The Law of Attraction Tips – Manifestation Exercises

Man and Woman LOA Exercise


Honestly, there are so many Law of Attraction exercises you can do to improve your manifestation that it is too much.

It makes me dizzy to see all those lists of suggestion, so shaky that it breaks my game.

Take my advice. 🙂

To successfully apply this law of the Universe you will have to keep things as simple as possible.

You see, the less complicated knowledge you have, the better for you.

I have been practicing this beautiful universal law for more than two years so I have extracted from my experience top five exercises which will take your game on a whole new level!

It took a lot of time doing trials and making tons of errors to complete this list, so take it with a grain of salt.

Keep in mind that this list is MY experience and my brains chemistry and your mind are probably not the same.

However, it can’t be too much difference between us; we are both humans with the same body, mind, and soul, created in the same image.

The Law of Attraction works equally for you, me, and everyone out there whether consciously practicing or not.

Since you are here, I believe that you are a conscious practitioner.

Now, clear out your consciousness out of everything that is not in harmony with the practice of the Law of Attraction and study the following suggestions in detail to see which one you maybe miss in your arsenal.


Top 6 Law of Attraction Manifestation Exercises 

As I have said already, I was studying a lot and all around the place, and as a result, it made me feel a little bit overwhelmed with all that information about the LOA.

The first thing I have ever discovered was a book, Think and Grow Rich.

Within this particular book, I have found some of the most valuable suggestions about how to practice.

Some of them are included in the list, of course.

Now, I have been working with the Proctor – Gallagher Institute for a while.

They are the experts when it comes to the Law of Attraction, and they have given me a handful of valuable suggestions as well.

Moreover, all of them have been extracted from the same book and a few others in a similar context such as The Science of Getting Rich which has inspired the move “Secret” over ten years ago.

As a pretty severe practitioner, I have taken the knowledge with the most attention, applied it on my life, and got the following five exercise which I must now, pass on to you so you can learn how to practice the Law of Attraction better than you do right now.

It is in my human nature to share, so let’s go already! 🙂


1.) Mindfulness Meditation 

Buddhist Monk Meditating


One of the first things I have been doing, which I still do actually, is meditation and visualization.

I would suggest to you to start with these two as well.

You see, because of the world in which we live in I had some difficulties to hear my desires at the beginning.

“How can you practice the Law of Attraction when you don’t know what do you want?”

That was my question to my self. 🙂

I knew that I want a lot of things, but I didn’t know which element or circumstance I want to attract the first.

However, I have managed to solve it after some time spent in meditation.

The world is too loud out there; it makes it almost impossible for one to hear his thoughts, let alone his deepest desires.

Mindfulness meditation helps to clear out the chaos caused by the external world.

The stage of mindfulness is more than necessary to reach so you can hear your subconscious mind, but it takes some time and practice to achieve it.

At the beginning of the practice, I had some troubles to “shush!” my mind.

You can imagine a disturbed surface of the water, that was like in my mind.

To calm it down, I have used a breath control technique the most.

It took me around a dozen tries to reach the stage of mindfulness for the first time.

Each time that I have spent in practice I took around 15-20 minutes inhaling slowly through my nose and on my stomach and then holding for a short second before slowly exhaling through the mouth while making sure that I keep relaxed body posture the whole time.

After a month or two spent in breath control meditation, I was able to reach the stage of mindfulness in 5 minutes or less.

Today, I just close my eyes, and it is peace.

It all comes down to feel the moment in which you are fully present and concentrated on nothing else except the task you are involved in.

In my case, I have used breath control to achieve so.

After I have found myself in a stage of total peace, I was able to ask some questions to my subconscious mind such as:

  • What do I want the most in life?
  • How would I like to live my life?
  • Who can I take with me on this journey?
  • Am I willing to take it all to make it all happen?

Some of my answers came quickly as a flash, but for some else, I had to meditate much deeper.

The point is that I have got all the answers I want, and today, after two years, all I have to do is ask the question, and I can do it anywhere.

The answer comes almost instantly, every single time.

Mindfulness meditation exercise has been the best decision I have ever made regarding my practice of the Law of Attraction.

The same I suggest to you.

It is simple as it is described under this headline.

No need to complicate things which are made to be simple.

You don’t need meditation experts to teach you this, nor you have to listen to some guided meditation which is going to make you even more confused.

Trust yourself, trust your own voice!

Therefore, to quickly summarize before we move on:

  • find a quiet spot
  • sit down and breathe slowly on your stomach (nose-mouth)
  • close your eyes and focus on breathing
  • sit like that for 20 minutes
  • ask yourself some questions
  • wait for answers


2.) Physical Exercise

Two Kids Playing in the Water


Now, you don’t have to kickbox like those two kids in the photo. 🙂

However, as I have said already, and I will repeat some more, the world in which we live is full of distractions, stress, negative energy, and many other things which are blocking the positive flow of energy which is crucial for the Law of Attraction practice.

Therefore, you have to use many different techniques to keep it flowing smoothly.

One of those techniques is physical exercise, the one which some people don’t take seriously as they should maybe.

Being an active individual is going to bring you many benefits, and here are a few major ones:

  • stress relief
  • improved circulation
  • great lung capacity
  • muscle strength
  • strong mind

All of those are necessary to be able to manifest anything you want with much ease.

Being physically active blends those benefits in one great product, a state of high self-confidence, a state of magic.

You see, some people don’t like to exercise, and that is cool. 🙂

But let me tell you (if you are one of those people), your Law of Attraction game will change forever once you start to live an active life.

I am an active person whole my life.

However, at one period after I have started to practice the Law of Attraction, I have stopped with being physically active because of some unexpected circumstances that happened to me.

In a short period of just a few weeks, almost everything has stopped!

It took me a few more week to realize that my good results are slipping away together with my positive energy just because I have stopped to workout.

Stress started to build up, my body began to ache, and my mind became slightly clouded because I was not as active as I used to be.

Everything was sending me signals that I have to get busy with my workout again.

The Universe was loud and clear!

“Ivan! Move your ass!”

And so I did. 🙂

Because I was already a quite an active guy before, it took me just a few days to come back.

However, it might not be the same for you, but if you start, and stay consistent for at least three months, you will develop a great habit which will result in vast improvement of you Law of Attraction game.

If you were, on the other hand, once active, you would have to engage your good habit back on, and your results will skyrocket!

Those of you who are active at this moment, you guys can find a significant reason why to continue to be like that in my short story from the above.

The conclusion is that physical exercise can be another fantastic way to improve your manifestation, so let’s move on.


3.) Stimulation With the Aid of Music 

Kid Singing Loud


Honestly, this one is my favorite!

Listening to music can be, and for me, it is, the most fun way to exercise your manifestation with the Law of Attraction.

Music is the best thing that we have discovered in a whole history of the human kind, at least it is for me it is.

I like every kind of music!

One day I find myself listening to some good old 90’es hip-hop, the next day I am looking to some classic mixes or jazz instrumentals, and sometimes I catch myself enjoying the voice of some R’nB’ diva, such as Alicia Keys.

And I am not ashamed to confess that I like how she sings. 🙂

She has the voice of an angel.

Anyway, before I drift away, and daydream about her, I must repeat that music is the thing which will move your Law of Attraction game in the clouds.

And that is where you want to be while working to manifest your desires, at least mentally from time to time.

Everything under clouds will try to break things for you, so it is necessary to stay above, connected to the highest source of supply of positive vibrations summed up in one word, music.

The law of Attraction requires a high dose of positive energy, and that you already know.

Music has one of the highest potencies to raise your vibration, and that you maybe already know, as well.

If you didn’t know that, now you do.

You see, we have learned how to express our feelings in the form of beautiful notes and voices.

Feelings are the second leg to a three-legged stool in the LOA game.

The first one is thought and the last one, action.

With the help of the Proctor- Gallagher Institute, I have learned that there is a fourth one also, and it is constant repetition.

Many people have written songs and compositions which vibrate on positive levels of vibration or feelings.

Some on the higher and some on the lower level, but they are all good for your Law of Attraction exercise as long as they are “above the clouds” type of notes.

I suggest that as much as you can, you try to avoid songs which are depressing or angry consciously, and which maybe make you think negative thoughts.

Don’t let someone else’s unhealthy vibration to reach your subconscious mind!

I feel for those people who are in those songs, but I avoid them anywhere I go and where I don’t have the control over playlist.

Instead, try to influence your subconscious as much as you can with some fresh and upbeat songs which will help you to connect with your desire rapidly and effectively.

You can use music to connect your self on the vibration of thought and feeling of an author of a specific song which will help you to manifest faster, I don’t know, some money for example.

I have a perfect suggestion for you over here, watch this YouTube music video and tell me do you want the same as the author. 🙂

Now, here are some more of my favorite artists when it comes to using their music as a source of inspiration:

  • Biggie Smalls – Jucy
  • Method Man – Gotta Have
  • Method Man ft. Mary J. Blige – You’re All I Need
  • Public Enemy – He Got Game
  • Alicia Keys ft. Lyfe Jennings – People Get Ready
  • Celine Dion – The Power of Love
  • Bob Dylan – Hurricane
  • Travie McCoy ft. Bruno Mars – Billionaire
  • Nas ft. Damien Marley – Patience
  • Bob Marley – Buffalo Solider
  • and many many many more great songs!

I hope you like my playlist, or just a sneak a peak to it haha!

Alright, this tip is another fantastic exercise, and it brings me directly on to the next one which is gold as well.


4.) Stimulation Through Video Material

Kids Watching Videos on Laptop


I bet that what you have seen in that song made you want money at least a little bit more than you did 5 minutes ago.

Admit it, haha!

Now, the video itself is pretty cool as well.

Guys have done a great job to translate their message to everyone who is receptive to it.

However, you can go to all places and find video stimulation which can help you to improve your Law of Attraction manifestation in vast proportions.

Some of the sources are:

  • inspirational movies
  • YouTube motivational, inspirational, and educational videos from their library.
  • music videos
  • your own positive recordings
  • other peoples same type of records

Keep in mind that nothing is off the limits.

This one is the least favorite to me, and it should probably go to the bottom of the list, but because it connects so nicely with the last one, I will leave it over here.

Why least favorite?

Well, because when you compare video and audio, we are talking about two different types of mind stimulation.

They both include the energy of other people, but audio turns on your imagination more naturally than video material does.

It is just my opinion so take it like that.

I don’t like to watch as much as I love to listen.

Maybe I am just wired like that, who knows. 🙂

Anyway, video material can be a great source of positive stimulation which you can plant in your subconscious mind and work on activities to get in your reality.

I have been, and I still do from time to time, practice this exercise.

Movies are my favorite choice of video stimulation.

Also, one of the best things I have been able to find out there is support in the form of a small personal development program in the production of the already mentioned company, Proctor – Gallagher Institute.

This particular program is designed to provide you with a complete education about the Law of Attraction as well as with the consistent stimulation through video materials which have been delivered straight to your email every morning so you can raise your vibration as soon as you check your phone in the morning.

I have found it to be brilliant!

Moreover, it has helped me to exercise the Law of Attraction every day, without days off!

My success has skyrocketed ever since.

I can say that my website and the whole Your Personal Development project has been stimulated by this small program.

If you want to find out more about it make sure you check out my detailed review by clicking on this link.

If not, then stay tuned because there is more of the good stuff coming in your way.


5.) Repeating Affirmations and Gratitude

Praying Hands Expressing Gratitude


There are a couple of things which I have picked up from that program which I have turned into a daily habit.

It helped me with a manifestation that much so that I am not able to express my gratitude deep enough as I maybe should for finding this information.

One, or two things actually, from that course were, repeating the positive affirmations, and giving a word of gratitude.

These two exercises are very similar, and they can be merged into a single one.

You see, in the beginning, I was skeptical about those two.

I couldn’t see what is the whole fuss about it.

Outside of that program, everywhere I have turned my head to look for pieces of information I saw those two words repeating over and over.

The Universe was sending me another valuable lesson. 🙂

Once again I was able to get stuck in manifesting the positive results.

At those moments, I have taken that small program much seriously than I was before.

After a thorough inspection of my game, I have started to learn how to express my gratitude and how to be more positive with my affirmations.

In one book that I am studying, the author has devoted the whole book to educate the reader how to affirm and visualize.

In the second one which I have started to study just recently, the author has paid the most attention to expressing gratitude.

Suddenly everything came together, and I could see what is the “fuss” very clearly.

Prayers of thanksgiving and reciting or just repeating your affirmations out loud gives you power in your hands, or to be more precise, in your mind which you can use to keep your game on the positive flow al the time!

I was more than pleasantly surprised after just a few weeks spent in exercising those two.

As I have said already, I have blended them into a single exercise so that I am able to “kill two birds with one stone.”

Ok, that was not the best metaphor, but you get the point, haha!

If you don’t practice gratimations (I have discovered a new word!), you have to start immediately.

If you don’t know how I have given you an excellent suggestion up above.

However, if you already practice gratimations, make sure you step up the volume whenever you have a chance because it will take you Law of Attraction game up and away.

While I am hot and going, let’s move on to my last exercise suggestion.


6.) Keeping a Journal

Laptop, Phone, and Book Journals


This one is something that I have actively started to practice just recently.

I did, however, wrote a kind of a goals journal while I was going through the faze of setting up my goals during the time spent with that small LOA course.

Now, after some time after I have taken a pen and wrote my desires on a piece of paper, I can see how great power written word has.

All I can say is that I was fascinated with the results, so I have decided to write down everything I come up with.

I have this notebook on my desk which I mostly use to write things down as they come.

It is a kind of journal for random thoughts which I then analyze and later on sort on my phone in a couple of existing types of journals.

I have a business journal on my phone; I have a relationship journal as well as a health journal.

Since those three areas of my life are the ones on which I spend most of my thought energy, I had to journalize them.

You see, action like this is really something powerful.

It gives you multiple of opportunities.

First of all, it helps you to catch a though so it won’t go away and who knows, maybe it will never come back again.

Second, it gives you an opportunity to analyze your mind more deeply, and either reject or accept specific thoughts and keep investigating.

Lastly, it serves you as a guide for your action as well as a breadcrumb map so you can see how far you have gone with your thinking.

In other words, how much you have developed it and what you have got from the action based on the idea.

I strongly suggest you as well to start keeping at least a random journal.

Later on, when you catch a certain amount of your thoughts, you will easily be able to see the whole picture of your desires by sorting them in categories.

Your mobile phone is more than enough for the beginning.

Moreover, keeping a journal will give you a golden opportunity to deal with any negative thoughts that you may entertain from time to time.

All in all, this small piece of action can be a huge step up in your Law of Attraction practice.

As I have said, I have just recently started to do this, two or three months ago, and I have improved so many things that I have been doing wrong so far.

Some of my mistakes became a great asset for the future.


It is All About the Action!

The last exercise helped me to realize one great truth about the Law of Attraction practice.

It helped me to understand that continuous action is far more valuable than anything in this LOA game.

You can think of your desires as much as you can, or you can raise your vibration so high that you are able to kiss the sky. 🙂

However, nothing will do you any good if you don’t go out every day and take some slack!

And when I say every day, I mean every single minute of every single second of every given day.

I hurt my feeling to see how many people out there are so knowledgeable about the Law of Attraction and yet their results are not a reflection of their inner game.


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I am aware that when we step out to do whatever we have to do to manifest anything we want to, something shows up.

Some uninvited buddies decide to stop by and give you a high five.

Worry, Doubt, and their big boss, Mr. Fear.

Those who are unable to show how smart they are, they have probably felt under the pressure of those three killers of success in life.

I have given six different suggestions about how you can chase them away and put a door sign on the entrance door to your mind which says:

“Sorry, occupied with some awesome thoughts and feelings.” 🙂

Now, the key to those doors is hidden in the magic word, constant time and space repetition.

Or in other words, ACTION!

There we go.

We have come to the last few sentences in this post.

I hope you will take on my suggestion and make them yours.

Furthermore, I sincerely hope that they will help you to repeat some of my success.

And finally, I will come back to update this post as soon as I find another game-changing Law of Attraction exercise to share with you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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  1. Wow! A very engaging and thought provoking article which I know many of my friends could benefit from so I’m going to show it to them! I love the general positives vibe that I get as a reader of your work and I urge you to keep up the good work bro you’re going far! The way you write inspires me and every time I read your work I learn something new that I can use everyday. In this case giving word of gratitude, I think it’s the way forward for anyone who has gone through difficulty and wants to grow and be happy and attract happiness! Love your content man!

    • Hi Nick,

      Good to see you again! It is my primary goal to leave my readers with an impression of increase, and I see I am on the right path, thank you for the encouragement. Also, I am happy to know that you have learned at least one good thing, cool. I urge you to try and practice gratitude for at least some thirty days. Then stop for a week and see the difference. It is the ultimate solution to stay in a positive vibe all the time. In the end, please do share my content with your friends and anyone you know who can have some benefit from my words. Thank you again — all the best.



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