Five Ways To Overcome The Fear

We all feel it; fear is a natural emotion. However, many of us don’t even try to think about how to overcome this enemy. Not just fear of failure, but fear of success, fear of flying, fear of heights, fear of public speaking, fear of animals, fear of people, fear of everything!

Fear is like a weed. You can pluck it, pull it out, step on it. If you don’t do it often enough, it will eventually grow back again.

How To Overcome Fear Of EverythingI know a thing or two about the fear. You see, I was born in December 1988, in Croatia. Three years after my birth we fought a war for our Independence. Part of the country where  I grew up was frontline. The war ended in 1995, and we won our freedom.

This mighty enemy was following me almost all my life. Until I made a decision to overcome my foe.

The fear is not going to disappear overnight. It takes some time to practice the right techniques. Practice is a key word here! Remember that, before we go into explaining how we created our enemy.

Fear Evolves From Doubt

Doubt in your mind is the first sign of a deadly weed growing. Understand that doubt is nothing else but your own thinking; it is a product of your imagination. We create doubts in our own mind when we face something we don’t know how to do, or we see for the first time.

To paint you a better picture, just remember when you were going on your first date. Oh, the horror! Fear of failure, fear of success, imagining all possible wrong and right scenarios. And now you are probably happily married to that person.

When we are not sure of something (don’t have confidence), naturally, we begin to doubt it and our ability to do it. Questions like “How? Why? Am I able to? Can I…?” start to immediately grow in our minds. That is a natural form of thinking. However, if it is not killed straight away, it will then turn into a state of mind called worry.

And based on my observing, the world became one big state of Worry.

When we continue this process and begin to worry about whatever is our doubt, that worry will eventually turn into fear of doing, having, creating, acting… Even the smallest fears can grow big and paralyze a person’s mind. That person may stay in that state for the rest of his or her life. It is a scary idea already.

You Are in the Control of Your Fear

Sadly, many people think that the cause of their fear is another person or some situation they are afraid of doing… How come other people are able to do those things and talk to that person? Simply because they don’t have a fear in their mind regarding it. Maybe they did have, however, but killed it in its state of doubt.

To summarize all of the above:




Now, when you understand the fear and how it can take away all the pleasure, happiness and success from your life, it is time to learn how to overcome it so it will never take control over you again. Moreover, you will be the one in control.

5 Ways to Beat the Fear

How To Overcome Fear Of Everything 

1.) Use the Fear! 

You have learned that fear is an emotion. And, our emotions drive us. Like when you love something or somebody, you are moved in the direction of it. Fear, on the other hand, pushes us away.

Overcome the fear by using it as a motivation. As soon as you realize you are getting fearful, use that emotion and think about it in a positive way. This maybe sounds crazy but it works, trust me!

Try to imagine yourself doing what you are afraid of. As you remember, fear is just a product of our imagination, therefore it is under your control. The same way you created it by doubting and worry, you can create a different scenario in your mind. See yourself winning.

Practice this method regularly. Eventually, when you face the fear in your reality, you will be prepared, because you already did it in your mind. And, you can actually turn that fear into excitement!

2.) Exercise, Meditate, Practice Breathing!  

A good cardio exercise like running improves our breathing. It brings oxygen to our body and clears our mind. If you ever did any kind of cardio exercise, and I highly doubt you didn’t, you remember how good and relaxed you felt after?

How To Overcome Fear Of Everything

Furthermore, meditation is an ancient technique of breath control and mind-cleansing exercise. Once you get into the habit of meditation (just 10–20 mins a day) you will get control over your fear. When meditating, you are able to close your eyes and dream. You can use meditation to master the first suggestion I gave you.

One useful technique I found is 4-7-8. Take a deep breath for four seconds, hold it for seven, and exhale your lungs out for eight seconds. Repeat this for 3–4 times, and tell me about how you felt after.

3.) Focus on Your Strengths Instead of Weaknesses!  

“Oh I’m never going to be able to do it… I’m not smart enough… He/She is better than me…” We tend to minimize our accomplishments and maximize others. Why? Inferiority complex. The awful state of mind.

How To Overcome Fear Of Everything

When you start to doubt your abilities, just shift your focus to something you are good at – it can be anything. Fear can take out your confidence. Don’t let it. Cut it straightaway by telling yourself what you are proud of; remember the accomplishments and former success. Repeat it as many times as needed until you bring yourself back up, and beat the fear in its first stage.

Here you can use method one or two to help you get your focus back. And it works, believe me!

4.) Fail as Much as You Can!  

If fear has stopped you from doing something in your past, don’t feel sorry or regret because of it. We all do fail, and we fail for many reasons. Fear is reason number one.

Fail as much as you can! Failing can be a great learning experience. However, remember this, don’t let it get into your heart. Instead, analyze your failure, confront with it, learn from your mistake, and try it one more time with new confidence in your ability.

Once I learned there is no such thing as failure, I was reborn. The sentence that I heard was “There is only success and LESSON.” Remember this; carve it into your brain.

5.) Action, Action, and Some More Action! 

You can see here that all four suggestions I gave you require some action. The action is the key to overcoming your fear. Even if it is already evolved,  the action can devolve it.

How to Overcome Fear Of Everything

When you feel it next time, think about everything you have read here. And take some action, go and do it, make a call, buy the thing… whatever it is.

Something I learned and practice every time I start to doubt. I just take a deep BREATH, I count in my head from 5 to 0, and I do it! That way I beat the doubt, worry, and fear with a simple mental trick.

How I Managed to Overcome My Fear 

As I have told you at the beginning of the post, I did suffer from fear – paralysis. It was a long process until I finally learned how to use these five mentioned techniques.  And the more and more I practice these methods, the bigger is my count of victories over my fear. I can say that I have control over it. And that is what I want for you too!

My last victory was over a fear of failure, and fear of success. You see, I always had a desire to run my own business. However, I never did it. Whenever I did think about making the move, I started to doubt my abilities. I was telling myself I couldn’t do it – that I don’t know how or I don’t have the skills…




In the end, if you will remember the line from the top.

Fear is like a weed. You can pluck it, pull it out, step on it. If you don’t do it often enough it will eventually grow back again. 

My friend blogger published an amazing article about treating unwanted feelings. Please, visit her website, to read more about this topic.

Overcome your fear once and for all!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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28 thoughts on “Five Ways To Overcome The Fear”

  1. Really insightful article as is something everyone faces at some point and can prevent us from doing things. Like that you provide coping methods and ways to better deal with fear itself.

  2. This was a great read. I will have to keep this on my favorites so I can look back to this. A lot of people are afraid of the unknown. What will happen if I start my own business? Will it fail? Will it succeed and I don’t know how to deal with that success?? I like how you highlighted some pointers to overcome that kind of fear.

    • Remember this one whenever you face the “enemy”.
      “The cave we fear to enter holds a treasure we seek”
      Thank you.

  3. Nice post Ivan!

    I agree with you, especially when you talk about using fear as motivation. I think if people can harness the fear and use it in a controlled way as you elude to then they can turn that fear into a positive tool!

    • By the Law, everything has its opposite. Courage is opposite of fear. We just have to keep it in our minds all the time.
      Thank you.

  4. Great article!
    Indeed, you are right. We have to face our fears otherwise the they will grow bigger and stronger and will weakening our spirit.
    As you mentioned, meditation as one of the methods helps.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. This is a piece of psychological therapy. Yes, I agree that fear is not only meant for success parameters alone but also for fear of failure.
    Fear grows like a weed as shown, once pull out we have to trample it in such a way that it no longer grows. What counts is the practice to step on it again and again till it dies.

    You have written a good article and look forward to the remaining four in your upcoming posts.

    Wishing you all the best.


  6. Great article and I found myself nodding in agreement with it! A couple of things I’ve heard along the way about fear.

    1. Mel Robbins (author of The 5-Second Rule) says to change fear into excitement by literally saying to yourself, “I’m so excited that I…” Like “I’m so excited that I get to speak in front of all of these people!” “I’m so excited that I get to fly on this awesome plane to somewhere new!” Fear and excitement are basically the same feeling.

    2. Jen Sincero (You Are a Badass at Making Money) says to do something super scary every single day. This is tackling the fear head on (as you mentioned above to do) and leads to big changes quickly!

    3. Dani Johnson (a life & business coach) says that fear isn’t tangible, and fear comes from living in the past. (You remember a time in the past when you failed / were embarrassed / someone said something to you.) Living in the past is a prison and we must let it go.

    I love thinking about this. Thanks for the insights!

    • Hi Christina. I am glad you like my article.

      1. Affirmations are another great way to turn fear into excitement. Thank you for the reminder. I will write about the power of affirmations in the future posts.

      2. I will definitely buy the book and dig into it! Thank you for the tip.

      3. That is true. Bob Proctor wrote about this in his book You Were Born Rich, in the chapter with a great title, Let Go and Let God. If a person wants to conquer his fear and achieve success in any given field of life he or she must apply exactly what you wrote. Holding on a bad memory can only bring more of the same in the future. We are what we think about. Therefore, let go of the past, live today, and be excited about the future.

      Thank you for leaving a great comment. If you have books or material to share I would like to study it.
      All the best!

  7. This is a wonderful post. I have found for me, it is better to just dive in and face the fear head on knowing that it will be difficult and scary. But once it’s done it’s done. I always end up thinking, wow that wasn’t that bad at all. And I have this incredible pride in myself. Rather than being in constant worry like I was for many years.

    • Hi Wendy.

      To read something like this makes me proud. Keep doing that on daily basis and after a few years, you will be amazed by the confidence you will possess.

      Thank you for your comment.
      All the best,

  8. Thank you gfor the very descriptive and educational post.
    Fear is something that everybody deals with at a certain point of his life.
    So it is truly important to know how to control that destructive feeling.
    The tips you suggest are very helpful.

  9. That is a very nice article. I like how you included way to overcome your fear. Everyone can benefit from your inspirational story.

  10. Thanks for this awesome post Ivan! This topic is what every single one of human beings need to learn and improve on. I like your suggestions to overcome it. But from the survival perspective, fear is created to protect us from getting hurt. So it’s a double-edged sword I would say. Our job is to leverage it and make full use of it to benefit us instead of holding us back!

    • Great comment Jerry. I agree with you. You know what is a fight or flee instinct? That is your double edge sword. And, you can leverage it by fighting! Simple as that.

      All the best,

  11. This post was spot on and so so true! When you realize that all you need to do i simply get out of your way great things happen. The biggest fear that I faced in starting my home business was simply fear of the unknown. Not knowing if I was actually doing the right things or how long it would actually take to get some results from all my hard work. When you are able to push those thoughts aside great things WILL begin to happen.

    • Hi Nathan!

      Amen to that! The fear is always a product of unknowing. And knowledge and understanding will always prevail in the battle against fear. Thank you for your comment.

      All the best,

  12. Procrastinating has always been something I struggle with. I definitely had to get the mindset to ‘just do it’. And, once I started feeling this way, I didn’t fear the end results.

    • Hi Jamilah,

      Nike did an amazing job with their tagline “Just Do It”. More or less in different amounts, we all are afraid of the end results. The difference is in those who are willing to Just Do It!

  13. Thanks, Ivan!
    I am been suffering from self-doubt, unsecured feelings and fear for about the past nine months. I was afraid of explaining myself, my target and my feelings to others – simply because they are in disbelief with me. So, I am enduring these negative feelings myself. But, I can feel the resonance of mind when I was reading your article. Yes, very true, fear grows form doubt and how you should get rid of it? Just do what you reckon is the best for yourself.

    • Hi Crystal,

      Don’t let someone else opinion affects the way you think or feel about yourself. The inferiority complex is the most common problem in the world today. There are critics everywhere with a pocket full of cheap opinions to aim at others. The inferiority complex that evolves from a critic can kill a person (spiritually) faster than a speeding bullet! Of course, this is just my guess. Maybe the cause behind your problem is something else.

      Anyway, the best way to shut up the critic is to take constant action in the face of your fear! There is no better medicine for an inferiority complex than success in an area you suffer from most self-doubt.

      I hope my reply helps you in any way?



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