The Law of Attraction Best Training Program 2019 – Who is the Best LOA Coach?

Who is the Best Coach Out There...?

Too many Law of Attraction training, coaching or mentoring programs are out there today that it can be challenging to choose which one is the best for you. I took some time to research with a single goal in my mind. That is, to find out who is the best Law of Attraction Coach for you.


Not caring about YOU and YOUR DREAMS is their first mistake.

You see, I believe in dreams.

Do you?

Before you read this post about the best Law of Attraction coaches and their training programs, as well as how to find the right one, I would like to share a story with you.

This short story tells how this law works all the time without your conscious awareness.

You see, our thoughts are real.

Thoughts are forever flowing energy that attracts to your life everything you think about most of the time.

Here is the KEY!

Once you become fully aware of the mega powers of the Universe, you can shape your thought into whatever you want, by doing so you can change your life forever!

I want to show you first with my example. However, if you want to know who is the best LOA coach right now, then scroll down to the bottom of this post.

A positive change is guaranteed!


How the Best Law of Attraction Coach in the World Helped Me to Follow My Dreams


Two years ago, I made a life-changing decision to move to another country and start my life all over again.

At the time I was a broke, depressed, miserable, and unhealthy man.

My thoughts were not the set you would like to own, trust me.

However, at that time I had one priceless possession in my hands.

Oh, I had two possessions to be precise.

The first one was in my hands in a physical form.

This tangible one was the Think and Grow Rich, the book which I was reading to keep my head above the surface, safe from drowning.

That book helped me to create some beautiful ideas in my mind before I moved away from unhealthy conditions.

Even though I was not aware of the fact back then, that book attracted me to a much better, healthier, and more productive part of the world.

You probably wonder now what was the valuable intangible possession which I have mentioned.

Well, I gave you a hint already.

You see, I had this DREAM in my head, a DESIRE that was worth more than anything to me.

I was dreaming about SUCCESS and FREEDOM my friend, and that was something which had no price in my mind.

With those two possessions, I landed in Ireland, found a house to stay, job to pay the life necessities, and continued to dream.

Days went by since I have made my move and nothing major was happening on a physical plane to bring my dreams to life.

However, my mind was working hard, and I was thinking about my dream every day, all day long.


If You Can See it in Your Mind, You Can Hold it in Your Hand.


Strange things start to happen when you are obsessed like I was.

Let me tell you about a shocker which had changed my life forever.

One day I was “hanging” on YouTube, and among the video suggestions, I saw a title which has drawn me so much that I couldn’t resist.

The story that this man shared was mind-blowing!

So mind-blowing that it seemed to be a kind of a setup, but it wasn’t at all, it was the Law of Attraction working at its full potential.

I still can’t get used to that feeling sometimes.

I made up my mind, then and there, to follow this mans work because of this intense feeling I had that he can help me somehow to realize my dreams.

I didn’t know how, but I knew that I must do it.

And so I did!

Days went by, and still, nothing significant was happening in real life.

However, the DESIRE to be successful was growing larger and larger in my heart and mind.

Somehow I have started to attract help from many other sources.

This man, who is most definitely the best Law of Attraction teacher of our times has done his job and completed his life long mission one more time.

Today, two years after, my dream has a physical shape, my life is productive and happy, and I am not even slightly worried about my future anymore.

I can consciously attract whatever I want to my life, with little or no effort at all.

You see, I still have no clear idea of how did all of this happen, but it did!

I am a FREE man today.

This guy his coaching helped me to erase many negative ideas about health, relationships, earning money, having a business, and many many more.

Thanks to the remarkable work of his company, many people like me all over the world are making their dreams reality every single day.

I want to take the opportunity and say, thank you.

Now, let’s move our attention from me to you, ok?


Why Start With the Law of Attraction Training?


You may be wondering now, “Who the hell is this coach that he is speaking of!?”

I will tell you about him and the company of his in about a few short minutes, be patient.

First, I believe that I am obligated to share with you a couple of relevant facts about choosing a perfect training program as well as why should you start with one if you are SERIOUS about applying this knowledge to your life.

This knowledge is the best thing that can happen to you.

I am so sure in this statement that I am ready to risk it all.

Many people out there are doing an excellent job to promote the Law of Attraction philosophy, and I believe that I am the one as well.

However, there is one problem which makes it almost worthless.

You see, this information is scattered all around the place.

Wanting to make the dots to connects leaves you with a feeling of trying to solve a giant jigsaw puzzle made of thousands of pieces with no full picture in your mind.

Luckily, when someone studies and applies this information for over 50 years, the picture is complete.

Now, I don’t know you personally, but I believe that anyone who is looking for life improvement should be looking for training of this kind.

I have witnessed many cases in the last two years how random people from all over the world suddenly start to live the life of success and happiness.

That includes me as well.

You see, something beautiful starts to happen to a soul when you find out that everything is in your hands.

Sad faces are becoming forever smiling.

Fears become replaced by faith and hope.

Poverty starts to turn into riches.

Sickness disappears, and health comes to stay.

Love starts to grow where it never existed.

And all of this you can witness by your self in a few moments as well.

Happy and Attractive People

Top 5 Benefits of the Law of Attraction Continous Training


I have used the word “continuous” for a reason.

You see, many people lack enough mental power to pursue some things long enough until they have positive effects on life itself.

They will never experience the real benefits of personal development if they keep quitting.

On the other hand, a continuous effort backed by proper education and coaching is going to make a whole new person out of you.

Once you start with this kind of training and stick to it for at least one year, you will be amazed when you look back at your previous results.

It may sound like a whole lot of promises, but stick with me for a while, and I will prove you every word.

These are some of the benefits I have been able to extract from my experience.


1.) Development of Healthy Habits and Choices


Healthy habits are a cornerstone for a successful life.

Success in any life area formes as a healthy habit first.

I mean, no one has ever accomplished anything based on some destructive habits.

This benefit is so simple and so straightforward that a kid could understand it.

Every adult will nod their head with me right now.

You see, good habits are hard to develop.

However, once they are planted there, in the back of our head, they will stick for the rest of your life.

The Law of Attraction works positively for everyone who works on healthy habits and who can make a healthy choice when the opportunity presents itself.

This kind of coaching can help you to emulate some great habits which will bring you on top every time!


2.) The Increase of Focus on the Present and Future


Why most people never achieve any significant success in life?

My answer is simple, and it is because their focus is not where it should be.

Consciousness is maybe here, but the subconscious mind (the part that controls our life) is there on some past adverse event that happened ten years ago.

As my mentor has said, “People are thinking in reverse.”


The speed of success and success itself depends on your ability to stay focused and concentrated until you burn your goal into your subconscious mind.

Your conscious focus should be at the present moment always.

Subconscious should aim at future goals and plans, and the Law of Attraction training can help you with this as well.


3.) Gaining the Understanding and Control of Your Thoughts and Emotions


The world in which we live in today is a human-made, un-natural environment which takes away from us the most priceless possessions we have.

They are your mind and heart.

Every adult person has its thoughts placed on hundreds of things during the day that makes impossible to think about yourself and your life.

You see, success comes from thinking about you.

Gaining a connection with a higher-self is one of the most significant benefits of the Law of Attraction training.

Understanding and control of your emotions is most definitely the best skill you can learn.

This skill you can’t learn that quickly.


4.) Improvement of Mental Skills; Persistence, Patience, Decision, Resilience


Success consist of going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm said Winston Churchill a long time ago.

Every word he said is right by the letter!

To live by his line, every individual has to develop or improve skills such as resilience, persistence, decision making, patience, and others.

Otherwise, success will not come.

The Law of Attraction works in favor for all who are bulletproof on failure, doesn’t know what it means to quit, makes a firm decision, and has the patience to wait for good things to come.

This kind of training can teach you how to bee all that, and more!


5.) Understanding the Power of Having Goals in Life


Goals are power, something I was not aware at all.

I have a line which came to me while writing one of my blog posts where I said that your goals are your future life.

Just one small goal accomplished can set your life on a whole different course. It can attract many more good opportunities and make your life exciting.

I want to leave this one for you to discover by yourself if you ever decide to join some of the Law of Attraction training programs.

That is if you join the right ones that can teach you the power of having goals in your life.

Having this ultimate power in your hands is worth any price.

I thank every single day for learning how to look deep inside of my mind, digging out my desires, and ability to turn them to concrete goals.

You will be reborn as well after you learn the same.


Who is Recommended to Start With the Law of Attraction Training?


Now, I want to make a few things clear before we move on.

You see, many people join this kind of coaching programs and training, but they never experience the results they have wanted.

It puzzled me for a while what were the reasons for this until I saw everything very clearly.

Three major ones are FEAR, LAZINESS, and CLOSED MIND.

When fear stands between you and the things you want in your life there is no magic stick which will help you to get what you want.

However, the right coaching might turn the trick.

Furthermore, some people are acting like brats you know, fearing to attempt but they want to have everything.

They expect that if they join a training program and participate until the end, somehow, by some magic, everything will come to them while they sit safely with their buts glued on their couches.

You see, they quit way before they start.

On the other hand, people who are open-minded, who genuinely have a desire to become better, those who are ready to beat the hell out of the fear until they make it theirs b***h, those people are one hundred percent eligible for this kind of training.

Everyone who does not fit the sentence above can click the X and stop reading.

This moment is a point where we do a soul search, so do it right before you move on, please.


What Should You Look in the Law of Attraction Training Programs?


Since you are still reading, I assume that you have a firm DECISION to learn more.

You see, there are many, many training courses and programs out there offering the same thing.

All of them guarantee success.

However, as I have spent some time analyzing various programs, I would advise you to carefully look into them before you click on any buttons and sing in your name.

Always look for the three following characteristics.


1.) Natural content flow suitable for anyone


A lot of Law of Attraction programs is jibber jabber.

They are too fast and too furious.

Some of them are throwing the content of the training on user leaving their students with a head full of questions.

The content should be made simple and easy to digest even by a ten-year-old kid.

It should be neatly organized and applicable straight away.

If you don’t see this in the course, leave!


2.) They must offer both video and audio lessons.


I believe that high-quality training programs should have lessons in both audio and video format so you can take them with you anywhere.

Every serious student of this philosophy will look for both.

Video gives you a chance to meet your mentor face to face; audio allows you to take the lessons anywhere.

If there are no audio and video formats within the course, you should reconsider joining them.


3.) The high-quality workbooks and planners


I have participated in a few courses so far, and I saw the vast difference in the quality of workbooks and planners between them.

I believe that, depending on the size of the course, workbooks and action planners should contain information about the Law of Attraction, not blank lines for you to fill in.

However, rarely anyone offers neatly organized workbooks.

If you are serious about learning and applying this knowledge, then this is a critical component of your training.

You should always be looking for high-quality content which can help you additionally with the success of the training.

Being able to apply the knowledge straight away will skyrocket your success.


5 Questions to Ask Before You Join Any Training Program


Along with the three critical components of the training itself, you should be looking in the quality of the company as well.

I am always looking to learn from top leaders in the industry.

The best will provide you with the best service.

Therefore, before you decide to participate in any Law of Attraction training program, research the company a little bit and ask some questions.

I have prepared a list of five things to look for to make the research more accessible.


1.) How long has your company been in the business?


Personal development companies are like a fine wine, the older they get, the better they are.

If you are looking for a serious training program then always look for a company which has the longest history and high credibility.

I rarely trust young companies which have less than five years in the business.

In my opinion, they are still “green” and have to be developed and proved in the field.

However, if someone is in the business for a long time, that means that they have developed the trust and credibility with their client, as well as that they offer a high-quality of the service.

When it comes to this kind of training, always be looking for trustworthy and seasoned companies.


2.) What do your clients say about your company?


Before you join with a personal development company, make sure you do testimonial research about them as well.

The internet is full of all sorts of reviews.

It can be an effortless task to convince yourself in the excellent work of selected company if they have many positive reviews out there.

I believe that a kind word spreads itself.

Therefore, you should have no problem in reaching previous customers and asking for an opinion.

My recommendation would be to also to check out sites such as BBB (Better Business Bureau).

They serve as the “voice of the people” as well as they provide detailed information about companies record of business.


3.) What types of service does your company offer?


You see, some companies have their focus only on creating online programs and courses which is good.

I am a big fan of this kind of service because I believe that education is evolving.

However, some people like personal contact, they like to “feel” the coach and his training directly.

That is why you should always be looking for a second or third option if you don’t like an online format of the training.

Some companies are doing a great job by offering their customers live events and seminars, as well as personal coaching in one on one format through their consultants.


4.) Are you experts in the Law of Attraction Coaching?


The Law of Attraction information is pretty much “live” for the last 10-15 years thanks to the move “Secret.”

The movie has been producing coaches all over the world daily.

I applaud them all for trying to spread this information.

However, if you are serious about learning everything about the Law of Attraction, you should be learning only from the experts in the field.

In this case, they are rare.

Otherwise, you may be risking paying a lot of money for a lot of broken pieces of information.


5.) Do you offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE? If so, how does it work?


Now, you have to be sure that you are getting the right service for your money.

Never join the Law of Attraction training program or any coaching for this matter, if they don’t offer at least 7-days money back guarantee.

Always check for this option before you join because it gives you an opportunity to feel and analyze the training before you decide to buy.

This option provides you with a sort of test drive, like when buying a car.

Moreover, seven days is more than enough to see is it worthy of your time and money, or it is not.

Many companies do offer money-back option but make sure you check out how it works.

This way you can be prepared to act quickly if for some reason you decide to bail.


Which Personal Development Company Do I Recommend?


I have mentioned at the beginning the best Law of Attraction coach in the world who helped me to reshape my life.

At this point, I am ready to disclose his name as well as the work of his company.

Bob Proctor and the Proctor-Gallagher Institute has been active in the personal development industry for over half of the century.

This man discovered the Law of Attraction information some 55 years ago!

Since then he has been studying, practicing, and teaching this information all over the world.

If anyone in the whole world has complete knowledge, as well as the best training programs about how to use this Law correctly than that mans name is Bob Proctor.

The second member of PGI is Sandy Gallagher, a new name in the personal development industry.

She inspired Bob to continue his work and spread his influence more than ever before because she believes that this information should be available to everyone.

Together with him, she is quickly becoming a leader and well-known name in the industry as well.

His work has blown her mind at one of Proctor’s live seminars which she was attending.

Now, ten years after they run one of the best personal development companies in the world.

They are the best.


The Best Law of Attraction Training Program; My Final Recommendation


In the end, I would like to share a word or two about their masterpiece work.

This particular program is changing the minds of people all over the world rapidly.

I have been roaming around the net for a long time looking for someone to teach me how to use the Law of Attraction.

My quest is over, and my success has been skyrocketing ever since I bumped in the Proctor-Gallagher Institute.

Magic in your Mind is a landmark Law of Attraction training course which is perfectly designed to serve you with everything there is to know about this Law of the Universe.

Magic in Your Mind

The whole system of Magic in Your Mind is organized to prepare your mind for the proper use of this knowledge.

Not only that, after six weeks of intensive training and working with Bob Proctor, Mary Morrissey, and Sandy Gallagher, you will be a different person.

The program will show you how to access your mind to use your precious mental abilities the way they should be used, that is constructively instead of destructively.

If you are interested in learning more about the details of this training program, I will advise you to click on the link below and learn more.

In my full Magic in You Mind Review, you can find out all the necessary info about the course itself, as well as read about my personal experience with their work.




If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Ivan Brozincevic


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