Manifest Money With the Law of Attraction

Most people will give you small tips and half-broken ways to attract money immediately. Frankly, I have tried them all, and they didn’t work for me because the information about the Law of Attraction was not complete.


Now, this post is not the case.

It is complete. Moreover, it is proven and working!

You can start to attract money to your life as of this second!

If you want to learn, once and for all, the unshakable formula for manifesting money with the Law of Attraction, stick to this material from now on and your life will never be the same again.

You will learn about how to become money making magnet from today and for the rest of your life!


If you are sick and you want to get healthy, you won’t go to an auto-mechanic to get better, right?

You will go and visit a doctor.

Therefore, if you want to have a fat bank account, to deal with financial worries, and live the life of abundance, you will find an expert who knows how to make it happen!


Start Manifesting Money Right Now!


I was lucky enough to get in contact with a man who is one of the world’s leaders when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

Especially, when it comes to manifesting money in your life.

Before this experience, my financial life was a mess.

I was living in debt.

My bank account was a thorn in my eye.

The very thought of money made me feel sick to my stomach.

I did have a short financial success, but it didn’t last for long because I was not equipped with the right knowledge to keep it going.

However, after just a few days of working with Bob Proctor, my income went up rapidly!

Now, two years after I am earning 3x more money compared to the amount that I was making before.

It is still raising! Moreover, thanks to the right guidance, it will keep on growing forever.





I Want to Help You


Everyone has the same birthright on the abundance with which we are surrounded. So do you as well.

Since you are here, I will take the liberty to say, and I hope you will not get offended, that you have no idea what money is.

If you have a working knowledge concerning the money, you would not be here, and you certainly would not be experiencing the lack that you might do right now.

Therefore, you must forget everything you have learned about money so far, and start all over again.

That is the way I was taught, and it is the only way!

“The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” -Alvin Toffler

So, let’s begin with…


Definition of Money


In school and later on, in life, they don’t teach you what money is and how does it work.

The reason why so many people today are experiencing financial problems lies directly in a lack of knowledge, not in a lack of money.

That is why 3 % of the population is controlling 97% of the money in the world.

These people know its real use. They have a working knowledge, and they see the purpose of the money.

Memorize these two facts about money and remember them well.

Money is a medium of exchange for products or services which are needed and useful.

We exchange our time or our products for other peoples money.

Money is good and we need it. For if a man wants to be free, if he wants to have a mind full of peace, if he wants time to love and live, he has to have enough cash.

No doubt whatsoever!


How to Earn More With the Law of Attraction?


The only way to earn more money is if you improve the quantity and quality of service or product that you render in exchange for other peoples money.

The attraction starts the same second when you focus on improving your service to others, instead of concentrating on chasing money or lack of it.

Money is just an end result of this equation. The increase must and will happen if you focus on improving your service first.

If you stop and think about it, there is no other way to earn more money.

The salesman who is focused on providing more and better service to his customers will in return earn more money.

On the other hand, the one who is focused only on the cash will render poor service. Therefore, he will receive less than the first guy.

Later on in this post, I will give you two real-life examples to show you how it works.

Money, when properly understood, can become your faithful servant, which it really is.

Many people have this in reverse.

They are serving to money. They worship the cash. Worst of all, they are controlled by its power.

The next law of the Universe is maybe the only knowledge you will ever have to have concerning the role of money in the world as we know it.


The Law of Value


The Law of Value is a law which governs your gains in all areas of life including financial as well. It merely states that your true worth is determined by how much you give in value first.

This law says that if you want to increase your income, you must render more and better service to make it happen.

In other words, if you focus on giving value to those to whom you serve, without asking anything in return, your stock will go up, and you will be compensated.

That is the law!

I must say that I don’t care what your occupation is. If you wash dishes for a living, flip burgers or you have your own company, do it to your best ability, do it as you have never done it before.

Don’t go crazy.

Do your job the best you can with a calm assurance that the time well spent will give you everything you ask in return.

Raise the bar every day for an inch and watch what will happen.

Try and test the Law of Value if you have troubles in believing in everything you have read so far.

Unfortunately, people have misunderstood this.

Somehow we are used to expecting more money before we give more in return.

Everyone is running after money instead of focusing on some unbreakable natural laws which will make money come to you.


The Old Way is the Wrong Way!


The old way is the reason why so many people live in delusion when it comes to earning the all mighty dollars, euros, yens or whatever it is that you keep in your wallet.

To have more, you must be at more service.

Once you get the meaning of the Law of Value, intellectually and emotionally, everything will begin to change.

The money will come to you in vast quantities and in such a fast pace that it will make your head spin. You will see what you were doing wrong so far.

It is simple as it sounds.

Because of its simplicity, many people don’t believe that it is the way how money actually works.

We have some wrong beliefs about the cash which are passed on to us from generation to generation. Those beliefs can be corrected, and this post will help you to do it.

You can start earning more as soon as you finish this reading.

The 3% of people who truly understand this law are controlling it for the very same reason. They look at the money as a servant and certainly not another way around.

All of the information you have read so far leads me to the next question.

Moreover, to make cash your faithful servant a quick self-analysis is more than necessary.

Read the following two stories, see which one of the two men are you.

Then proceed on to four steps to manifesting money.


Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction Masterpiece Can Get You Anything You WANT!


What do You Focus on Debt or Abundance?


Many, many, many people all over the world make a crucial mistake when they think of money.

I will start by giving you two examples of two of my previous employers.

Both of them are very knowledgeable when it comes to their business.

However, they had two different mindsets regarding money.

At the end of the day, they lived two different lives even though both of them had the same opportunity to ask the life to pay any price they asked for.

I hope these two stories will show you what you are doing wrong and probably without being aware. Also, how you can correct your flaw.

I have learned a lesson which is worth its weight in gold by analyzing these two businessmen. Maybe you will get the same message I have acquired while working for them.

Both experiences date way back while I was still in college.

Like every other student out there, I was always short of cash. No matter how much my folks at home were making sure that I have enough, I needed more.

College life, haha!


Working Experience #1


Anyway, because of the need for extra cash, I had found myself a part-time job in one of the local bars where I was working evenings and weekends.

The owner was a guy who had tons of knowledge about hospitality.

He knew everything. From how to make an excellent cappuccino to fixing a best Long Island Ice Tea you have ever tasted.

However, despite all his knowledge, he had no clue how money works and how to make it work for him.

I will never forget his face when he comes to a bar and sees that the place is half-empty.

At least he saw it like that.

No matter how good the situation was, somehow he was able to find something wrong in the scenario.

I rarely remember seeing him smiled.

I remember him asking me “how much do we have tonight?”, I would answer “around 1000” and he would make a disappointed face and always replied with the same line “how come there is no more…?”

Instead of giving his intention to his customers first, then to his employees and business in second place, he was focused only on the amount of money in the till and nothing else mattered to him.

I understood that he has a family, mortgage, car lease, bills, and all that stuff.

Therefore, it was hard to focus on being kind to his customers and employees.

Nevertheless, it was a crucial mistake!

Because of his attitude, my service became lousy, my coworkers as well.

Ultimately, as an effect of his wrong thinking, his business went down and under. Pretty soon he closed the doors of the place and locked the bar.

If I only had the knowledge back then that I have right now, I believe that the story would be much different.

Now, you have the same opportunity to analyze this story, to take from it what is wrong and correct it in yourself.


Working Experience #2


Now, let’s go a couple of years fast forward. I was out of college but still working in the same line of business.

After my experience with my first employer, I was blessed to find his polar opposite.

This guy was everything precisely the reverse of the first man. Whenever I saw him, he was smiled and happy.

He had a habit of coming to bar every evening during the summer time.

Sometimes he even brought his wife and two beautiful daughters with him.

Every night there were two or three really close friends by his table, and the laughter was the only thing you could hear coming from them.

He had a mortgage as well, car payments too, bills, and family to feed.

However, his focus was not on “Oh my God how will I pay all those things!?”

This man was calm, sure in himself, and never worried.

Rarely he was interested in the amount of money in the till.

When he asked, “how much do we have?” I was a bit reserved with the answer at the beginning because of my previous experience.

When I would reply “around 1000 boss…” and you could hear him saying, “alright, that is better than 900.”

Then he would buy us a drink!

This man knew exactly from where his paycheck is coming from.

So, he made sure that everything and everyone is feeling just beautiful.

He was in the habit of smiling to customers, asking them how is their day and such. Those who were the most loyal were always on our free coffee or beer list.

During my time there, my paycheck went up twice!

This man knew how money talks and he made sure that he will keep on improving his speech.

Have you improved yours while reading this one?


Get Rid Of the Hate!


Money brings problems in life. Actually, the lack of money is the cause of the issues.

Because of this misfortune, we usually start to hate the topic of money. However, on the subconscious level, we want it soo bad.

You see, you can’t want something, hate it at the same time, and expect to have it.

This mix brings nothing but confusion, my friend. It blocks manifestation of goods.

The guy from the first bar was a man who was full of negative thoughts and emotions when it comes to money.

He wanted money in a wrong way. He had his mind fixed on lack.

It made him cynical, fearful, full of resentment and hate towards money, and more or less towards everything else.

When the human mind is focused on everything which is maybe wrong at the present moment, the Law of Attraction will keep bringing those things in the future as well.

Moreover, it will not just bring them, it will pile them up. Worry on top of worry, a bill on top of the bill, debt on top of debt, hate on top of hate, fear on top of fear, and so on and so on!

How do I know this?

I have experienced the negative influence, felt under this experience, and brought everything that is wrong to my life.

It took some time to see what was my mistake.

Once I have made a full self-analysis and corrected my mind, I was amazed when I have looked around and noticed that everyone is making the same mistakes.

Stop hating money and everything that comes with it!

As long as you are feeling resentment on any level, conscious or subconscious, money will never come to you in vast quantities.

How do I know this?

Well, I got rid of the negative thoughts and emotions when it comes to money talk. My income went rapidly up as a result!

This is how I did it.

Moreover, this is how you must do it as well if you wish to see the positive flow on your bank account!

Test this formula, try it, and if tomorrow you don’t attract at least one dollar or euro or yen more than you did today, leave the method.

However, if you succeed and you earn more than today, I have nothing but faith that you can repeat these steps day after day and soon enough manifest enough to live the life you wish to live.


Bob Proctor’s Law of Attraction Masterpiece Can Get You Anything You WANT!


5 Steps to Manifest Money With the Law of Attraction

Dollars and Bitcoins

This formula was passed on to me. I made use out of it. Moreover, I planted it in my subconscious mind so that it is a part of my working memory.

Now it is a habit, and I don’t have to think much about it.

Money comes to me on a continuous basis, from multiple sources. I love people, and I use money as my servant.

I want to pass it on to you with a sincere hope that you will apply everything you have read so far.

As well as everything that comes right now.

Before we begin, I will mention the key point one more time.

You must give more before asking anything in return.

You have the full potential to become the best version of yourself while doing whatever you do for a living. As a result, the best will come to you.

Here are now a few simple steps that can help you to achieve this matter.


1.) Be Precise With the Amount You Want


When you ask the Universe for something, whether for more money or better health, you must be precise with the thing you want.

If you ask people “How much money do you want?” They will say “I want lots of it!”

The Universe doesn’t know how much lots of money is, neither do you.

Therefore, the first and crucial step is to calculate how much is enough to cover all your living expenses including paying off your debts. Plus, you have to have 10% extra to put on savings.

Before I go on, a critical note regarding that 10 %.

I have found an amazing fact in the book “You Were Born Rich”, by Bob Proctor.

Everything you are going to read from now on is a mix of his teachings, and my own experience with his and many other books.

You see, Proctor has written that there is an ancient Babylonian Law of Prosperity and Financial Freedom.

The law dictates that out of every dollar/euro you earn,  10 % is yours to keep.

Moreover, you should pay that 10 % out of the top, and then use the rest to pay all the life’s necessities.

When your income starts to grow, this 10 % will increase automatically.

Incorporate this small act in your behavior, make it a habit, and watch how money accumulates by itself.

If you do this, later on in life, you will have a nice amount for a wise investment or to live off once you retire.


How Much Money is Enough to Make You Happy?


At this point, you must stop and really think about your financial life.

To be more precise, take a pen and paper and start writing things down.

What you write down on that paper will determine your future if you follow everything that I will pass on to you without any questioning.

Think about how much you need for every single category on a one-year basis.

For example, if you want to spend, I don’t know, $1000 per year instead of the current $500 on clothes every year, write it down under the Clothes category.

Here are some areas of your financial life that has to be covered:

  • Food
  • Rent/mortgage/debt
  • Utilities
  • Clothes
  • Transport
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Vacation
  • Recreation
  • Savings

Think about how much you want to spend on these things on a yearly basis from now on. Not how much you are spending right now!

To help you out with the thinking process, here are some more useful ideas.

For instance, you may want to pay off your debt. Take a moment and calculate, without any fear, how large is your annual debt.

Once you have the figure, write it down.

Or maybe you are dreaming of driving a brand new car instead of that old wagon in your driveway. Think about the type of the vehicle you want to have, look up for how much it cost, then write it down.

Maybe you want to take vacations more often, go places where you will enjoy your time off much better. Think about all those things. Take your time to figure out the amount which will cover all your needs during one year period and write it down.

Don’t let your past or present situation get in the way of your thinking.

This is the point where you are allowed to dream of the things that you have always wanted for yourself and your family.


I Know That You Want Money RIGHT NOW!


Take my advice and go through this step very carefully.

You have only one life to live. There is no second chance.

If you do it right, in a few years from now, you will pat your past self on the shoulder, and you will be thrilled that you have done it the right way.

Once you have calculated the total sum you need to cover the life you want to live, write it down on a clean sheet of paper.

Write it in big, bold letters, and put it somewhere where you can see it all the time. Put it by your bed, or hang it on the mirror in your bathroom.

Now, forget everything else you wrote and keep your focus on that total amount you want to manifest.

When you know the figure that is going to satisfy your needs, proceed to the next step.


The World's Best Law of Attraction Coaching


2.) Forgive the Past and Let Go of All Your Debts


You see, many people out there are not able to receive the sum that they have figured out.

Even if they do the first step correctly, they will never have it.


Don’t let this scare you. Fear is not helpful when it comes to manifesting anything in your life.

The answer lies in the fact that most of the people don’t care enough to fix their mindset before they try to get the money.

Just because you want money soo much right now, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to receive the full figure yet.

Moreover, money doesn’t grow on trees, or it will be delivered to you by a Tooth Fairy.

The mind has to be adequately prepared for the attraction.

I have given you the formula for the right mindset at least five times so far within this post.

My friend, decide right now, to forget everything that you have done in your life so far when you speak about money.

Realize that what is gone is gone, what has been done is done. You can’t fix the past.

However, you can make sure that it doesn’t happen again in your future.

Those who keep living in the past will relieve the same experience over and over again until the Judgement Day.


How to Forgive and Let Go of the Money Hate?


I suggest that you do something meaningful which will create a picture in your mind, the image to remember.

It is very important for the success of this formula.

For example, I wrote on a sheet of paper that I forgive myself for being stupid when it comes to money. Furthermore, that I will never blame myself for the mistakes that I have made because they are dead and gone. I wrote that I will never again be the slave to money and that from now on I am going to make it my slave.

I have read that paper for a day until I memorized the lines that I have written.

Then when the night came, I went outside with a lighter in my hand, and I have burned the paper.

I remember it burning so vividly. I can see it whenever I close my eyes.

Also, I remember the decision that I have made while watching it burn.

I have said to myself, from within, that I am going to become financially free in the time period of one year.

Moreover, I have written it on a fresh sheet of paper along with the sum that I have calculated a few days before.

That paper is with me all the time.

Everything up until that moment represented the past for me. It was dead and gone. It was forgiven and forgotten.

Now, you do it right as well!

Make your mind to remember the event. After that, force yourself with all your willpower that from now on you are not going to concentrate your thoughts on the lack of money.

From now on, you are having your thoughts fixed on providing a useful service or product to people while doing it to your best ability and in the best possible quantity.

In the meantime, you are expecting that you will receive in return the amount of money you WANT.

Now, you know how much you WANT, you have decided to forget your past and present worries so you can focus on the future.

The next two steps have to be practiced every day for a couple of times per day!

They will help you to create a money mindset.


3.) Start Appreciating Everything Little Thing You Have


The thoughts of poverty attract like thoughts. It is right for another way around as well. Thoughts of riches attract like thoughts.

It is vitally important to start focusing on every positive detail of your life.

No matter how things may seem to be wrong, believe me, once you are able to focus on the good, you will feel rapid improvement.

Once you plant a seed of financial gain and dig out the old one of lack, and you keep feeding the right information to your mind, it will attract to you countless of seeds of the same kind.

It will make your head spin!

While searching for ways and means to do so, I have discovered that the practice of gratitude.

It is the best way to dig out those old, negative thoughts and beliefs about money, and to keep your focus on what is right.


Gratitude Formula


It merely comes down to this.

Close your eyes for a couple of times per day.

Once relaxed say at least five things related to your situation right now that you are grateful for.

Say the following:

I am happy and thankful that I have warm clothes on my back. I have some food in my fridge. I am grateful for the roof over my head.

Now, you continue…

In the beginning, it may be a little bit hard to feel good while doing this because your subconscious mind is programmed to be negative when you think of money and material.

Money probably caused you pain. It is perfectly reasonable to feel the lump of anxiety in your throat when you think of it.

However, with time and practice, you will develop an inner feeling of appreciation for the things you have.

The more you do this, the more you will become aware of everything good that you have, as well as the good that you will have.

Those problems and worries that you might experience right now will become smaller.

Eventually, they will completely disappear from your mind.

They will be replaced by the thoughts of riches you already possess.

Gradually, those new thoughts will begin to multiply in your mind the same way the ideas of lack did a long time ago without your approval.

Little things you have will suddenly become so large that you will be in marvel how it happened.

Gratitude is the ultimate solution for any worry that you may have right now!

Make it your daily habit.

I wrote an excellent post about how gratitude is one of the most essential habits in practice of the Law of Attraction. Make sure you take a day off and read it for a couple of times.


4.) See and Feel Money Coming to You on a Continuous Basis


At this point, you should know how much money you want, you made your peace with your past and your mistakes, and you have that good feeling from inside when you look at your current riches.

Now it is time to start seeing the future life within your IMAGINATION.

Start to see all those things that were on your mind while thinking of the figure you need.

See yourself driving that brand new car you want to have.

Imagine yourself doing shopping and spending that well-earned money on good clothes.

Picture yourself and your family enjoying that vacation in that luxurious destination that you have always dreamed of visiting.

Go to all places, have all the things you want.

See yourself providing the useful service.

Imagine your bank account filling up as a result of your great work!

If you have trouble to use your imagination, which is perfectly reasonable because of years and years of neglect, you can make use of a few small tricks to make your mind believe in money.

For example, smell the money whenever you have a chance. Feel the paper in your hands and memorize the touch. Try to impress the sounds of the ATM machine while you are using it.

All these tricks will help you to suggest you mind to start thinking of money.

Moreover, they will spark up your nearly dead imagination.

Do this at least once every day for the next thirty days.


Use You Mind to See the Invisible


You may say right now “How am I going to see all these things that not exist?

Are you crazy Ivan!?”

I will say “They don’t exist yet, but they will if you try.”

It might be hard to believe that this is possible.

However, once again, with practice comes confidence and perfection.

You have such a talent and abilities that are locked up within you.

Sadly, those talents are almost never used during our adult lives.

If they are used occasionally, they are used to imagine fearful and destructive scenarios which therefore become a part of your life.

Many people destroy themselves instead of using the same power for building their lives.

Understand that everything you have right this moment is created in your imagination as a single image or idea.

It was brought to life eventually, but it had started as a single thought at first.

It stands for both good things and wrong that you have in your life at this moment.


Little Summary

Listen, everything that I wrote so far has one single intention.

That is to turn your attention to your abilities to CREATE the life you want.

You are no different than a person who has it all.

All you have to do is to do the things in a specific way described over here and watch how your life begins to change.


1.) Know how much is enough.

2.) Let go of the past!

3.) Appreciate everything you have.

4.) See the good things coming


For those of you who will follow these four steps outlined here the life has a beautiful surprise.

I will be the brat now and spoil that surprise for you.

From now on, you will learn how to write down your own checks and ask the life to pay them.

These four steps are not my invention.

I don’t hold intellectual right on them.

They are the knowledge that exists for hundreds of years.

The steps are written in many wise books that are here among us for centuries.

I devoted my time to analyze, study, and apply the knowledge.

All I can say that IT WORKS!


The World's Best Law of Attraction Coaching


5.) Pay the Price and Go to Work Earnestly


However, the knowledge works if you are willing to pay the price and do the work by yourself.

No other person can do this except you.

The Law of Attraction pays fat dividends to those who are ready to follow its rules of prosperity.

The rest will have to accept whatever they think about.

I hope that at this point you are more than convinced that these steps are sound.

It will be wise to go over them a few more times until you get the essence of the knowledge they convey.

The more you read them, the more you will know.

Likewise, the more you know, the more you will start doing.

Finally, the more you do, the more riches you will attract to your life.


The Golden Rule


One of the golden rules in successful manifestation lies in a word.

Two actually, practice and repetition.

Everyone who has been in school knows that those who received the best grades were not the smartest.

Those kids were the ones who were willing to repeat the knowledge over and over.

As a reward, they were compensated with good grades.

The same goes for earning money.

Once again, those who win in life are not the smartest, fastest, or tallest ones, but to those who are willing to persistently beat the crat over and over until they master it.

Nothing will come to you if you are not ready to roll your sleeves and start digging.

There is a gold mine locked up within every single person in this world. Everyone is born with an equal right to set the price, go to work, and ask the life to pay the price.

Remember the definition of money.

Money is a medium of exchange for products or services which are needed and useful.

We exchange our time or our products for other peoples money.

Also, remember the Law of Value.

This law states that the only way to earn more money is if you improve the quantity and quality of service or product that you render in exchange for other peoples money.

Now, my question is,



How I Got Rid of My Financial Troubles

Me Financially Free

Before I say goodbye and finish this article, I want to give you a short story about my path to financial freedom.

As you remember, I was not in a situation to envy. Nothing was going for me about two years ago. Honestly, money was just one in the bunch of the problems that I had in my life.

I believe that a solution for every problem is most certainly going to be found sooner or later after you ask yourself a question or two.

That is what I did.

I asked myself a question, “How to be successful?”

The answer came to me almost immediately!


The Realization


However, I was too blind at that moment to realize it.

It took some time to clear the fog from my mind but eventually, I saw the answer clearly as a blue sky.

The answer was if you want to be a successful person, start thinking like the one.

If you’re going to be rich start thinking and doing the things rich people do. Also, if you want to be healthy go and see some healthy people, do what they do.

Happiness and love come in through the same door as well.

At the time, I was earning the worlds minimum wage.

It is embarrassing even to say how much was it.

I was paid 500 euros per month! To attend my job 10-12 hours per day.

The key word is to attend because I was not doing much work.

If I did, I wouldn’t be paid the shameful amount I was earning, I would be paid much more.

Unfortunately for me back then, I was not thinking of money.

I was thinking of misery and misery was mine.


The Application


A couple of books, one successfully finished prosperity program, a mentor to follow, and on top of it all, application of the knowledge moved me from 500 to 2000 per month!

Finally, I have started to think of money as something useful instead of thinking that it is some kind of evil which poisons the people who have it.

My mind was fixed.

The results kept improving by themselves.

Therefore, the Law of Attraction started to work in my favor.

Now, I know it is not a lot of money in your eyes.

However, when you take a look where I was and where I am right now, the difference in results is enormous.

The steps that I have given to you moved me from the streets and from severe poverty much closer to a normal life.

Moreover, with full persistence, I still apply the knowledge.

As a result, I have decided to give up my job so I can start my own business.

My small success picked me up from the rock bottom.

It gave me so much faith in what I do that it is beyond words. I have realized that this knowledge has no price.

It is far beyond money.

My decision to quit my job and work for myself was easy.

For many people who have done the same, this kind of choice was far from easy.

I have realized that I have the knowledge which removes fear from my way.

Therefore, the concerns were gone way before I made my first move.

My mission is not to impress you.

The point of the story is to tell you that everything is possible and nothing is impossible if you do specific things in a certain way!

Moreover, when you have someone to show you the way, the results will astound you.


Keep Getting That Money!


It doesn’t matter where you are from.

It really doesn’t matter what your present circumstances are or how bad your background is.

Your intelligence has nothing to do with it nor your level of education.

Everyone who has a DESIRE for money can make use of this formula very effectively. The same way I used it to reshape my life so can you too.

Moreover, you can use it over and over and over and over and over and over… I can go like this all day long.

There are some natural laws which govern both poverty and prosperity. They work for both and in the same way. These laws will bring you whatever you focus your mind.

The Law of Attraction formula for manifesting the money which is presented to you is constructed in such a way that it works perfectly following the rules of nature.

Every growth is predetermined.

You can decide how tall your bank account will grow and how long it will grow.

All it takes is effort and time to manifest.

I wish you all the success on your path to a better life.

I hope you are happy and satisfied with the information in this post.

And finally, I will come back to update this post as soon as I find another game-changing Law of Attraction info to share with you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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    Hi Ivan, thank you for a great article on how to manifest money using the law of attraction.

    The biggest challenge we have in this world, you touched on this in your article, is the fact schools don’t teach children about money. If schools taught kids about money people would not have the hang-ups they have about money.

    The other thing I find interesting is when I ask people what they want in life, they have no idea and will only tell me what they don’t want. People who understand the law of attraction know that you get what you focus on. When the people focus on what they don’t want they keep more of that, this reinforces their negative beliefs and give them even more of what they don’t want!

    Your 4 step formula is very simple for anyone to follow and it all starts with deciding what you want!

    I really enjoyed reading your article and having been on some personal development courses this all makes sense to me.

    I hope people understand and follow the steps you have outlined so they too can have abundance in life as this is their birthright!

    Great site… keep up the good work!

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      Hi Moni,

      Well, I had a class of economics back in high school. However, I don’t remember anything significant from that class. Everything I have learned about money making I have gathered from Bob Proctor. He wrote this excellent book called You Were Born Rich” which summary is my article. It means that everything here is tested and proven by the letter.

      You have said it well, the basics of the Law of Attraction is to know what you want and focus on nothing else except that. I have two examples of two different people with two different mindsets. Their stories paint a perfect picture of what you have said.

      Thank you for the recognition of my knowledge, I am grateful for that.

      I hope too that this article will reach and change a pocket or two!

      Thank you once again.
      All the best,

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