Develop Persistence – What’s Holding You Back from Your Goals?

Persistent Solider Achieving His Goals

Persistence is a habit and habits are not easily developed. However, once formed a habit of persistence will follow you through life and it will be the only thing you will need to achieve all your goals.


I believe that I am a persistent guy.

How about you?

Do you quit when it’s time to push the hardest or you shift in the fifth gear when water is over the head?

In his classic “Think and Grow Rich,” Napoleon Hill says that the quality of persistence in the character of the man is the same what carbon is to steel.

It makes him unbreakable.

U.S. Navy SEAL man can serve as a great proof of this fact.

Out of every one hundred that start the training to become the Navy SEAL only six percent (six individuals) make the grade and join the forces.

There are not stronger and faster men than those ninety-four that couldn’t make it. No sir!

They had more persistence and that’s all to it.

Those six who made it were nothing but that much determined to win no matter what.

If you lack persistence, it’s an easy fix, so no worries. I got your back!

Fist and foremost, we have to find out what is the reason for the lack of it.

Second, you will have to learn how to develop this precious personal quality.

I have five simple steps ready for you.

They are extracted from a hundred years old experience of people who achieved the most success in their lives and I want to pass them on to you today.

You see, those who achieve their goals in life, those who reach the top of the mountain are the people who managed to develop a habit of persistence.

Everything else falls in line when you persist in the face of failure.

Let’s go!


5 Primary Reasons for Lack of Persistence

Most of the people are ready to quit as soon as they reach the first obstacle on their way.

It’s in our human nature, and it is perfectly reasonable. When going gets tough, it is easier to walk away than it is to put in the effort to break the barrier.

You know the one ‘either break it or make it’?

As you already know the habit of persistence must be developed. To get it on the surface,  you will have to understand what is holding you back at first place.

Something must be. Some bad habit sits on your shoulder and tells you ‘don’t sweat, it’s not worth it.’

Don’t listen to it! Slap it off your shoulder now!

You see, to develop a new habit you will have to take care that you will erase the old one which is holding you back. Then and only then you will be able to replace it with a new and better one.

Otherwise, the old habit will keep coming back.

I have learned from my experience that these five were significant reasons for my failure. Moreover, once a made a self-analysis I compared my results with other people.

I saw that almost everyone struggles with the same problems in some areas of their lives.

Search yourself carefully for these enemies.


1. Unclear goals or vision

It is easy to say I am going to do this or I am going to do that.

Words are cheap!

Having no goals in life means that you’ll lack persistence forever.

One of the first symptoms of lack of persistence is a failure to define your goals.

The decision to set a goal will fill you up with enthusiasm for a while, but not forever.

You will have to keep building your dream in your mind or it will never happen.

An unclear vision means that you don’t have a firm goal in your mind.

It says that even if thinking of something from time to time it is nothing but a wish for now.

Wishing instead of willing will not bring any results.

Goals turned to a positive obsession will get you anyplace you want.

Persistence will be your second name!


2. Negative experience 

We all fail. Failure is a part of life.

But let’s take a look at what happens to a human mind when you fail in life.

You don’t do or get what you’ve wanted to do or to have. That’s all to it.

It means that you have aimed and missed. So what!

At that moment you have two options.

Some people (the majority)  will begin to doubt themselves and their abilities after they fail.

Understand that doubt is a mind disease which slowly germinates and grows without its presence being noticed until it digs itself into the mind of the individual and paralyzes every next attempt.

We can fix that!

Some other (a rare few) will take a break, step aside to analyze what happened, and take a lesson from the failure.

Then, after the lesson is made, those people will try one more time but with another plan.

And even if they fail one more time, they will try again and again until one plan brings success.


3. Holding on too many strings at once

Imagine a situation where you have to fish with then rods at the same time or to listen to ten people at once.

Oh, what a mess!

However, try to hold one rod, and it will be much easier to catch a fish. Simple as that.

Focus on one goal at the time!

We want too many things at the same time. This situation will eventually make you confused, disoriented and, in the end, it will make you give up.

Confusion is not a productive state, no sir!

There is an old-time saying that I like to remind myself to stay persistent, that is ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day.’


4. Self-satisfaction

Self-satisfaction is the end.

It is in our nature to quickly become satisfied when we recognize that we can do something.

Most people will try something new for a couple of times. When they see it can be done, they’ll decide that they are kings of the world.

When you become satisfied with any kind of result, small or big, the progress is gone. You are sending a message to your subconscious mind that the work is done, and your body will act accordingly by taking a nap.

Wake up and grind all the time! You’ll sleep when you die forever!

Instant satisfaction and gratification is the reason why there are too many dabblers out there and not so many masters of the trade.

Any trade for this mater.


5. Fear of criticism

Try to remember how many times you didn’t act on your goal just because you were afraid of what will “they” say.

Fear of criticism will destroy one’s chances for success in a matter of milliseconds.

It kills one’s persistence to the point where it is almost irreparable.

As soon as it enters one’s mind, the game is over for most people.

We usually start well with our goals. At one point we naturally begin to think about other people opinions.

If a critic shows up (and it will because it is just a matter of time) the criticized person starts to decrease in activity and ultimately gives up.

I’ve seen it so many time in my short life.

Now, I will show you how to shut’em up!

You will slap the f*** out of any negativity that is holding your ass down!

You will, by following the next five steps become a master of persistent.

No more excuses! Time to work buddy.

Time to Work Buddy


4 Steps to Develop Persistence

26 thoughts on “Develop Persistence – What’s Holding You Back from Your Goals?”

  1. What an amazing post! The funny thing is that I’ve just downloaded an ebook on Think and Grow Rich and you just happened to mention it.

    I’ve changed direction in my life recently and I am keeping on track with my goals. I am looking forward to the end result of it.

    Have you heard of this book called The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy? It talks about developing good habits and getting rid of bad habits. It’s a great read for me.

    I now look forward to reading Think and Grow Rich’s book 🙂

    Thanks Ivan!

    • Your welcome, Frasier. I am happy that you have your goals firm and you have made decision to stick with them. Now, just go for it!

      Never heard of the book, however, it is going on my To Read list! Thanks for the recommendation. And, enjoy the Think and Grow Rich, you are going to love it!

  2. Ivan,
    A powerful story and one I hope my children achieve. Sometimes all it takes is just waking up and realizing that the road may be fun but it has a bad end. Time to change roads and I salute you in being able to do so. Truly amazing how our “friends” are always with a hand out when we have a little but are never around when we need them.
    Your story gives hope and some great advice.

    • Thank you, Sanders, I salute you back! There are many roads in life, some with bad ends some with great ends. It is in our power to consciously choose the one to better future, better life.

  3. Wow, Ivan, you’ve inspired me. I’ve just followed the link and watched the video, and I can’t wait to receive more of them. And I *will* buy that book and read it. Thank-you so much!

  4. Hi Ivan,
    thanks for sharing your story. I think it is the great attitude to share good and bad things of your life. Your openness is respectable.

    Think and Grow Rich is a bestseller I was reading it as well. There are many great books of same or similar messages out there.

    But, I have to add, you may read al best books in the world but if you don’t stick to it what you read, if you don’t take action upon what you have learned, and finally if you don’t correct your mindset, it will be hard to achieve good or big results.
    That is why I totally agree with you, Persistence and action are (among others) the most important pillars of success.

    Daily, even smaller, but consistent and focused actions, can in return yield, after a certain amount of time, great results. Daily persistence can grow in yearly persistence. Set up your mind in that direction and everything is possible.

    Besides, it is a great post and I like the design of the site.

    I wish you best luck and much success in the future.
    Keep up the good work.
    Best regards!

    • To simplify what you have said. It is easy to talk the talk but walk the walk as well. However, it must start from somewhere. One book made me read another one; one action made the second action, one change made the second change… I agree with you, and the constant and focused work is one of the keys to success. Persistence can lead a long way as well. I like how you have said it “Daily persistence can grow in yearly persistence.” That is what I want to show to people like me, who are coming from the bad background, that they can change on better only if they’re going to listen and learn and eventually lead them selfs towards something better in life.

      Thank you very much for this comment. I am glad to have you here.

  5. Hey Ivan,
    This is an amazing post! It is exactly what I needed at the moment. I have been suffering from lack of motivation lately. I already know what my goal is. I already have a plan how to get there, but it’s just really hard to stay consistent and be persistent. I will try your tip on how to start getting more discipline into my day-to-day tasks. Thank you for sharing this.

  6. Hi Ivan, lovely post and very thought provoking, its so easy to just get wrapped up in the day to day and not focus on what is important. Particularly liked the bit about wishes not coming to fruition unless you turn them into goals – proper, achievable goals that you can set a plan around making reality. I’ll be looking out for more posts.

    J x

  7. I really enjoyed the article!

    Some very wise words from a very wise man.

    When you read an article like this it just brings it home to you just how simple life actually is, or how it should be.

    There are only 2 options in life, “this way or that way”, “the right way or wrong way”, “yes/No”, “success or failure”

    How easy and straightforward life could be if only we stopped sticking massive obstacles in our way!

  8. What a great post! I would love to be able to use this sometime on my blog as well… It gave me some great ideas to keep me on the path to success when it comes to my own goals. As well as ideas to help others with theirs. Keep moving forward with every step you take 🙂

  9. Agree with you 100%. Many of us wish too often, but never set realistic goals, and worse do not follow through. Great advice for those who are willing to see these things that hold them back, and take action the way you’ve pointed out.

  10. Another great post Ivan! Goal setting is often a factor in persistence because if you set unrealistic goals, it harms you and your willpower to carry on reduces. Its something I’ve struggled with in the past to be honest and I’m still figuring it out

    • Hi Vivek!

      There is some true in your words, however, in my experience, there are no unrealistic goals. Only big and small. And, to reach those big (unrealistic) goals we have to break them down into few smaller ones to create a plan, plus they take much more time, therefore, they seem to be unrealistic. These big ones can really strengthen your willpower or harm it, all depend on how you approach it at the birth of an idea.

      I have a great post about goals on my blog, very helpful, give it a read.

      All the best,

  11. Hey!
    very inspiring and helpful article! Persistence is a habit that we all can form, even those of us who consider ourselfs “lazy”. Set a good goal and stick with it, it will become easy!
    Thanks for the read. Liked the video.

  12. Great article Ivan……About giving up….you know the greatest book and the greatest teacher of all time, the Bible and JC, says it best….”get up and move…don’t just lie there in self-pity…..don’t ever give up!”. About changing bad habits into good habits… takes a minimum of 30 days to break a bad habit and turn it into good…so you must persist for at least that time! Thanks for sharing.


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