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The Law of Vibration


To understand energy, frequency, and vibration, you should start to pay close attention to what people like Einstein or Tesla have said. They were considered as “lunatics” at one point of their careers if not all the way through.

However, they knew a lot more about the secrets of the universe, the Law of Attraction and Vibration then the rest of the world combined. They left us knowledge which was far more advanced for the time they were living.

We tend to misjudge the knowledge of another man because of our lack of it.


The Great Studies of the Law of Attraction and Vibration 

These two geniuses have devoted their lives to study of the universe and its laws and our connection with it. We should be obliged to them even though they are no longer with us, for giving us the knowledge with which we have created the world we know for the last one hundred years.

You see, these two guys have understood the Law of Vibration, the Law of Attraction and other Laws of the Universe much deeper than anyone at that time. They had an understanding so close to a point where they were able to create things which have not yet existed at their time, Tesla especially. Many of his inventions are still in general use all over the world.

Moreover, other minds like his have improved them even more. The world as you and I know it, and everything we have came to us thanks to them. Humankind has advanced in the last hundred years soo much and so fast. The quantity and speed are increasing with each new day that comes.

All thanks to the knowledge about the Law of Vibration and Attraction.

These minds have discovered that when you shift and change your vibration to connect your frequency to a specific good, you can attract it and have it in your life. Even if that thing does not yet exist, you have a creative ability to make it in reality if you understand how to shift your mind both conscious and subconscious as a whole from a competitive plane of understanding to a creative one.

Take a look at some examples of great inventors like the Wright brothers. No one was able to fly back in those days. When people thought of flying the vibration of thought was FEAR. When you are afraid of something, you cannot attract it in your life. Fear is a repulsive vibration, not attractive.

However, these two bicycle mechanic were in a different vibration. They were free spirits. They were able to connect their vibration to a frequency of a bird. The FAITH with which they believed that it is possible to fly like an eagle in the sky, enabled them to discover the secrets of gliding through the air.

The Wright brothers have, therefore, changed the vibration of the whole world when we speak of flying. Less and fewer people are in fearful vibration because there are more and more individuals who are thinking like the Wright brothers.

This small example can serve you as a significant cornerstone to understanding the Law of Vibration and its connection to the Law of Attraction.


You Have the Same Potential to Create 

Within this post, I will help you to understand these laws to a point where you will be able to apply them as of this moment!

Also, you will understand it so well that you will be able to explain it to a small child, which I recommend you to do. The children are the future of this world. They should know everything about the Law of Vibration and Attraction because if they do, I do not doubt that they will use it constructively to change the world as the Wright brother did once.

You can make use of this knowledge so effectively that you will be able to connect yourself to a frequency of any good that you desire. You will learn how to attract anything you want. Finally, you will be able to claim the things you want once you are fully aware of the three laws which I am going to explain here.

Abundance is all around you. This universe in which we live in is full of life. All life is made of energy. Moreover, energy is life. It has different forms, shapes, and sizes but it is all the expression of the same thing. The energy forever flows to, through, and from you.

We live in an ocean of motion. All energy around us, including us, is vibrating on a specific frequency. Every form has its rate of vibration or frequency.

You and I are the expressions of that same energy. We are connected to everything around us.

The things you have in your life are by your side because you managed to connect your frequency with their rate. The things you don’t have are not in your life because you have not matched the frequency of the good that you want.

Every atom of energy is vibrating on its frequency. Anything that vibrates on the same frequency will be attracted to each other. Like energy attracts like energy.

Two drops of water will come together and create one because they are on the same frequency. However, a drop of oil and a drop of water will repel each other because they vibrate on a different frequency.


We Have Creative Abilities, and We Can Connect With Everything

Take money for example. It is a form of energy. Cash has its level of vibration. This energy is attracted only to those who are vibrating on its frequency. The same as the knowledge to fly was invited to the Wright brothers. They were vibrating on the flying frequency. Alternatively, the knowledge about electricity was attracted to Tesla.

If you have a desire for more money, all you have to understand how to connect yourself to the same frequency as the green stuff and stay on that frequency until it becomes attracted to you. After it comes to you, all you have to do is to reach out and take it. Simple as that.

Everything else you want, you can create the same way.

You are the same mind and body as Einstein and Tesla. They were different just because they made use of their brains more constructively.

The rest of us, well, we like to think that we think.

However, the majority of us are just exercising the memory. Most people are thinking about what had happened already. For the very same reason, they attract more of the same every next day.

Thinking process and thoughts are nothing but a vibration of energy in the brain of the person which is attracting the same kind of energy as a result.


How to Practice the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life


Like Attracts Like

When you think how much you are in debt, or how little cash you earn, you are repeating the same circuit of energy which is vibrating on the frequency of debt and poverty. As a result, you send out the vibration of poverty, and you attract more of the same.

On the other hand, once you understand that you can hop the circuit and create a new one which will help you to attract more money that you have ever dreamed of, you will be able to do the same with everything else.

This post will help you to think like Tesla, Einstein, Wright brothers, and many more who have working knowledge of the Universe and its principles.

Once again, you are no different than they were!

You are a creator.

All you have to learn is how to get out of the competitive mind in which you are trapped (the corporate system which brings worry and fear) and to begin to think, feel, and act for your self.

I have gone from a competitive plane of understanding to a creative one. Since then my life has changed. I am the BOSS!

Of myself, of course. I don’t want to be the boss of anyone else because it brings me back to a competitive mind.

I want to help you reach the creative state of mind.

Creation is everything. To be the one with the Life, you must start to create as well because the life itself is a creation. Life is a constant movement of energy — continuous production of forms and shapes.

Energy is unlimited. Life is infinite as well. Therefore, you have unlimited potential. There is enough for every single person in this world with a room to spare.

You have the life within you. You have an unlimited potential to create!


Everything is Energy; Everything Vibrates

The field of science is created around examine of two things which are one of the same — energy and matter. They are just opposites of the same thing.

Everything around you is an expression of the same thing just on a different level of vibration.

You may think differently now, and you can say “No, the table is made of wood, and the chair is made of plastic.” However, let us break down those two to see are they one of the same or different.

If you take a piece of wood and take a look at it, it appears to be solid with our limited perception.

However, if you will take it under the microscope, a powerful one, you will discover that it is a made out of tiny particles of the energy of the same kind which are vibrating at the same frequency. We call them molecules.

Because of the fact they are the same vibration, they are all attracted to each other so strong that they are “glued” to each other. Millions and millions of these molecules of energy on the same level of vibration create a form or matter which we, therefore, call wood.

Then we use the wood, the matter, to create another form and we call it a table.

If you go further and take one molecule of energy and place it under a more powerful microscope, you will discover a whole new world, a world of atoms. Furthermore, atoms can be broken down to protons and electrons which are the primary form of energy. Proton is a central particle, and electron continually orbits the proton, creating energy!

Now, blow it all back again, and you will see that everything is made of the same thing and creates the same stuff. The only difference between plastic and wood is in the level of vibration. Both are made of the same, proton and electron, just vibrating on a different rate.

Let’s go a little bit more into the topic.

You see, even though a block of wood has a form, it can change if we change its energy field and its rate of vibration. Every type of energy and matter is subject to change because energy is in constant movement. We can induce the flow because we have creative abilities.

Let me explain this with an example.

To increase the level of vibration, we must add some more energy to the existing form so it can change. The same way the table is made of wood, and wood is built out of energy from the ground and air around it; it can be brought back to its original state.

Now think about it.

Let’s say you take an open flame and bring it closer to the table. Eventually, the heat energy, which is very hot particles of the same energy which is in the air just at the different rate of vibration, will begin to burn the wood. The table starts to change the form because we have caused it to change.

We can do that. We can cause things to happen.

Some of the energy out of which the table is made will evaporate in the form of smoke and become the one again with the air around it. Some other will change shape and become ashes on the ground. If you leave the ashes on the ground, it will eventually return to the land.

Everything will go back to its original state and become just an electron orbiting around the proton.


All is One and One is All

A few miles away there might be a young tree growing on the field.

Because it needs the energy to grow into a mighty oak tree, it will begin to attract like energy to it — the one which vibrates on the same frequency. The ashes and smoke will eventually become attracted to the roots and leaves of the young tree, and it will once again become what it was.

Someone will chop it down and make a beautiful new table out of it.

You can see the circle of life or energy.

Everything around us is made out of the same energy just at the different speed of vibration which therefore creates different matter. With our limited perception, we call it wood, plastic, water, metal, glass, meat, bone, textile, paper, ink, money, apple, corn, silver, gold, life.

Just remember.




Universe Child


We, Humans 

The most complex forms of life on Earth have the highest rate of vibration.

You and I belong on top of this scale.

We are at the top because we are living simultaneously on three levels of being. Unlike other forms of life which are more straightforward than we are. You are an intelligent being, you can think. You are a spiritual being or emotional being, you can feel with your emotions. Also, you are a physical manifestation of both.

All three are YOU! A human, a creative center of this universe.

To move your being from the competitive, primal state of mind to a creative, free state, you have to understand and apply the knowledge about yourself. You have to accept all three as equal. It would be best if you did not let any of these three to rule.

In other words, don’t be just a thinker and feel nothing, or feel a lot but not think at all, or act without thinking, or think without acting, or feel without acting, or act without feeling.

My intention is not to confuse you. It is to open your eyes and help you to realize that you have much more power to use if you connect all three in one harmonious vibration.

All three parts of you are separate instruments which makes a perfect machine, you!

If one part is not working in harmony with the rest, the flow of energy cannot be free. Therefore, the results will not be satisfying.

You must learn to think, feel, and act in a specific way. The energy has to flow freely to and through you.


The Thought Instrument

Unlike other animals which are living in a pure state of being, you and I have something more which puts us on the top of the scale of life.

We can think and originate thoughts.

The thought is considered to be the highest form of energy there is.

Thoughts are electrical impulses created by the human brain and electricity is the highest form of energy in the whole universe.

Telsa and Einstein have proved this fact over and over again. They have demonstrated that if you keep adding like energy to already existing source, its potency rises and produces more of the same.

Therefore, the thinking process also produces energy. If you keep adding more positive energy to the existing source its potency will rise. The same goes for negative thoughts which you should, of course, exclude at all times.

Most of the times we think with instinctively like with every other animal.

However, we can stop the flow of energy that is going through us. It is called reasoning. With this power, we have gained creative abilities.

Here is a quick proof of the preceding paragraph.

When you feel the hunger that means that your body is getting low on energy, however, the feeling is so unpleasant that it makes you instinctively think about food.

The very thought of food creates a circuit of energy which is translated from your brain to your body which causes you to vibrate on a different frequency-frequency of hunger. The food you like is on the same frequency as your desire.  These LIKE energies begin to attract each other immediately. Therefore, the power moves you in action, and you start to look for the food.

In other words, with the power (literally power!) of your thoughts, you have attracted the food closer to you to thirst your hunger.

All three parts of you have worked in perfect harmony to get what you want.

Using the same power,  you can attract everything else in your life once you understand yourself a bit deeper than you do when you look at yourself as a human being.

You are a creative center.

Using the power of your brain, you can use the thought energy to originate any thought impulse within your mind and attract the matter to you. By adding more similar thoughts to the original one, you are adding more energy to its potency. Eventually, it will cause your thoughts to manifest in your reality.

You are a creator.

You can originate a thought within your mind by using your intellectual factor of imagination, to see the things which are not in your environment. For example, if you don’t have the money, you can originate the picture of you having the money even though it is not real yet.

Your mind doesn’t know the difference between what you see with your physical sense (eyes) and what you imagine. Both impulses (energy) are going through your imagination and are going to become your reality.

If you keep adding more power (thoughts/energy) to those images within your mind, you can cause the same energy from the outside of you to begin to move closer to you.

Money is just a form of energy like everything else. It is attracted to those who are vibrating on the same frequency as it.

The same way you did with food to thirst your hunger, you can attract more money to your life — all you have to originate the thought of it regardless of your present outside circumstances.


The Emotion Instrument

Now, all living creatures which are high on the scale of life have emotions.

Animals go by their physical senses and emotions. They don’t possess a highly developed intellect to process those sense impulses that come from the outside world.

Therefore, they are strictly instinctive beings.

We, on the other hand, can use both simultaneously. However, the fact is that very few people understand this and use it deliberately for their benefit.

Some people are driven strictly by their emotions. They don’t think at all! Worst of all they don’t know it for the very same reason. Some others, however, overthink, which is disabling them to feel their emotions and process them.

The Law of Attraction requires all to be in balance.

I have already mentioned the example of the Wright brothers. They have used both thoughts and emotions (sources of energy) to go on much higher frequency compared to the rest of the world. To accomplish something of the scale of their work, we must match the frequencies of our thoughts and emotions with a good we desire just like they have done.

If there is disbalance, the attraction will not be successful.

Our heart is our emotional side. It is the emotional brain which produces the same electrical impulses as the brain in our skull. We call those impulses feelings.

The emotions are controlled by the thought the same as your brain controls your heartbeat by sending electrical impulses originated by a mind.

However, neither the heart or the brain should be in total control which means that your thoughts and emotions should be matched and connected.

They should be in harmonious vibration.

The main point of the Law of Vibration and Attraction is to match the frequency of thoughts with the emotions, so they match the frequency of the good you want to attract or to create.

Otherwise, if they are not connected and in balance, we are lowering ourselves to a primal, animalistic, and competitive plane of living. In this state of mind, we are competing with ourselves first, and then with other living creatures which include other human beings.

Where is competition, there cannot be a creation.

The Wright brothers had thought of flying. Within their imagination, they could see something which was not a reality yet. They have connected their vision with their emotional brain to attract the knowledge which enabled them to fly like a bird in the sky. The results of this blend are still evident today.

Stick with me now!

Both thoughts and emotions are energy flowing freely!

You can stop the flow of energy and originate the thoughts and emotions you want!

When matched they cause us to be in a specific vibration or to vibrate on a particular frequency!

Everything out there is vibrating as well! (remember the energy and matter examples)

When you vibrate on a specific frequency, you attract only the energy which is on the same level!

Here is the key!

When you match the frequency of your thoughts with the rate of your emotion, they blend and send out strong electrical impulses throughout the whole Universe!

Whatever you send out will come back to you!

If you think of having more cash even though you don’t have much right now, you must be confident with both thought and emotion to attract it to yourself.


The Body Instrument

The last part of your being is your physical body.

Both science and religion are in harmonious vibration when they say that the body is just a physical manifestation of the energy or spirit. Each science uses a different word, but the point is the same.

Your body is a physical instrument with which you can claim the good you desire once it is attracted to you by taking specific action.

However, the body should be in a perfect balance with your thoughts and emotions to achieve good results.

One great man has said once that happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.

If you meditate on Gandhi’s quote for a while, you will get a full understanding of what I am trying to explain here under this headline.

The mind, heart, and body are an instrument for attraction, and you will attract everything which vibrates on the same frequency.

For example, when you think of having more money, your emotion should be strong so that you can say confidently “I am earning more money” even if it is not right yet. As an effect of your thoughts and words, your body will move into a money vibration. You will start to behave differently, and you will work your way to earn more money.

The result will be as Mahatma have said, happiness.

Now, I have used money as an example. However, it is right for everything else.

Every man and woman out there should be taking care of their body very carefully. Sadly, many people neglect this. They take their bodies for granted.

However, physical illness is nothing but a manifestation of unhealthy thoughts and emotions.

All three parts of you Lare made out of the same energy. They should be vibrating at the same frequency. That frequency must be like Gandhi said, happiness.

That energy also flows to, through, and out of your all the time. It flows to your mind to your heart and through your body, connecting all tree in a one perfect human being.

It all starts with a thought in your mind. If you keep adding the same energy to an existing source, it will cause the idea to manifest itself in reality as good health or wellbeing or riches or love through your physical body.

You can think and choose. You can have it all.


The Law of Vibration and Attraction Summary

Now, much of the facts which are presented so far were necessary, because now, we are going to tie them up and repeat over here so you can understand the Law of Vibration and Attraction as a whole.

You now know that everything around you, which includes you as well, is created from one original substance, energy. All energy is forever flowing to, through and from you. All energy is in a constant movement a from for to form.

Furthermore, you understand that you as a human being is an expression of that energy and that you attract to yourself only the same energy. You know that you are not just a physical body, you are also a mind and heart. Also, that you are using your thought, emotion, and action as an instrument to create and stay in a vibration which will cause the attraction of the good you want.

The Law of Vibration states that everything vibrates, everything moves, and nothing rests. We live in an ocean of motion. Everything is energy in a constant movement from form to form.

You can observe this fact in many examples from nature.

For me, the best example constant energy movement is a tree. You see, it is a perfect organism. You and I are not so much different from the tree when we speak about the flow of energy. The only difference between you and the tree is that you can think and feel. Therefore, you can choose your vibration and what will you attract to your life. Tree can’t. It takes what is in perfect harmony with its needs which are predetermined by nature. The tree is always in ideal vibration with the rest of the universe.

You and I, unlike the tree, can choose between our needs, prioritize them, and create a physical equivalent in our reality.

Understand that thought is the highest form of vibration in the Universe. The thought is an electrical impulse in your brain which spreads out throughout your body and causing your whole being to vibrate on a specific frequency. Whatever ideas you originate in your mind and repeat continuously will eventually magnetize your mind and begin the process of attraction. Moreover, one single thought is enough by itself to cause the shift of vibration and immediate attraction (remember the food example).

The Law of Vibration is an original, primary law. It is the law which precedes the Law of Attraction and explains the Universe.

Everything is energy, and that is all there is. Energy is forever flowing to, through, and from you. It can be controlled and directed through specific channels to cause it to change the form. You and I are those channels — your mind, heart, and body.

All scientists from every field of science agree that the only thing you can control in your life is your thoughts.

When you know how to control your thoughts, you can manage your vibration. Therefore, you control the attraction and ultimately your circumstances and your life.

You are a creator.


The Law of Cause and Effect

To give you an advantage over other people who are learning about the Law of Vibration and Attraction, I will shortly explain another Law of the Universe.

The Law of Cause and Effect is one of the original laws which explains that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Every form of energy can be caused to move and as an effect to change the shape. It is forever expressing itself in nature and us. Growth is one of the examples.

Everything in this Universe is in perfect harmony with these Laws.

There will not be any rain if there is no water on the surface of the Earth to evaporate and cause the formation of the clouds which give us the same water back.

Water is just an expression of the One energy which is All.

For me, it is the perfect expression of this energy. Think about it. It can change so many forms by changing its vibration right in front of your eyes. It can go from steam to air. From air to steam again. The steam becomes liquid. You can freeze the liquid to solid state or ice.

It forever flows to, through, and from form to form.

That same energy flows to, through, and from you and forever circles through the Universe.

The knowledge about the Law of Vibration and Attraction and everything you have read so far gives you the ability to control that energy and cause it to change the form. Your thoughts are the cause which changes your vibration. The effects come to you depending on the strength of your thoughts and deeds in the way of the results.


Welcome to the Creative Plane of Existence

I have been studying this topic for a while now. I am fascinated by the information that I have discovered along the way!

You see, while I was vibrating very low, I was down there, on a competitive plane of existence.

The knowledge that I have found is here for centuries. It is not mere theory or random facts put together. Everything you have learned from this article is subtracted from observing nature and the universe and stands for truth.

We indeed are a part of the system much larger than the one we have created for ourselves. “Ours” gives us worries, troubles, and uncertainties.

However, the system of the universe is much more precise and pretty much unbreakable. All you have to learn is a few of his laws. Once you do, you will be able to lift your mind, heart, and body from a competitive plane to create a state of being.

Moreover, you will stay there!

You see, it is like you have been living with thick fog for half of your life, and then suddenly, that fog disappears, and you can see everything.

You begin to originate ideas, feel enthusiasm whenever you remind yourself of your work, and your body naturally follows because it is in perfect harmony. Things are not hard to do, and you do only things you want to do.

Life begins to take a form of a beautiful adventure, just as it was before the age of seven.

Everything looks like a play.

Everything is a play.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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