How to Get Into Alignment With Your Desires

The piece of philosophy that I am going to share with you in this post has a total power to change any aspect of your life. If you are willing to learn what you will read here; moreover, if you are eager to apply everything you will understand you can align yourself with your desires and goals and have them in your life!


“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on Earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.” – T.Jefferson


Read what T.Jefferson said. Read it aloud. Replay it in your mind. Meditate upon it. You will see one magic word which can get you into alignment with anything you desire.

Our attitude determines what we get in life. The winner will win because he assumed a winners attitude, yet looser will continue to lose as long as he keeps his state of mind. The loser may think like a winner, but that is not all he has to do to create a winners attitude. He is missing two more key components: positive feeling and constant action.

Your attitude is a composite of your thoughts, feeling, and action. Therefore, once you have those three in alignment with your desire, you can be sure that you will achieve it.

How to Get Into Alignment With Your Desires


Now, the question is:

How to Get Your Body, Mind, and Spirit Into Alignment?

In the world full of negativity it can be hard to keep a positive attitude. It is a problem which stops too many people from getting what they want from life. Every day, from all around the place you are consciously or unconsciously receiving negative information which can knock you off the right track in a millisecond. So, even if sometimes you have a proper attitude, it can be hard to keep it going every single day. Something or someone, if you lett it, can quickly make you feel bad or think wrong which can destroy your chances to get what you want in life.

What I am going to share here, has to be practiced every day. No matter how you live or what are your circumstances right now, you can change them and break them with these three steps. You will be able to defend yourself and your dreams against whoever! The world will have no power over you.

It is a step by step process which sometimes happens naturally to a lot of people. We all desire through life, and in some cases, we get what we desired. Rarely someone uses this process with a full intention. It is only because not so many people are aware of how to use it with a plan.

Now, I give it to you, so make sure you use it wisely. I can stand behind every word I wrote here because I used the process many times so far to align my self with my desires so that I can enjoy them in my life.


1.) Think, meditate, visualize to align your thoughts with your desire

The first part of your personality which has to be attuned are your thoughts. You will have to fill your mind daily, even hourly, with favorable impressions of your desires. Whether you want to lose weight or become financially free, or maybe get into a new relationship; whatever it is, it has to be on your mind 24/7.

We are gifted with a mental tool of IMAGINATION so better use it right. With the aid of your imagination you can picture anything you desire, and with the power of your will you can FOCUS AND CONCENTRATE on those images in your mind all day long. The longer you can keep your imagination alive the closer you will get to the real life results.

The thought is what sets up a process of attraction. Everything that man creates in his life; first, he builds it in his thoughts through the aid of imagination. All you have in your life at the moment is a result of a thought impulse, an idea in your mind you once conceived. Every artist, every creator, first thinks about his project. He makes a model in his mind of the thing he desires to see in reality. He plays with it, shapes it how he wants until he has a completed picture of his desire printed in his imagination.


How to align your thoughts with your desire?

Set aside 10-15 minutes each day to relax, sit back, and close your eyes. Play a movie in your mind about your new life, see yourself as already in possession of the good you want. Get a clear picture of your goal, and try to see every detail of it. In the beginning, it will probably be a little bit harder than you thought. Here is where you will have to be PERSISTENT!

If you fail to see your self as a winner, stop, and come back later until you can see a clear picture in your mind of yourself as a winner you are.

Use your imagination whenever and wherever you can.


2.) Feel enthusiasm, faith, and excitement to align your feelings with your desire

Now, the second part of your personality is your feeling. It is impossible to get positive results if you feel cynical about it. When you have the clear picture in your imagination, you will have to align your emotions with it.

Not many people can complete this one. For many people, it is hard to feel enthusiasm and excitement especially about something that they don’t have yet. You will have to BELIEVE in something which is not here. Sounds impossible? Well, everything is possible for those who believe.

The FAITH or belief is one of the strongest emotions that a human being can experience. When we mix faith with a though, nothing is impossible. The feeling has to be practiced, and it has to be called to the presence, while on the other hand, your worries, doubts, and fears are going to come in uninvited at any time. Those enemies will undermine your desires and destroy every plan you will ever make to achieve them.

Once again, to destroy fear, worry, and doubt, you have to practice positive emotions every single day, without exceptions. Because of those three enemies, many people go through life with a feeling of inferiority and lack of confidence.

You will have to create confidence in yourself, in areas of your life where it doesn’t exist. You will and you can breathe in faith in every single action you will ever take in your life if you follow these three steps as instructed. Otherwise, if you fail to follow the instructions, you will fail in trying to align yourself with your desires. And if you are ever going to reach out to make them really, you will experience failure.

There is a powerful mental technique which you can use to induce a feeling of faith in your life and eliminate your old fears and worries. It is known as AUTO-SUGGESTION. You can voluntarily suggest to your self, as if would someone else could do very quickly, that you can achieve what you want.

Now, the autosuggestion is a term for every self-administrated stimuli which comes through any of our five senses. In other words, we can see, hear, touch, taste, or smell something, and we can choose to feel good or bad when we receive the sense impressions. The feeling if repeated will reproduce itself in the physical world in the form of result. Mark these words, memorize them, put them in front of you so you can see them all day long. They can change your life forever.

As one of the great artists of our time said: “I believe we can talk things into existence.” He was right, and his career, his music, and his life are still living proof that he was telling us the truth.

His line is precisely what autosuggestions mean. It means that you and I and every other person on this planet can say to himself: I CAN do it, I CAN have it, I CAN be it; that I CAN!

Even the wise prophets and philosophers from hundreds and thousands of years ago told the same thing. “The one who think he CAN and the one who think he CAN’T are both usually right.”


How to align your feelings with your desire?

The following piece of action applies to all three parts of this philosophy, and you MUST INCLUDE it every time you are practicing.

Take a piece of paper and a pen. Write down on the paper your desire in affirmative tone as if you are already in possession of it.

If it is money you want, write down how much you desire. For example: “I am happy and grateful because I have $10 000 on my bank account.” If it is a new relationship: “I am happy and grateful because I am in a wonderful relationship.” If it is number on the scale: “I am happy and grateful because of I weight (name the number).”

Whatever you desire, make sure that you put it on writing and keep that paper somewhere you can see it the first thing you wake up and last thing before you go to sleep. The next step is to look at that paper as often as you can. With words of confidence, read it out loud so you can hear your words. Then close your eyes, and practice to see it in your imagination. Practice feeling happy and enthusiastic because you can already look at your desire in your mind. Feel all the good feelings you would experience if you are already in possession of your desire.




Expect that you are going to receive your wish and leave results confidently to a force which is higher than you!

Do not force things to happen, because force negates! It will take a while for you to align your feelings with your thoughts, all you have to do is to trust the process, and it will come to you in the form of faith or belief.


3.) Take confident action to align your body with your desire

When the feelings of confidence and enthusiasm come to you, it is time to boldly step out of your comfort zone and do whatever you have to do to have whatever you want to have.

ACTION, by law, sets up a process of ATTRACTION. When you step out and take action, you will attract your first results in your reality. Your results will be based on your imagination scenarios and in quantity equal to the amount of your faith. Remember, small fire gives a small amount of heat. On the other hand, big fire heats up the whole room.

The key to the whole process of aligning yourself with your desire lies in REPETITION.

Therefore, whenever you step out, and you don’t get the exact results you were dreaming of, it means you will have to come back to step one and start all over again. You will have to print the better outcome in your mind, you will have to induce even more confidence in your self, and you will have to take even more action than you did the last time.

The house is built brick by brick!

So, as long as you REPEAT THE PROCESS, you will slowly, but inevitably, align yourself with your desire until it comes to you in a full physical form.

Failure is an essential part of the whole process. Failure is only a lesson and takes it like that. So don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen exactly how you dreamed it would happen and don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t come to you from the first time you try. Instead of dwelling over your failure, use it to learn and to fix your mistakes so that next time you step out to bring your desire into the life, you can avoid those mistakes, or correct them.

Align Your Body Min and Spirit


The Power of Decision

“Once you make a decision, the whole universe conspires to make it happen.”

The first step comes into your mind in the form of decision. The second, and third step is naturally forced if your decision is strong enough.

Many people experience failure in life because of a lack of definite decision. On the other hand, those few who firmly decide, and manage to stand by their decision will have all they want. Anyone who lacks confidence in their decisions can find great help in those three steps from above. They can beat procrastination, indifference, lack of self-confidence, once and for all if they are ready to make such a DECISION.

I hope you are ready to reshape your life. Use this philosophy wisely, and after some time you will look back on your life and realize it is not the same again.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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10 thoughts on “How to Get Into Alignment With Your Desires”

  1. I was a Dale Carnegie instructor many years ago when I lived in the UK, and although the primary thrust of that organisation was human relations it was under-pinned by the importance of developing the right attitude. Later, when I was hiring people, the order of importance in the characteristics that I looked for in people was Attitude, Aptitude and Knowledge – in that order.

    • Hi Martin,

      It is so great to hear you were working for Dale Carnegie! I’m a fan of his work. I believe in that order. Attitude is the single most important thing in life, in every field of it.

  2. Hi. Ivan. This article makes me feel that there are positive and negative influences in my life all the time. How to restrain it is a problem we face every day. In my opinion, the solution to the problem of this aspect of emotion is to face yourself honestly and not to be tied by psychological barriers. Therefore, this will be the best solution. Your article effectively helps people with this similar problem, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Tee Teng,

      I am very happy if it helps you. These three steps are powerful if approached with most serious attention and with a childlike attitude. You can use them to win in every area of your life. Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.

  3. Thoughts, feelings, and actions, defines your attitude. Your article was so informative, am one of the few big dreamers, and love motivating articles like these. Thank you so much, I have bookmarked your website and will be visiting it in the future.

  4. Very good article! I have a website that is in the same niche as you! I myself have learned that all these things are very important! So many people don’t understand the power their mind can have in changing their life when utilized correctly!


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