The Law of Attraction Tips – When to Practice the LOA

Man Practicing the Law of Attraction

Having a question such as when to practice or what time is best to start with the Law of Attraction can mean that you have some doubts or that you are yet unaware of the real powers of the Universe.


Many Law of Attraction experts will say that they have a particular time to work on their desires.

And I agree with them, but only partially because I have a method of my own which works like a charm.

I am not a specialist, but I think I have a better answer when it comes to the specialty of the time spent in practice.

You see, a while ago, I had a battle with my mind about some of those same questions from above.

I don’t know why, but I enjoy those battles, and somehow the life seems less attractive when I don’t have a question to tackle with. 🙂

Anyway, I was doing some research for a new blog post, and also to shake up a little bit my beliefs about the practice.

I like to do it, and I think it is a healthy practice because it makes me to question and to doubt some of the limited beliefs which I hold in my subconscious.

It takes me on a “stretching” journey where I test and try the life.

The results are almost always the same, improvement of my game.

These quests of mine have left me some valuable pieces of information to share with you guys, and I believe that you can take many benefits and improve your game for a bit.

Let’s clear out the time question first.


Any Time is Good for Practice

Honestly, the Universe doesn’t care when will you sit down and meditate, or are you going to write your journal in the evening or as soon as you wake up.

The fact is that the Universe is always on the move, never sleeps and never rests, it is a constant movement of energy and matter.

Being such a large organism which connects everything through all time and all space, it is absurdly to assume that there is a particular time to practice.

I was of the belief that somehow we must begin our days with a severe Law of Attraction practices.

It is true, but again, it is only partially true.


Because, I was like many people out there making a classic rookie mistake which was to wake up, do some kind of routine related with the LOA, repeat it once or twice during the day, and then I would let it go until tomorrow.

I am not saying that this way is a wrong way.

It is a great way!

However, there is a much better way which I have just recently discovered in the book The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D. Wattles.

The book is genius!

Woman Practicing Meditation in Mountains

Mr. Wattles has been one of the first writers of “The New Thought” who has successfully connected various religious practices with the science of physics and nature.

He managed to describe the process of getting wealthy (spiritually, mentally, financially) in a few simple rules which guarantee to get rich with mathematical precision.

His words, not mine.

All I can say that this little book has convinced me that there is no particular time for emerging yourself into some kind of Law of Attraction practice.

After reading this book, and connecting with some of the pieces of information from The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman V. Peale, I came to the conclusion that I don’t have to clear out some particular time of the day to practice.

Since I have already developed some healthy practices, I have decided to do them anytime and everywhere.

In just a short few days, everything has changed!

I mean, everything stayed the same, but it all changed.

Confused? 🙂

All I want to say is that I have broken many self-boundaries and managed to destroy some semi-limiting beliefs which have been blocking the growth.

Everything was good, but now it became a bit better.

And all thanks to little information that all of us Law of Attraction practitioners, that includes you as well, have to understand that we are Advancing People and that you have to present it everywhere you go.

Everywhere is good for practice.

Anytime is perfect for growing.

With the help of the already mentioned books, I began to practice whenever I had even the smallest opportunity to do so.

Let me tell you about my method before I started to act like that.


My Old Law of Attraction Practice

Girl and a Guy Sitting by the River

I don’t know about you, but I like to wake up early when it is the most peace and quiet.

Early morning gives me an opportunity to connect with my spirit through the practice of prayer of gratitude and repeating some chosen affirmations.

With the help of a personal development program, I found it to be very uplifting, and it sets a great tone for my day.

Try it out, you won’t regret it.

If you want to learn more about my morning routine as well as hear a few goods about that program that I was learning from, then click here, please.

Anyway, let’s stick to the point over here.

You see, after practicing early in the morning, I would go about the first half of the day concentrating on my work, something 99% people do.

At my lunch break which is in my office, I would take 15-20 minutes to sit back, relax and visualize my desires and goals.

And then at the end of the day, I would repeat the same routine I did in the morning.

Now, this practice was doing me so much good that I cannot say how much I am grateful.

However, I like to keep the feeling of unsatisfaction because it makes me stretch and create all the time.

I was more than intrigued what will happen if I listen to some of the advice that I have found in those two books, and here are the results.


My Improved Law of Attraction Practice

Little Buddha Meditating

Since the existing routine was already working, I have decided to step it up a notch to see does that advice from those two books works.

And guess what?!

It is like I have injected steroids in my practice. 🙂

You see, both books share the same suggestion, which is to go about the day and devote every moment of your leisure time to practice gratitude, visualize, pray, repeat the affirmation, and so on.

When I say every moment, I mean every single chance you get.

I did it everywhere!

Even on a toilet I would close my eyes and try to see some good things that are coming to my way.

I am still unable to explain what has happened.

I believe that it helped me to keep my focus sharp all day long.

My concentration was on two to three things and circumstances all day long, and it helped me to become even calmer than I was, which is very important for success.

Moreover, I became able to accomplish more, worry less, smile more often, be a more excellent person in general.

Wattless and Peale both emphasize a lot in their books to practice those mentioned methods as much as you can.

They both agree, and I have to admit with them, that these practices when repeated as often as possible will help you to stay connected with the higher power which creates, fills, and penetrates all time and space.

The Spirit, Universe, Energy, God, Infinite Intelligence, Formless Substance, or however you maybe like to call it, will sit on your shoulder and stay.

Try it for a week or two and then come back here to share your experience.

I am more than curious about your results. 🙂


When I Prefer and Recommend to Practice the Most

Crack of Dawn

I have already mentioned my morning routine.

The gratimations session (gratitude and affirmations=gratimations).

As much as I have learned that it can be fun to do it everywhere and during any time of the day, I still like the most to devote the first moments of my day to practice the Law of Attraction in peace.

I believe that it is a great routine and it brought me so many benefits on so many levels.

It is cool to “take it out of the house,” but the feeling is not the same when you are alone in your home, or somewhere outside of it.

At home you are in your most comfort zone, the body is already relaxed completely, the mind is not distracted, and spirit is still low after the good night sleep.

When you set aside 30 minutes in the morning to be grateful, meditate and visualize, say some affirmations or read your goals list, and then go about your day, you will hardly ever have a bad day, trust me!

The spirit takes on the shape of the thoughts you give it during the first waking hours, and it hardly ever changes during the day.

You can keep the good mood all day long no matter what is happening.

Your Law of Attraction results will skyrocket if you try this, if not yet.

Then if and when I feel the need to reinforce my spirit during the day (if and when something negative tries to come in), I will quickly inject some of the practices wherever I am, and I would make a shift or stay on the positive stream.

As I have said already on the top of the post, it works like a charm! 🙂


What Can You Do Now to Improve Your Attraction?

Well, guys, the first half of the post was about me and my habits.

However, I understand that my life is not the same as your, that my habits are different than yours are, your brain-body chemistry can be slightly different than mine.

You see, we are all created equal, and I believe that this energy of thought that is conveyed within this post can help you to improve your game as well.

I have given you a few tips about how, when, and where you can practice this great Universal Law.

It is on you, to sit down, let these words become yours, take what you have to make out of them, and throw the rest away. 🙂

Or you can come back from time to time to give a second thought to something which you may have disagreed upon.

Anyway, anyhow, I am happy to help you out in as many ways as humanly possible.

Before I let you go, here is another bost you might want to check out to become a Law of Attraction MASTER.

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I wish you all the success on your path to a better life.

I hope you are happy and satisfied with the information in this post.

And finally, I will come back to update this post as soon as I find another game-changing Law of Attraction info to share with you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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4 thoughts on “The Law of Attraction Tips – When to Practice the LOA”

  1. Hello Ivan –
    Another great read! I have also read of time to utilize the Law of Attraction and totally agree with you that partially its true, but really as we all know the Law of Attraction is always working – so anytime is a good time – yes, even on the toilet as you mentioned (I appreciate your honesty!). Thanks for the suggestion of the book, “The Science of Getting Rich”. I just added this to my list of “to read” books for personal and spiritual development.

    And also love “gratimations” never heard that before. Is that a word you created? Love it. Gratitude & Affirmations.

    I utilize gratimations everyday and sometimes incorporate it with tapping depending how I am “feeling” at the time. Are you familiar with tapping? Curious what is your view on it.

    Also, do you have any articles on keeping momentum going? I will have times of awesome momentum, where things are flowing in easily and effortlessly and then other times, it feels as if the momentum slows down or stops. What I learned from Abraham Hicks, we have to stop focusing on what is and focus on what is becoming. Perhaps this is where my momentum slows down. Would love to see if you have any articles on this or perhaps a topic for future articles.

    Thanks man, always appreciate your insights. 🙂

    • Hi LT, as you had a chance to read, I keep the momentum going by using the affirmations, gratitude, (gratimations :)), meditation, short prayings, and such. I have created mental habits of repeating those from the moment of waking up until the time for bed. It helps to repel all negative energy with which we are all surrounded with. It keeps me focused, sharp, and pointed straight towards my goals. In other words, it keeps me in the perfect rhythm of energy all the time. Of course, I can’t control everything during the day, and I don’t try to since I have discovered that the only thing I have to do to jump back on the positive side of the river is to snap my fingers, inhale and exhale, and that is it. I try to learn from the experts very briefly and then stay concentrated on the application of knowledge until I master it. That is how I went from long meditation sessions to snapping my fingers to switch my vibration. The more I listen to that advice from people like Proctor, Hicks, Robbins, and others; I achieve things faster and better every time. In short, I believe that immediate action is the mechanism that sets all in motion and it helps us to learn quickly and apply even faster. HERE is a great post that explains the things from my perspective in the most straightforward way I can see it. THIS ONE is about the flow state which might be interesting to you.

      To answer your question about tapping, I think that it explains everything that I have said so far. Honestly, I believe that we have invented too many words to describe the same method and that is what creates confusion in the minds of the people. I like to keep it simple and follow the lead of the leaders and do my work consistently. That is what brings me the best results so far in every area of my life.

      I hope I have answered your questions. If you have anything more to ask me, just shoot! 🙂



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