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Paradigm Shift Seminar Review

Welcome to Paradigm Shift Seminar review. Every once in a while, Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher host this powerful event that has the potential to change your life. Trust me, I know.

Hi guys, my name is Ivan.

Two years ago I was in a tight spot. Financially, mentally, and spiritually I was down and out. Then and there I asked my self a question –How to be successful?

Now two years after, two years of amazing changes and good work, I am writing this Paradigm Shift Seminar Review with the intention to present the knowledge which is worth its weight in gold.

Bob Proctor, Sandy Gallagher, and Proctor-Gallagher Institute have something special for you!

Before you move forward.

If you are a type of person who has trouble with accepting new ideas and concepts of living, do not go further, please. In other words, if you are not an open-minded individual, then the Paradigm Shift Seminar will be a complete waste of time for you.

If you are, on the other hand, an open-minded person who can quickly recognize, learn and accept something outside of your paradigm (I’ll explain later) then this Paradigm Shift Seminar review might be a life-changer for you!




I am happy to present you just a fraction of the knowledge and wisdom of Bob Proctor. He and Sandy Gallagher did a terrific job with this seminar to expand awareness, simplify life, and to help people to achieve success where they have never dreamed of being successful.

Take me for example. All my life I was “brainless.” Just another sheep in the herd. I was not aware that my faulty program, my limited thinking were holding me back from all the success that life has to offer.

All my life, I was following the wrong crowd. Like you, I was programmed to do certain things in a certain way. Go to school, fill your head with a bunch of useless knowledge, get graded, find a job based on those grades, and work for a “boss” for the rest of your life.

That limited behavior and faulty social paradigms that we inherited from our society are made to protect the weak from losing. Certainly not to show you how to win in life!

We all have a paradigm and are directed by our subconscious program.

The only problem is that people don’t know anything about this fact. And it’s true as the fact that we can’t survive without food and water.


Paradigm has almost exclusive control over everything in your life!

The amount of money you earn is a result of your paradigm!

The status of your relationships is a result of your paradigm!

Your weight and health are direct results of your paradigm!



I have learned so much from Bob Proctor that I can’t stop expressing my gratitude. However, the point is not the knowledge itself. Application of the knowledge about our paradigms is what changed everything for me and it can do the same for you!

No work, no reward!

You see, Paradigm Shift Seminar has opened my eyes and made me aware of the potential we all hold within ourselves, within our minds. I have learned that the ability to control my mind is indeed all we can control in this life. When we learn how to manage and direct our mind to a definite goal we can change everything else.

The shift comes from within first, and with persistent work, it expresses itself in your results in life.

Within this Paradigm Shift Seminar review, you can find out how to start making those changes and how to slowly but safely take over the control of your life.

This seminar is not a motivational event. This seminar is a masterclass. It is three days of life-changing experience which if you understand and apply will change everything in your life.

You will get a blank sheet to write down your new life and proven direction to achieve your goals!




Proctor’s 50 Years of Experience With Paradigms

Over 50 years ago, Bob Proctor was in a completely different situation then he is today. He was a poor, unhealthy and unhappy man.

Then, one day Bob started to dream about success, about an entirely different life that he was living at the moment. One thing at the time he managed to change his income, his business, his relationships, and his health.

It didn’t happen overnight, but it all happened. After five years Bob Proctor was not the same man anymore. However, he was amazed by changes that occurred, so he decided to start studying what caused him to change. He went on the quest for the answers, and he got them.

Little by little, he discovered many reasons why he changed, and he gained an understanding that behind every change were some natural laws which govern everything in this Universe, including us.

Bob has discovered that he used those laws to shift his paradigm.

During his life, he was working with some of the most influential minds of his time. One of Bob’s mentors and a person who was partially responsible for his work and career was late Earl Nightingale.

Now, 57 years after he made the first shift in his paradigm, Bob Proctor is a worldwide expert on this topic. If anyone knows anything about human nature and its relationship with success, it is him.

When I first meet the work of Bob Proctor, I was a little bit confused with the information he was sharing. However, it took me some time to connect the dots and see that he knows what he is talking about.

The man is full of knowledge and wisdom and the right person to follow.


What is a Paradigm in Layman’s Term?

According to information from Proctor’s Paradigm Shift Seminar, the paradigm is a multitude of mental habits and beliefs. Almost all of our behavior is habitual which means that we are controlled by our subliminal program.

They have almost exclusive control over everything you do.

To give you a picture you can work with, imagine that a paradigm is a software of the computer. Our minds are the computer. The software is a collection of data and specific instructions -habits and beliefs- which runs the whole network.




Paradigm Shift Seminar Review


How Is Paradigm Formed?

Bob Proctor explains in Paradigm Shift Seminar that everything you see, hear, taste, smell or touch during your lifetime is stored into your subconscious mind and immediately becomes a part of your paradigm.

Let’s take a language for example. You speak the language you speak because that was the only language you heard while growing up.

You can take a child born in Europe, and while his mind is still wide open, you can put the child in an English speaking environment. That kid will grow up speaking English despite the fact he or she is born somewhere else.

The language will not be the only habit this child will take. He or she will be conditioned by almost every single group habit from his or her environment.

Therefore, the paradigm is formed while growing up. And, it continues to build freely, without control, until the time we reach adolescent years. In other words, until we develop a conscious mind and get full control over our thinking.

Now, the thing is, most of the people never get full control over their thinking, which means they never gain control over their paradigm. They let the environment and circumstance to shape their lives instead of another way around.

I know the difference because I was living like that.

For your experiment, take a look at the society in which you are living. Everyone is doing the same things as every other individual from his culture.

The point of Bob Proctor’s Paradigm Shift Seminar is to show you how you can take conscious control over your thinking and create a new paradigm. It will change everything in your life.




Examples of Paradigm

Now, during the Paradigm Shift Seminar, Bob Proctor explains that the language you speak is a part of your paradigm. Here are a few more examples.

I assume you drive a car. However, you know you are not born with this skill. You are conditioned to learn how to drive.

Your driving skills and everything you know about driving is perceived and gathered from your environment. With practice, driving became a part of your subconscious paradigm. Today, you drive a car without any conscious thought, you start the car and drive away. It is a habit.

In a few countries like Japan and the UK, people drive the car on the left side of the road. For them, it is a “normal” thing. The left side of the road is a part of their paradigm. For the rest of the world, it is “crazy” behavior.

Another example.

I assume you are right-handed. However, you are not born with hand preference.

While growing up, your parents conditioned you to use, probably the right hand. Ultimately, you have accepted the right side as your stronger, and it became a part of your paradigm. The left side could be your stronger hand if you were conditioned to use it as your stronger just as it is your right.

The same goes for everything else.

We are conditioned by our environment to earn the income we receive. If you are born in a situation where the majority earns around 50K per year, you will take the social paradigm and make more or less the same.

In every country there is something which we call an earning average, right? Now, in some countries, it is $5000 per month while in some others it is only $500 per month. Rarely someone jumps out of the earning paradigm of the society in which he or she lives in and begins to earn more. If he does so, he managed to change his model. Probably unconsciously.


What is Paradigm Shift?

Paradigm Shift Seminar Review

A lot of people get confused with the term paradigm and paradigm shift. In simplest words, a paradigm shift is a change of thinking or belief about something.

It is a change that happens when a new and different way replaces the usual way of thinking about or doing something.

From what I have learned during the seminar and studying Bob Proctor’s material a paradigm shift can be described as a change of mind, heart, habit, action, and finally, a change of your results.

Everyone is susceptible to a paradigm shift. It happens from time to time. However, it happens so rarely with the average individual that it remains the phenomena.




Example of Paradigm Shift

A paradigm shift can be performed by an individual or by a group – society.

People use to nurture a belief that the Earth is flat. Everyone was deeply convinced that if you go far enough, you will reach the edge and fall off into nothingness.

Pretty cool, ha?

Then, one man got the idea that the Earth is round. He managed to prove his idea, and everyone changes their belief.

Here is another example.

We use to think that only birds can fly. It was a logical thing to believe for everyone except the Wright brothers. They’ve convinced the world that we could fly as well.

In the Paradigm Shift Seminar, Bob and Sandy are giving an example of hand use to show you that you too can change your paradigm by your efforts. Most of us operate strictly with one hand. However, you can learn how to use your other side just as effectively as your dominant one.

For your test, you can do the same thing. For 30 days brushing your teeth twice a day with your opposite hand. After 30 days you will be amazed by the results.

Here is one of the examples from my life.

When I was playing college basketball my coach told me if I can learn how to play with my left hand as good as I do with my right, I will be a king on the court. At first, I was like “No! It is impossible!” However, after a few awkward tries, I managed to score with my left. At that moment I got so excited, and unconsciously I have created a new paradigm!

Today, I use my left hand as equally good as my right even though the whole of my life I was right-handed. I still am right-handed, but my left is similarly good now because I changed my paradigm.


How Long Does it Take to Make Paradigm Shift?

Bob Proctor is a master of universal laws by which we all operate. Most of his teaching is based on the law of vibration and attraction as well as the other laws which are in correlation with each other.

During the Paradigm Shift Seminar, Bob explains that the law governs every growth in this universe. For some seeds, it takes less, and for some, it takes more time to grow. Two seeds, one carrot, and one oak won’t grow at the same speed. However, if they are in the right environment, they will become a plant, each by its own accord.

The same goes for every other seed. Every new idea can be compared to the physical seed of a plant. It may not have the physical form because it is in our mind. However, if that thought is nurtured, it will grow in our results the same way that the seed of corn will develop into a plant of corn.

A paradigm shift is a change of belief or idea in our mind. The same laws govern that change.

For physical seed, we know it takes 30, 60, or 90 days to expect the results of the growth. However, for non-physical seeds such as a brand new idea, we don’t know exactly how long it will take. You will have to be persistent until you notice a change in your behavior and your results.

One thing is for sure; the change will happen.

Therefore, be patient! All ideas move into form at the right time.




It’s the Beginning That Stops Most People

We all want to make a change in some areas of our life; some people might want to earn more money. Some want better health, others will ask for more happiness and better relationships.

You see, everyone wants something.

However, if you decide to move and do the thing you want but you never did it or had it before, your old paradigm will try to stop you, and you will hit a TERROR BARRIER.

This happens every time we decide to grow, to go somewhere where we never been before. The fear kicks in, and we slam in that barrier.

Most people will bounce off the terror barrier and go back to their comfort zone which is in harmony with their old paradigm.

The Wright brothers succeeded because they broke through the terror barrier. The rest of the world didn’t believe they can fly because they were afraid of the thought of flying. The brothers were not.

You were probably afraid of driving a car because you had never done it before. Some failed for a few times before they broke through the terror barrier. Some managed to break through from the first time.

According to Proctor’s Paradigm Shift Seminar, the shift will happen when you break through the terror barrier.

The understanding of this knowledge was groundbreaking for me. When Bob Proctor explained it in theory, I flashed through my mind a couple of past experiences where the terror barrier stopped me. Right there I knew he gave me the key to success in life.

The TERROR BARRIER will jump at you if you decide to participate in this seminar. That is for sure.

However, if you decide to break that barrier and do it anyway despite what your old paradigm says, you will be well on your way to apply everything else you will learn here.


What is Paradigm Shift Seminar About?


Like I have said in this review, the Paradigm Shift Seminar is not a motivational event. Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher are presenting the results of long years of study and experience, and they are giving you exact step by step system to change your limited paradigm.

The whole seminar is wrapped around the famous Law of Attraction and the role of paradigms in it. If you think you know something about the Law of Attraction you will be amazed by how much are you missing out.

It is about preparing you first to understand who you are as a human being. What you see when you look in a mirror is just a part of you.

We as human beings live simultaneously on three planes of existence. We are spiritual beings, we are intellectual beings, and we live in physical bodies. The understanding of this information can change your whole perspective on your abilities and life itself.




You will learn about your higher mental faculties -imagination, perception, reason, will, memory, and intuition. And how to use them to unlock the power within your mind.

They will help you to get the mental picture of the thing you want in your life. You will learn how to use the energy that flows to and through you to create beautiful and creative ideas. In other words, they will help you to get the idea of your dream life and show you how to build it.

Bob and Sandy will lead you through an understanding of how we form paradigms, how to identify the ones which don’t serve you well, and how to change it for the new one so the path to success will be as straight as possible.

You will learn how to break through the TERROR BARRIER to achieve success and make use of the Law of Attraction in your life.

All in all, you are up for three days of life-changing material. You will enter the seminar as who you are right now. However, when the event is over, you will be a whole new person with an entirely new understanding of yourself and life.


How Can You Join the Paradigm Shift Seminar?

There are two ways to join Paradigm Shift Seminar.

First, you can fly over wherever the next one will be conducted and participate in a live event. You can listen and take notes a few feet away from Bob and Sandy.

The second way you can participate in the Paradigm Shift Seminar is to join a LIVE STREAM of the event from anywhere in the world.

The event will be broadcasted and streamed directly to your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

If you decide to register for a Live Stream of the event, make sure you will clear out your schedule for those three days. It is vital that you do so. If you have a friend or a family member who is interested in the seminar, feel free to invite them to join you.




What is the Price of the Paradigm Shift Seminar?

The price of the Paradigm Shift Seminar live stream is $147.

For that price, you will get full access to three days of the seminar. You will receive an event Workbook for a week in advance so you can get ready on time. You can easily download and print it out.

On top of that, you will have access to the replay for 14 days after the seminar so you can review it as many times as you wish.

My recommendation is to print out the workbook before the event and study it for a little bit. Then, after the seminar finished, make sure you go back at it as many times you can during those 14 days.

The right preparation and constant repetition of the knowledge are what helped me to understand the paradigms and change things in my own life. Bob and Sandy just gave me the insight, the steps I had to take by myself.


Who can Participate in Paradigm Shift Seminar?

Anyone who has a sincere desire to change their life is welcomed to participate in the Paradigm Shift Seminar.  People from all over the world are attending Bob Proctors and Sandy Gallagher seminars.

From workers to doctors, everyone is invited.

Do you want to know more about the Law of Attraction? Or learn how to change a paradigm? If yes, then you too are invited to meet and learn from top leaders in the personal development industry.

We all live as one universal mind, and we share global knowledge about life.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter who you are, where are you coming from, or what is your background. This seminar is open to everyone who is open-minded and ready to make a change for the better.




Paradigm Shift Seminar Review – Summary 

I hope I gave you enough information to understand paradigms a little bit more than you do.

You know so far that we are controlled and shaped by our paradigms, that we form them while growing up, and that some of them are inherited from our ancestors.

However, what is even more important is that you now know that you are in control and able to change them.

Paradigm Shift Seminar conducted by Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher will change your life if you decide to participate. I know it did mine.

The knowledge is worth any price. They are giving it to you right now!

What will your paradigm shift look like?




If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


Ivan Brozincevic

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  1. This is a nice article and a big eye opener. I knew I always had potential but never applied anything to grow that potential. I always use to listen to everyone else that were closed minded, they never like to grow or become a better person and I thought that was the normal thing. Until I dropped these people and found more positive people I could REALLY grow my personal development and have never looked back. Great review my friend, thanks a lot for the read!

  2. This article is a gold nugget. It put me completely flabbergasted.
    Yes, we all have our own paradigm that was formed as we grew up and this takes control of what we are today.
    Your article of paradigm shift seminar review has shown how to change this.
    Thank you for sharing the valuable information, and I look forward to reading more of the sorts.
    All the best

    • Hi Tim, yes they do. It’s the core principle of changing your paradigm. For example, to show you that it’s possible to shift your paradigm through constant space and time repetition, they give taks such as writing your name on a sheet of paper with your opposite hand. It’s a small yet powerful trick that proves the theory and turns it into a fact.


  3. Hey Ivan! I’ve been followers of Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher for years now. There content is always full of riches and value. The paradigm shift is an amazing learn and once the shift occurs, watch out!

    Good luck and keep on keep’n on!


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