Inspired Action – The Law of Attraction Hyperdrive

Inspired Action


I know there are many people out there who are confused with the term inspired action, what it is or how to take inspired action. Unfortunately, the confusion sets the Law of attraction to work in reverse.

That is not what you want, right?

You want to know how to supercharge your manifestation. You want to be in control and manifest all your dreams.

You know, I was in the same spot.

Too many Law of Attraction “scientist” are making things too much complicated for us to understand. Since it is “alive” this information has produced too many experts on the topic for my taste.

They are like travel agents. They are sending people somewhere where they have never been by themselves.

I don’t want to follow someone’s finger!

I want to follow someone who has decades of experience on the topic.


Your First Inspired Action is Here

That is what I did actually. I gave up all these experts, and I found my self a mentor. Since then, my friend, I have realized how much I was missing by collecting pieces of information instead of going directly to the source.

This particular experience helped me to turn my every day and pushy action into a hyperdrive. In a short period of one month, I have connected all the dots together and finally manage to produce some real inspired action. Moreover, the results that followed were more than inspiration.

If you are not manifesting what you want, you have to stop for a moment. Take a deep breath. Relax. Forget everything you have learned so far.

You see, too much information is making your brain to analyze and evaluate things all the time. At those moments you are not able to produce any high-quality or inspired action. The mind is to busy with analysis. So, the body is stuck in the paralysis mode.

Analysis=paralysis=plain action and weak results.

I have learned about inspired action by reverse engineering, by reflecting on my past experiences. That is the only way how we can learn and understand. We have to go and do the thing at first. Then we have to reflect on the experience, learn and draw conclusions from our results. The last steps are to forget what we have learned,  and finally, we have to do it all over again to gain a new, better understanding.

Sound confusing?

It is not really once you realize that it is a natural process for those who are always seeking for more.

Since you are here, I bet you are one of those people?

I used to think that inspired action is something that only a few of us can take. However, I was not aware that I did make it many times in my life. Also, I have failed to do it many times more.

You have probably done it a few times as well!

Maybe the only thing you lack is the awareness of the fact.

The Law of Attraction is all about the awareness of this high power which connects us with everything else in this Universe. When you become aware of this force, you will be able to produce inspired action on demand.

Nothing will be impossible, everything will be realistic.


Table of content:

  • What makes the difference and how to separate these two acts.
  • Next, I will share my insights about what stops the inspired action once it is set.
  • I will give you a few key elements for inspired action.
  • You will get a simple formula how to take inspired action so it will become a habit.
  • In the end, you can read my example to connect the dots.

Approximate time of reading: 30 minutes


Difference Between Regular and Inspired Action

I understand that many people are confused with the difference between these two. One of the reasons is they have no experience to compare, or they just need to become aware of their past experience.

As I have said, I was reverse engineering a lot. The results of my thinking in reverse were greater awareness of myself and a couple of life-changing lessons for the future.

Here is what I have discovered when it comes to regular action and its relative, inspired action.


Regular Action

When you are about to do something which does not “move your juices” there will be no real, long-lasting inspiration in it.

Some old success can trigger the inspiration to do the thing again. However, because it is something you have already experienced and you know how to do it, your brain will stop the production of the hormones which are giving you the “high” or the feeling of inspiration pretty soon after you start.

The inspiration will fade away as you continue to move in action.

Most of the people get confused with the retreat of these good feelings.

You see, when you are using the Law of Attraction to do something which you already know how to do, you can’t get real inspiration from it. You may do it anyway, but soon it will become just a regular action.


Because you already did it. It is in your memory, it is a habit.

This is what most of us are doing. People are seeking inspiration in the things which they already accomplished.

There is a quick high from the thought impulse of doing it all over again. However, after some time it becomes boring, everyday action.

The fact is that the Law of Attraction brings results whether you are taking “just” step or hyped and inspired action.


Inspired Action

Now, on the other hand, a long-lasting inspired action comes from doing something from the first time. It comes from going into the unknown.

In more poetic words, it comes from shooting for the stars and chasing the dreams.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” -J. Campbel

If there is no high risk-reward factor in your goal, there can’t be any inspired action. When this factor exists, and it can only exist when you are chasing a dream, the action element becomes well, magical.

You get inspired as soon as you begin to entertain the thoughts of possible results that may follow if you do it.

The chemistry of the feelings you get from going into unknown makes you push harder, work more, do the things you have never done in your entire lifetime. It gives you “superpowers” with which you can remove every obstacle that may come to your way until you reach your goal.

It makes you experience real personal development and growth. You stretch yourself in many new directions, and as a final result, it makes you bigger and stronger than you were before.

When you look back and reflect on the things which you have accomplished, they inspire you. Sometimes you even wonder “who the hell did this and how did I manage to do all these things?”

The only way to keep these feelings of excitement and enthusiasm which are causing the inspiration is to always seek a better, new, and more things to do.

Inspiration comes from setting up the bar a bit higher every time you go about to do whatever represents a star or a dream for you.

Now, before you can learn how to induce inspired action, I believe that you have to understand what blocks inspiration. If you don’t, every next attempt might be futile.


What Stops Inspired Action?

Maybe you have caught the signal on the beginning of this post. If not, here is where I am going to explain in more detail how you deprive yourself of the inspired action and great results that come after.

This is what happens to every single human being when we really want to do something, but we have never done it before.

When you want to do something for the first time the natural emotion is a mix of fear and enthusiasm.

There is no single human being on this planet who can say differently. We all feel the mix when we are about to face the unknown. One day you pumped up with good feelings, and you want to do it. The next day you think that it can’t be done.


The Choice is Yours

Now, at the moment of first thought, you have three options.

One is to take immediate inspired action and get your first results. Then to keep building up after you gather some experience. In other words, you keep on moving forward and get more and more inspired by your action.

The second one is to flee because of the fear factor. It also produces the action element. However, it is not a constructive experience. As a matter of fact, it is precisely the opposite, a destructive behavior.

The third one is to take action and encounter failure, and pretty soon you give up.

This second and third scenario produce a state of mind for which we have a few different names. It is known as worry, or doubt.

I always asked my self why would someone back away from the things they really want? My answer was clear once I have experienced these states of mind.

The mind gets trapped into a cycle of thinking about the experienced failure or the fear that stopped you from getting what you want. The worry produces the question after question all without the answer because the mind has no adequate learning experience to give positive responses.

As a result, the person enters the state of mind which is highly evolved worry, or more commonly known as overthinking state.

The mind becomes completely paralyzed with questions as soon as you think of retaking action.

The body follows.

Ultimately, the person gives up and finds comfort in something which he or she knows how to do, and it feels familiar and comfortable. In other words, he or she sees a comfort zone and stay there.

It is not hard to conclude that overthinking is deadly for success. Inspired action is a word which becomes almost impossible for the mind which is occupied with worry and doubt.

How does it happen?


The Brain-Body Connection

The human brain is a large electric switching station. The body is controlled by the countless millions of nerve cells which spread themselves from the mind to every piece of tissue.

Our thoughts are the electric impulses which are given power and action when they are mixed with emotion or feeling. Whether it is positive or negative emotion is not essential. When the mixing happens, the body takes action and remembers the new impressions which are created by the movement.

We call it creating a memory.

A quick example. Thoughts of food=feeling of hunger=body search for food=eating pizza=feeling awesome=great memory

When we create thought impulses of want or desire, we are sending a message to our body to move and seek a way to fulfill that desire. The outcomes can be various.


An Example

A person may get an idea to go to college. It is a high risk-reward kind of goal. Because of the thoughts of reward the person gets the mix of emotions which sets up the process. He or she follows the positive thought impulse which inspires the action.

The fear is present along with enthusiasm. If our person has a strong inspiration from within, he or she will beat the doubt, and by taking more action inspired by the victory he or she will create a positive memory circuit.

This positive circuit will take care that the future results will continue to be mainly positive.

However, let’s say that our hypothetical person fails in the endeavor or becomes stopped by the fear. The defeat will produce some more negative emotions which will be remembered as well. This time the memory circuit becomes negative.

If after some years the idea comes again, the negative memory will stop the action.

Or it will produce fearful action which results in repetition of the failure.

It creates a loop in the brain which stops the inspired action.

However, this loop can be broken. We can create a new feeling which will break the old circuit and produce inspiration and action based on those feelings.


Key Elements for Inspired Action in the Law of Attraction


1.) A strong desire to have or to be

Desire is a thought impulse of a strong WANT.

It is not a wish or just a thought that comes and goes. It is not something you have done already, and you know how to do it again. It is a thought which is always present in the mind of the person. It is something you are dreaming for a long time, but you never had the guts to do it.

Sometimes we call it an obsession.

The size of your desire will determine the amount of inspiration. Massive desire produces excellent action. Weak desire well, the opposite.

You see, to produce an action which will give you the mix of feelings which we call inspiration, you must aim high at something. Your task should be some long time dream of yours or a goal you think it is impossible to accomplish.

I remember the words of my mentor.

He said, “If my goal doesn’t scare and excite me at the same time, I know I am not going in the right direction.” At first, I thought that he is just talking silly. However, once I set a goal which was “impossible” from my perspective, I clearly understood what he meant.

To really understand what inspired action mean you should do the same.

When you go about to chase something which is way bigger than you, you will be afraid. Maybe you will risk your entire future for one turn of the wheel. The fear factor will be quite high.

On the other hand, you will take a look in the future and see all the fantastic and beautiful things that wait for you when you get there. You will get so excited that the risk will become worthy of taking. You will be inspired with enthusiasm.

Sometimes the very thought of your goal will make you want to jump out of your skin and to hide under the chair at the same time.

When you have the feeling which is described in a paragraph above, and if you decide to be bold and take the first step towards its realization, the chemistry of the senses will produce the inspiration in your heart which will take you to heights where you have never been before.

The whole world will get a different shape because you won’t be the same anymore.

Understand for now and for good that if you are not going for something which is a strong desire, a long forgotten dream, or a goal so high that the thought of it gives you goosebumps, the chances to feel inspiration are going to be very close to zero.

Desire is a first step and an essential element for inspiration in your action.

If by any chance you don’t possess it, don’t be discouraged. Even a small wish can be turned into an obsession. Moreover, every strong desire was at first a definite idea, a little wish.

The key is to keep thinking about it until it grows.

You must add to it more and more energy every time you think about it. You can do this in several ways.

My advice is to write it down and look at it for at least thirty days. Read it out loud, spin it in your thoughts as much as you can. Let that thought becomes an obsession during those thirty days. Permit yourself to think about it and nothing else.


2.) Faith that induces action and creates inspiration

Now, the key for turning your desire into action which will produce positive results on which you can keep building your inspiration and plan your future action hides in one word. Faith.

Don’t run away! This is not a course on religion.

However, this might change the way you look at yourself and your abilities.

Faith is one of the strongest positive human emotions. The people who have it are a minority in the world in which we live today. The lack of it is the reason why so many people never accomplish anything significant.

The strangest thing in the world is this. We have faith in orders but not in ourselves.

While we are the same mind and body as the person in which we believe, somehow we think that we are not able to do the same. We worship stars, celebrities, and other successful people by assuming they are superhumans just because they have developed a sufficient amount of faith to chase their dreams.

That is right! The key word is “developed.”

Even a tiny spark is enough to burn the forest. Maybe this is not the best metaphor, but you should know that desire and faith when mixed together are able to take you far in life. To the place which is beyond your dreams.

Moreover, to move your desire into action, you must give it a power of emotion. If you mix it only with fear the outcome might not be the best. However, the faith, when practiced and empowered will always overcome the fear and make sure you will get where you want to go or to have what you want to have.

You are no different than those highly inspirational people you look up to from time to time.

The only difference is in the amount of faith in yourself. I remind you one more time if you can believe in someone else you must start right now to believe in yourself.

You have all the talents and abilities which are given to you for free. Moreover, you should use them, and don’t let them go to waste or to die with you.

Do you want to feel inspired by your action? Have faith in impossible.

Faith is the highest occult power in this world, and there is one way how you can harness it and make use of it for your own good.


3.) Live imagination

Understand that if you are capable of feeling this tiny spark when you close your eyes and think of your desire, you are quite capable of seeing it in your reality as well.

The imagination is a force which shapes, makes, and puts in action any though impulse of desire when it is mixed with the feeling of faith.

Every great dreamer who inspired us through the history of the world made use of this intellectual factor on a daily basis. All great inventors, architects, artists, and leaders were people who made deliberate use of their imagination to see impossible things in their minds at first, before bringing them in reality.

You and I, and every other human being have the same capacity within our minds to paint pictures, build buildings, invent new things, and lead ourselves and others in any direction you desire.

All you have to keep your imagination alive every single day.

The inspiration and inspired action can come, and it happens only when you can see it in your mind first before you can hold it in your hands.

The process of blending your desire with faith and imagination is complicated to describe with words. Like Napoleon Hill wrote, “It is like trying to describe a color of red to a blind person who has no experience with which he can compare the color.”

Maybe it is hard to describe this process. However, it is definitely not hard to give it a try and experience it by yourself.

Here is how you can do it.

I use the technique of visualization and auto-suggestion couple of times per day. It is something I have discovered while I was studying the Law of Attraction material. By the way, I still do.

I can say honestly that I owe my success in life to the information I am going to give to you in the next few paragraphs.

By applying this technique on a regular basis, you can turn your wish into a burning obsession. You will discover how to induce faith in yourself and to mix that faith with the images you will see in your mind.

When you think, whether on demand or unconsciously, you use mental images and words to engage the process. Thinking is the first step to a successful application of the Law of Attraction.

I want you to listen to the advice and clear out 2-3 times per day to totally relax, close your eyes and begin to see within your mind anything which is related to your wish. Begin to visualize possible events and scenarios. Try to see yourself as if you already succeeded with your goal and remember the feeling.

If you can keep doing this for 10 minutes, a couple of times per day for at least thirty days I promise you that you won’t stop ever again.

Your imagination is a secret gift. It separates you from every other living being on this planet. The creative use of your imagination allows you to shape your world and create any kind of circumstances you wish. It gives you ultimate control over your life.

On top of all, the imagination is a tool which enables you to create inspiration for every one of your actions.


4.) The power of fear and failure

A couple of wise men have said that there is no such thing as failure. There is only a lesson.

Furthermore, fear is nothing but an illusion, a product of unlimited imagination.

If you can connect the last two sentences with everything you have read so far, you will understand that you can use both fear and failure to induce so much inspiration for every future action that you will be astounded by this newly discovered power!

I have already written many times about this killer of success. However, maybe I have failed to mention that it is a killer only if you let it be. You can control your emotions and to not be controlled by them.

I gave you already a short instruction on how you can develop an emotion of faith. Understand that belief is a counterpart of fear. It is the flipside of the same coin. You are the owner of the coin, and you can choose the side.

Fear cannot exist where faith does!

This gives you a clue that every fear you may have within you, can be outwitted and used as a steppingstone for the development of the faith. However, don’t be conceived by the nasty habits of this enemy because it shows up in the worst moment and destroys your chances if it is not under control or eliminated.

Which side of the coin do you choose?

Are you going to use the fear as inspiration, or let it take advantage of you?

All it takes is a simple decision.

I have mentioned the power of failure as a powerful and constructive force which can help you to climb even higher than before.

Many people let the failure to get under their skin. The process is described under the headline “What Stops Inspired Action?”

Now, you are aware how failure can produce even more failure if you let to become a part of your thinking process. Be aware also that during the processing of the experienced failure you have two options. First one is to let it overtake you. The second one is to shake it into thousand little pieces, take every small piece you will need for the inspiration to move forward and try again, and dust of the rest what is left of it.

Use it as the inspiration!

It is more than necessary…

At the end of the day, failure is a part of everyone’s life. Every single person in this whole world has experienced defeat at least a couple hundred times in their lives.

The most beautiful part about it is that allows you to build up your dream even higher than before. It lets you grow faith where it does not exist yet. Every failure brings you one step closer to the realization of your desire.

In my experience, I have found the greatest inspiration in some of my most significant failures so far.

If it doesn’t inspire you to try again than it is not worthy of your time and you should just let it go with the time.


5.) Continuous action or simply persistence

Everything you have read so far is not going to be of any use if you are not willing to pay the price.

What is the price?

The price comes in many forms, but they all come down to two words. Persistent action.

If you are not willing to spend a long time in preparation of the way so that inspiration can come at your demand, you can decide to stop right now and do not go any further.

Everyone who was ever inspired by a small spark of an idea which turned into a wish knows that it became a wish and later on a desire only because it was persistently entertained by a conscious faculty of the mind.

It took some time to grow. Persistence made it happen.

You see, the inspired action does not come from the first try. It comes from doing it over and over again in the face of the fear, in the front of the failure. When you keep pushing forward without any thoughts of defeat the battle brings out a firm faith or belief in yourself and your dream.

Then, and only then you are able to induce inspired action on demand. It becomes as easy as it is to snap your fingers.


Because you want it, you have faith in the positive outcome, you can see it in your mind, and you are decisive in your intention to never stop until you win.

That is how inspiration sounds.

I have read so many examples of people who are saying that they are doing everything right, but inspiration is not coming. What they do wrong?

They just wish for the things to happen. They are not ready to receive the situation for what they ask. The worst of all they are not willing to put in the hard effort regarding months, possibly years of work in one direction. The lack of persistence stops them way before they even begin.

In other words, things don’t happen overnight people!

Inspired action is a creative process, a long-term commitment to the process of wanting, dreaming, failing and fearing, developing of faith and courage.

It comes and goes. Not every action will be full of inspiration that is sure.

However, it comes if you dare enough to go after a thing you have never done before.

There is no inspiration in buying a new car or changing a job for more or less the same position. It gives you a short-term motivation, a quick high and the things fall back where they were very fast.

Most people do exactly these kinds of things.

On the other hand, to decide that you are going to quit your job and start a business of your own brings out the worst and the best out of you. The risk is high, and the reward is even higher. These kinds of goals are more than enough to produce inspired action.

Moreover, once you do something like this, eventually, you will find yourself so confident that inspiration will fade away.

So, what to do to bring it back and mix it with your actions?

The answer is simple.

Be persistent and raise the bar one more time!


How to Induce Inspired Action – The Rule of 5

I first hear about this rule of five from John C. Maxwell. He is one of the worlds top experts in the development of leadership qualities.

The leaders in all walks of life are where they are because of everything I have explained so far.

They lead themselves in the direction of their dreams. They see yet unseen. Faith and fear are their best friends. They know how to raise the bar higher and higher with every new day that comes. They inspire themselves on demand. As an effect, they stimulate the others by their example.

John was giving a speech which I have listened to hundreds of times so far. In that speech, he talks about how to lift that bar a little bit higher every day. He explains how the best become the best at what they do and it all comes to his Rule of Five.

With a little analogy, he explains this rule.

Imagine you have a tree in your backyard, and you want to cut that tree down. Now, let that tree represent your dream, your desire, your goal. To knock that baby down you will have to find some tools to do the job, like an ax.

The rule of five says that if you swing at that tree five times each day, that tree will eventually fall down. There is no doubt about it. It is governed by some natural laws which are unbreakable.

The tree will one day fall down.

How long will it take to knock that baby down? Well, it all depends on the size of the tree.

The rule of five is simple as it sounds. Just five times every day and one day you will reach your goal. It is like Earl Nightingale has said, if you study one topic for an hour every day, in five years you will become an expert on the subject. It all adds up very quickly.

I have already given you the five key elements for inducing the inspired action. One more time they are desire, faith, imagination, overcoming the fear, and persistent effort.


Now, here are a few questions for you that will help you to find and induce inspiration.

1.) What is your tree (dream)

2.) What are your tools? (your ax)

3.) Are you willing to spend enough time to make it happen?


Ask yourself these question one at the time.

Analyze your goals and dreams and pick out the one which scares and excites you the most. The one which you want to accomplish and you know it in your heart.

Once you know what you really want, spend some time thinking about what do you need to reach your goal. Find at least five actions that you can perform each day to knock down your tree.

Don’t be worried if you don’t know all five immediately. The will come to you once you find the first one.

When you know the answers to the first two questions, stop and think about how long it will take to accomplish the task and are you willing to pay the price. Are you ready to swing at your tree five times each day for the next, I don’t know, five years?

Once you have all the answers, and you can have them only if you ask yourself these question, begin at once and take the first swing at your tree.

The inspiration will come to you once you make a decision that you are going to go after whatever it is that you want the most.



How I Inspire Myself Every Day

In the end, I want to give you my own example of how I found my tree and how I keep seeing the inspiration necessary to produce enough action every single day.

Ever since I was a kid, I had this dream of freedom. While the other kids were dreaming about becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, I was fantasizing about being free and enjoy the time doing fun stuff.

I remember sitting in the school entirely disconnected from the class. While other kids were listening to the teacher, I was looking through the window.

My mind was out there.

I believe in school, and I think all the best about the idea. However, the concept they are passing on to children is full of holes like Swiss cheese. But let’s not go in there. If I do, I could stay and talk for hours about better ideas for the school system all over the world. But that is not the point here.

Fifteen years fast forward I was trained to become another sheep in the herd and to conform with the rest. My destiny was set by parents and teachers, and I did not have a clue where am I going. It was a scary idea from my perspective.

I have spent some 7-8 years in the system which brought me to a border of hate towards humankind. The corporations and everything that comes with the lifestyle was not me.

No sir!

Deep deep down I knew what I want, but somehow it got so buried inside that I could not remember it anymore. I guess that happens when you give your mind away for scraps of coins and paper.


My Tree

Over the last few years, I did everything I can to regain my mind once again. I remember how this one line that came from Arnold Schwartzenegger gave me so much inspiration that it is beyond words.

He said that if you want to be true to yourself and follow your dreams, one of the rules is to break some of the man-made rules but never the law.

That is where it hit me!

I am going to break some of those rules to find my own.

The law is there to protect me from my fellow man, and I will respect it. Later on, I have found out that there are some greater laws outside of the man which cannot be broken.

Some words began to speak from my heart to my mind. However, the mind was still disconnected, and it could not hear what the center of me was saying.

Then one day I opened a book, and the first page was titled WHAT DO YOU WANT THE MOST?

I was thinking about million and one things. I wanted everything, from a new car to a house, more money, girlfriend, better friends, good clothes, new shoes, and so on.

And then one day it got me! My heart spoke loud and clear.

I want to be FREE!

Suddenly I was reconnected again with that kid in that bench. I remember loud and clear that all my life I wanted to do what I want to do and not what I am instructed to do.

The movement and inspiration that came after that are beyond words.

Pretty soon the idea of this blog and writing about my passion, personal development, grew my tree even larger.

I was looking at it, and I thought “Man it is a big tree! How the hell am I going to knock this baby down!? I have never done it before in my entire life, what gives me the right to think I can do it now? Do I have all the right tools? How long it will take?…”

And a thousand more questions just like those were coming through my head on a daily basis.


My Ax

With no plan in my hands, I made a decision that I will fight for that kid, and I will win. Those two factors were the only things known in this equation in front of me.

Everything else was about to be discovered.

I don’t know, but it is strange how we use to think that people who go after about what they really want to have everything laid down for them or they are blessed with the opportunity.

Are you in the habit of thinking the same?

Opportunities are not given, they are made. How do you make one? You decide to do it right now, and there it is! It comes to you as soon as you make your decision. They jump out right in front of your face. Try it if you don’t believe me.

Now, I had a firm decision, a strong desire, and a vision of my tree. Faith was slowly but surely eating the fear as I was progressing forward.

The first tool that I discovered was that if I want to write a blog, I will have to learn how to write! Thank Goodness for all those days spent in school 🙂 At least something good came out of it.

So, now I was getting there. The first tool was in my hand, and I needed five more. However, this one was enough to start swinging at my tree every day. Writing gave me hope and inspiration no matter how awkward and lousy it was in the beginning.

Maybe it still is, but I don’t care anymore. Every hatchet has to be sharpened so it can do the job correctly, so does the pen.

Shortly after I have begun with writing, it hit me again. I have discovered my second tool. It was there in from of me all the time, I was just too blind to see it.


All these personal development books that I was reading are classified as my second tool which I use every day at least once to swing at my tree.

Now I had two swings, and I had to find three more because the rule of five says that you have to swing at your tree five times each day. Pretty soon they came to me as well.

The third thing that I have to do every day to keep my inspiration at peak is to think. That is right! Simple as that.

I think a lot, and so far I have considered my way in the spot where I am right now. Therefore, a logical thing was to conclude that I have to keep thinking if I want to move forward.

I set a few times per day to relax and think. I close my eyes, turn on my imagination as described in the middle of the post, and I think about everything so far, and then I try to see where it can lead me further.

To keep this blog alive I have found two more things I have to do every day.

One of them is to do the research every single day.

You see, everything I write about came out of somewhere. Every blog idea came to me as a question at first. Every clue forced me to do the research on the topic. I have to dig through my own experiences to find the answers. Also, I have to search for some answers outside of myself if I want to produce high-quality content for you.

The research fills me up with inspiration because I know that I am going to grow more with every new question asked. Moreover, every answer will add more value to those who will find themselves reading these lines.

The last swing is to have fun with it.

If I am not having fun with what I do, suddenly it becomes an everyday action. From my standpoint of view, fun equals freedom, and both of those inspire me to keep doing what I do.

I found great joy in all these actions. Also, I have combined them together into one big ax which I pick up every day, I take a look at my tree, and I start swinging for five times, and then I drop it until tomorrow.


The Time Factor

My tree is a huge one. I don’t want to bother you with all the detail about it. However, I have realized that if I want to knock that baby down, I will have to spend a lot of time getting my hands dirty.

The question I had to ask my self is, “Am I willing to pay the price in effort and time?”

My answer was one tremendous and loud YES! I am willing.

I have projected that it will take at least two years to get started. I had to figure out what are my tools, to recognize the sacrifice that I am going to choose if I want to make it, to create habits which will take me there, and a lot more.

At the end of the day, one thing was for sure. Time is all we have in this world, and it is up to me how am I going to spend it. Every day I have the same 24 hours as every other human being on this planet. Therefore, I made another decision which is to spend my whole life doing what I am doing right now.

My decision was slowly consuming my life. After two years I have discovered, by looking back and connecting the dots, that it brought me exactly what I have wanted all my life.

It brought me freedom of the mind, body, and spirit.



I have convinced myself several times so far that everything I wrote in this post is right by the very last letter.

This post is the sum of everything I know about how to take inspired action and move the Law of Attraction in hyperdrive.

You have the same abilities to do the same. Inspiration comes and stays only if you are willing to ask yourself those three questions. The process is well described between these lines.

It is up to you to make a decision and begin immediately after you make it.

I gave the best of my abilities to project the knowledge and experience I have got while searching for my inspiration. I hope it can serve you as a high starting point to find yours.

In the end, I want to remind you that inspiration cannot be fully controlled but it can be induced and grown.

Sometimes it comes and goes at will.

However, if you know how to spark up the flame and keep feeding the fire, you will discover that most of the time it is here, within you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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2 thoughts on “Inspired Action – The Law of Attraction Hyperdrive”

  1. Ivan,
    What a great read. You gave your audience so much information for us to consume. It sounds like you have a great deal of knowledge about this specific topic. It was cool to hear fro you and what your “tree” and “ax” are. It refreshing to hear some personal opinions in articles rather than just facts.
    It sounds like you have either read or watched “The Secret”. If not… check it out. You will enjoy it.

    • Hi Joseph,

      Thank you for leaving your comment on my blog post, I appreciate your input. I have watched “The Secret” and I am studying this kind of material for a while now. I believe that my experience can serve as a guidepost to many people out there.


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