Magic in Your Mind by Bob Proctor – Review – What is MIYM?

Magic In Your Mind Bob Proctor Review


Welcome to Magic in Your Mind Review.

Sandy Gallager, Mary Morrissey, and Bob Proctor call Magic in Your Mind course a landmark personal development program.

You will have a chance to discover why is that so and decide whether or not it is worth your time and money.



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What is Magic in Your Mind by Bob Proctor About?

Magic in Your Mind is about accessing your subconscious mind and learning how to use treasures you hold within yourself.

We have precious mental abilities.

However, not many people, actually a tiny group have ever learned how to use their minds and those priceless mental abilities for the benefit of their own lives as well as for the best of those around them.

The Secret was kept from you too long.

Today you can learn how to use. With the help of this course, you can change your life.

You have something more than the rest of the life on this Earth.

It is the secret gift of the sixth sense.

The sixth sense is hidden within your mind covered.

With the help of your five physical senses, you perceive the world around you.

The sixth sense is a precious mental tool rarely used by a human being during adult life.

It was, however, used by every single one of us was in the age between 0 – 7.

No one has ever taught you how to continue to use it because that’s something they don’t teach in school.

When unused and uncontrolled, the mind will do, and generally does more damage than good.

The mind, when used, controlled and directed is the most powerful tool you will ever need in your life.

Magic in Your Mind course has a sole purpose!

That purpose is to teach you how to use this tool for creation, development, personal and social benefit, and growth.

And even if you use your mind constructively and quite often, you can learn how to unlock some abilities of your mind which you have never used in your entire life.

You will be amazed!

The essence of Magic in Your Mind program is to teach you how to unlock your sixth sense and program your subconscious mind for success.

It will show you how to use your mental faculties, which lead to the development of the sixth sense.

The sixth sense is far more valuable than any of your five physical senses.

You will learn more about:

  • Perception
  • Imagination
  • Reason
  • Will
  • Memory
  • Intuition

You as a human being are indeed a remarkable creature.

You are the creator, and you should use your tools to create and nothing else.

Within this program, you can get a one of a kind opportunity to be mentored by the group of three remarkable individuals who have mastered the use of these six gifts.

Because I am a gentleman and I always let ladies go first 🙂 they are coming by this order:

  • Mary Morrissey
  • Sandy Gallagher
  • Bob Proctor

Three master thinkers and three most loveable humans.

These people are the most positive personalities you will ever find!!!

During the next six week, you will be amazed by the change that will take place.

After the course, if you continue to practice what you can learn from them, you will get a chance to write your life under your terms.


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Magic in Your Mind Connects You With You

You see, most of the people out there are strictly directed by their outside environment.

They go by their five physical senses, never thinking, just processing the information from the world.

They let Tv, social networks, politics and economics, and all other sources of information to direct and control their lives without any questioning should they stop and think about what they see or hear.

They don’t think about do they want to accept or reject the information coming from the environment?

Majority of us just let it sink in our mind without even the slightest thought.

However, it is not our fault that we are born in a faulty system.

It is nobody’s fault actually, so let’s continue with the review.

What makes you feel relaxed more?

Walk in the park or around the city center?

I think that the answer is obvious.

We are the one with nature, and the sixth sense can operate if you are the one with nature and her laws.

It helps to create an inner awareness instead of outward direction.

It helps to open your sixth sense and the doors to success in life!

Magic in Your Mind is indeed what programs name says, real magic.


You Are Creators!

Everything that you will learn about your mind faculties, Memory, Reason, Perception, Will, Intuition, and Imagination, will give you a power to completely own your life and direct it to a worthwhile and a specific goal.

You see, those people who belong in the top 1% of our population are masters at this trade!

The rest of the society falsely worship just the body, totally neglecting their minds.

Nowadays, everyone knows everything about the human body, exercising and being physically healthy.

That is an encouraging fact actually because it means that we are progressing from this old, and faulty lifestyle that we have created.

When you get the grasp over your being as a whole, your life will never be the same again.

Something great happens which is still beyond words for me.

Moreover, once you apply that power to some worthy and beneficial goal, you will truly understand what those 1% knows, and how they use it to become better and better at what they do every single day.

Magic in Your Mind is one of a kind opportunity to become a Mastermind!

MasterMan or MasterWoman sounds much better. 🙂


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Magic in Your Mind in More Details


Let’s talk about some features of this program and what can you expect once you access the course.

That is of course if you decide to take a shot and learn more about yourself.

Magic in Your Mind is a step by step system for understanding, development, and use of your six mental faculties.

These three beautiful people, Mary, Bob, and Sandy, will lead you and coach you through the process using audio lessons and video messages as a medium of communication.

Mary and Bob are the narrators of the lessons.

Their voices are powerful and precise.

The message is loud and perfect.

Each lesson, each week, is being delivered to you straight in your mailbox and provides an in-depth insight into each mental faculty.

You will get instructions on how can you use it to improve the quality of your life.

You may think “Oh but where is Sandy?”

Well, Sandy will contact you every single day!

She will get to you each day during the next six weeks with a video lesson and exercise sheet for each day!

This kind of approach is not only making things to easy to understand, but it makes you to take the program with the most intention and to finish every single little detail of the course.


You see, six weeks is more than enough for an adult human being to comprehend given information.

The point is that the Magic in Your Mind is perfectly designed to help you understand the information of this magnitude with ease and to apply it to your own experience successfully.


What Can You Expect From Magic in Your Mind

The hopeful results of the program are above exciting!

If you have ever wanted to learn how the Law of Attraction works.

If you want to have a full grasp over the information which can help you to reshape everything you don’t like about your life, this program can show you the exact way.

Once you become able to originate the thoughts that vibrate in harmony with the deep inner desires of your original being, you will be able to attract those desires to your life and become one with yourself once again.

Furthermore, the power of having goals in life plays a significant part in the success of this course.

You see, if you don’t have an aim to which you can direct these mental powers of yours, you are going to end up disappointed with this program.

However, that is taken care of as well.

The guys from PGI know what they are doing.

They have been in this business for over 50 years.


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If someone is trustworthy and reliable in the personal development industry, they are.

Another great thing or benefit of this course is that you will get what I like to call and the ability of the “future sight.”

Magic in Your Mind is designed to open your imagination to a point where you can fantasize and project your future goals within your mind before you have them in reality.

One of the most famous lines from the book “Think and Grow Rich,” by Napoleon Hill is, “Everything human mind can conceive and believe, the human mind can achieve.”

Proctor is a master of knowledge from “Think and Grow Rich.”

The guy has been with this book for over 50 years.

There must be something extraordinary about it, ha?


There is More!

With the help of Magic in Your Mind, you will become able to control your perception of the things and circumstanced from the outside world.

You will, therefore, learn how to shield your mind from all negative influences that may reach you daily directly from your environment and through your primal five senses.

I have learned that many of us have buried our true desires deep down in our subconscious mind with too many unnecessary wants from the outside world.

We want too many things that we can see in our every day, fast-evolving environment.

However, there is a difference between a need and WANT.

Need is something that you can live without; it is excessive.

Want is something you have to have, such as water, food, shelter, clothes, and money to pay for all these things, of course.

Because of our misunderstanding between those two, our true desires became an everyday wish which comes out to the surface every once in a while.

With the help of this program, you can transform your wishes into a desire once again.

You will successfully bring them back to life by shifting your mind from wishing to expecting that you will have the thing you want truly.

All it takes is six weeks of dedicated work, plus a lifetime application of the knowledge learned.

I know it is worth time.


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My Experience With the P-G-I

In my example, I wanted to be free, to be my boss and to work for myself using nothing but my laptop, my knowledge and experience, and my mental faculties.

That was my ultimate goal.

In the beginning, I was excited and afraid simultaneously because my hope from a childhood, which is to be free to do what I want, was buried deep inside of my subconscious mind.

Therefore, it was unable to express itself as it is designed to convey freely.

The unthinking society was my burden.

Luckily, it fell off, and my desire is now free.

This Magic in Your Mind Review, my website and everything you see around here is evidence of the job well done by Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

If you are serious about doing something of this magnitude I honestly and with a most sincere desire to repeat my success, recommend you to enter this course.

You will thank me later. 🙂


For Whom it is Magic in Your Mind Course?

Magic in Your Mind is a course which is designed ideally to help anyone to make a shift from the negative set of thoughts to the positive one!

Moreover, it keeps the mind like that all the time.

All I can say, my friend, that it is beautiful once you do make a shift and take full control over your mind.

In the beginning, it is a little bit tough because our minds are used to go by our environment during the whole life and not to be self-controlled.

However, once you get a grasp on your powers (in six weeks you will most definitely get that grasp!), it will become a habit like using a specific muscle to lift a glass of water.

Easy as it sounds.

Moreover, it is worthy of a little bit of struggle to get full control over yourself.

Furthermore, this program helps everyone who has struggled with achieving their goals in life actually to have them in reality.

Everyone who has ever wanted to do something but doesn’t know where or how to start; this program can resolve the mystery and provide peace of mind.

On top of it all, you will get a potent dose of daily motivation!


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Proper inspiration is more than necessary for success.

These guys are excellent at what they do!

Mary, Sandy, and Bob are all beautiful people and great motivators with heads full of priceless knowledge.

They know how to push a person to move from the spot and do something with his or her life but without any pressure!

They know how to treat another human, that is all.

That brings me to the last point of this course.

You see, many people are the outer directive type.

Those who are this kind of a soul spend their lives always helping other people but never themselves.

In one excellent book, the author says that the best way how you can help another person is to help yourself first.

If you want to see another one smiled, make sure you can smile first.

If you want to see someone rich in money, get rich yourself fist.

It stands the same for everything else.




and much more!

Magic in Your Mind will help you, as I have mentioned in the beginning, to become a more self-oriented individual.

That is one of the most beautiful gifts that you can give to someone else.

Improve yourself!


For Whom It Is Not?

Now, I understand that this program is not for everyone and that is perfectly reasonable to me.

We are not the same.

In nature we are, but in character and personality, we may be different.

As I am an open-minded and self-directed individual, I found this course to be perfect for people like me.

If, however, someone has a different opinion and doesn’t want to be proved differently, he or she should stay away from material like this.

Some people have their practical ways of dealing with life itself, to achieve their goals, and to live under their terms.

These already evolved people are allowed to say no for any reason that may sound good to them.

All though, they are invited to reshape and upgrade their thinking.

It is NOT for those who are unwilling to roll up the sleeves and do something about their lives.

No sir!

You must be a hardworking, and proactive type of person to get the real value from the Magic in Your Mind Course.

Anyway, we all have our rights and if you feel that you are not interested in learning what you can do with your mind that you are more than welcomed to pursue your way.

However, I believe that everyone who is reading this review is nothing like I have described under this headline.

So, let’s move on some unpleasant talk, shall we?


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What is the Price of Magic in Your Mind?

I know that no one likes to talk about the price.

It merely is uncomfortable, and that is all to it.

It is a question which is better to be left alone.

However, it is my responsibility to provide you with all necessary information within my Magic in Your Mind review.


Let’s do it!

Regarding American dollars, this course will cost you a one-time payment of US$497, charged directly to your bank account.

When someone from Europe, like myself, purchases the course, it will come up to 437 euros one-time payment as well.

If you are the neighbor British, it will cost you 393 pounds one-time only.

Talking about the Indian rupees, it will be around 35560 rupees one-time.

People using the Canadian dollars will pay around Can$ 664 for this course, one-time as well.

Guys from the Land Down Under will have to put out some Aus$ 644, single payment.


I think this covers some of the worlds largest currencies.


Can You Get Your Money Back?

Of course!

The Magic in Your Mind course comes with a 7-day 100% satisfaction guarantee.

The guys from the PGI have left you a 7-day window to check out this course before you decide.

If not, contact the company, and more than friendly personnel will arrange your refund.


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Magic In Your Mind Review

The End!

As one human to another, I am more than obligated to share this priceless information with everyone who is receptive to my message.

Thank you for your attention!

I appreciate your time given to read my Magic in Your Mind review.

I hope you will have a happy, healthy, and wealthy life no matter what you decide to pursue further.

All the best,

Ivan 🙂

Ivan Brozincevic

There is no right or wrong choice, my friend.

There is only YOUR CHOICE.

Open the Magic in Your Mind.

8 thoughts on “Magic in Your Mind by Bob Proctor – Review – What is MIYM?”

  1. Great review! You’ve done a good job of engaging with the reader and given me something to think about, by asking questions towards the end of the review. I think this program sounds fantastic for someone having difficulty with their mental health. It looks like it will be affective in teaching someone how to perceive things positively, and maintain that state of mind.


    • Hi Nick,

      The Magic in Your Mind is precisely that! Moreover, it is a program which is designed to expand awareness, not only of those having issues with positive thinking but also those who are doing very well in life.

      I heard the sentence a few months ago that a human mind is the last unexplored continent. It really is! This program can help everyone to get a map and a compass.

      The more I study this material, the more I see some significant changes in my life. The Law of Attraction keeps bringing me more of the same knowledge every single day! Even though I have a healthy mind and positive thinking, I am still eager to learn more about myself and use that knowledge for my good and the benefit of us all.

      I am happy to see that you have liked my review and I hope I got you a little bit interested in learning more!

      All the Best,

  2. Cool Review Ivan there’s nothing worse than not knowing how to navigate your own mind. Getting stuck in life sometimes need a little extra nudge from a friend and that’s priceless indeed.

    • Yes, and Magic in Your Mind is more than that, it is a tool that can help anyone to take FULL CONTROL over their mind which can be very hard to do in the world we live.

      So many things have control over our thinking without our notice.

      Many people are controlled by their work 90% of the time, even though they will not acknowledge the fact.

      Millions are controlled by TV and social media as well without knowing that it may hurt their life.

      I was the one who was just another sheep in the herd, being controlled by the boss, news, money, society…and worst of all; I thought it is a normal thing, that it should be like that.

      What a dumb way to live!

      Magic in Your Mind is a tool for reshaping the life and living under your conditions and not letting anything control your mind if you don’t let it.

      The program requires time to be effective, of course.

      However, I guarantee a changed life to everyone who is willing to spend a year in learning and application of what Magic in Your Mind has to offer.

      I did, and I am forever grateful for the work of Marry Morrissey, Sandy Gallagher, and Bob Proctor.

      I hope you will find the same value in it.


  3. Great and thorough review, thanks for sharing Ivan.

    I love mindset and working on it. I find it really difficult to sustain my motivation and after a couple of days I lose it. Do you have any advice on how to keep up the motivation momentum?


    • The following is something that I have learned from Bob Proctor when it comes to keeping your positive energy in a free flow.

      There is another Law of the Universe which we call the Law of Rhythm. This law states that all energy is in a constant flow from one thing to another in a circular pattern. Maybe it sounds confusing now, but believe me, in a couple of seconds it will make great sense to you.

      You can examine the fact by yourself by looking at numerous examples from our Nature, which we are apart.

      For instance, every season follows each other perfectly. Seasons of the year are always in a perfect exchange. Spring, summer, fall, winter, then spring again. The energy is forever flowing freely. The same can be seen while observing the tide. Sea is forever rising and falling in perfect rhythm with the rest of nature. Furthermore, you can see how some of the plants are casting off their leaves every fall so that when spring comes again, it can grow fresh ones.

      The same is with us.

      However, we try to force motivation when it is gone. And it gets lost from time to time, that is a fact. No, that is a Law of the Universe. All we have to do is stay calm and wait for it to come back again.

      The best way that I have been able to find to stay calm and ready until the tide rises again is MEDITATION. I meditate whenever I feel the need, as well as many times during the day. I use every moment of alone time to ponder over my thoughts. I do it while brushing my teeth, going to the grocery shop, while taking a break from work, basically, all the time. It keeps me focused on what is essential and what is not.
      Moreover, it helps to keep the momentum. Like a surfer on the wave, I have to be focused on positive flow because if I don’t, I will lose the stream. However, like every other experienced surfer, even if I fall, which is inevitable because it is a law, and laws are unbreakable, I know that soon enough there is another wave to come.

      I hope you have got your answer. If you are into working on your mindset, check out the Magic in Your Mind and the rest of the work by Bob Proctor because it will blow your mind away. You won’t regret it.

      All the best,

  4. You’re definitely right about this being the most thorough, comprehensive review out there. That’s an amazing thing! By providing so much information about Magic in Your Mind, you leave your reader with very little questions about the program.

    So I love how you talk about the sixth sense and how we stop using after age 7. I never knew that.

    It’s great that you also bring psychology and philosophy into it by asking really great questions like “Do we really think or do we think we think?”

    Thanks for this awesome post!

    • Hi Britney,

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment on my review, much appreciated. I am happy to see that you are finding value in my style of review. If you have any questions about Magic in Your Mind, or about work of Proctor – Gallagher Insititute, I will be more than happy to answer them as well.

      Yes, the sixth sense is something we are born with. However, at the age of seven we enter the school, and later on, the system where both are designed to sort of smoother our imagination (sixth sense) with too many unnecessary routines which make creativity completely useless. We start to reason too much at a very early age which is counterproductive for development of imagination. The only thing that school is teaching us is to develop our memory.

      That explains why many people think they think, but what they do is replaying old memory all the time. Every day is the same routine. That routine keeps a cycle of mind on autopilot. Thinking is not being occupied with something you know how to do on auto-pilot. The fact is that we think creatively (by using our sixth sense) only in rare life occasions such as when we meet a crisis and we need a quick solution. Then we unconsciously reach out to our imagination. I have learned that it has to be used more frequently, and Magic in Your Mind program teaches how.

      Moreover, Napoleon Hill wrote a whole book about the power of your sixth sense. It is a core of the ‘Think and Grow Rich’ philosophy of success and personal achievement. You can have a book for free once you join my newsletter if you wish.

      Thank you again.


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