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Do you know that music is a universal language?

Of course, you did.

It serves as an expression to human emotion and emotions are a language which we all understand no matter what race, nationality, gender, age or whatever else you may think of.

Music connects us all together!

You can listen to the song in a foreign language and understand the essence of the particular song.

You can get into authors vibration and feel them, and you can imagine their situation and understand what it is like for them.

Some songs can make you dance, and some can make you happy, some others can make you sad and so on.

In other words, you can see through authors eyes and get in their vibration!

Pretty cool. 🙂

Now, what it has to do with the Law of Attraction?

Well, it has to do a lot of things!

You see, while you are busy with working on your dreams and manifesting the kind of life you want to live, music can help you to overcome many daily struggles, keep you on track, increase your brain and body functions, and much more!

Without going too much into the details of the science of the music, let’s move on to our list of reasons why and how music can help you with the Law of Attraction.


10 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Music Every Day

I am more than happy to introduce to you my top ten list of music benefits when it comes to improving your life with the Law of Attraction.

Music has helped me on many levels, and I wish to share my experience.

It is a universal language, so I know you will understand.


1.) It Stimulates the Mind to High Vibrations

You see, music is vibration, and our brain responds to vibrations.

Music is one of the highest forms of vibrations known to us, so it has a considerable potency when it comes to improving your Law of Attraction game.

If you want to keep things on the right path when you practice the Law of Attraction, you will have to maintain your vibration on the positive side all the time.

However, you already know that, right?

Music is a stimulant which affects your brain chemistry so you can use it as a powerful tool to keep yourself connected to a high altitude of mental activity.

We don’t feel the same every single day, that is a fact!

On the days when you have troubles to stay connected with a high source of supply, you can put your headphones on, turn off the world, and turn on some upbeat tune and lift yourself pretty high.

I have found that music is the perfect tool to keep the positive flow from a day in, to a day out.

You can keep your vibration intact with the help of some sweet melodies out there that suits your taste. 🙂


Two Musicians Paying Jazz


2.) It Improves Your Manifestation 

Now, sometimes you will have trouble with the manifestation process, and it is all normal.

Something or someone can easily pull you away from the process without your notice.

Well, you will notice when you see that you are not doing what you should be doing to manifest what you want to manifest.

You action then drops, and your performance is getting weak.

Music can help you to pull back and get back on the track almost instantly.

Sometimes you can start the song in your mind, and you are back where you should be.

It works like magic. 🙂

Many people are using music as a tool to keep the world away from them so they can stay focused on their everyday activities which are helping them to manifest the good they want.

You know that one small step every day is a lot more than a big step one day, right?

Therefore, a mind closed tightly to all negative influences from the outside world is a must while working on your dreams, and music is a tool which can massively help you to accomplish this and stay on the right track.


3.) It Can Improve Your Memory, Imagination, and Other Mental Tools

As I have said for a few times already, and I will repeat some more during this post, music is a powerful brain stimulant.

You see, we have these precious mental abilities which tend to be unused, or the majority of us misuses them.

Many scientific studies have proven that vibrations of the sound can help you to turn up your creativity (imagination) which is a crucial tool you will have to use when practicing the Law of Attraction.

Moreover, memory, willpower, and other mental tools should be used adequately as well.

When the brain is troubled with doubts, worries or fears, those precious mental faculties cannot work to their full extent.

10-15 minutes of listening to some good instrumental music can help you to open up the channels for free energy flow.

Therefore, you can improve your mental abilities a little bit every day if you close your eyes and let the music to take you away.

I have found that this practice helps me with many things while I am practicing the Law of Attraction.

For example, sometimes I will sit back, relax, and put some classical music, or some good jazz music to stimulate my mind while I am meditating.

It helps me to create some beautiful pictures in my imagination and to impress those images to my memory.

It is a scientifically proven fact that we tend to memorize faster with the aid of emotions, and what is the best stimulant?

Music, of course! 🙂


4.) It Helps to Connect With Your Desire

I have heard one Law of Attraction expert saying that sometimes he sings to his desire while he is alone.

He says it helps him to create a strong emotional bond with his mental image.

You can use the same trick.

I did, and it works perfectly!

If you are trying to improve your financial life or love life, for example, you can listen to some relevant songs to get into the vibration of the author who already knows how to have what you want.

You see, people have written songs about everything in this world!

Love, happiness, health, money, you name it.

Therefore, if it is money you want, you can find some great songs where people are singing about how they live the good life that comes when you have mastered the money game.

I don’t know do you like hip-hop music, but this one is my favorite for money manifestation.

Some others have produced beautiful melodies of love and how it feels to have the perfect love in your life.

Your desires, if not strong enough, are just some lame wishes.

You can use the music as a tool to keep on feeding that inner flame and create a strong connection with the good you desire in your life until you reach it in reality.

Go about your day and sing to them as much as you can.

Don’t mind others for looking you like you are crazy; it is all good. 🙂


Woman Listening to Music


5.) It Increases Your Productivity 

Also, music improves your performance while working on your goals and dreams in a considerable proportion.

With the help of the music, you can stay locked in the action for hours without noticing the time.

It can keep you in that flow state of mind and boost your productivity to a level you have never imagined before.

If you have ever tried to work out in the gym while listening to some of your favorite tunes, you will know what I am talking. 🙂

Work itself produces hormones of happiness which are giving you a feeling of joy and pleasure, and music can raise the bar for a bit and keep you going like that for an extended period.

My suggestion is always to try to include the music in everything you do.

The Law of Attraction and Vibration doesn’t have any sense if you are not going to be a high performer and do everything that you can do each day in the highest way possible.

Music will help you to achieve the best results in the shortest period, no doubt whatsoever!

Moreover, it can help you to endure some of the hardest or most unpleasant tasks which will bring you closer to your goal, and it will turn them into pleasure as well.


6.) It Improves Your Concentration

One of the mental tools we possess is willpower.

It helps us to stay concentrated on a certain though as long as we have to.

The fact is that the Law of Attraction depends on your ability to concentrate to a large extent.

The longer you can keep your mind locked up on thought and keep working towards its materialization, the faster you will see the results in your reality.

Now, how can music help you with this?

I have found a significant improvement in my ability to concentrate while I am listening to classical music.

The reason is that the melodies of the music lock me up with my work, it keeps me in an already mentioned flow state.

You see, when I take a break and then come back to my work, it becomes much easier to bring back my concentration back on the task with the help of the beat which was playing in the background before I took the break.

Also, when you listen to music on your leisure time, your brain is focused on the beat and words as well, which boosts your ability to concentrate overall.

Later on, when you have to concentrate on anything else, it will be much easire.


7.) It Helps to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

We have touched to the point that music induces production of some specific hormones in our brain-body chemistry which can make us happy.

The world as we know it today, the urban and fast-moving universe that we have created, is full of stress and it can cause many mental diseases such as anxiety or depression.

We all suffer to those in a small dose which is perfectly reasonable.

However, music can be, and it is, a perfect antidote which is used for centuries to treat these negative states of the mind!

It was used as an antidepressive long before we have tried to put it in the form of powders and pills.

The Law of Attraction works against us while we are letting ourselves to go through those states of mind.

On the other hand, it brings us the best results while we are relaxed, happy, and feeling just wonderful! 🙂

Many studies have shown that music can help us to release stress and to reverse the chemistry of the body which leads to the production of serotonin and dopamine, two hormones that make us feel all jumpy and full of energy.

The universe favors those who are fitting to the description from above.

Music can make you happy every day!


Smiled Girl Listening to Music


8.) It Improves Your Sleep

The last point leads me to this one.

You see, a relaxed mind will cause the body to be relaxed as well, and when the relaxed mind-body goes to sleep, it will be pleasant, short yet sufficient to regenerate and perform again.

The quality of life depends to a large extent to the quality of our sleep.

I think I don’t have to go too deep into this one, right?

Good night sleep means a happy and energetic person.

While on the other hand, when tired, you and I and everyone else is a person to avoid.

Some smooth, elegant, and relaxing music such as jazz can be a perfect nightcap!

It is a piece of low-frequency music, and just 10-15 min every night will help you to lower the frequency of your brain.

Therefore, it will put you in a relaxed state, and you won’t have any trouble to fall asleep or to wake up at the time and well rested.


9.) It Connects Both Sides of Your Brain

Now, we have come to a point where many people will disagree with me maybe.

In today’s world, we have this theory that some people are more left brain and some are using the right brain more than others.

However, I am a firm believer that we have to learn how to use both sides of our brain, and we have to use it as a complete package and stop choosing sides.

Check out this article on to learn more about which side is for what.

Now, I have learned how to use both sides of my brain equally, and my life got soo much better after mastering this skill.

It merely comes down to balancing between both and not letting any side to rule.

One of the tools I have used while I was a kid, was guess what?

Music, of course!

The vibrations of the instruments and human voice make your brain to engage both sides of your brain while listening.

Moreover, it helps to find a balance between those two.

While I am on the topic, one more neat trick to accomplish this is to practice brushing your teeth with your opposite hand.

Try it while listening to some hip hop if you dare! 🙂


Rasta Playing Music


10.) It Heals Trauma, Shock, and Other Mental Block

Alright now, the last point is coming from hugely personal experience as well.

I am from a country which was in a war for its independence when I was born.

The events that happened in Croatia from 1991-1995 left a massive scar on the minds and souls of everyone who was involved in that misfortunate situation.

Still today many people suffer from mental and emotional traumas back home.

However, let’s keep it on the bright side.

You see, music has helped me to clean and heal many of the scars with which I was living with since 1995.

Ever since the war has ended, I found a great retreat from everything around me in the sounds and melodies, words and rhymes.

Instead of focusing my mind on what has just happened as the majority of my people, I was able to keep my mind on the bright side of life with the aid of music.

Moreover, the vibrations of sound called music have helped me to overcome some of the worst fears and traumas that I had buried deep in my subconscious mind caused by the war.

Music can do that!

My case was severe, but still, I was able to reach deep down in my mind and face some of the shocks and mental block which were keeping me from advancing in life.

Because of it, I have developed a taste for every genre of music, and I can equally enjoy classical music as well as some hard rock or heavy metal, for example.

Now, you may not have the same issues as I did.

However, understand that the right kind of music can help you to recognize and clear out some of your worst subconscious enemies which are maybe blocking your practice of the Law of Attraction.

If you can’t fall in love, Celine Dion or Alicia Keys might help you.

If you have issues with manifesting money, Biggie Smalls or James Brown are your people!

If you want to keep your face smiled every day, Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars might have something for you.

The list can go on and on forever!

Therefore, if you find yourself lacking in any area of your life, my suggestion is to see an artist with which you can connect and puff, it will happen like magic!


Music Have Brought Us Closer 😉

Many of us Law of Attraction practitioners are aware that music is one of the best things to lift your vibration high in the sky.

I hope that this text and my list of ten reasons why and how music can help you, have convinced you in the power of music.


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Do you know that we are together with birds the only living creatures who can produce the vibration of sound also known as music?

At least I have heard so haha.

It really is a universal language.

I remember the movie, Shawshank Redemption, and a scene where the guy locks himself in a wardens office to listen to classical music and gets beat up and locked away in a whole because of it.

Those of you who haven’t watched this movie, make sure you do it ASAP!

Back to the story.

Once he got out from the whole, the rest of the guys in prison asked him if he is crazy?

Why did he would go and do something like that straight in wardens face?

The main character had a short speech about how he would trade everything just to “see” those two Italian ladies singing again.

And when they asked him how he endured thirty days in a whole, he said that he had Mr. Mozart in his company, so days went by pretty fast.

The expression of his face was the answer for itself.



I can only imagine that there are just a few powers in this universe which can make a person feeling soo good, and one of those powers is music.


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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8 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction Tips – Why Listen to Music”

  1. Nice post! I knew that music was powerful but you really laid it out about why specifically it is so powerful. I wonder if some songs or genres of music can actually produce a negative outcome. For me, certain music makes me feel yucky. Luckily enough, I have control over most of the music I listen to and I listen to tunes that help me to soar or music that opens my emotions. The best experience is enjoying music with others at music festivals. Great energy.

    Thanks for your analysis on such a fascinating issue.

    • Hi Rachael,

      To answer your question, yes. We all have certain repulsiveness towards some songs because they trigger some negative impressions in our subconscious mind which makes us feel, as you have said, yucky. They can be ‘overridden,’ and I know how.

      I have to agree about music festivals. At those events it is not just the music that lifts you, it is the crowd energy. We are like batteries, the more batteries you put together, the more power you will get. People who like the same kind of music come together at one place and create a strong energetic field which fills you up with positive energy for a week. The same energy is available anywhere where people who enjoy the same things gather up such as sports events, concerts, food festivals, etc.

      Great stuff. Music is the best thing we have discovered! Thank you for leaving your comment, hope to see you again sometime soon.


  2. This is great information Ivan, I love music myself and all sorts of it not just one genre. I think it makes a huge difference in how we feel and motivation. There’s a genre for every ailment I think.
    Take care.

  3. Hi, I am also into law of attraction and i’m still learning more about it. This is a great post that you have created and there are points in there I didn’t know about. Keep up the great work!


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