Best Way to Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life

Many great thinkers from the past and some still living today, they both agreed that you can change your life by changing your thoughts. I can give you dozens of quotes to support what I am trying to say here, but you probably know them already.

I have something better for you!

What am I going to share with you in this post are not quotes or bits of advice which will make your head spin even more. Instead, I am giving you the best way to change your mind so you can start slowly, but surely to change your reality as well. I will share advice which I took so seriously once before that my life changed completely. The information helped me to turn my thoughts. Later on, my changed thoughts indeed changed my whole life around.

A long time ago, Napoleon Hill wrote a magnificent book. He wrote a book about success philosophy. For the last 80 years, so many people used the knowledge from Hill’s book to change their lives like night and day. Among them, me as well.

The book made me think about what stands behind those changes, what stands behind success in life?


The Best Way to Change Your Thoughts is…

After a year of searching for an answer, thanks to the availability of information today, I found it. The answer is GOALS! Goals stand behind every success in life, goals are the best way to change your thoughts and your life!

You see, Think and Grow Rich is actually a practical manual for setting goals in life. The book was written in the times of the worst economic crisis in the history of the USA. Back then, many, many people had very depressed thoughts. But who can blame them? Lack of money can hardly make you think of anything else.

So, what Napoleon Hill did to help those people? He spent 25 years in research of the magnificence of the human mind, and how our thoughts are directly related to our results in life. The knowledge he poured between covers of the book which helps to change the mind from views of poverty into thoughts of riches, by the method of setting GOALS.




Why Goals are the Best Way to Change Thoughts

Without of doubt, the book and its practical advice made me realize why my thoughts from yesterday made my life worse today. Moreover, by analyzing other people around me, I realized that I am not the only one who suffered from the same thought error.

By giving them the same prescription that I got, quickly I got convinced that the power behind goals is the best way to change your thoughts of poverty and convert them into feelings of riches. Ultimately, the change becomes visible in one’s results.


Change Your Thoughts to Change Your Life


The mind can hold only one set of thoughts at the time. Eather negative or positive. Whatever exists in mind for a time will eventually start to grow in reality. When constructed in a good way a set of positive goals planted in a one’s mind and held in thoughts long enough will start to express themselves in one’s reality.

Many people carry a wrong set of thoughts. One time I read in one book that we tend to “think in reverse” which is so true! I bet that 90% of people go to bed thinking about why he said that, or why he did that, or what he meant by that, or how am I going to do that, or I am not good enough, or she made me feel like this, or I can do this…

But why?

Well, that is just how we are. We are gifted with the mental faculty of memory which we tend to exercise all day long. Unfortunately, we fill our mind with thoughts of worry, doubt, and fear. By our nature, we are negative thinkers. We are used to habitually think of every worse thing so we can avoid it.

On the other hand.

Goals are the best way to change thoughts because they are constructive, they can be something for a short time, or they can be a lifetime goal. If a person concentrates his thoughts on a worthy goal, something to look forward to instead of dueling over past, the present will be filled with peace. Therefore, every time a negative thought comes to mind, it can be quickly ejected by shifting your focus on your goals.

Every other prescription will change one’s thoughts only temporary. However, goals have the power to change them permanently. Once the shift in focus of views has been done the results will follow. Your life will never be the same again.

Our mind can be compared to fertile land, and we are the farmers. Our thoughts are the same as seeds. Whatever plant that comes out from the seed can be compared to our results in life. A farmer has a conscious choice to chose whether he is going to plant a seed of goals which will give birth to prosperity, or he can neglect his land, thereby, allowing many sorts of weeds to grow on his farms.

Everyone who you know, who succeeds in life in a high measure, is there because he or she once made a firm decision to take over the control over his or her land.


How Goals can Change Your Life Forever

As mentioned already when a definite set of goals has been appropriately planted in one’s mind, the change of life is bound to happen.

People without goals can be compared to a ship on the sea without a captain. The vessel will wander wherever sea takes him. On the other hand, people with goals can take over the control of the ship and deliberately direct the ship wherever they want to.

Goals can give you the power!

We are the ones who deliberately give power to our outside world, to the sea of people, opinions, and circumstances. We let our environment to shape our thoughts. What we see, hear, taste, smell or touch become our thought. If we get EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED with our thoughts, and we usually do, our results will be the same as our circumstances dictate.

A person born in poverty will see the unpleasant situation and think of poverty because that is what his circumstances are. He will feel the poverty in his heart as well. That man or a woman will, therefore, create a HABIT of thought and feeling which will thereby attract the misery in his or her life.


Best Way to Change Your Thoughts


However, this does not have to be like that. We can decide to take control from the inside. Within our minds, with the aid of our IMAGINATION, we can change our circumstances and shape our outside world how we wish. You can be the one who gives the power to your outer world to control you, or you can shift your focus on your goals and provide the same thought power to them and direct your life where you want.

A goal is just a seed, your mind is the land. However, the power necessary for the seed to grow and to become a plant lies in your FEELINGS, and your ACTIONS. Wishing for a change will not bring results. You will have to be willing to do whatever it takes to nurture that seed until it becomes strong enough and it starts to grow you. Then, and only then, the outside world will have no power over you. Your life will begin to change.

First, you plant a seed in your mind in the form of a goal. Then, with the aid of your imagination, you see that goal as already yours. Meditate upon it many times per day. See yourself already in possession of the good you desire. Feel yourself enjoying your future reality, get emotionally involved with it. Then, step out and do something about your goal. Your action will cause a reaction in the form of result. Analyze that result. If the result is not pleasing enough, make sure you use your imagination to reshape it as many times necessary until you get exactly what you wanted.

Like a farmer who cares for his land, you will have to care for your goal. Every day you will have to pick the weeds out, chase the parasites away, water it plenty until the plant turns into a crop.


If You Can See it in Your Mind, You Can Hold it in Your Hand.

“Thoughts are things.” -says Napoleon Hill at the beginning of his magnificent book.

I convinced myself many times so far in the truth of his sentence. I was born in poverty. Since I had no goals to substitute my thoughts of poverty, no matter what I did my life was always the same. Every time when I tried to change my reality that same poverty came back and slapped me in the face!

However, once when I realized that the cause for this misfortune was not my circumstances but my vision of those circumstances, everything begins to change. Since I didn’t know how to change my thoughts, I was looking for someone to teach me how. First, the book came into my life, Think and Grow Rich.  After the book shifted my focus on riches and abundance, I wanted to learn more. Later on, I found a man who once got the same advice as me. He devoted his life to study and teach all about the science of goals. Therefore, I joined a program of his which helps to set goals in life.

The line “If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand.” is a product of his experience. The man’s name is Bob Proctor. He is Americas most famous prosperity teacher. A person who can help you to change your thought to change everything in your life. Everything he knows and teaches to others is extracted from the book Think and Grow Rich. Bob is now in his 80-es, he got the book with the advice to follow the author’s advice way back in his 20-es. With the information he got he created a company Proctor – Gallagher Institute. The company is devoted to helping people shift their mind from thoughts of poverty to feelings of abundance.

The program that I mentioned before is Six Minutes to Success. The program contains detailed instructions about how to set goals, how to create a positive attitude, and how to stay ready until you receive your goals.

The life that I was living before my joining Six Minutes to Success, and the life that I live now, are two different worlds. The program is not expensive. Moreover, it is free for the first two weeks, nor it requires any specialized knowledge before you join. All it needs is a consistent effort and a sincere desire to change.


Six Minutes to Success


Your Reality Won’t Change Unless You Do

Many people join programs like this one, but they never receive the change in life. Why? Because they expect the program to resolve their problems.

By our nature we are lazy, we tend to procrastinate, and we enjoy when we are served. However, the real change will come once when we get up and start doing things on our own. Six Minutes to Success, Think and Grow Rich, and others in similar context can serve you with detailed INSTRUCTIONS. The work part is on you if you really want to change your thoughts to change your life!




I have learned that I can bump my head against the wall trying to learn how to do something. Eventually, I will break through that wall, but it will take a lot of time, and my head will hurt. Or I can find a MENTOR who once did already what I am trying to do, and who has enough experience so he can show me all the steps I have to take to cut my path and to skyrocket my success.

If you want to build a better body without any gym experience, you will get hurt or injured. Worst of all, you will quit and stay where you are. Or you can find an experienced trainer who knows what is he doing, and who can tell you exactly what you have to do to have a healthy body like his.

If you earnestly wish to change your thoughts to change your life, I recommend you to listen to Bob Proctor, because he knows what is he talking about.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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