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Best Online Personal Goal Setting Program


Over the last few years, I have learned a lot about how to set meaningful personal goals in my life. The knowledge itself is priceless. The success that comes afterward is something which is beyond words.

This one particular course showed me not only how to set goals, but what is more valuable, Six Minutes to Success gave me the exact directions on how to achieve all of them.

It will take you six minutes to read this post. However, the next six minutes may completely change your life from now on.

There are many phone apps, faulty tools, systems, programs, and courses out there which promise to show you the quick way to success.

Let me tell you something. It won’t happen just like that.

A quick way to success doesn’t exist!

To find your purpose in life -those essential personal goals which can change everything for you, it takes a lot of time to figure it out. A lot of self-search and devotion to honestly know the answers.

Once you have them all figured out, you will need a right guidance on your way to achieve them. You will need someone who has already been there and who can show you the exact footsteps you will need to take.

In other words, you will need a mentor!

Let me introduce to you the best online personal goal setting course which can change your life like night and day.

A program which has all tools and the right guidance you will need on your journey to abundance and prosperity.

It sure changed mine because if I had never entered this course, this website and my work in life would not be possible.




What is Six Minutes to Success Course?

This online personal goal setting course is a step by step guide that can lead your life on a path of riches you have never dreamed of.

When I say riches, I mean riches in terms of health, happiness, and of course, material possessions.

And I am not exaggerating.

Six Minutes to Success is a complete system for setting personal goals developed in over 50 years of experience of one man, Bob Proctor.

Bob Proctor spent his entire adult life in the study of human potential. He indeed is one of the masters in the field.

A long time ago, back in the 1960’es, when he was down and out completely, he got a word of advice from a man who had it all. The lesson was to take a look at his three most important areas in life, examine them, and then set goals with the full intention of making those areas more productive.

The three areas about which man was talking about were:


He gave Bob a book to study, along with the advice to follow the author’s direction by the letter, and a promise that if he does so, his life will change. The man saw something in Bob which he could see himself. He saw a goal getter. And the book he gave him was, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill.

Bob did follow the man’s advice, and he did change his life. He became successful in all areas of his life. So successful that he could never imagine it even in his wildest dreams.

Now, that was almost sixty years ago. Since then, Bob Proctor became one of the world’s leaders in the area of personal achievement. If anyone knows everything about the science of goals setting and achieving the same, it is him.

Six Minutes to Success is his brainchild. He poured over his life work and experience in this program which can help you to achieve all the success you ever dreamed off.

If not even more.




Why is Six Minutes to Success the Best Online Personal Goals Setting Course?

You will get served with the knowledge about how to set specific goals for seven most important areas in your life.

That is right!

Bob got advice to improve three areas of his life. However, he went to work so eagerly and devoted to master the life itself that he has expanded the list on four more areas which are crucial in your life.

His program will lead you through all of those areas in your life. You can study and examine your life from all possible angles. Once you go over an in-depth analysis of all of the seven major life areas, you will have a chance to write down your own ticket and ask the life to pay it.

Not only that!

What this program offers is something special.

Bob knows how important is mentorship in the task of this magnitude. Reshaping your life is not something you should do by yourself. A mentor is a person who can show you the right way to go. Moreover, a mentor can show you all possible obstacles and adversities which awaits you on this road so you can jump over them and skyrocket your success.

If you want to work on a better body, you won’t go to a dentist and ask him for advice. Right?

You will go and a fitness expert to mentor you. He will save you time and trouble. Even better, you will go through the process without any failure and possible injuries which can happen if you go by yourself.

The same is with goal setting and achieving them.

And Bob Proctor will be there for you!





What do You Get With This Online Personal Goals Setting Course?


Let’s get a little bit more into details of Six Minutes to Success.

Like I have said already, Bob spent over 50 years in study. A product of that study, among all, are Goals Workbook and Action Planner that comes to you withing Six Minutes to Success program. Both of these tools can be easily downloaded and printed out.

Moreover, my advice is to do so as soon as you receive the access to course because immediate action on given ideas is what separates winners from those who are looking at life from the sidelines.

The small advice I have got from Bob which paid off in dividends so far.

Within those two workbooks, you will find all you need to design your life!

Furthermore, Bob Proctor will come at your email every morning with a fresh set of instructions about how to use the program, and a portion of motivation which will assure your way to the top.

This is something that other program, courses, and apps cannot offer.

A mentor with over 50 years of experience in this field will guide you and show you the way to success.

In my opinion, this is the most valuable aspect of the whole course.

Also, you will get access to a full library of personal development material including these three classics:




Is Six Minutes to Success Completely Free of Charge?

Once you sign up for Six Minutes to Success goal setting course, you will be offered with a two weeks free trial.

Within those two weeks, you will get the access to all material that this course has to offer. Moreover, you will be able to download the content on to your personal computer and print it out completely free of charge.

The video series will come to you immediately and will continue throughout the next two weeks.

If by any chance you will not be satisfied with the results and with the content of the Six Minutes to Success personal goal setting program, you are free to cancel your subscription during those two weeks.

You will not be charged for anything. Goals Workbook and Action Planner will be your to keep and free to use for further advancement in your mission.

The only thing you will lose if you cancel your subscription is Bob Proctors mentorship.

In my opinion, for $30 per month, which you probably spend on coffee each month, you will lose a once in a lifetime opportunity to be mentored by the worlds leading expert in the field of human potential.




My Experience With Six Minutes to Success  

I was not doing so good in life before I emerged myself into a study of personal development, and way before I have started to set and achieve my own life goals. I was, to put it in kind words, a complete failure.

You see, my life was like a rollercoaster. One year was half-success, then the next one was a Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was going like that for years and years. Up and down, down and under.

I have never had a good job or a decent salary in my entire lifetime. Why? Because I had o goal to have it.

I have not finished my education. Why? Because I had no goal to do so.

I have never had a decent relationship in my life. Why? Because I had no goal to care for it.

I was eating junk food, and I was an unhealthy person. Why? Because I had no goal to be healthy.

You see, my life has changed for good and for better after just one DECISION; to set at least one goal in those seven areas and pursuit it.

Something happens to a human being after he achieves a success in areas of life where he was a complete failure. Something higher touches him, and he begins to see the world and opportunities clearer than ever.

It is like Bob has said in one of his analogies.

If you will go inside the building which has 100 floors. Climb on the first floor and face east, and you will have a different view than you had in the lobby of the building.

Then, climb some more and reach the floor number ten. Again go to the east wall of the building, and the view will be different, much better.

Continue to climb and eventually you will reach the floor one hundred. Go to the east wall of the building, and you will have the view of the world like you never dreamed of.

That is what I have experienced with Six Minutes to Success!

I still continue to climb floor by floor, slowly and safely reaching the top of my building, my life.


Six Minutes to Success Best Online Goal Setting Course


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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  1. Hi Ivan Thanks for the book i registered to read it.. good advice step by step climbing up and always helping those who are barely starting that need a hand just like i needed it.. people out there need good mentors that show them the right way and take them far away from all scam out there…. good to find people that is down to give a hand for others and not just take their time and money>.. keep your work up im interested in learning what you know.


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