3 Easy Tips to Live a Balanced Life – Take Control Now

As I was a pretty unbalanced person a few years ago, I gave my self a task to learn how to live a balanced life. And now, as I sit by my laptop and begin to write these lines, I reminisce the journey I took and how far am I.

There are a few keys to living a balanced life. The first key lies in your thoughts. You see, on what you concentrate your thoughts all day long, that is what you can expect to get in life. Therefore, if you think in negative terms, how unhealthy or unhappy you are, that is what you will see, and that is what is going to get your life out of balance. On the other hand, if your thoughts are positive and healthy so does your life will become.

Your emotions are the second key to get that perfect balance. Many people neglect their feeling; they even refuse to accept that they have them. That is just absurd, and it is causing so many problems to people all around the globe. If you don’t fix them, the progress will not exist, and the balance will not be possible. It means, how you feel inside of you regarding your thoughts will get you either in balance, or you will find yourself tossed around.

The third key lies in action! This one is the one that most people are afraid of. I hope that this post will clear you off all fears and doubts you may experience whenever you wish to take some action about something you want.

How to Live Balanced Life

Let’s cover then what areas of life can you balance and how to do so.

Most Important Areas of Life 

Three major life areas are:

  • health
  • wealth
  • relationships

If you want the perfectly balanced life, you will have to take care of these three major areas of life. They are equally important. Therefore, if you put too much attention on one of them, the other will suffer which will lead to unbalance.


First of all, you have to take care of your body. Your body is your vehicle for this life. You got it at your birth, and it is your responsibility to take good care of it so it can serve you longer.

Always make time to exercise. Learn about how to eat clean and healthy food. Make sure you go to regular medical checkups and promptly take care of any existing health issues.

Getting your body into shape is a first and most important part of your life of which you will have to take good care to become a well-balanced individual.


Wealth stands for all material possessions you have, and you will have in future.

Money became a taboo topic theme these days, and for a reason. Many people suffer and live troubled life because of lack of funds. Money is the main reason for all the disbalance in the world. It is a cause of war, of many relationship breakups, of many imbalanced families, and the list goes on.

A healthy bank account can and will bring you peace of mind. When you have peace of mind, you can quickly take care of other areas of your life.


Your family and friends, and people who are closest to you should be your top three priorities.

Healthy and loving relationships are essential to long living. Learn how to offer understanding instead of fighting, learn how to take care of your loved ones and you will get the same love back. Laugh with them as much as you can, even when you don’t feel like laughing. Find something positive in every person you know and look at that person only through those eyes.

There are more areas of your life which you can improve. Those areas are subareas to these three major. Therefore, once you have them in balance, you will understand how easy it is to get everything else in order. Those subareas will practically take care of themselves.

Now when you are aware what areas of life are most important to be balanced, let’s talk about how to get them in balance.

How to Accomplish Balanced Life

On the top of this post, I told you there are two keys. One key lies in your thoughts and the second one is your feelings. Those two have to be in line. You can’t wish for something positive in your thoughts and expect fear and failure in your heart because you will get what you expect. If you understand the previous line, you will quickly realize the rest of the post.

1.) Balance Your Thoughts

Worries are crippling. They sap your life energy in a second, they destroy reason, and they suffocate creativity. They bring nothing but the negative feeling in your heart and ultimately, in your everyday life.

The best way to get rid of the worries would be to forget about everything that is bothering you right now. In other words, let go of all things and people that are polluting your mind. Just flush them out in your imagination.

To keep those downhearted thoughts away make sure you set up a fence for them, build a wall over your mind.

You can do this so easy and effective by setting some goals for every one of those three major life areas.

Goals are an antidote for worries and killer of fear. Meaningful goals have the power to keep your mind occupied with thoughts of a positive nature. Moreover, when you have positive goals occupying your mind, you will create a healthy thought pattern, a positive habit of thinking.

In my experience goals became a way of life. Like I said I was a pretty unbalanced person. Since I had no goals to think about my mind was wondering all over the place. Eventually, that brought me nothing but misery. However, once I have learned all about the science behind goals my life changed like night and day, and in a surprisingly short period.




2.) Balance Your Feelings

The same way you balance your thoughts, you will get your feeling in line as well.

If those goals are something you want, something that can improve your life in a significant way, then they should have enough power to improve your emotional state.

I found a few great tools or practices that help find a balance between your thoughts and feeling. I emphasize this so much because it is essential to create the perfect balance between those two so you can set your actions straight and get ideal balance in life.

Those tools are:

  • meditation
  • relaxation
  • visualization

Meditation, relaxation, and visualization became something that I practice every day to keep in balance. With everyday practice, I managed to feel positive about everything that I set my mind on.

By relaxing and meditating, you can declutter your mind from petty everyday problems and worries. Then, you can visualize your goals as already achieved and feel like a winner in all three areas of your life.

In the beginning, it will be harder than it sounds. However, persistence pays off, and you will find your emotions slowly getting in balance with your thoughts.

4.) Life is All About Constant Action

Once you step out and do something about these positive thoughts and feelings, you will set up in action a powerful universal law. The name of the law is the LAw of Attraction.

At one point you will get visible results in your life. A fair warning! They may not be exactly how you thought they would be. Don’t let this discourage you! This part of the process we call, learning experience.

The last key lies in repetition. You will have to repeat everything all over until you get the perfect balance between your thoughts, feeling and ultimately your actions and results.

Perfect Balance is a Way of Life

Perfect Balance is a Way of Life

In the end, I want to conclude all from the above with the statement that you can have excellent health, wealth, and relationships in your life.

Many people won’t believe this statement to be the truth. Therefore, as a result of their disbelief, they experience failure in at least one of these three major life areas. They put too much energy to get one of those three in order, and because of that they forget about others, so they live life out of balance. I know, because I was living like that.

This doesn’t have to be the case with you. Follow the instructions from above, give an equal amount of thought to all three, be persistent and patient, make plans and goals, and one day you will get a firm grip of the Law of Attraction.

Then, you will have the power in your hands, or to state it differently, the ability in your mind, which you can use to control and entirely reshape your life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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10 thoughts on “3 Easy Tips to Live a Balanced Life – Take Control Now”

  1. Hi Ivan,
    Another educative post! This has set a lot of things in motion in my mind. I agree with you totally that fear never gets you anywhere. As pointed out by John C Maxwell that fear leads to inaction and inaction to inexperience and inexperience to inability. And I’ve learnt that in order to overcome it, you have to act. Thanks, Ivan

    • Hi Derrick,

      John C Maxwell is one of the best mentors in leadership and success, I also learn from him. He is on the point about fear, and as you have said, the only thing we have to do is to act against the fear. Thank you for leaving your comment on my post. I wish you all the best.


  2. My grandfather would say you hit the nail on its head! This is a wonderful message. I feel connect to it in many ways and it motives me to push on. I really love it. Thank You.
    One thing though adjust those three social media icon they’re blocking some of the words.

    • Hi Dwayne,

      Haha! Thank you for a thoughtful comment. I am happy you find value in my words, and I will be even happier if they will help you to balance your life.

      Thank you for noticing that. They don’t affect my screen do, but I will see what’s the issue.

  3. Hi Ivan,
    Your info is very good. The talk is always easy but the action is not because changing the behavior is not easy. You are showing me the keys to make my life easier.

  4. A lot of great ideas here. I love to hear about peoples personal journey and it sounds like you have really accomplished a lot with regards to living a balanced life.

    I love reading inspirational posts like these as it serves as a really nice check in to where I am at personally and where I would like to be.

    I will be using your advice to continue on my personal journey of balance and happiness.

    Thank you for taking the time to outline these thoughts.


    • Hi Kahlua,

      It is my pleasure to make mistakes, learn from them, correct them, and eventually, to share my experience in order to help someone on his path. I am glad to see that you find value in my words and I hope they will serve you well in life. Hope to see you again.



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