Be a Better Decision Maker In Five Steps

The Law of Attraction practice depends on, in a high measure, to your ability to make a quick and firm decision. I don’t know why so many people are afraid to reach those critical decisions in life when an opportunity presents itself. All I can say that from my experience, all those frightening decisions that I made where good ones in the end.

Turns out that I was freaking out for nothing, as we all tend to do. I have learned that the more decisions I make, all of them work for me in one way or another. Even those which seem to be bad turned out to be good in some way.

This particular analysis of my own behavior when I am faced with a tough decision lead me to a couple of conclusions.

Within this post, I have listed the five great ways to become better at making decisions in life.

We all want to be better in specific areas of our personality. It is in our human nature to seek and look for ways and means to evolve more.

The ability to make a quick and firm decision will lift you up far and beyond from your current position in life. I even dare to say that once you become better at this, you will get a possibility to achieve some massive success you have never dreamed of. Or you have never made a decision to follow.

You see, most of the time the difference between you and someone who seems to be successful in some areas of life is in one simple moment of decision,

This skill has to be learned by everyone. You are not born with this skill. Moreover, we are born without skills. The first one you and I have learned was to breathe. Later on, we have picked up some more along the way. As you have learned everything in your life, you can also learn how to be a better decision maker.

If you don’t develop the ability to be better at making a decision, then the only other option is to become a procrastinator. Sound awful, right? However, it is the truth.

I have a firm belief that in a large percentage people are master procrastinators of important decisions.


A Quick Warmup Before We Start

I want you to understand that not everyone is made to be a good decision maker.

If you want to improve this part of your personality, no matter what lever you are right now, you will have to beat the craft much more than you think so. However, I am more than sure that it will pay to you in large dividends all through life.

You see, the fact is that the majority of people lack this valuable skill in their skillset. Men of women, it doesn’t matter. Moreover, many of us never try to learn it at all. Why? I don’t know.

All I know is that a person who is unable to make a quick decision can live a life of too many missed opportunities. Not a good one for sure.

On the other side, if you will analyze people who are highly successful in life, you can notice that all of them share one value, they are making quick decisions.

They have learned how to emotionalize the decision which helps them to stick to it until they pull it out. If they change them, however, they change them very slowly, if at all, and only after deep analysis of results that came after.

You see, I can relate to both types of people.

I managed to go from a man who is unable to make his own decisions to a confident decision maker.

Because of the much success that I have received as a reward for my practice, I must say that I have picked up the pace lately. The pace which brings me more and more good in life as I move forward.

Along the way, I have picked up some useful tricks and tips on how you too can do the same and I want to share them so bad!

Remember, it takes time to develop a new skill so take it easy and relax.


5 Ways to Become a Better Decision Maker

Every great master of the trade has been working in shadows for days, weeks, months, or even years. The fact is that most of the time all you can see is his result.

I have gone a step further in my research and discovered what makes a great decision maker.


1.) Keep Cool and Relax a Lot

This is a scenario.

In situations when you have to make an important decision, a panic alarm goes off in your mind. Stress starts to build up, and your mind begins to shoot thousands of thoughts in a minute. All of them are mostly negative because most of us are by our nature negative thinkers.

First and foremost, if you want to be good at making decisions, you will have to learn to handle your stress levels and eliminate those negative thoughts that will make you back up and procrastinate your decision.

Next time when you find yourself in this kind of situation, take a deep breath and exhale. If necessary, take two or three before you decide.

You see, deep breathing is a stress-relieving technique. When stress is gone, everything becomes easy. Moreover, when practiced regularly, you can quickly become a master of your mind and your body and learn to control your state completely. This skill will come to you handy in moments of reaching an important life decision.



You can practice some beginner meditation to learn how to regulate your breathing and, therefore, your stress levels.

When it comes to meditation, I must say that more than half of important decisions, if not all of them, were made while I was relaxing and meditating.

I don’t know why people shy away from meditation when it is the best medication we have ever discovered. Try it for yourself if you don’t believe me.



Exercise is another excellent way to deal with stress. You can go for a run or at least a fast-paced walk a couple of times per week.

Swimming, hiking, cycling, yoga, whatever you enjoy, will also help you to stay calm when most needed.

Apply this on a regular basis and next time, when you face a stressful decision, maybe it is not going to be stressful at all.


2.) Ask Your Self, Not Somebody Else 

People tend to avoid thinking when they face a decision. Or, even worse, we do think but, in the end, we overthink. The fact is, none of the two will help us to be a better decision maker. And then there is a third scenario when we go and ask Bill or Mary what to do. But, what does Bill or Mary know what is right for you?

Go someplace quiet instead, and ask your self these questions.

  • What do I want? 
  • What is better for me? 
  • What can I get or lose if you make that decision? 

These questions will start an inner conversation. And this is the only conversation you have to make if you want to make a right decision.

Once you make a habit out of this, you will eliminate MAYBE from your vocabulary. Simply YES or NO!

3.) Do not Overthink it

I can’t describe how important this one is. Do Not Overthink It!  Overthinking will get you nowhere; it will spin you in a circle, and bring you nothing but bad feelings.

When you reach your decision, you will know because you will feel right about it.  If the answer does not come straight away, keep on breathing, as it will arrive.

The key is, when you feel good with your answer, that’s it! Stop right there, and write it down so you won’t forget it. This small piece of action can be worth a lot. Believe me. When you have your decision written on a piece of paper it is a goal. Now, you can start to make some plans and work on it more in detail.




Once again, when you feel right about it, stop with thinking and write it down,  take a deep breath, relax and…

4.) Step Out and Do It! 

The action is a cure for procrastination. The action is a key to becoming a better decision maker. The action is the key to success.

There will be times of right decisions, and there will be times of bad ones. But how will you know it is good or bad if you don’t step out and do it. Moreover, the beauty of bad decisions is that you can learn from them for the next time when you face the same one.

Failure is nothing but a lesson. 

On the other hand, the benefits that will come from good ones, well, that is for you to discover…

5.) Trust the Process 

Be Better Decision Maker Step Five

The problem occurs when a person doesn’t have faith in his decision. Lack of confidence will make you overthink your possible choice and, as I have mentioned, it will spin you in a circle.

Once you apply all from above and you go for it, you will have no other option except to trust the process.

The process is a great teacher. He will teach you everything you need after you make a decision. Your job is to act on, be persistent it and have faith in you and your abilities.

Maybe All You Need is One Great Decision 

What I have learned so far is, when a person gets in a cycle of bad decisions, that person will back up next time and quit making them.

It is almost a natural process.

On the other hand, one great decision followed with success can do a great thing for confidence in oneself. Just one great choice can start a snowball effect. Only one can attract more of the same.

My decision is to help as many people as I can, who have the same problems I had, to decide to deal with those handicaps once and for all! To attack the negative side of life, chest to chest, and conquer the giant of doubt in their heads.

Motivation is a Great Decision Maker

There is no point in being a better decision maker if you are not going to stick to your decision.

In the process of making a decision and reaching out to do what you want to do, a motivation can be a key factor. Planning and goal setting is crucial for success as well.

A couple of years ago, I made a decision to become successful in my life. However, I didn’t even know what success means. I was full of questions and no answers, so I went in search.

I can say the quest was hard, sometimes demotivating to the point of giving up.

One day I found a program; a self-study program.

I have made a great decision and my life has changed since. The purpose of the program is to teach you practical methods for setting goals (making a decision), to help you plan your activities and to motivate you to stick to your decisions!

The program helped me, as well as millions around the world, to become better decision makers. I have great confidence to say that everyone who will decide to give it a go will open a door to success.




To your success my confident decision-maker wherever you are!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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32 thoughts on “Be a Better Decision Maker In Five Steps”

  1. Yes, totally agree that it’s so important to listen to your inner voice & self. Remember to value your own opinion first, on top of everyone else’s.
    I’m a big fan of personal development books myself! Keep in touch.

  2. Amazing post!
    I wish I had the chance to read it when I was younger.
    It would save me a lot of impulsive and therefore bad decisions.
    I got relaxed just reading everything you shared in here.
    Great job.
    You better keep it up – I will be coming back for more!

    • It is never too late. Life is one big lesson. We learn every day. If you create an attitude like this, there are no obstacles in life then.
      Thank you. Hope to see you again.

  3. This is a great article. I definitely needed to be reminded how to become a better decision maker. I often second guess myself and allow myself to procrastinate. No more!

  4. Thank you for these helpful ideas that remind us that decision making is absolutely a part of life that need not be procrastinated.

    I do sometimes procrastinate having in mind that the time for that matter is still far and I have other things to do. But there were times I have been cramming because I have wasted time and opportunity.

    • I like to think, If it is on my mind now, it is time to do it. Quick decision, and action.

      Don’t regret past. I think there is no such thing as a wasted opportunity. You can make for yourself as many opportunities as you wish.

      Keep on making great decisions!

  5. Thanks for writing a helpful article. I used to be a no-decision maker 😀 – I realised I was wasting so much time and getting myself wound up. When my children came along, they spurred me into becoming a decision-maker.
    Great website you have too – it’s a topic that people often don’t think about, but is really important.
    Michelle 🙂

  6. I love your article. It is very helpful. My husband struggles with decision making so much. He can definitely benefit from this article. I am also indecisive sometimes, but not as bad as my husband. Sometimes I overthink and overcomplicate things. I am glad to visit your website. It is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Your Article is going to be extremely helpful to me and I have come across it at the right time in my life.

    It’s so easy to put choices to one side and ignore them but with the methods you have written about, they don;t have to be ignored as you can deal with them in a relaxed manner.

  8. You’re very correct Ivan. Its very important to trust our inner voice when making decisions, something i’ve struglged with quite a bit.

  9. Hey Ivan, thanks for your decision making tips, these 5 stages will come in useful. I think many of us procrastinate making a definitive decision after making a few wrong ones in the past only to ask others in fear of getting knocked again, however, like you mention, why would others know better than you plus we all learn from those bad mistakes we made in the past, it makes you into the person you are.
    Rather than end up overthinking, I tend to write a list of pros & cons nowadays followed by making a firm decision why I chose the pros over the cons, I find it helps satisfy my decision making into a positive one.
    All the best,

    • Hi Simon.

      Thank you for stopping by and reading my post. I like your Pros & Cons system, I think it is very effective in the decision-making process. It’s important to feel positive and satisfied with your decision and your system can help a lot!

      All the best,

  10. I find these tips really helpful. Admittedly, I have made a lot of bad decisions in the past. And if there’s one BIG lesson I learned, it’s to never make any decision when you’re upset, angry or disappointed. Over excitement can also lead us to make the wrong decision and it will be too late before we realize it.

    You’re right Ivan, we need to take some time to relax and think things through before making a decision. This is especially true when the outcome will have a huge impact or influence not only in our lives but also in the lives of the people we love and care about or the people around us.

    By the way, do you have any tips on how we can be sure that the decision we’re going to make is the right one. Maybe the choice we make even after much thoughts and consideration is the wrong one. So how are we supposed to deal with the negative outcome?

    • Hi Alice.

      I appreciate your thoughtful comment. I must say I agree with everything you have said. Everything we do we must do in a relaxed state.

      First of all, people are avoiding making decisions because of the reason they are not sure is it a right or wrong. Therefore, they decide to stay where they are, nice and comfortable. From my perspective that is insecurity.

      You gave your self a half of the answer to your question. So stay relaxed, no hype, no anger, just relaxed. Close your eyes and think about your situation where you have to decide. Imagine all the good and possible bad outcomes if you go out and make a decision. Write them down as well. This way you will mentally prepare yourself for the result.

      However, decision making should be quick and prompt. Like taking off the bandage! And, we can’t know it good or bad for our loved ones and us if we never step out and do it. And, if we fail that is good! The negative from the failure is not harmful at all if you can create an attitude about it as just as a lesson.

      To summarize. Stay relaxed, do it, learn from the feedback and repeat! I hope this helps you more.

      All the best,

  11. Such great advice in this article. Really like the part about overthinking it, people spend too much time here and lose valuable time where they could have put their plan into action already.
    Trust the process is also key, once you have gone through the steps and move forward on the decision there is no going back you have to own and trust the process you went through to arrive at this decision.

    • Hi Brandon.

      The time is all we have at the end, and to use it on harmful overthinking is nothing but the waste. But, not everybody is an “action man” and therefore I have written this post with the intention to help those who want to become better.

      The process is the learning experience in the decision-making process. If we never step out and do it, how will we ever learn then? So you are right as well.

      All the best,

  12. It’s great to read what you share, it’s really helpful to know what to do in the circumstances. I admit, motivation is important and how to keep that motivation strong so that you always have more energy stepping forward.
    Thanks, let’s share more experiences from you.

    Tivana Nam – Affiliate With Nam

  13. Very thought provoking article and it bring up some very important points. I hope your article will help people become better as we need each other to become better. Thank you for the read!!!

    • Hi Stratos,

      My intention with my blog is to help everyone who feels like they need some help. I am glad to provoke thoughts if they are going to lead on to improvement. Thank you for your comment!

      All the best,

  14. Great post! I have always been an overthinker. But, after all of these years, I have learned through deep thought and meditation that overthinking got me nowhere. I have learned to go with my gut feeling and usually, that feeling is right. It’s a long process to be able not to overthink or procrastinate. Your steps are a great way to get there quicker. Thank you for this!

    • Hi Mary,

      I am happy to read that you managed to be a confident decision maker. Moreover, I am pleased if you think my steps can help because I know they can. Always listen to your self and no one else! Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  15. Hi Ivan.
    Great post and I totally agree with you on this subject. I also write about personal development and various law of attraction, motivation topics so it’s great when I come across other blogs on similar lines. Decisions are vital and I agree that these need to be our own decisions. I can attest to the fact that meditation and listening to your own inner self will always lead you to a better decision – after all, if you are not following your own path, then you’ll led a right merry dance up someone else’s! 🙂 Have fun and thanks for this reminder.

    • Hi Gail,

      If we don’t make our own decisions, someone else is going to do instead of us. Someone else who is not making his own decisions is just waiting around the corner to control your life. I have been on your blog and I must say you are doing a great job there. It is also a pleasure for me to stumble upon someone who thinks on the same brainwaves as I do.

      I will 🙂
      Thank you for your comment.
      All the best,

  16. Ivan, thanks for sharing these 5 steps in the decision making process. I think it is really helpful and I can see the value of it. I always joke with my wife who is very indecisive and frequently changes her mind. I use to tell her: “What’s the use of having a mind if you cant change it” 🙂
    Maybe I must ask her to also read your article.
    Keep up the good work.


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