How to Use Visualization to Achieve All Your Life Goals

How to Use Visualization to Achieve Your Goals


A following short story may be the only answer you need to gain an understanding of how to use visualization to achieve your goals.

When I was a kid, around the age of seven, I became a huge fan of Michael Jordan. I remember how at one game he did a trick shot which blew my mind away. He closed his eyes, and without looking, he made a free-pointer. I couldn’t believe what have I just saw!

At that time I had no idea how to play basketball. Moreover, I never had a basketball in my hands before.

For days and days, I begged my old man to buy me a hoop and the ball. Finally, he did! I was out there 24/7 obsessed with Jordan and his skills, trying to learn every move I saw he did.

I use to lay in my bed, close my eyes and see myself playing the same game as my idol. In my imagination I visualized myself dribbling, performing killer crossovers, shooting the ball without a miss, and even dunking on the rim. Later on, I would go outside and turn back on those images from my imagination.

As the days went by I was getting better and better. I got so good that I was allowed to play with guys 10-15 years older than me! And then, one day, when I got tall enough I dunked the ball.

It was like a first kiss, the moment which I will never forget. 🙂

Now, when I think about it, every great achievement I have made, every goal I ever reached in my life, was influenced by large, with my imagination and brought to life by action.

In the rest of the post, I will explain in-depth how you too can use the power of visualization to reach all your life goals.

But first, it is essential to understand a few benefits of visualization.


Why Should You Visualize Your Goals?

Your mind cannot differentiate from what is real and what is imaginary. Moreover, the mind will always try to bring the imagination to life! Now, this fact is both encouraging and frightening.

Frightening because the majority of people unconsciously visualize bad things, or they use their imagination to replay negative memories. Therefore, they experience more of the same in real life. They believe that they are in a cycle of bad luck or something, but the truth is they create their lousy luck.

On the other hand, people who deliberately use visualization to create wealth in their lives ultimately receive the same.

If you don’t believe in this, try to go back to your memory and remember how did you bring to life that goal or dream you had. What did you do in your mind before you had it in reality?

Moreover, by experimentation on your own, you can quickly convince yourself in all the benefits of visualization. These five are the most significant.


1.) It boosts confidence and removes fear

By visualizing yourself as a successful person from all possible angles, you can create a feeling of self-confidence.

For example, you can use your imagination to see yourself doing something you have never done before. It will create a sense of accomplishment long before you do it. Then when you step out and do it in real life, it will be much more comfortable. It will almost feel like you have done it already. And you did, in your mind.

If you are afraid of a particular situation, you can close your eyes and imagine the fearful scenario. Rember, your mind does not know the difference so it will influence your action based on your imagination. Therefore, you can eliminate fear in your mind and create a sense of confidence by using your creativity in the right way.


2.) It enhances imagination and creativity

We tend to put limits on our imagination and creativity. Moreover, the majority of people suffocate their imagination with worries and fears.

The mind responds to stimulation, and stimulations enhance the imagination. Whether a positive or negative, visualization is a form of mind stimuli. Using positive visualization as per habit, you can significantly improve your creative abilities.

You never know what obstacles you can encounter while pursuing your goals. With the aid of creative visualization, you can successfully remove them from your path. Every highly successful person knows how to use this ability to solve their personal and business problems in life.

All high performers like athletes or actors use the method of visualization at first to imagine themselves performing. They use their creativity to see the goal as already achieved. Therefore, when it comes to real performance, they already know what to do.


3.) It helps to build a positive self-image

We all have a form of self-image which dictates our results in life. With the effective aid from your imagination, you can create a more positive one of yourself.

The self-image is like a GPS system. It is a psycho mechanism which makes sure that we do not deviate too much from set objective or a goal. Whenever you try to do something which is not consistent with your self-image, the mechanism will pull you back.

For example, if you earn 100K per year every year, and that becomes your financial self-image. You can set a goal to make more, but somehow you always fail. It happens because earning more is not consistent with your self-image.

Or for example, you may struggle to lose excess weight. The struggle happens because you formed an image of yourself based on the current result, your current weight. And that is why you keep bouncing right back on that same number on the scale, and you will until you change the self-image.

Visualization can help you to earn more or have less weight, in your mind first, and later on, in your reality as well.


4.) It boosts with positive energy

Whenever you feel down, you can bring yourself back up by closing your eyes and taking a trip to someplace nice. You can make yourself feel good and boost up your energy levels by intentional visualization of positive things.

When you work on a goal, the path is never a straight line. There will be emotional ups and downs all the time. Something or someone can knock you off the track in a matter of seconds. The best thing you can do is to close your eyes, erase what happened, and visualize success again, your goals as already achieved.

A short trip to your imagination can have a substantial positive impact on your physical state.


5.) It keeps you on track

Like I said in a few paragraphs above, the success is not a straight line. The world is full of distraction, and you can forget about your goal just like that.

To prevent this from happening, you can again visualize your goal to pull you back in the right direction. I found this to be the best antidote for all possible distraction.

You can sharpen your focus and concentration on set objective so intensely that it will take the form of an obsession. When your goal becomes an obsession, you know you will reach it -it is only a matter of time.


How to Visualize and Reach Your Goals?

So far we have covered why should you start to visualize your goals and what are the benefits of it. You are creating a proper mindset for success. Therefore, when it comes, you will know how to handle it.

Now, in the rest of the post, you will have a chance to learn how to use visualization to create success state of mind.

The objective is to reach your subconscious mind which has the control over your actions and results in life.

Everything we let into our subconscious mind will affect our lives. As I have mentioned for a few times already, it doesn’t matter to the mind are those impressions imaginary or real. The mind will always seek the way to bring those images to your reality.

Here is a process in a nutshell.

I will explain every step in more detail so you can get a better understanding.

  • Relax 3-4 times per day to open the subconscious mind
  • Include all your senses in the vision
  • Make a written description of your vision
  • Make more physical progress

These are the four primary and most simple steps to make visualization work effectively.

It is essential to understand that, like with everything, it takes time for visualization to start having an effect on your life. Be patient, be persistent until you can look back and see the changes you have made. Then, you will be sure in the soundness of the process.


1.) Relax 3-4 times per day and daydream/visualize

You should always be relaxed before you start to imagine your goals. The imagination functions the best when the body and mind are entirely relaxed.

Our mental faculty of imagination is a medium of communication with the subconscious mind.

The perfect time to effectively apply this method is the moment you wake up from sleep. In a first 10-20 minutes of the day, the brain is in the relaxed (alpha) state which is known as the gateway to the subconscious mind.

Also, you can induce the alpha state of mind for as many times per day as you want. One of the best ways to accomplish the alpha state while deep in your day is to meditate.

For the beginning, you can use the privacy of your house/apartment. Find a room where you won’t be disturbed, a place where you can have the most peace.

Later on, when you become more comfortable with the method, you can do it wherever and whenever you get a chance. To more, the better. Visualize in the bus, in the car, on your lunch break, in the shower, on the toilet, whenever you have at least five minutes of alone time use that time for visualization.



2.) Include all your senses in the vision

To supercharge your vision, you should include all your senses or at least one or two into the process. In other words, prepare yourself for visualization before you start.

You can effectively do so by watching video material related to your goal, or by listening to a motivational speech. Moreover, if you can, try to go and touch your goal, smell it as well if you have a chance.

For example, if it is a new car, then go to a dealership and sit in a brand new car to include all five senses.

That way you are feeding your mind with more information related to your goals. Then when the time comes and you begin to visualize, you will have more material with which you can work. Your vision will be more vivid. The clearer vision you can imagine, the closer you will get to it in reality!

Your mind responds to stimulation so make sure you use every possible trick to stimulate your brain.


3.) Create a written description of your vision

Once you start to gather more and more details about your goal, make sure you take a pen and paper and make a written description of your idea.

Maybe its sounds foolish right now. However, once you write down your vision, you have made a first physical appearance of your goal in reality. Think about it.

Now, when you have a written description of your vision, you can use that paper as a cornerstone. Every time before closing your eyes and sinking into a world of imagination, you can take a look at the paper, so you know where to start.

Moreover, the written description of your goal will keep you on track, so you don’t wander away from your objective.

Once you are relaxed and emerged into the process, you will experience more and more ideas, plans, and details of your goal. Make sure you write them as well.



4.) Make more physical progress

You are now aware that once you write it down it is not imaginary anymore. Now it has a physical form of the words on paper.

The more you visualize, the more you will impress that vision to your subconscious mind. As a return, your mind will yield you more and more ways and means how to attain your goal.

Your task is to stay relaxed and keep making progressive steps based on your vision. The more steps you make, the more information you will feed to your brain, and the closer you will be to your goal.

If you don’t move on ideas and opportunities, you deny the whole process. Without continuous action forward there will be no progress, only frustration.




Keys to Successful Visualization and Manifestation of Your Goals

It is vitally important to always keep in mind that there are few keys to success in this process.

If you don’t follow these few, so-called “rules,” you may lose your chances to manifest your goal. Moreover, you can get stuck in a cycle of frustration which will eventually force you to give up.


1.) Positive Emotion

You can feed your subconscious mind with the images of your goal, but if you mix any of the negative emotions with it, such as fear, you are not going to get a positive outcome.

During visualization, you will have to master your emotions. The first and most important rule in visualization is to keep mixing those images with positive emotions.

In the beginning, you may feel enthusiasm and excitement. The key is always to remember to induce those feelings because positive emotions will rapidly move you closer to the manifestation of your objective.

Negative emotions such as fear or worry or doubt will try to enter your mind from time to time. This is an entirely natural thing in the process. Your task is to keep them away until the positive feelings begin to rule your mind. Then, when the negative thoughts try to enter your mind again, they will find a closed door with the sign which says “Sorry, occupied.”


2.) Intense Focus

From time to time, you will lose the focus on your goal. Lack of focus is also a completely natural thing because the world is full of distractions.

If you let your focus to go someplace else, you are wasting time and prolonging the manifestation. Moreover, you are risking to lose it completely.

Here is where your written description comes into play. When the days get tough, and they will, you can always relax and read the written description of your goal to keep the focus on the target.

Ultimately, you will develop such a strong focus that your vision, your goal, will become an obsession. You will know when the moment comes because you will think about it all day, you will dream about it, you will be able to taste it, smell it, and even touch it with your eyes closed. Like Michael Jordan.

The higher the level of focus you can keep, the faster you will manifest the object of your obsession.


3.) Constant Repetition

The last key, and equally important as the first two, is continuous time and space repetition.

You will have to repeat the process for a hundred times, thousand times, maybe even for a million times until you get it right. There is no such thing as instant success in anything.

Positive, constructive visualization is nothing but a mental skill which can be learned.

Like with every other new skill, your brain will try to fight it at first because the mind is not yet accustomed with this ability. However, as long as you keep a positive attitude, keep focusing and your goal, and keep repeating the whole process over and over and over, your mind will give up and let you have it.

Many people don’t understand that for some things it takes a short time to happen while for some it may take a few years to come to life. However it may be, as long as a person is not giving up and keeps working forward, whatever it is, it will happen.


Example of a Positive Visualization

For example of visualization, I will take myself and this website. was at the time nothing but an idea in my mind. Now it is growing day by day.

A few years back, I saw a YouTube commercial which was promoting online course for creating websites. That commercial planted an idea in my mind that I want to have my site.

At the time I did not know the online world and how it works. I had zero experience in blogging and writing. However, I still had that idea which I was slowly chewing in my mind.

This is how our beautiful minds work!

I was going through my day to day activities and thinking about the idea. I would lay down after work, completely relax and close my eyes until I see myself as a successful owner of the website. Keep in mind that it is something I have never done before in my entire life. All I could do is to fantasize.

The idea of having my website stayed with me for long enough to become a mild obsession. For some time I was blindly roaming around the net, looking at other people websites, clicking through them, exploring, writing anything just to feel the keys on the laptop. I was doing everything I can to feed my mind with sense impressions.

When I had enough information, I wrote down the description of my vision. In other words, I made a goal.

Days and days went by, and nothing else was happening on a physical plane. However, every morning I was looking at that paper and imagining it happen. That was all I could do at the time. I even took a picture with my phone! Therefore, I was looking at it wherever I go.

Then one day I made a decision. I said to myself “That’s it! I am doing this now.” And I did it. I subscribed myself to that online course and started slowly.

Remember, it is something about which I have zero knowledge.

During that online training course, I have noticed how many people are coming in, but a large percentage is quitting very fast. I thought their vision was not strong enough. They probably decided to resign at the first sign of opposition because of the lack of imagination.

It made me visualize my goal even stronger!

My success with the website was pretty rapid. Some people were wondering and asking for how long am I in the business. When I said that I am a newbie, they were, well, surprised.

However, they didn’t know what I did. All of that information which I was gathering before enrolling to the course was now coming back to me in the form of plans, ideas, and understanding which pushed me forward so fast.

A few words that I wrote on that paper turned into a whole page, later on, that page turned into documents on my computer, and finally, those documents turned into this website.

To secure the growth of, I am still keeping that paper next to me, relaxing and visualizing growth and success.


Example of Visualization



I have learned that most ideas are stillborn and they need a breath of life to keep them alive. Visualization helps to keep the goal alive.

Here you have two examples of visualization from my experience, one as a young child and another one as an adult. The results were the same in both cases. However, most people after they grow up and dive into the “real” world, they lose the creative touch of imagination.

To prevent that from happening you have a four-step process with which you can deliberately keep your imagination alive. Moreover, you can create new opportunities for yourself, evolve the existing ones, improve yourself, and much much more.

Always remember that the mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary. The mind will always seek a way to bring your images to life. Also, the mind has no limits. Like my idol from the beginning of the post has once said:


“Because limits, like fears, are often an illusion.” -M. Jordan


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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