10 Tricks to Develop Powerful Self-Motivation Skills

How to Develop Self Motivation


It may sound like a cliche, but self-motivation is the key to success in life. When we get older, we tend to lose our drive and motivation to do certain things. Instead of developing motivation, we are losing it. Many psychological reasons stand behind this fact. In almost all cases they are fear, worry, and self-doubt. Those are your enemies number one, two, and three.

I remember when I was younger I was fearless, full of fire from within, and nothing could stop me when I set my mind on something. Somehow, those old man’s worries, doubts, and fears came into my mind.  All I wanted is to find a comfort zone like everyone around me. I guess that is life. Well, for most people.

I decided to fight for that kid from my past, for my free spirit. Therefore, in this post you will read about ten mental tricks you must use if you want to learn how to develop powerful motivational skills to skyrocket your confidence.


How to Develop Self-Motivation – 10 Powerful Tricks

To develop self-motivation, you will have to empower your self-talk, that inner voice that decides how you feel. You will have to start that flame again.

Many people smothered their self-talk because it became so cynical that they couldn’t take it anymore. In some cases, people reach for alcohol and narcotics to shut down those negative “voices” in their minds. Others will become addicted to other people, technology, or social events to get away from it.

However, all of this can be classified as destructive to your powers of self-motivation, and it should be avoided in some measure if not wholly, to preserve your ability to self-motivate.

The key to developing self-motivation hides in one word. FOCUS.

Whatever we focus our mind on, it will affect our inner flame, our motivation. If your self-talk is negative focused, you will feel depressed, low in energy, without confidence and drive to do things. However, if you can focus your inner-talk only on the positive side of life, you will feel the physical effects as well.

With some of these mental tricks, the shift of focus will be quick, and you will feel an instant improvement. With some others, you will have to be persistent until the change has been made. One thing is inevitable, as long as you practice self-motivation you must feel an improvement in your life.

If you can adopt just one of the next ten suggestions, you can make your day. But if you take all ten with you, you can become a master of self-motivation.

Here are ten powerful mental tricks that you can play on your mind whenever your focus shifts on the negative side of life.

Self-Motivation Trick #1 – Find your goals, and work on them every day!

In my experience, the best way to develop motivation is to work on your goals consistently. Goals are something that fills you up with passion and fuels your action. In other words, they are, and they should be motivating!

Your goals should be something you never did before. If you set a high goal for yourself, it will scare the heck out of you. All that negative thoughts will come up at the surface. That moment is the critical moment. When you set a high goal, you will have two options: success or failure. If you succeed, your confidence rises, so next time you can set the bar even higher. However, if you fail, you can learn from it, take it as a lesson and use it as a motivation for the nest time. In both cases, you will end up as a winner!

Moreover, goals have the power to keep you on the right track and moving forward. They can shift your focus to the present moment, and on the future results, instead of thinking about and focusing on demotivating thoughts of yesterday.

There is nothing better to develop self-motivation that constant pursuit of a worthy ideal, a goal. If you ever wanted something so strong and you managed to get it, go back to that memory of accomplishment, and you will understand the motivational powers of goals.




Self-motivation trick #2 – Utilize the power of affirmations

Affirmations are the best way to initialize positive inner talk.

Whenever we think that we can’t do something, or we can’t have it, or we are not good enough, we affirm to our subconscious mind our belief. Our subconscious mind will accept the fact. Therefore, we will experience a negative result when we try to do the thing. Over time, because of the negative talk, the same form of belief, as well as a result, motivational forces will significantly decrease.

On the other hand, when you use affirmations such as “I am”, “I can”, “I will”, “I have”, even if they are not true yet, your subconscious mind will accept them over time. When you continue to affirm your positive statements to your subconscious mind, you are giving more and more power to those words. This way you initiate positive self-talk which will pull your focus on the positive side of your personality. When that side of yourself becomes stronger, you will master self-motivation.

Whenever a negative, demotivating part of your personality tries to come back on the stage, you can use positive affirmations to keep your spirits up. In the end, the positive side of your nature will become so strong that the negative one will vanish completely!

Self-motivation trick #3 – Find a role model to look up to

The way we see ourselves and the way we see others are not the same. Another person can have much better results in life than you have which can cause an inferiority complex. Most of the time we don’t understand that the person we feel under, is the same mind, body, and spirit as you, or me, or anyone else! Therefore, we are quite capable of performing the same success.

Instead of feelings of inferiority look up to that man or a woman. Analyze the causes of their success in life. Eventually, you will get the understanding of why he or she is better than you. At that moment you will know to copy-paste their success. Even better, you will have the opportunity to exceed them!

We all have a self-image which is formed in our early years. We all looked up to our parents and teacher in school, and by role modeling, we created our self-image. If your parents and teacher were not so successful, the chances are that you will not be if you ever try to exceed their results.

Therefore, a focus on a new role model can be a powerful trick to push yourself more and to develop stronger self-motivation.

Self-motivation trick #4 – Reflect on your former success a lot

You must have at least one victory in your life. The accomplishment which made you happy, proud, and full of positivity and thoughts about how life is good. I bet you do.

One of the powerful ways to develop self-motivation is to reflect on your previous success. Life is not all sunshine and rainbows. The rain is a crucial part of life as well. However, whenever the rain comes in your day, you can close your eyes and take a trip to a moment when the sun was shining brightly.

Do this more often, and you will be amazed by the motivational powers of this simple mental trick.

Self-motivational trick #5 – Music has a power to lift you up and beyond

Why do you think that sometimes a sad song makes you feel exactly like the author of the song? While on the other hand, a cheerful, positive tune makes you smiled and full of energy?

We are receptive and responsive to whatever we see, hear, taste, smell or touch. The sound is one of the most powerful vibrations. It can affect your state whether you are aware of the moment or not.

Therefore, when you start to feel like you are losing your motivation, take a break, relax, and listen to some uplifting beats! Don’t let the world to take your positive focus away, fight the power!

Self-motivation trick #6 – Learn something new, create some new brain cells

When we learn something new such as a new skill, or we get the understanding of what the author wanted to say in that book, we start chemical reactions in our body which induce good feelings. The moment we realize that we learned something new we become uplifted in spirit, proud of ourselves, and we feel invincible.

Why not learn something new every day? Especially in the moments when we don’t feel like doing so. Those are the moments when stuff like this can transform your life for god!

Self-motivation trick #7 – Watch inspirational movies

This one is similar to role modeling. Films such as Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, Pursuit of Happiness, Rocky and many more with the same messages have the power to uplift you beyond ordinary.

What we see in such movies are great stories about someone who goes the path from rags to riches. If you can connect to a person or in this case a character from the movie, you can perform a trick on your mind that you too are capable of doing the same. Moreover, when you realize that you are intelligent enough, you can repeat the same success as the winner in the movie.

It may take more than one or two hours to do the same in real life. However, those two hours will remind you that the “miracles” are possible, that you too can be a hero of your life movie.

Self-motivation trick #8 – Eat, sleep, and workout regularly

It is more challenging to stay motivated when you are hungry, tired, or you have body pain which annoys you.

On the other hand, healthy food, adequate sleep, and regular workout will trigger the production of happy hormones. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle will lift you up, give you energy and motivation to do more.

If you stay persistent with this kind of lifestyle it can become a very powerful source of motivation. The effect after a good workout can make you believe that you can move a mountain with your own two hands! Add to that healthy choice of food and enough time for your body to regenerate, and you are on the horse!

Self-motivation trick #9 – Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Yes, your weaknesses can become your source of power!

When Arnold Schwarzenegger came to America to become an actor, he was the target of ridicule because of his accent and large body. However, Arnold had two choices back then. He could listen to the naysayers and accept those two as his weaknesses. Or, he could, and he did, turned his biggest “weaknesses” into his most valuable strengths. After the movie Terminator made a huge success thanks to Arnold, James Cameron said: “If we didn’t have Schwarzenegger, we would have to build one.”

You can spend valuable time to drain your energy by thinking about your weaknesses. Or, you can analyze your them in detail and figure out how can you use them as strengths. I assure you, you will find a confident look at it, and when you do, you will discover a new, better version of your self. You will see your Terminator!

This fact leads me to my last suggestion.

Self-motivation trick #10 – Focus on your strengths

With previous suggestion, you can improve a count of your assets. Always reflect on them. Use your powers to keep reminding yourself how good you are, and that you can overcome any obstacle with the right mindset.

One of the greatest strengths can be persistence. People who are persistent until they get what they want, like the man from Austria, usually overcome all obstacles that come their way and they always accomplish the goal at which they are aiming.

Therefore, be persistent in applying these ten tricks, and you will not only develop self-motivational powers, but you will become a true master.


10 Powerful Tricks to Develop Self Motivation


Why is Self-Motivation Important

In business, marriage, school, sports, life in general, self-motivation is most important if you ever wish to achieve remarkable success. People who don’t have an ability, in other words, a skill to self-motivate usually produce little. However, those who harness these powers go far and beyond.

If a person becomes skillful in self-motivation, he can develop more valuable skills along the way. Self-reliance, determination, self-discipline, and more will become a part of your skillset.

Those who are highly motivated tend to become leaders in life. Nobody wants to follow a person who is always down and depressed. However, a person who radiates with confidence goes high and naturally everyone wants to follow his lead. One of my favorite speakers, John C. Maxwell, said in one of his speeches on leadership:  “Your ability to lead will determine how far you will succeed.” I would like to add, your ability to motivate yourself and others will determine how far you will succeed.

Sometimes in life, you will hit the obstacle. Sometimes you will hit that wall when there is no one around you. At that moment you are dependent on your inner voice, on yourself and no one else. The barrier will try to hold you and stop you from succeeding. If you don’t master the art of self-motivation, that obstacle will beat you.

It can be anything. Someone can envy you and try everything to stop you; something will go wrong by itself and demand from you to step aside and quit, you never know what awaits you. Therefore, when you can push yourself through that obstacle without anyone to help you, you are sure to win.

I found that quiet confidence becomes the essential part of your personality. Your inner voice becomes soo strong and powerful. Your actions become the result of that power in reality.


Example of Self Motivation

Let’s take an example of the art of self-motivation to paint a better picture of why it is so important for success in life.

I like to think that sports are the reflection of life. You heard the one “Life is not a sprint, life is a marathon.”

Well, let’s take an Olympic marathon runner for an example because those are the people who mastered self-motivation. A marathon is a long discipline. A discipline which requires strong legs and lungs, but even stronger mind. Those individuals who win the race are the ones who have a total grip over their mind.

Imagine yourself running a long distance. At one moment of the race, your legs will say “I can’t run anymore.” Tiredness will come in at one point or another.

Most of the people will stop and say “Alright legs, you win.”

But not the marathon runner!

He mastered self-motivation so at that moment he can command to his legs “NO! I am finishing this race, and you are going to listen!”

Realization of the fact that he is in charge gives him even more power to finish the race.

Because it is a long run, tiredness will attack a few more times during the race. However, a marathon runner is a master of his motivation. He has more tricks in his sleeve.

This time he uses a mental image of his goal. While he runs the race, he imagines himself crossing the finish line as a winner of the race. This way he removes distractions such as tiredness or competition and stays focused on his primary GOAL.

But tiredness is not backing away!

Again, the runner pulls another trick. He remembers the last Olympic games where he finished the race at first place. The beautiful memory gives him strength. Full of motivation he even speeds up!

With additional strength, he leaves his competition behind in the dust, and pretty soon he finds himself crossing that finish line, as a winner one more time.

Those left behind him are not bad runners nor losers. The only difference between the man who wins the marathon and the one who finishes at 10th place is in the ability to motivate himself when going gets tough. Those who will throw their goals overboard on the first sign of opposition can’t enjoy the same success as the ones who are willing to smash the wall with their heads first.


When is the Best Time to Work on Self Motivation

As you can easily subtract from the story, the best time to apply self-motivation is when going gets tough. However, this is not the whole truth. Like every other skill it has to be practiced long before, so when the going gets tough, you are already prepared.

Confidence, drive, or motivation, call it however you want, has to be cultivated. Motivation has to be picked and stored in your mind so it can be used wisely when the time comes.

I have learned that the best time to practice a new skill is in the morning.

During the day and night, our brains operate in a few brain-states or frequencies. The one when we are most relaxed, Alpha state, is the one when our minds are also most receptive to learning new information. When we wake up in the morning from a long slumber, we find ourselves in that state of deep relaxation, the Alpha state. Also, we can enter this state during a light meditation a couple of times during the day as well.

The point is, this is the time when we can program our mind for success, the time to harness the confidence.

The best way to work on self-motivation, in my experience, is to create a form of the morning ritual. You have to create the success from scratch every single day. The flame from within has to be fed continuously so it will not go out.

Therefore, the best time to start is from the first moment of waking up and by performing an empowering morning ritual which cultivates motivation.




Example of Self Motivation


Let Your Spirit Rise!

All pieces of information from above are extracted from my personal experience, as well from the study I made based on this topic. I became addicted to this kind of infromation, and I am more than happy to share them with you.

In life, we all go through tough times. Our ability to pick ourselves up and continue down the road is what makes the difference between some of us. When fear kicks in most of us will quickly hide and back away in the comfort zone. Many people settle for whatever the life has to offer, not knowing that this kind of behavior is killing the flame.

You got here ten amazing tricks you can use as firewood. Moreover, now you know why self-motivation is important, how can you develop it, when is the best time to do so, and I hope you learned even more than I presented.

I hope you learned that the real power lies in you.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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