How Long Does It Take to Manifest Something in Your Life

Long Does it Take to Manifest


We people are too impatient. Because of our nature, the questions like how long does it take to manifest your desire is a regular thing.

Answers can vary. All I can say that it depends on the size of your desire and how much work you are willing to put in.

When it comes to nature and her laws, among them the Law of Attraction, we must be aware at all the time that life is perfect. Nature does not rush anywhere, yet every time she finishes the job at her own pace.

Just take a look outside.

You don’t actually see the grass growing, but it does while you look at it. If you turn your head away and take a look at it after a few days, you will notice how it is grown taller. Sometimes you even wonder in marvel how fast it has become again since the last trimming.

However, you have never seen it grow. Think about it.

One of the keys to successful manifestation is patience. The word patience means, to stay positive in undergoing process while working confidently towards wanted results and expecting them to happen in the meantime.

Memorize it!

You are no different than any other human being on this planet Earth. You are born and raised in a society which has a habit of expecting things to happen at your finger snap.

It almost never works like that.

The whole world has fallen into a habit of instant expectation. Also known as microwave results. Everything around us is fast, fast, fast. But those are man-made things, and they are made to be fast.

Nature may be a little bit slower sometimes. Get used to her.

I have convinced myself that the lack of patience is our enemy number one when we are working on our goals and dreams.

You and I are the same. Maybe in character, we are different. However, by our nature, we are the same.

Impatience was one of my most deeply embedded and most destructive mental habits. When I started to learn and practice the Law of Attraction, I was failing to manifest things that I have wanted. Just because I have felt that I need some things right now, didn’t mean that I am ready to have them right away.

Later on, I have noticed this destructive habit in an almost every single person to who I came or was already in contact.

Understand that some time of gestation has to go by until we are ready to receive the things we ask for.

All we have to do is to understand nature and her laws, expect the best,  and let her take care of everything for us.

This doesn’t mean that you are deprived of any work. You will have to keep on working towards your goal, of course. However, the results and the speed of results have to be confidently let in the hands of nature.

You can assist her, but you can never control her.

She will take care that everything comes at the right time and by its own accord.


The Law of Gender and the Law of Attraction

Many people don’t study nature. They miss learning about a few more laws which are in perfect harmony with the Law of Attraction.

Therefore, they miss applying her laws successfully.

Since you are here, you don’t have to worry about missing your opportunity because it is right here right in front of your eyes.

Everything that is written here is written presuming that you understand how the Law of Attraction works.

In a nutshell, you become what you think about all the time. If you mix positive emotions with your thinking and keep your thinking pointed to a worthwhile and specific goal all the time, and you take continuous action towards its realization, you will manifest it in your life at one time or another.

One of the natural laws of success is the Law of Gender.

This law states that for every growth to happen, two different types of energy have to come together to start up the process. The feminine and masculine energy. As described in a short definition of the Law of Attraction, they are thought and emotion.

The shortest and the best example is when a man and woman come together to create a brand new life.

Male energy is also known as the thought or thinking energy (idea). While on the other hand, female power is known as life or creative energy (emotion). When thinking energy and creative energy come together, they begin the process of manifestation.

Everything in nature is dual, and there cannot be one without the other. Male cannot exist without a female and vice versa.

Both types of energy must be present in the creative process.

You and I have access to both types of the same energy. Every person, male or female, have both kinds of power locked up within. That is what makes us different from the rest of the life on this planet. You can simultaneously think positive and feel good about it.

No doubt at all.

Every thought (idea, desire) to become a form needs life energy to become a reality. When these two energies keep growing together, they will attract the harmonious matter as well.

Eventually, the process of blending will become visible in the form of results.

Also, this law states that for every energy to become a form it takes some time of gestation and incubation until it is ready for its physical appearance.

In our example from above, we know for sure that we have to wait for approximately nine months until we see the brand new life, alive and breathing.

Some other things have their own gestation and incubation period.

Your idea or a goal has its own time of appearance, which is unknown. You can only guess by logical thinking how long it will take to appear. However, it will come at its own accord if you keep adding the energy to it, you stay patient and keep expecting the best to happen.

In other words, trust in nature. Trust in yourself. Do the work.


The Law of Materialization

What does the word materialize mean to you?

If you take a look at the dictionary, you will see that it means the following.

To materialize mean to become an actual fact; to happen, to appear or be present when expected.

The Law of Materialization is always working. It is non-stop law.

It dictates that when two energies join together to create a new life, it will materialize as long as it is connected with the sources of energy.

The more energy it gets, the faster it will manifest itself in reality.

In your case, the sources of energy are positive thought plus the same emotion related to your idea. As well as, continuous action.

Every thought which you have mixed with life energy (emotion) will materialize itself. The process of materialization is invisible to a human eye (remember the grass) because it happens on a molecular level.

In nature, and we are a part of her, it happens very slowly, and it never rests.

You can sit and watch how a plant grows, and you will never see it move. If you sit there for a while, it will become double in size, but still, you would never see it run.

You and I are the part of this process. We grow as well. You don’t feel it or see it with your perception with the naked eye, but you grow all the time.

Your ideas and goals grow with you if you take care of them and give them enough life. They manifest in physical reality at their own accord and in proportion to the energy you give to them.

Always remember, the process is invisible to a naked eye.

However, it happens all the time in one direction or another. You either create by adding more and more energy to your idea, or you disintegrate by negative thinking and not taking action at all.

The choice is yours!


Set Your Own Pace

However, regarding your ideas, the speed of the process depends on the strength and quantity of thought energy and life energy with which you feed the thought.

There is a timeline between you and you having your idea in reality.

That timeline (gestation and incubation period) can be shortened by a simple method of focusing and concentrating your thought on the positive results and by taking small pieces of action every day without forcing anything to happen until it is time to arrive.

In chemistry, we induce and speed up the process by using catalysts. In biology or botany, we use fertilizers to achieve the same.

However, more about what can you use to speed up your manifestation in the bottom of the post.


Know the Right Balance

All this theory so far is necessary to be understood by all who wish to manifest their ideas into a reality successfully.

All these laws are very well explained in many fields of science such as chemistry, physics, and biology. They are used as a cornerstone for all scientific theory, explanations, and proof of creation and manifestation.

Religion explains the same process of creation. However, in its own words. While science is focusing on the physical part, religion is concentrating on the same thing but from the spiritual perspective.t

You have to acknowledge the fact that you are physical being as well as the mind and the spirit. Your body is just a physical manifestation of mind and spirit.

In creative process of manifestation of your desires, you are using both sides of you, invisible (thoughts and emotions) and visible (body, the instrument), to create or manifest anything you want in your life.

You and your ideas grow from inside toward outside like every other life on this planet.

In both science and religion they teach us that invisible side of us (mind and spirit) has to be in a perfect balance. Thoughts and emotions of a person have to be balanced in the right proportion to see the best results.

If one takes over the balance, results will be incorrect.

In other words, don’t overthink or let your emotions to rule or overwork your body.

You and only you can find a perfect balance between your thoughts, emotions, and actions. All I can say is that you will recognize the balance once you reach the state of contentment. The state of happiness and satisfaction.

Look at these examples.

If you want to create something in a laboratory chemically, you have to know the perfect balance of ingredients to manifest results.

Otherwise, it will blow into your face.

If you want to grow a tomato, you will have to mix the right seed with the right soil and the matching sources of energy to see the manifestation of the fruit. (Yes, tomatoes are fruit.)

Think of it!

I have used my thoughts (seeds of knowledge and ideas) and feelings (life energy) to create this article. I know that it is good because I have worked slowly and steadily toward its manifestation while taking care that the balance is perfect.

Now, I send the same energy to you so you can use it to create anything you want.

The Law of Attraction must be approached from both standpoints of view. Both scientific and spiritual understanding is necessary if you want to recognize how it works genuinely.

You must learn how nature works. You are a part of life. Moreover, you must accept this fact and obey her laws because if you don’t respect her, you are risking to fail.

The best way to understand the theory is to learn from an example, your own or someone else’s.

Relate any of your past experiences to everything that you have read so far and that what you will learn from now on.


Example of Successful Manifestation

We are going for six years in the past. Back in 2012, my older brother had finished college and graduated successfully.

Pretty soon after he got his diploma from the university, he got a job in his field of expertise. At the time he was pumped up with a desire to achieve, ready to take over and shoot for the stars.

Many people act the same at the beginning of their stories. However, only 5 out of 100 really achieve what they planned.

Why is that so?

The answer can be found at the beginning of the post. For the sake of everything, I wrote so far I will mention it once again.

We are impatient!

Nature is slow. She knows our dreams and wishes, and she starts to work on them the second we wish for them and for as long as we do.

However, because we don’t see any results in the next few days or weeks after we made a wish, we tend to lose our patience. With it, we lose the good that we may win if we only know that all we have to do is to trust the process.

My brother thought that he will be given the title of the head manager as soon as he walks in the building with his diploma in hands. His behavior was perfectly normal for he spent years with his head between the books. Because of his sacrifice, he thought that he is ready to have what he wants.

This “I want it now!” attitude backfired very fast.

He was given a menial work for an average salary, instead of the position he was aiming at. However, he was given an opportunity to keep striving!

I can only imagine how hard and confusing was this after all those years in college. Most people would give up at that moment, but he didn’t.

Why? Only he knows.

However, I can guess that he wanted it so bad that he was willing to spend his time working on the lowest job until he proves himself and gets what he wants.

The company’s bosses saw this in him. Moreover, they were willing to test him to see if he is worthy.

On the other hand, maybe it was nature playing her tricks on him as she does with men and women to see are they worthy of their desires.

Who knows..?

Because of the setback, he spent years and years battling between his desire to win and his weakness to give up. The chemistry of thoughts and emotions were switching from day to day. One day he was ok, the next one he would curse the world.

His desire to win was still present. Moreover, it was growing with every new day.

His results were gradually improving every day, and every day he was closer and closer.

The process was invisible to a human eye because it was very slow.

The process can be understood only if and after you get what you want and you take a look back to see it in retrospective.

After six years spent in the battle between light and dark. After six years of gestation and incubation, he got his balance right. He endured all tests and trials.

His thoughts, emotions, and actions were in a perfect balance. He has matured into his desire.

Now, nature was ready to present the result of his hard work.

The company had suffered some losses on head positions due to general unsatisfaction. The men who left were old school material, only interested in greed and personal profit. The company needed someone young and fresh, someone, with the right mind and heart.

That was the moment of manifestation of one man’s dream.

My brother received a call, and he was offered a job of the head of the company. He took it without a second thought because he wanted it for six years. He was hungry, he was ready, the man knew every corner of the company, he was perfect for the job.

Back then when he had started the job after graduation, he was not ready for it.

Nature saw a young man willing to pay the price.

Therefore, she decided to throw the process on him, and he took it well.

Maybe he could get it faster if he only knew that all he has to do is to stay calm, focused and ready until she is ready.

However, she decided to teach him patience and so she did.


How Can You Speed Up the Manifestation Period

As I have promised, I will share with you a few things you can do to speed up the process of gestation and incubation of your desire.

There are a few rules that you must obey if you want to keep the process in the fast lane. Otherwise, you will just deny everything good you have done so far if you don’t.

Nature does not expect you to control her.

Nature requires you to do your part, and she will take care of everything for you.


Believe in Yourself

First and foremost, no matter what is going on outside, how bad or difficult things may seem to be at the moment, always have faith in yourself.

Faith is the most significant hidden power on this Earth.

Faith is a strong emotion which when mixed with a purpose or a thought can bring you to heights you were never imagining.

I was listening to this speech for a while and reading the book related to the statement. The authors of both say that all a person needs in life is faith and goal. Everything else will come by itself if a person knows where he goes and that he or she will get there.

This powerful emotion can be developed where it does not exist. Also, it can be brought back to life where it once lived.

There are a few tricks you can use to develop and maintain an emotion of faith. However, I will give you the most direct and effective way to do so if you find that you lack in this power.

Even if you have developed faith in yourself, you should always work on building up the fire so that it does not go out.

To have faith in what is coming to you, you must, at first, say thank you for everything you have at this moment. I have found that gratitude is a cornerstone for every positive emotion you want to develop, including faith.

It helps to create an inner awareness of the good with which we are surrounded by. Moreover, it helps to connect with that good and also, to develop a faith that you are able to have it in your life.


Shield Your Mind and Heart

Second of all, you must keep your mind closed to any negative influences that may come from your environment. Understand that every hour you waste on thinking how it cannot be done, you lose an hour of getting it done.

Learn how to shield your mind and heart from everything that represents a negative influence. That includes your own negative thoughts, fears, and limited beliefs.

Sometimes your worst enemy is the person you see when you look at the mirror. Don’t tell yourself that you can’t. Always think I can and I will!

You can do this very effectively by focusing on nothing else except the finish line. In other words, keep your eyes on the prize and do the work right now.

Writing down your goal can be a fantastic start!

You have to learn how to use your mind, your imagination, to think about your desire all the time in a positive way.

Not from time to time, but all the time!

Use all your willpower to force yourself to think only on a positive outcome and neglect and IGNORE everything negative from your environment.

Staying positive and focused on your goal requires a great deal of mental effort on your part. However, with time your focus will become strong, and you will not have to put too much effort to maintain it.

The fact is that the more positive and focused you can get, the shorter will be the timeline from where you are right now to place you want to go.

Desire is like a flame which always seeks fuller expression through your action. By focusing on feeding that fire, you will experience more heat.

In other words, your action will be better and faster.

The results, as well.


Do Not Force the Process

Second, never push or force things to happen. I always put a great deal of attention on this fact. Trying to force something to manifest will also set the process in reverse.

As I have said already, you can only assist nature, but you can never force her to give you what you want when you want it.

Trust her.

Keep this fact constantly present in your mind. Learn how to control yourself, to stay relaxed and expect things to happen on their own accord.

You can do this very effectively by learning how to meditate.

Meditation is a powerful practice which strengthens up the mind as well as the body.

You can keep your mind clear from tension by focusing on relaxation. When you learn how to be relaxed all the time, the results will come to you so quickly that it will make your head spin.

A relaxed state is perfect for manifestation.

We are a channel or instrument for the energy flow. The energy can flow if you are completely relaxed. Stress, force,  negative thoughts or any other mental blocks are destructive for the creative process.

Relax, let her do her work through your actions, and wait to SEE the manifestation.

Once I have heard a line which came to me at the perfect moment. I don’t remember the exact words or who said it, but I remember the feeling and the essence of it very well.

It kept me on the right track.

The man said that he brought himself to a deep conviction, through long years of meditation, that everything will come to a person if he or she is only willing to wait.

Try it for yourself.

And don’t stress about it.

To learn more about the simplicity of meditation and how to get started if you are a beginner, please, click here to read this Simple Guide.


Always Expect to Manifest the Best

Before you can become an achiever, you must first become a believer.

The expectation is a cruel mistress. She plays with the hearts of man and women and turns them either into quitters or believers.

Large percentage sets sail with huge expectations. As time goes by, they see that it is not like they dreamed of being.  Eventually, many people quit after a few hard blows in the chest. They start to hate the feeling of expecting the good because they are afraid of further disappointment. Unfortunately, they lose their faith. They don’t understand that disappointment is necessary to experience the victory.

Where there are hate and fear,  faith cannot exist.

The small percentage of those who will set sail and who will stay in expectation of the good as long as they have to, and despite everything that is going on around them, they will discover something magical. Those individuals, therefore, develop faith in something that is coming and they start to believe that they will receive it sooner or later. They know that all they have to have is a goal and faith that they will arrive.

Where there is faith, everything is possible.

My advice to you is to keep your faith alive no matter what! Trust in nature and her laws, and you will eventually manifest everything you want.

Expect the best, and the best will come to your life at the perfect time and on its own accord. In other words, never give up on your dreams!

Study those laws on your own for some time and then go and try to achieve something.

You will find out, pretty soon, that the expectation of the best will become a natural state of mind for you.

The things you want will just fall in line as it is appropriate when you let her do her job.


Give So You Can Get

You must willingly give something before you can expect something in return.

This is one of the fundamental laws of prosperity. Everything that you have ever received in your life came to you as a reward for something that you have given to someone else.

If you will stop and think about it for a while, you will see great truth in these statements.

In my example from above, you can easily subtract this point.

My brother was willingly giving his time, knowledge, and work before he was ready to receive the thing he wanted. That is, he was rewarded with a head position of the company.

If you go further and analyze everything in life, you will see the same truth.

When you want to manifest a more significant relationship with someone, you must give more to that person. The more time and space, the more trust and affection, the more kindness and care you are willing to give to that person, the more will come to you.

Moreover, while you are giving all those things, you are already simultaneously receiving them.

Think about it.

It makes you feel good the very same moment you give. If you keep giving, you can expect more in return.

Somehow people think that all you have to do when working with the Law of Attraction is to think about what they want to manifest all the time, and it will come to them.

It is only partially true.

By thinking about them, the Law will bring you closer to the things you want. However, you must step out and give something for it so you can have it in your hands.

Always focus on giving first!

Everything that you want will come to you.


Never Get Satisfied!

Maybe you have heard the expression “satisfaction is the end of the road.”

It is true.

Once you say to yourself “I am done, it is good, I am satisfied.” believe me, you are. At that moment work stops, progress freezes, everything you were doing until that moment, is done!

Satisfaction is indeed the end of the road.

My advice to you is that every day you seek for at least one little thing which you can do better than yesterday. Even when things are going perfect, to keep them that way, find something small which you can improve.

In other words, always strive for more and better!

It is a small trick that I have learn along the way because I had a problem with quick satisfaction.

Always find at least one thing to improve. By doing so, you will find out that you are growing every day. The speed of your results will be much, much quicker than it is right not.

Dissatisfaction is a creative state. Nature is always creative, and she never gets satisfied with her work.

She is always on the move and progressing, so should you as well.


Find a Mentor

As my last suggestion to you, I have to say that once you find yourself a mentor who can show you the right way, you will skyrocket.

Everything you do will become much more efficient.

Things will come to you faster.

The number of failures will shrink and the success will just keep coming your way.

All I know about the Law of Attraction I have learned from the experts in the field.

Moreover, everything that I have successfully manifested so far, came to me faster all thanks to expert guidance.

I recommend you to do the same!

Without going too much in details, I would like to leave this one uncovered so you can discover it by yourself.



Results That Stick



I hope I have brought you a little bit closer to understanding the process of manifestation.

Also, I hope that now you know a bit more about the Law of Attraction and some other laws that work in harmony with it.

In the end, I would recommend you to come back to this post from time to time and read it all over again. Repetition is one of the keys in manifestation.

By this, I mean the repetition of both knowledge and work as well.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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3 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take to Manifest Something in Your Life”

  1. Ivan – I can not express the words to convey my thoughts of gratitude and appreciation to you for this post. I am a huge Law of Attraction student and have learned even so much more through your post. I never have heard of the Law of Gender, but it greatly makes sense as it relates to the creative process. Thank you for sharing that.

    This post was so jammed packed – I am ready for more! Not only did you advise on the process of how things manifests, a real life example (your brother – huge congratulations to him!), you also included valued tips on how to speed up the manifestation process. This is huge. Like you mentioned in the beginning, we humans are so impatient and can learn so much from the animals of our planet and Nature, Herself.

    And we must learn to Let Go and Let God (from the book I am currently reading from Bob Proctor). Just relax and allow the creative process of Nature and the Universe to bring about what we desire. Letting go and releasing the outcome can be very difficult to do, but I am learning how to do so thought various methods, including meditation.

    Lastly – so love this “Before you can become an achiever, you must first become a believer.”

    Really great post – looking forward to reading more from you. 🙂 Blessings my friend…

    PS. Will be book marking this page. 🙂

    • Hi LT,

      Nice to see you again! Thank you for your comment. I am so happy that you have recognized my knowledge. The Law of Gender is a nonstop working law of nature. It has to be understood by every serious student of the Law of Attraction like yourself if you want to improve your manifestation.

      Thank you for your kind words, I will pass them on to my bro. He will be happy to hear that his experience is helping others to understand nature a bit closer. I am pleased to see you got the whole picture of my post.

      The book you read from Proctor is one of the best out there which can bring the reader closer to understanding the law of Attraction and nature herself. He emphasizes relaxation as the only state when energy can flow freely. I have convinced my self through the study of the same material that is the only way how nature can work through us.

      Just one last note brother. If you say it is difficult, it will be like that. Your attitude is determining success or failure. I can’t, or it is difficult will torture you. Whatever it is blocking your way to relaxed state is there for a reason. It has to be dealt with. Many people push the problem on the side expecting it will go away. Meditation helped me to calm my mind, to hear my thoughts. Then, I took a paper and pen and wrote all my problems, every single one. On the other side, I wrote a solution to every problem. Then I took a clean sheet and wrote on it those solutions as my life goals. I kept my mind fixated on those NEW thoughts which eventually became my new life and therefore my problems were gone. It took some time to manifest my new life, which I keep revealing with every new day because nature never rests.

      I hope my example can help you some more!

      Thank you for your visit once more time. I wish you all the best and I look forward to seeing you again! 🙂

  2. You are very welcome Ivan. I always get so much value and wisdom from your posts! Whew – thank you for catching that in my words. (ie..difficult). I am usually very careful in what I say, do or think and that one just slipped right out and I didn’t even realize it. What we declare, shall be. What we think and belief, shall be.

    Need to go and release that limiting belief right now. Thanks for the balance and checks my friend. 🙂


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