Master Health, Wealth, and Relationships All At Once

A couple of years ago I didn’t believe that I can have it all. I thought that good health, plenty of wealth, and happy relationships are reserved just for special people. That limited belief cost me all the abundance that I and every other person, have a birthright. Once I realized that my belief was wrong, the question of how to master health, wealth, and happiness all at once became my obsession.

Now, few years fast forward I learned that my limited beliefs were nothing else but a product of my imagination. You see, the system in which we grow up makes us think, at the very early stage, that life is hard, therefore, that we have to settle for anything that life has to offer quickly. And quickly we do. The childlike freedom of thought becomes locked up in a small inner voice which later in life, we tend to ignore. But, we accept a large voice of the system which dictates to us what we can on cannot have.

How To Master Health, Wealth, and Relationships

Within this post, you will find a key to unlock your inner voice again. Moreover, I hope that you will apply everything you will learn here so that voice will evolve into a giant one!

Mastery of these life areas is not hard at all. It requires reprogramming of a subconscious mind which holds all of our beliefs. The are few techniques for the influence of the subconscious mind, and when you master them, you can fulfill your life to a measure you never dreamed.

At this point, let’s leave the science to scientist and let’s take the matter in our own hands by learning, and most importantly, applying these steps to master health, wealth, relationships, or any other field of life where you lack confidence.

1.) Erase worry, doubt, and fear

No mind can positively think of abundance if it is saturated with negative thoughts and emotions of worry, doubt, and fear. The success is not possible as long as the mind is occupied with at least one of those three.

You have to choose between two sides, positive or negative. There is no in between; it is either/or type of situation.

Decide right now at this moment that you will eject from your mind everything which is causing you to feel bad and therefore blocks your success.

First, write down on a piece of paper all your worries, doubts, and fears. Look at them and realize that they are nothing but a creation of your imagination. You inherited them from the world, but they don’t need to exist in your world. Your world is rich with abundance in health, wealth, and happy relationships.

Second, to completely clear your mind from any negative thought, practice gratefulness every day. On the other side of that paper write down everything you grateful for in life. Say thank you because you are alive, because you have food on your table, clothes on your shoulders, people who love you, a job that pays your bills, etc. Write down everything you have in life, and say, thank you.

Also, say thank you because from now on you are a healthy, wealthy, and happy person. Fill your mind entirely with positive thoughts and then take the next step.

2.) Build a desire for health, wealth, and happy relationships

Desire is a positive thought impulse. A firm desire for better health, more wealth, and happier relationships can be transmuted into a physical form of all of those three. Every human being which masters anything, first desires for it. Desire is also a fuel necessary for achieving the object back of it. You will have to refuel your system regularly to master those three.

To transmute your desire into physical reality the best way is to create a GOAL and put it in writing. Moreover, create a GOAL CARD.




When you transform your intangible thought impulse of desire to a physical form of words on the paper, you made a first physical appearance of your desire in reality. Maybe it doesn’t sound like much; however, words on the paper do exist, they have a physical form. You can understand the power of GOAL CARD if you know this fact.

My advice is to keep that goal card by your side wherever you go. Refuel your desire by referring to it whenever you start to lose track of what you want, which is better health, more wealth, and happier relationships. To become a master of something you will have to have it on your mind 24/7, you will have to live it, breathe it, be it. The goal card is your compass, your map, your guide.

Now the next step is a crucial ingredient you will have to inject into your desires.

3.) Master the emotion of faith

Faith is one of the strongest positive emotional impulses that human being is capable of experiencing. When we are driven by this powerful emotion, we can achieve all our desires. On the other hand, people who lack faith usually achieve minor success in these three areas of life you wish to master.

Let’s stick to how to develop this ability, yes ability, to inject faith in every action you make. Once you can do so, success is guaranteed. I don’t have the slightest doubt in the incredible power of faith. When faith is mixed with the thought impulse such as desire, the results are often astonishing. Everyone who masters negative emotions mentioned in step one, and manages to substitute them with positive feelings of faith, or love and enthusiasm, he or she is destined to master and receive abundance of wealth, health, and happiness.

The best, and through the experience of many, proven way to develop positive emotion of faith or confidence in yourself and your abilities is known as AUTO-SUGGESTION. Or in other words POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS.

Master the emotion of faith with the aid of voluntary suggestions directed to your subconscious mind (heart). Whenever the old doubts and fears come to your mind, and they will chase them away with positive ideas to yourself.

Here are a few examples I use:

  • I am happy and grateful that every day in every way I am getting better and better.
  • I am grateful for everything that I have and for everything that is coming to my way.
  • I am healthy, wealthy, and happy.
  • I am capable of achieving everything I set my mind on to, and I have no limits.
  • I am…

Be creative. You can create as many positive affirmations as you wish. They all work if you know how to use them. The KEY to the master emotion of faith lies in repetition. Like everything in this life, faith needs time to be developed. So as long as you persist in using these positive affirmations, they will eventually return to you in the form of positive feeling. In other words, you will, by time, develop sufficient confidence in yourself and in your ability to achieve your GOALS.

This feeling should light up something else in you. Something that you can use to create whatever you desire. Health, wealth, happiness, and more can be yours if you can…

4.) Imagine it all at once

Imagination is a workshop of the mind. In the imagination, man creates everything he wants. He can mold and shape his possible reality before he steps out and do something about it. So it is easy to conclude that health, wealth, and happiness begins in your imagination.

It all begins with an idea in your mind first. Later on, it grows into a desire. Then you transmute that desire into a physical form of a GOAL CARD.

Now, use that goal card to imagine it all at once. My advice is to set aside 10-15 minutes every day to sit back, relax and visualize (imagine) your life full of abundance. Freeley use of this powerful mental ability that we have at our proposition. Don’t put limits on your imagination because your imagination is limitless. See yourself living the healthy, wealthy, and happy life you desire.

Moreover, while you are relaxed, say your positive affirmations out loud. In other words, mix your desire with faith and imagination as much as you can. Follow this step without listening to that voice of the world which tells you that imagination is something only for children, and pretty soon you will get the feeling which is beyond words!

If you follow all steps so far, it means that you are already taking action to become master of your life. Don’t stop!

5.) Fail forward

Yes, fail forward! Mastery of anything in life will not come easy. Sometimes you will have to make one step forward and two steps back to make three steps forward again.

You will experience failure along the way. That is just the way of life. However, always remember that failure is nothing but a lesson, so take it like that and try to learn from experience. If you want to become master of health, wealth, and happiness then you must be comfortable with failure, it must become your ally, not your enemy.

Many people, actually the majority of people will stop at first sign of opposition. You don’t have to!

Every time you experience failure start all over again. Eliminate worries by being grateful for everything you have, desire for success even stronger than before, affirm to yourself that you are healthy, wealthy, and happy, imagine abundance in more significant quantity than before, and once again boldly step out and try one more time.

Those who will give up at first at first sign of failure are bound to stay where they are. On the other hand, those who will accept defeat and use it as a lesson will become masters of the success in life.

The Abundance of Health, Wealth, and Happiness is a Product of Habit

Maybe you have connected the dots already. However, if you didn’t, understand that mastery of these three is a product of habit. People who habitually think of, and work for it, usually have it in life. They even accumulate more and more because they are in the habit of cultivating the abundance they deserve.

How To Master Health, Wealth, and Relationships All At Once

You too can cultivate the habit of success and mastery of life by following these five simple, yet powerful steps from above. The more you repeat the process, more natural it will become. Before you even know it, your subconscious mind will pick up this new behavior and reward you with riches in high quantities.

One last piece of advice before we finish.

The subconscious mind is most receptive when we are relaxed. In the morning, just after we wake up, we are in the most relaxed state, the subconscious mind is wide open. The morning is the perfect time to feed your subconscious mind.

Many successful people realize this fact. Therefore, they use it to their advantage every day. They created morning rituals around mastering health, wealth, and relationships. My suggestion is to implement those five steps first thing in the morning. Create a MORNING RITUAL which will support your desire to become a master of your life.

Every day is an empty canvas, and you have a choice to paint whatever you want. Make sure it is abundance!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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8 thoughts on “Master Health, Wealth, and Relationships All At Once”

  1. What a great article Ivan. As always you write with such honesty and I love how you are helping people move through barriers
    Great work

  2. Wow, health, wealth and happiness is what everyone is running after. Like you said, our environment decides how we grow up and who we are.
    Now, with the useful tips shown, I’m sure everyone can re-engineer the type of personalities we do possess and keep smashing for a stunning future ahead.

    Let’s altogether erase worry, doubt, and fear.

    Additionally, feeding our subconscious mind as soon as we wake up in the morning will be a great personal developing habit.
    Thanks for sharing this useful article and looking forward to reading more.


    • Hi Phomrong,

      Yes, we can re-engineer our personality as much as we want. We do it unconsciously our whole life. Only, people don’t believe it is possible with conscious intention. A little bit of irony.

      There are a few times of day which you can use to program your mind on health, wealth, and happiness, but the best time is morning. Make sure you will apply the suggestions. Thank you once again for visiting my website. Enjoy and all the best to you!


  3. Ivan my friend – excellent article again. Well written, thought provoking and extremely motivational. We tend the ignore the power of suggestion and meditation as hocus pocus and do nothing about changing the status quo.
    If everyone could understand your message and share it with the world it will be a much happier place to live in.


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