How To Change Mindset and Attitude in Five Steps

Attitude and mindset are two different words but with precisely the same meaning. They are both created in our early life, upgraded and edited while growing up and, finally, when we reach some adolescent years, they are firm. Therefore, the same way we create them is how we can change them.

I have learned this definition of attitude a couple of years ago.

Or thoughts, feelings, and actions when continuously repeated will form an attitude.

How To Change Mindset And AttitudeWhat does this mean? It means, if you constantly think negative, you will feel the same way and, ultimately, your action will produce negative results. When a person starts with this process, a negative attitude will form and stick.

This sounds simple on paper. In reality, fixing the attitude is a long process. So, if you understand how it is formed, we can move on to these five simple steps that can help you to change your attitude from negative to positive.

5 Steps for Change of Attitude

First, Decide 

To change our attitude, we must start with the change of thought. Therefore, the first thing you will have to do is to make a decision.

What do you want to change?

You know it is negative attitude, however, you will have to choose and decide on one area of your life where you have the worst attitude. For example, you may have a negative attitude for money and your financial life, or it can be love and relationships, or health.

Make a FIRM DECISION now! I am going to change my negative attitude in relation to  ______. Health, love, relationships, money, politics, government… Choose one area to start with so you can successfully apply other steps as you move forward.

Second, Let Go of the Negative, Forgive Yourself

Just forgive and forget! Simple as that!

Don’t carry on with it. Leave negative situations behind you. Because, if you really want to change your negative attitude, this is a critical step.

Do something symbolic. Write it down on a piece of paper (negative thought), say to yourself “I forgive me and everybody around me.” Take a lighter and burn the paper. Watch it burn and feel good. This will send a powerful message to your subconscious mind.

Try to avoid and/or exclude negative people around you, because they are partly responsible for your negative attitude. It doesn’t have to be forever. At least until you create a new firm attitude.

Third, Associate With Positive People; Read and Watch Positive Material

When you leave all negatives behind you, you will probably be alone. Don’t be afraid. If you really want to change your attitude, this change will be natural.

How To Change Mindset And AttitudeLook around for positive individuals. If you know somebody somewhere who radiates with positive energy, who makes you feel good when you are around that person, go and make a contact. In other words, try to find a role model.

Understand that negative people around you were partially responsible for your negative attitude and you will see a value in finding someone who owns a bundle of positive energy. Slowly your subconscious will pick up a pattern of positive thinking.

You will be alone, which means you will have a lot of time. Don’t waste it on thinking over your past. Rather, read a book with a positive message, or watch some inspirational movies. Search for the positive everywhere!

Fourth, Believe in New You, a Better Version of Yourself

Faith, belief, love, and enthusiasm are key ingredients in your mind kitchen. Without these feelings, it is impossible to conquer a negative giant in your mind.

Meditation and visualization can really improve a process of creating a better image of yourself. Just close your eyes and daydream with me. Think of yourself as already being positive, smiling, happy, joyful, full of positive radiant energy.

If you will practice this at least once per day, soon you will notice a significant shift in your mind.

Creating a positive image of yourself, and impressing that image on a daily basis sends another powerful message to your subconscious where your old negative attitude is resident.

How To Change Mindset And Attitude

Fifth, Keep Moving Forward

In order to win this battle, it is essential to continually move forward. All four steps from above are designed to help you do so.

Remember, you are fighting against an old enemy; one which is there for a long time. Therefore, it will take a long time to defeat it. Here you have five weapons to help you to win over and conquer your enemy. Take them seriously and continually move forward, no matter what!

If you just stop for one day you can ruin your chances for success.

Earl Nightingale once defined the word ‘success’ in a best possible way.


“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”


How I Have Changed My Attitude

I didn’t believe I can do something with my life, I was living with my parents, working for minimum wage, sick, miserable, and shy. Series of events lead me to change that. One book changed my thoughts, with the help of one personal development program I managed to build faith and my positive image of myself.

Now, I know I have a healthy mindset because I can see it in my results.

I found my life purpose and started to grow business around it, I live in a healthy and strong body, I am communicative, I am building more and more positive relationships in my life, I have visions and plans for the future.

The big shift. And all it took is a change of one attitude and one by one the wave of changes have formed by itself. Change of thoughts, change of heart, change of action, and change of life.

Change Your Attitude Right Now

You have total control over your mind. If your life is not how you want it to be, it is because of wrong thoughts about yourself. Negative thoughts will bring nothing but more of the negative.

If you follow these five steps, you will take over the control over your life.

Repeat this procedure as long as you have to. Keep in mind that worry will only keep you where you are. Just relax, and without pressure keep reminding yourself that you are able, you can do, and you will do!

One day, you will find your attitude in totally different shape than it is now. I tried it, I fought for it, and now I know it.

Example of Winners Attitude  

I am a lifelong fan of NBA basketball, and I would like to give you one example from the world of sports.

What we can see in sports sometimes is examples of a significant change of attitude. From losing to winning. Take a look at Golden State Warriors.

They managed to apply the same principles to change their group mindset and, as a result, they are NBA champions. Multiple NBA champions!

They don’t think they are losers anymore that is for sure. Moreover, with the new winning attitude, they attracted one of the best players in the league to join their team. Kevin Durant always had a winning mindset; he just needed a group with the same one.

I believe they had a great help from people who are professionals in their areas of expertise. As I have already mentioned, I managed to win over my negative attitude with help from books and programs.

To your success!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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28 thoughts on “How To Change Mindset and Attitude in Five Steps”

  1. Hie
    Great post. really lets us know what attitude is really about and that if not managed well can cost a lifetime of happiness and success.
    Thanks so much

    • Hi Yvonnedee!

      Thank you for the comment. It can indeed. Keep that as a reminder every time you face a struggle, barrier, or anything that will try to stop you.

  2. Hey Ivan,

    thanks for this great article. I’m currently also trying to work on my attitude. I work a lot recently, and I notice that the more you go out there and try to build a business, especially on the internet, the more important it gets to develop a good relationship with failure. And also appreciate all the little things that happen day in and day out, often unnoticed! One of the tactics I implemented just lately after reading an article of a fellow blogger is to think of one thing that I was thankful for on that particular day (or even in general). This list helps tons to stay in touch with reality; and to reprogram my mind 🙂 What do you think of that?


    • Hey Chris!

      Sorry for late reply!

      Well, failure is a necessity. Without it, success cannot exist. I personally welcome failure in my life, and I look forward to it. Since I changed my attitude towards failure, my speed of success is faster. When approached like this, I don’t take anything else with me except the lesson, no worries, no fears, no doubts. That way I am always concentrated on my present work and my future results.

      Norman Vincent Pale wrote several books. The Power of Positive Thinking will explain how GRATITUDE changes lives. I think it is a great thing to do every day, look back, give thanks and let it go. These “tactics” help in many things. I personally apply it every night for everything I am grateful good and bad, after that, I sleep like a baby. Next, first thing in the morning, I give my grace for everything waiting for me. Like you have said it keeps me in reality. I also meditate for 10-20 min every morning.

      For mind reprogramming, I use another good tactic. I write down exactly what I want to change, I keep writing it every night before bed for as long as it is necessary for the subconscious mind to accept it. I don’t stress it or worry about it. A simple technique that works for me every time for everything.

  3. This is a great reminder of how powerful our mindset and attitude are in our success. I am going to have to go back and reread Think and Grow Rich!

    • Hi, Melinda!

      Study it! From my experience, attitude makes all difference.

      Thank you for your comment.
      All the best!

  4. Hi Ivan., thank you for a great article.

    Think and Grow Rich was also the book that helped to change my life.

    You are so right our thinking and attitude is forged while we are young however people can change IF they want to!

    It’s so sad for me to see too many people walking around like the “living dead” instead of creating their own life. They don’t seem to realize they have the power within them to change their life for the better.

    I have bookmarked your site and will be visiting again to enjoy more of your articles.. keep up the good work!

    • Hi Moni. Thank you for the comment.

      That book is an attitude changer for sure! Enjoy it your whole life.

      Well, those who are walking around as you have said like “living dead” have made their choice, aware of it or not. What I have learned so far, that barely anybody wants to change the attitude, very few people will undertake that process. We grow into our attitudes and habits so they are with us for the rest of the life. Again, a small percentage will try to do something about it, and I mean really do something about it!

      Thank you again. See you around then.

  5. Thank you for this post! These really are steps to successful living. I have been working on changing my mind-set for a couple of years now. Some of my negative thought patterns were really stuck and needed a lot of work to loosen up and let go of. I am able to look at negatives in my life in a new light, seeing what I can take away from it and figuring out how to make it into a positive. Life is a series of puzzles to be solved and gratitude is the key. I will be bookmarking your site!

    • Hi Irma.

      Few life hacks can help you deal with the negatives. Meditation and exercise are my favorite recommendations to people. Gratitude is a way of life.

      However, if you wish to let go of the negative, you will have to change your thoughts. Whatever happened and you are still carrying it on you have to forget about it. And to do so, you have to find something positive to look forward. If you can repeat a positive thought like let’s say a goal, for a couple of times during the day, eventually that thought will become dominant in your conscious mind, as well as in your subconscious which is in control. Moreover, that positive thought will transform itself into your reality as a result. Once you get into a HABIT of positive thinking, the negatives in life will have no chance against you.

      I hope this helped you a bit. For more of these life hacks make sure you come back because I will have a lot of interesting posts in the future.

      All the best,

  6. Great steps. I really like your style.

    There is one thing I think will help. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes in order to get over being mad at someone, you have to be mad at them to begin with. For example, say I had a really bad day with my boss and my whole day was ruined because my boss said something in front of me to make me feel ugly. Something that can help with getting over that feeling is to scream about it, or to talk to someone about it. Sometimes just getting something off your chest helps with the emotional damage that comes with it.

    And, it’s ok to be upset. In a matter of fact, it’s normal to be upset. But to be upset for an extended period of time is not normal. So, just thought I’d put my 2 cents in. Great website by the way.

    • Hi Jake.

      I have to be honest and say I don’t understand what did you meant with your comment. It seems to be off the topic here. However, always remember you are in control, and no one and I mean no one except you can make you mad or sad or happy or smiling. We have the power to choose at the very same moment when we receive information to accept it emotionally or discard it straight away. If you can reject a lousy situation straight away, you will not have to carry it with you. That way you will avoid overthinking and creating more of the negative feelings.

      All the best,

  7. Hi Ivan, I love love love this post. We all have the tools at our disposal to turn our attitudes around if we choose to. Your 5 steps for a change in attitude really resonated with me. In addition to those things, others that have worked for me are creating my own mantra, as well writing down 3 things that I am grateful for every morning. I keep those things visible. When I’m having a rough day, I look at my list of things I’m grateful for, and it’s amazing how the way that I’m feeling turns around. Thanks for your awesome site Ivan. Keep up the great work.

    • Hi Melissa.

      There are lots of tools to change our attitudes, and by being grateful every day is undoubtedly one of the best ways. Thank you for reminding me. I do something similar. I pray every morning and before sleep by expressing for what I am grateful. As well, I keep a goal card, a list of few meaningful goals to remind my self where I am going. It is incredible how quick change of thought can make your day, or a week, or a year, or even a whole life if we persist in such actions. Thank you for visiting my site.

      All the best,

  8. Great Article Ivan thanks for that , yes I think we all become more aware of what makes the world go around as we grow a bit older!..happened to me too. Great to see your message, would be awesome if we can have something similar taught as a subject to kids in school. The world would be a much better place! but they are getting this on the internet and people like you and others are spreading the message..good one.

    • Hi Gus.

      If I can change just one life I am satisfied. The school represents nothing today. It is an obligation for the children, are rare few do learn something valuable. I am glad if I can participate in any way to open their mind a little bit. Thank you.

      all the best,

  9. This is a well written article! I can really learn lots of ways to improve my mindset and attitude especially for days that I’m feeling down. I really like the idea of meditation and visualization and it seems like something I should really participate in to improve my mindset. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Christian.

      Please do try any kind of relaxation method, especially meditation. We perform so much better when our mind and body are in a relaxed state. Once you try it, moreover, when you feel the benefits, you will be addicted. In a positive way of course!

      All the best,

  10. Hi Ivan, great article and something that I personally need to work on more. Attitude adjustment is hard but a must if we want to be happy. And I want to be happy!

    • Hi Taianne.

      Happiness begins with a happy thought. By repetition of the happy thought, you can be happy all the time. All you have to know is, what makes you happy?

      Once you find your happy thought, write it down on a piece of paper. Keep it by your side all the time so you’ll never forget about it. You can use meditation and affirmations to reinforce the feeling into your subconscious mind (heart).

      I hope this helps!
      All the best,

  11. Hi Ivan,

    I seriously could of done with this article some years ago. No joke. I even Googled how to feel better in five minutes because I was sick and tired of feeling terrible the whole time. This was, yet another embarking, into the whole area of affirmations, meditation and correcting my thinking. I think I’ve had to this now about three times in my life but it does work.

    If we have the power to make ourselves subservient to our minds horrible thoughts and emotion we definitely have the power to make it obey us. Thank you kindly for this article and I feel even better just for reading how to change mindset and attitude and have booked marked your site for future reading.

    – Philip.

    • Hi Philip.

      It all starts with the change of thought as you know already. The initial idea of Googling something is the first sign of thought pattern is changed. Meditation and affirmations can significantly help to stay on the right track, to fix negative thinking until it turns into a positive thought. We are the creator of our thoughts, our feelings, and therefore, our results. Thank you for your wonderful comment. I wish you all the best.


  12. Hi Ivan,
    these are great 5 steps to change your mind from negative to positive.
    I think before I used to think negative and I realized that it was all under the stress I used to have. Anyways once my stress was gone it was easier for me to concentrate on the positive sides of my life and make changes.
    Try to avoid and/or exclude negative people around you, because they are partly responsible for your negative attitude. – this is the best advice! This was the first thing I did. Not that I gave up on my friends who tend to think negatively, but I stopped reacting to their negative comments. And you know how it works. You stop putting wood into the fire and it slowly dies.
    I think another great advice would have been to start your day with a positive quote. It might sound awkward, but first minutes of your awake time is so important. And the more positive vibes you create during that time, the better.

    • Hi Anna.

      Yes, we cannot deal with the change of attitude if we are not relaxed. The mind is perceptive to new thought only in the relaxed state.

      Great analogy! Have you noticed how their attitude is changing now when you are more positive then they are? It is incredible.

      Any positive thought first thing in the morning can shape your whole day. Once it becomes a habit, it is easy to ride after. Thank you for your advice. I have a lot of work in front of we, this is just a beginning of things.

      All the best,

  13. I have a daily battle with the voices in my head.

    As far as removing negative people from my I would have to get a divorce, my wife is the only person I have a lot of contact with and is the most negative person I know.

    • Hi Bill.

      The “voices” in your head are your doubts, fears, and insecurities. To get rid of them you will have to analyze your thinking to exclude the negativities. Try by meditating for min 10 min every day. Just sit down in a quiet place where no one, including your wife, can disturb you. Close your eyes, breathe slowly on your stomach, and listen to your thoughts. Write them down one by one on one side of the paper. They are your problems you have to deal with. This process can go as long as it is necessary for you to determine each thought that is causing you to feel bad.

      Once you have them written on one side of the paper, take a good look at them, and on the opposite side write down a solution. A solution should be something different. Think about a solution as long as you have ti until you feel right with it. Remember to keep your mind on that paper and focus on the positive solutions every day for couple times per day. Deal with them one by one. It may take as long as it has to. It takes us a couple of years, sometimes even decades to develop a negative attitude. The time to change it may be the equivalent to the time you spent in development.

      As for your wife. You have married her for a reason, so there should be a reason for you not to divorce her. Maybe it is possible that her attitude is caused by yours as well the other way around. If one of you could be strong enough to change, the other one will follow.

  14. Hi Ivan,

    I love, love, love your blog. Your topic is so very dear to me. I too took on a journey of personal development after reading a few books actually. The one that really changed my mindset was titled Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyers. It not as old as dated as Think and Grow rich, which I think was a great book as well.

    Indeed, when you change your mindset and adopt a positive attitude almost everything in your life can be better or at least you respond better. I like that you mentioned being around positive people. Sometimes finding positive people is hard when one has a circle of negative friends and loved one.

    I think that a positive attitude is contagious and at times you will have to be the positive one. The only issue with that is that if the people around you don’t change then it is important to seek out opportunities to be around positive people. That is were networking comes in.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi Marsha,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment! I will take a look at the book you read.

      I did something that Napoleon Hill suggests. I created a new circle of people around me by moving to another city. That way I manage to eliminate all negative ones from my life including my family. And those who love me saw my change and came back into my life. Eventually, they managed to change their attitude as well and became positive in their thinking.

      All the best,


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