Two years ago I had no clue how having a single meaningful goal can change the future to a proportion as it has changed mine.

You see, I was a goalless individual way before.

My life was flat because of the fact. 

Just one meaningful goal made a huge difference.

Pretty soon I started to think differently.

I have started to behave better as well. 

My results skyrocketed after my decision to chase a worthwhile goal. 

If I can go back at the time of choosing that goal and say something to myself, I would say,

Thank You, man!



Now, I have some questions for you.

If you can make the same decision I did two years ago, what would you like to say to your present self?

What do you think, how would your life be different in two years from now?

Is there some hidden dream you would like to chase?

Sorry, I have to correct the last question.

Is there some hidden dream you would like to live?

Think about how much your life can become better if you, for example, decide to double your paycheck.

Or, if you step out and get into a new relationship with that cute guy or a girl. 

Or, if you decide to lose that extra weight that is making you feel bad.



In order to have what you want to have, you have to remove ‘if’ from those sentences.

You have to slam your fist, and say, ‘I am going to do it!’ 

I remember the day when I have made some of those decisions.

That moment in time is my favorite memory in life.

I will always ‘thank God’ or whoever it is up there, for making me step out and live my dreams!

Would you like to do the same?



I have a small formula for setting goals in life that works like a charm.

I would like to share my magic trick with you.

Whenever I find something I dislike about my life, I make a decision.

Then, I write it down on the piece of paper and I carry that paper with me.

That is not all to it, of course.

This formula, however, requires a little bit of work.

Would you like to know more?

Please follow the link to the next page where I am going to disclose my little magic formula for living your dreams.

Good luck!