If everything around you is negative, then consider changing your thoughts, as it very well could be the way you think.

    Thanks for this read.

  8. I remember watching one movie 8 years ago, called Secret. It covered Law of Attraction, or at least something similar to it. Based on my dreams and feelings, I strongly agree with the formula of attraction. Thoughts, feelings and action form a great fuel for accomplishing something.

    Staying positive is also essential; that’s what I’m trying to practice daily, so I have enough energy to create and take action to make my dreams and desires come true.

    Thank you a lot for sharing this post 🙂 I actually bookmarked it.


    • Yes, The Secret is movie based on Law of Attraction, and it is highly recommended to everybody who wants to know more.

      I see you got it German. Keep growing, and moving forward my friend. Thank you for your comment, hope to see you again.

  9. What a fantastic post! I’m a HUGE believer in the Law of Attraction, to the point where I regularly run local Vision Board workshops.

    “When you declare something to be true about your life, the Universe listens and abides by your declaration.”

    • That is the Law! “If you can see it in your head you can hold it in your hand.”

      I like the idea of the Vision Board workshops. Very creative. Keep on doing it. And thank you for your comment.

  10. I used to feel like I was the only one who couldn’t grasp the meaning of the LOA. I did my own research as well and I learned about emotional freedom technique and “tapping” ( a method of tapping away the negativity which can block your desired result from manifesting ) I also learned that to really master the LOA – whatever it is you desire or want, you have to believe that you already have it. You have to be thankful and grateful to have this “thing” whatever it is, you have to go about your day pretending to your best ability that you already have it in your life and that will bring the universe to manifest it sooner because you create the life you want by believing it to be a certain way. Anyway, that is as far as I got. I am manifesting my own world right now. I have a website and I am using that website as a vessel for my freedom I am putting all my love and hope into it and acting as if I already have success. So far so good. Every day I am seeing a little bit more and more success.

    • Everything you wrote is true! By the letter!

      Remember one more Universal Law, Law of Sowing and Reaping. And, the fact that all of the Laws are connected and they work in harmony with each other.
      To protect your crops you have to take care of it every day until reaping season. Your thoughts and feeling are water and your action is the sun. You have to keep the weeds out as well to have a full crop at the end.

      Go for it, and enjoy the journey, have fun. Thank you for the comment, Sophia.

  11. Interesting article!

    Have no fear and be confident. Sounds simple. Yet it can be a difficult obstacle.

    I have been trying to remain focused and confident in building my online business to successful. It isn’t easy but I just have to continue to climb and remain positive!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Brandon 🙂

    • Hi Brandon.

      If you have a vision for your business, it is going to happen that is the Law. All you have to do, as you said, continue to climb and stay positive. I think the process is a great teacher, you just have to have the courage to go through it and you will end up as a big winner. Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  12. This is a powerful information you provide. Law of attraction is truly helps most people success in love, health and money. I totally agree with what you said and I will share your post. Keep it up mate. Cheers!


    • Hi Jaden!

      Indeed it is. The Law of Attraction works, and I am more and more convinced every day in its power. It is simple as it sounds. Think, feel and act according to it. It is not working overnight. However, if you can spend a year in “testing” it, you will see the huge difference in your life.

      Thank you for commenting and for the share!

      All the best,


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